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Hello, brothers and sisters. This is Murtaza Sandhu and the following passage I have provided below is from the book “Lords of the Seven Rays.” Even though it was written back in 1986, it remains a profound message to all American patriots today.

“Beloved ones, what shall be left of a planet?—a scientific humanism? What shall be left?—world socialism where all have become drones in a planetary movement controlled by moguls of power East and West? Beloved hearts, this is the goal of sinister forces.
And let none deny that there is an Antichrist. For the Antichrist puts down that true and living God within you. It is the decision on the part of many people to embody the destructive forces of the universe and to put out the light of freedom, nation by nation. 

Many have sadly chosen the left-handed path of destruction, of the Lie, and of the Murderer. Their so-called human behavior is not human at all, but it is devil behavior and the behavior of devils incarnate. 

What for incarnation in a darkened world and a darkened star?

Where does a nation stand when divided and weak? Where does it stand when there are those who tamper with the money supply and the economy? Where do a people stand when they do not have recourse to Almighty God and His spirit in them? What can they do when their bodies are beset by drugs, when they are caught up in violence, when all manner of pleasure and entertainment is the first thing they think of when their jobs are through? The prayer ‘Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven’ is the prayer of the saints who would bring to this earth plane a Utopia—a new world, a way of life that can exceed this one, where people can be free from pain and terminal diseases caused not alone by their karma, but caused by the chemicals, the impure foods, the substances they take in—a world free from war and the eruption of violence from the bowels of those whose free will has been used to commit them to a path of error.

Error leads to unreality. Unreality leads to insanity. Thus, the insane stalk of the earth taking innocent life. The insane take the life of the unborn and call it woman’s right. Woman’s right to murder her child! Is she liberated? No! She is enslaved to a pain that gnaws within her for the rest of her life and in future incarnations until it is resolved.

Those who commit evil sow corruption—corruption of the spirit and the soul. This is why each and every one of you should establish true contact with God, and thereby become instruments of light and spiritual power and healing and the holding of the balance of nations. Only then can America be saved from that which is plotted by the dark ones on this planet. 

Relative good and evil is not the story of your life. Put that aside and recognize that it is the Absolute Good of God present within you that has the power to devour the forces of Absolute Evil.

You are the people of goodwill. This is a land of goodwill. However, evil has attempted to corrupt some people of goodwill. Through infiltration, the dark forces steal the light of the Christ and they twist and turn and torture the children of God until they deny the light along with the God-government that was intended to manifest in this nation.

It is totally upon your free will what will be the determination of this age.”


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