New York Intel (Week 1 November 22, 2021): Patriots United


New York Intel: Patriots United

Week 1 November 22, 2021: Introduction

By Royel Madison

GRV/War/NOW/Post-GRV News and Information

Helping To Keep You In The Know and In The NOW

This new intel news source would respectfully like to post weekly on Tuesday mornings, and we could use some help.  You should find us a refreshing source from much of the roller coaster ride.  However, some of the disinformation is constructive, Sun Tzu related.  Enough said.   Many of the GRV intel providers are benevolent and combine to carry the Light; the dark is finished, their days are numbered, they never did achieve their dreams.  Thank God!! 

Okay, yes, I flew to Reno etc. to physically meet some people (NDA) yet I am at the very bottom on the sidelines next to the cheerleaders; and yes, we will be posting some related updates for your discernment.  Some sources include: a big guy (NDA) you have heard the name he does exist I met him (DOD), others connected to Elders and to ancient Trusts so confirmed those are real too, paymasters and intermediaries are waiting just like we are, a network of good knowledgeable folks, a couple different people who get the MedBeds right away good because I really need to use one, physics gurus, non-physical gurus, a few with suppressed advanced technologies and other knowledge, the internet, higher self, 5D+ life forms, and I Am That I Am.  So, this should be fun, and we could use some financing or volunteer help with setting up a website and are pending. 

Royel, a Lightworker here for the human experience and the for The Great Transformation On Earth.  What an honor it is to be here at this very special time. Thank you and God Bless you.

Photo of The Art of War complete text and commentaries book, Sun Tzu as translated by Thomas Cleary which was on my desk.

Truth and Courage

Truth and Courage are what evil fears.  Stop eating so much popcorn on the sidelines, and help carry the Light in this epic war.  Utilize your powerful abilities as co-creators by making our Physical Reality from our non-physical Thoughts. Thought Creates Matter.  Thought Creates Our Reality. Envision Post-GRV often to help ensure that it happens. Focus as much on post-GRV as you do on the GRV.

GRV and The Great Purge of Evil:

  • I just received a message saying the party is about to start.  So, I was going to wait on publishing this, but with all the Sun Tzu PsyOps I am putting this out there now anyway.  I am as sick of the popcorn as the excellent straight intel provider Nick Fleming communicated in his recent post.  Our country and the world is suffering under their evil administrations.  Get it done already!!!
  • So much funding is waiting to be utilized.  Some were funded but no spendable funds yet.  I am hearing that it will be much lower than 1:1, six or 7 zeros off of the delivery amounts – perhaps that is just for those delivering to a bank and redemption centers may be higher, we shall see.  Some are saying people will get $millions not $trillions or $quadrillions.  But then a controller of an ancient Trust fund said there is funding for projects without dipping into anyone’s currency buckets. There are indeed many different trusts and other funding sources that have astronomical amounts in them. But it all depends on what rates Reno negotiated for the humanitarians.
  • This State of Wisconsin’s 2021 Joint Assembly Resolution is an excellent must read.  Other states and counties have and are conducting election fraud investigations.  So, expect Biden to be out of a job very soon.  The military also already has sufficient evidence to prove 2020 President election fraud, for they monitored it in real time; not sure what they are waiting for though…Get It Done!!!  

Ah, they probably want the civilians to work this out so that it does not look like a coup of any kind because that could possibly start a world war since Biden may conceivably send as SOS call to foreign troops…it’s a chess game. 

“Congratulations to Tim Ramthun, State Representative of Wisconsin, for putting forward a powerful and very popular, because it’s true, resolution to decertify the 2020 Presidential Election in Wisconsin (an excellent must read) based on the recently found absolute proof of large scale voter fraud that took place.

Rep. Ramthun’s resolution details tremendous amounts of election fraud, including 44,272 voters who did not show proper voter identification (which alone is more than twice the margin necessary to win), thousands of emails that show election manipulation by Mark Zuckerberg’s funding, irregularities in the state’s voter registrations like 400 registered voters at a single address, the Wisconsin Election Commission committing felony crimes by knowingly ordering illegal voting at nursing homes, and so much more.

Only one state senator needs to cosponsor the resolution for it to be put to a vote in each chamber. Which American Patriot from the State Senate will step forward? Great job, Rep. Ramthun! Even the Democrats and RINOs cannot object to all the evidence that has been exposed!”

Great President Donald J. Trump 11-18-2021

  • “If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in 2022 or 2024. It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”  Great President Donald J. Trump 11-19-2021 (AKA The Don to some of us New Yorkers)
  • “Great job by Kevin McCarthy last night, setting a record by going over 8 hours of speaking on the House Floor in order to properly oppose Communism. We must never forget what the Democrats have done, at the highest level of evil. If Mitch McConnell had fought, you would have a different Republican President right now.” Great President Donald J. Trump 11-19-2021
  • “Looks like the Democrats are getting far more than they ever dreamed possible, largely because of Mitch McConnell’s idiotic move of giving in on the Debt Ceiling and giving them two months to get their act together. They are destroying our Country! We have been put in a much worse negotiating position, but we have the “Trump Card,” and it’s called the Debt Ceiling. If they don’t drop this horrendous, Communistic style Bill that will be ruinous to all we stand for as a Country, we should not approve a Debt Ceiling increase. The Old Broken Crow has to be willing to play this hand, not like last time when he folded up like a cheap umbrella. Play it and mean it, because the Debt Ceiling is far less destructive than the Bill that they will otherwise successfully pass, especially when added to the “Unfrastructure” Bill that was just so stupidly approved. Republicans should not have allowed the separation, McConnell should not have given a two month reprieve, but it is what it is. Win with the Debt Ceiling, or resign!” Great President Donald J. Trump 11-19-2021
  • I have started to call this war The Great Purge of Evil because that is what it is. 

Now is the time that God’s Light recycles evil from our planet; we hold the Light of God now.

  • The GRV will not happen with puppet Biden as the top person, no way!   Because the top person ultimately gets the credit for it occurring on his watch.  The top person goes into the history books as the one that ushered it in.  That honor belongs to the well deserving Don.  The Byden Show has to be long gone before our thing can happen.  Trump is leading this international war and I in-sync-tively (new word?) know how he thinks from following him for thirty years and by being located near him and by knowing people that met with him regularly.  Our thing waits and we wait until the Election Fraud (update coverage in our next weekly post) is proven to everyone legally and Trump has been legally reinstated as the greatest President of our time.  

A great photo of a great President with the caption “RIGGED 2020 ELECTION: MILLIONS OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS WILL BE PRINTED BY FOREIGN COUNTRIES, AND OTHERS.  IT WILL BE THE SCANDAL OF OUR TIMES!”  Donald J. Trump Tweet on June 22, 2020

President Trump is still our legitimate President (since there was extensive election fraud we did not concede nor did he nor did the brave benevolent military) and he wants to prove the election fraud to we the people and then be officially, rightfully reinstated which is transpiring behind the scenes at this very moment.

So, Our Thing will not happen until next year at the earliest.  But it is real!!

Get it done!!!

  • Trump saved us from Hillary.  She would have been as bad as Byden or worse. WE would never had made the progress we did under Great President Trump
  • There is still much work to be done.  Wars do not get resolved overnight, wars have historically taken a long time and this is one of the biggest wars ever known to humanity with entrenched enemies of humanity, so buckle up for the haul and be strong.  The underground war took ten years or so, now they are working topside.  Wars take years to declare a victor and this is no usual war – this is The Great Purge of Evil from our planet which will take a long time to work out to its end.  Other countries need to be ready too and they are far from that.  Trump had even recently said that our fight has only just begun.  So, put the popcorn down and get active in transitioning to post-GRV and to 5D while helping those who need our help now and pray since praying does indeed help.

Even Charlie W and Jaco said it will likely happen during this coming summertime.  But it will likely take longer than that just to weed out the millions of criminals. They have to get them all!!  There is much work to be done.  Progress has been and is constantly being made!!  No doubt that we win our Freedom!!  No doubt that Good prevails over evil; this moment that we are in is written in the stars for this being our time to excel for thousands of years (more on this topic in our next post, hint The Universe: Cycles and Programs).

Focus on working as a humanitarian and praying helps so do it often.

  • Having said that, President Trump is about to announce something huge!!! 
  • Fight Back!!  Stop buying their products, they put harmful ingredients in it anyway. Grow and buy local foods, exchange foods with neighbors who grow and make different things.  Wake more people with valid data that cannot be refuted, of which we will build a step-by-step guide to do this.
  • A three-judge panel on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has now permanently blocked OSHA from implementing and enforcing its vaccine rule, which impacts employers nationwide.  OSHA Vaccine Rule Blocked Permanently by Fifth Circuit, But Judicial Review Will Continue – NewsBreak 

Subject: INVESTIGATION – Deadliest Rof the Covid-19 Vaccines were disproportionally sent to red Republican states across the USA – The Expose

THIS IS FOR ALL AMERICANS TO KNOW. Sent: Saturday, November 20, 2021 12:33 PM

Subject: INVESTIGATION – Deadliest batches of the Covid-19 Vaccines

were disproportionally sent to red Republican states across the USA –

God Bless!!!

  • Subject: to Reduce population

Must listen to this. This was their intention all along.


(Darn it, no website yet so cannot upload this excellent informative video. Working on it, perhaps we will have it for our next post.).

Subject: update

…on the boards, they are indicating that BLM & Antifa will start to raise hell on Sunday across the nation over the Rittenhouse NOT Guilty verdict.

Stay tuned, Aware and at home. We have many undercover in those organizations so they will call the big boys in to shut this down as fast as it would get started …


…this is interesting, bad computer people working for the fake …

You are watching a movie” – a really bad one with terrible special effects.

DC is so swampy that Joe’s front foot sinks above the ankle into solid ground like it is quicksand. Or Hidey is not in charge and this is a CGI fake to feed the low IQ leftists. That explains why Dementia is having a colonoscopy but had to sign Hoemala into power. Trump had a procedure and never turned the reins over to Pence.


U.S. Court Vindicates Patriot Edward Snowden

Watch “U.S. MILITARY MASS OPS! COMMS BLACKOUT & ARRESTS WERE TAKING PLACE” on YouTube (In their ongoing to suppress conservatives and usher in tyranny, the criminal cabal minions have taken down this good video.)





Message received,


HERE WE GO FOLKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emails I received,
















  • Have Patience – we are Lightworkers here for this purpose and are being utilized in the PsyOps part of this epic war. 
  • Be Prepared – our turn to go is in the final stages once we get the go ahead so be ready to follow through on your mission.  Periodically review your materials for improvements and to stay fresh with it, manifest it.  Always be prepared to make your bonds/currency delivery and to start projects.   

Post GRV and In The Now Moment: Stop eating so much popcorn!  You all must surely be tired of all the pump fakes, so let us do something different while we still stay informed and prepared for NESARA. 

  • Start using your powerful abilities of creating reality from our Collectively Focused Thoughts. Thought creates Matter.  Thought creates Our Reality. Focus more on post-GRV to help it transpire. And, praying helps.
  • Do perform thought/intention manifesting into our reality our goals as humanitarians by thinking more about the projects and post-GRV life, others’ projects, new technologies, exponential human evolution, and how beautiful the world will become.   
  • Do perform thought/intention manifesting 5D into our reality while we keep one foot in this 4D experience. (We are currently in 4D not 3D.  Time is a dimension providing unidirectional movements etc.)
  • Do perform thought/intention manifesting that evil be removed/recycled from our planet. Pray!
  • Do focus thought/intention manifesting Love into our reality which is the most powerful force in our universe.
  • Do perform Thought manifestations into our Reality often to bring this to an end and create a beautiful world.  We may be coordinating group sessions in the near future since this is very important to helping ensure that our Freedom and Ascension are realized. 
  • Message from Earth Angel B, “We ARE HERE to Unify, to WORK TOGETHER, in ALL always and So It Is.”  “…it is all based on free choice, FREEDOM to choose with a free Heart and Mind.” 

See Exhibit below.

  • Message from C, “…humanity’s creativity will soon be free to flow…imagine that…”

See Exhibit below.

  • Message from Prof, Lessons learned: Let God guide you. Many times when we try to do things on our own it does not work out well and we learn another lesson, however, if we let God guide us there will always be a path.  So, let go and have faith.

The intention of this section is to step onward into that next chapter to set a pace with a new vision for creating a new Movie.  In the first section we gave the readers what they are used to having, then in this section we give them post-GRV which is very important and is where we should be focusing on for many reasons especially since we are the humanitarians that will be holding the Light by helping to lead the post-GRV way for the people – we need to keep preparing for this this since it is our time to shine by bringing Light to this once Dark place.  

Here today we sit in this 4D world of fear-based war zone…when the ticket into that future has to be based on Open Source, a new humanity based on shared common ground.  Which is the real future into 5D, rather than ego-based 4D capitalism of wealth accumulation.  As you can imagine, this planet evolves as sentient souls who best work together in harmony via natural attributes like telepathy.  Such method trumps talking heads hosting a financial agenda of humanity attaining wealth which is the old show that we are now transition away from as we evolve and evolve we will very soon. Where we go one we go all, steps directly over individual ego interests.  Ha!

Setting a post-GRV tone for weekly viewers solidifies to realize their visions. Expressions of beneficiary aid, this new channel can help to be a flash point in prep for and when the GRV rolls out. This kind of channel provides the Quantum momentum essential to mankind’s rise.  GRV may be the event, but it requires a different mindset and a trigger flash point in the Now, as later never comes.  To view this from an ascension POV we are willing it towards a natural transition of thinking and feeling. Presently many sitting in this 4D have fixed bayonets, full on anticipatory mode.  We are stepping forward into that next chapter and setting the pace with a new vision for creating that new Movie.  No wonder why we have such a fantastic audience of visitors surrounding our planet observing us at this very universally historic moment – they will not take this moment away from us and we have not asked them to interfere, for this Great Purge Of Evil we must and will accomplish on our own.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena; it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Nikola Tesla

A great man whose knowledge was suppressed by the evil cabal.  Imagine what a world this would be if he and so many others were allowed to thrive which will be the case post-GRV.

We could use some help with a website (financing or volunteer).

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Stay Strong and United

Help the homeless and others please.  The good among us shall help those whom evil has harmed.

Please be generous with your time and your money, now is the time to do so.  So many lives have been destroyed because of the criminal enterprise.  Find those in need, they are many and are all around during these crazy times, then help them as much as you can.  We are benevolent souls.  Help change over this world to Good – help to make our planet a beautiful place. This is a war between Good and Evil; Evil is doing very bad things and we the Good need to do more good deeds. 

Spread the Love.  Share whatever you can.

Love and Compassion in Action! We All Must Do (Not Just Say) Now

Photo of a T-shirt that says Faith, Hope, Love and a Cross.

This week I received this shirt for my donation to the homeless women with children.

I made numerous other donations this week and so should you. 

Though I do not have much to give, but other have even less.

Now is the time to help others.  Please help homeless, food pantries and others as soon as possible.

“Stay tuned to our postings and website to watch us evolve”,

Royel is a Lightworker for God and the maestro of NY Intel. and are pending, a little help please.


Much of the above information was obtained from various internet sources which should be taken with a grain of salt.  It is entirely up to the reader to determine if this information is accurate or not, so without blindly believing the information herein, and knowing that much warfare PsyOps or otherwise erroneous data can be included in the herein information, readers need to do their own fact-checking research to determine what information is and is not valid, i.e., do not rely on this information for any reason.

When our day to perform actually comes, the Safe Link Website information will be made available in many places, including on our website.  Let us all help to spread awareness and move things forward to a significantly brighter, beautiful future for humanity, for other life forms and for our living being planet.

FREEDOM!!!!!  For entertainment purposes only.


Well Knowledgeable, Well Networked and Well Informed


Message From Earth Angel B,

The vision which was given to me years ago… I wrote this note in 2012…please share or tag yourselves, this is a vision of many,,,,,,,,, when we share we bring thoughts and feelings together,,,,,, waves to be absorbed,

 Sacred Humanity Sanctuaries

 This vision was felt and then shown to me years ago, in fact 2012 was the year and I am leaving this writing in the form of how this vision came to me, for it seems the right thing to do. I have slightly changed the original, as in the paragraph about the Healing Dome Building, before I wanted to build small houses, to rent to anyone who came to Be with us, NOW I feel that this is no longer needed, for We ARE HERE to Unify, to WORK TOGETHER, in ALL always and So It Is.

 a circle of flowing WATER, small bridges all around,


 A large round Pure White building, with windows all around to let the Light in, in the centre A Pool of Crystal sparkling water, central within this pool IS a Beautiful Powerful Crystal, how wonderful it would it be to have a double floor, a floor that can be raised to be truly Above a glass or crystal dome which can be opened during the day and at night to let the Sun, Moon and the Stars IN, then lowered for daily use. energies circle, spiraling, floating. We are working HERE to help heal others, using EVERY form of Healing and most importantly, Crystals, Colours, Light and Sound vibrations. This is the Core, the space where each and ALL healing Is received and given.

 Outside this Dome there is a garden, it is segmented, all different Sacred Symbols, within each segment, flowers have been planted, All of which ARE in the same vibrational colour and frequency, to that segment also corresponding sounds, as in wind chimes, crystal bowls, triangles etc., again ALL in the same frequency a place to sit, to meditate, to BE, listening to the sound of Water singing from fountains as it joins through tiny streams with the outside circle of water and in this Garden, built within the symbol of a Sacred Spiral stands another smaller round structure, an Art Gallery, a Meeting Place to explore, experience, again to BE.

 There are many ways these can be created, dependent on the location 

 I see a Community in Nature. I see the outside with fields, going inside, circles of houses, within each circle, no numbers on any doors, just colours. within a circle of running water, bridges over the small streams and deep within, a Healing center with adjacent Art Gallery.

 I see animals, many animals, to teach the people, by letting them feel how to respect and give unconditional love, as they do. Each person has a job suited to their talents and nobody is without any responsibility, to teach them pride and to feel this within themselves again.

 I see a beach, with dolphins, whales and turtles coming in on their own accord to help heal and play. It is all based on free choice. It is here that we will invite parents with their special children, specified as not normal, for it is here that the children can communicate at the higher vibratory level with dolphins, turtles and whales and receive the healing, that they need. The healing for their parents will be the knowledge that their children are and always were special, not with special needs, that box was given to them by people who do not have the higher knowledge of whom these children truly are. The parents will be helped to understand their children and taught how to bring out the multifaceted nature of each and every one of them.

We are working together with all the residents here, using their Hotels, their hostels etc., to accommodate visitors, their markets providing fresh natural food, working WITH them on every level, that all that we receive is shared with them, to receive is to give and the greatest energy of sharing, ALL that is good for ALL,

 I see many coming to help us sustain the Community, to also learn while being a part of it, then to take back their experience and knowledge to share again to re-create at their location.

 We could build these all over the world, adding each time, maybe later a beautiful building of Knowledge for Children to be introduced and shown a different way of learning and teaching, through Love and Compassion, the basis of all and then letting them choose, for their own special talents to be accentuated. This is the way to be happy in your chosen job, when you love doing what you truly want to do, it is no more work and it is so productive, for each and every one.

 Let the people decide if they wish to visit us, it is all based on free choice, FREEDOM to choose with a free Heart and Mind, that which is offered to ALL.


 Earth Angel B

Photos of Beautiful Artwork.


Post-GRV Message from Lightworker C

Because the stock exchange will be transformed as wealth of GRV new Earth begins manifesting, what do you think about new types of data tracking? All of the Cabal corporations will fade away or become rebuilt as benevolent businesses, so might the intention of tracking change away from stock value and ownership to something completely new.

       What might these parameters include towards daily tracking of? Is it potentials of creativity data tracking from listing areas? These meta data streams might be categorized into listing for National & International indexes. So, what might these listings support? I see tracking of projected growth areas, as they organize and become funded from grassroots humanitarian aid supports. But we could see forecasting begin before GRV too.

         As meta data streams are determined this NEW reporting channel would track human potentialities rather than financial profits. Why is that? Because most humans as they become financially sound now released from debt slave system, they will become bored doing nothing… Depending on their ability to get along and share open-source ideas a greater percentage of humans will begin to pursue creative areas as organized community growth.

        For example, given access to new technologies and materials many thinking humans will apply themselves out of Natural curiosity. This being applied over all collective humanity will create trackable data streams. Some of these groups may synergistically apply towards mfg. of autonomous transportation craft, automation and applications of cement/hemp Hurd printed homes. The ideas are endless…

          Tracking of this BIG change being a human evolutionary study aside, becomes educational tools towards forecasting trend outcomes. Some tracking may appear as studies of science fiction. All this may have root beginnings as tracking of OPEN-SOURCE group think tanks. These “OP groups” would be provided beneficiary funding to allow data tracking outcomes from this beneficiary funding. Next tier development tracking would be organized hive Incubators, where communities support humans in new enterprises gathering together to coalesce or hybridize their ideas and talents together.  Tracking these funded community “hive incubators” data streams may provide channel viewers with live examples as on camera reported interviews. How to present these “thinkers” creator groups, as they develop their ideas towards pre mfg. as test centers.

            I don’t see this reporting being the coverage as a horse race rather, it’s a daily document of humanity for humanity’s revitalization. Tracking this great cross pollination as a liberated humanity breaks free from its former slave control. By tracking these groups, they may provide new growth indicators, through meta data analytics, where trends are pitching for new product mfg. I’m looking into these community structures being suggested for beneficiary investment across every community.

          Today there are millions of Zim holders craving for this GRV opportunity to invest in community projects from their QFS humanitarian aid funds. So, I ask you, what would “THEY” wish to tune into daily to personally track how this phenomenon is working? If you could break this down into working parts for a financial reporting team might take this data and project back, it will grow a massive audience. The future Earth will soon need organized reporting on progress from GRV. Today much of this Reporting framework could be built for optimization of these tracked data streams. If based on creative development tracking NOT PROFIT tracking indicators this broadcasting becomes the real soup kettle for talented thinkers.  Those who wish to impact their immediate space, then grow out their collective concepts towards mass mfg. Profits would simply become a by-product in this new Earth paradigm. For those gathering minds this will be refreshing to “break patterns” of secrecy, NDC patents, and over control by the few to control humanity’s creative ideas from one other. That is my view around the corner.


Painting of our founding father and first President of the United States, Great President George Washington crossing the frozen Delaware River at night in sleet and snow on December 25, 1776 for our independence from Britain in the American Revolutionary War.

We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution.  – Great President Abraham Lincoln


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