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Dancing at the funeral. Our Losses in Ultimate Fights

Covid is a spectacle with a terrible ending. In addition, in this production, the “actors” actually die on the “stage”. All this is already becoming clear even to those who made a terrible mistake – vaccination and were able to survive after it. They understand this on a subconscious level and very soon it will reach them on a conscious level, they will understand that they were deceived by scammers and murderers.

The miracle vaccine doesn’t work! In addition to deaths and disabilities, those vaccinated against a non-existent virus continue to get sick and die from covid.

We know that “deaths from covid” are statistics of all deaths from other diseases PLUS deadly and fake patient treatment protocol.

The question arises: why some die after vaccination, some become disabled, and some “normally” endure and live on.

Of course, this question is not easy to answer. There are many factors that affect the outcome.

For example, was the death vaccine “real” or a dummy. Or the physical condition of a person. It may be easier for a relatively healthy person to tolerate this than a sick person.

In any case, the psychos have well thought out their plan. If ALL PEOPLE OR MOST were dying (or disabled) from vaccinations, then their plan would fail in a very short time.And so, they managed to lead us by the nose for several years!

How did they manage to regulate vaccine deaths so that it is not very noticeable to sleeping people? How did they manage to make sure that not everyone dies at once, but will die, according to experts’ forecasts, in a couple of years, when the connection with the vaccination will no longer be traced by the logic of the vaccinated person? This is so far without a specific answer. But in any case, one thing is clear – those who survived the vaccination carry a time bomb!

The mortality from vaccinations shocks us! A normal person cannot watch the genocide of the inhabitants of the Earth calmly.

Still, vaccine advocates continue to believe in the killer deception. Vaccine advocates consider us dangerous and irresponsible killers, and many even hate us. Increasingly, I see aggression and strange, dramatically changing reactions from vaccinated people and it is quite possible that this fatal injection actually turns people into zombies.

This whole thing is unbearably painful! To alleviate our suffering a little, I suggest that we reflect a little on the topic of vaccination in order to answer two questions:

1. Are vaccine victims really victims? Should we mourn for them or rejoice at their release (in the form of death), as some nations do (rejoice when a person dies)?

2.How many vaccine victims on our side? How many losses does the enemy have?

To answer these questions, you need to remember two things:



For those who do not know this yet, I remind you that NOT EVERYONE WHO LOOKS LIKE PEOPLE ARE HUMAN !!!!!!

In human bodies are embodied:

 **** people (these are human souls whose homeland is planet earth)

 **** star seeds (representatives of highly developed civilizations who came to earth to help humanity to free themselves)

 **** representatives of underdeveloped civilizations (servants of the dark)

 **** clones, biorobots and other inventions of psychos

 ** ** others (for example, representatives of underground civilizations or aspects of the ascended masters such as Jesus, Buddha and others. This is of course our team).

When vaccination began, the servants of the dark ran to the vaccinations first. The media talked a lot about them, presented these pioneers as heroes and saviors of humanity in order to deceive human souls and push them to the decision to be vaccinated. A small number of young immature human souls fell for this primitive bait. Thus, the losses on our side were small.

Subsequent victims of vaccination are again “cannon fodder” (servants of psychos), as well as young human souls that psychos managed to break with manipulations like “you save weak people (parents, children) if you get vaccinated.” A number of human souls have fallen into this bait of false sacrifice.

There was also another psycho trap. These are promises of freedom and a return to “normal life”: travel, disco, restaurants (entertainment). On this call of the psychos, the crowd of psychos’ slaves rushed to vaccinate again, and after them, some young immature souls automatically ran, who had not yet entered their path of Souls, but dangled through life among the traps of psychos from a series of “pleasure”.

Note: a “young” Soul is NOT a person’s age, but the Soul’s age. You can be a young man with an ancient experienced Soul and vice versa.

The next step was compulsory vaccination. This is the biggest and saddest part of our losses. The image of “hero”, “example” and “freedom” no longer works. The method of violence remains. Here the servants of the psychos are already sacrificed just like that, in the form of extras, in the hope of picking up a few more volunteers from human souls for vaccination. Mass genocide is also committed by force (directly or indirectly). Crimes are no longer hidden and are committed openly and on a massive scale. The absence of a law to protect people is becoming evident to the whole world and the ugly faces of the governments of the countries of the world are becoming even more ugly.

From all this it is obvious that NOT ALL VACCINATION VICTIMS ARE LOSSES ON OUR SIDE in this brutal and crazy fight without rules.Many of those who died from vaccinations are those unfortunate slaves of psychos who incarnated on earth specifically for this purpose – to help psychos to realize their dirty plans. The psychos used them mercilessly.

Now let’s think about WHY human Souls (as well as Souls who came to our aid) left a physical body through death from vaccination or covid.

Warning !!! I do not call to rejoice at the death of people. I call for understanding, analysis and self-development.

So, let’s start with WHY and HOW the Soul incarnates somewhere (in our situation on Earth).

Many books, channelings, etc. have been written about this.

In short: the need for evolution is a natural need for the Soul, just like the need for the human body to breathe.

Before incarnation, the Soul builds a plan for its life with various options for development, according to HER PERSONAL actual needs. The Soul negotiates with other Souls about their role in its life on Earth. That is, the Soul chooses parents, children and other people who will play these roles in its earthly life and agrees with them about the degree of their participation (episodes or full participation, evil or good people, etc.). All Souls play these roles by agreement with each other. The purpose of this Soul Plan is evolution, i.e. the development of life lessons that contribute to the evolution of ALL Souls that participate in this plan.

This means, those people who, for example, hurt us (now we are talking about mental pain) – they do it because we asked them about it so that we can work out our weak point that slows down our evolution. Ie.these are not our offenders (from the point of view of the Soul), but our assistants and teachers who have kindly agreed to play this vile role for our benefit. And as soon as a person understands this, and also understands his lesson, suffering stops – the lesson is learned.

The Soul decides WHERE and in WHAT KIND (incarnate or disembodied) it will continue its evolution.

If the Soul decides to evolve on Earth in 3D, it is forced to incarnate in a physical body. The soul cannot descend into the rough 3D structure without protection. The physical body is a protective suit for the Soul for being in 3D.

That is, the body is an opportunity for the Soul to be here on Earth. The main thing is still the Soul itself and its life plan.

When the Soul descends in the body into three-dimensionality, the person FORGETS ALL THAT WAS BEFORE BEFORE (or rather, the children still remember a lot for some time, but then forget) and thus, the Soul blindly tries to embody its plan through the physical body.

If a person deviates from the plan – the Soul sends him clues (such as trouble or illness), if a person continues to stupidly ignore clues and deviates even more from the plan, all clues increase and then serious problems arise in the form incurable diseases or a life full of endless problems.

This does NOT mean that the Soul “punishes” the body! The Soul makes a life plan with an INFINITE MANY WAYS, and if the EGO decides that it is the main thing, and the Soul is not important, the person chooses the wrong paths in this labyrinth and falls into his own traps and dead ends.

The soul is waiting patiently. She knows the consequences many steps forward. When the Soul realizes that the fulfillment of the plan is HOPELESS, it decides to leave the physical body, because it “suffocates” in it and because it does not want to waste precious time!

The soul leaves its helper (body) in a natural way through physical death as a result of natural death, for example, through illness or sudden death.

The soul NEVER GOES OUT FROM THE BODY FORCEDLY, such as suicide !!! Suicide is an invention of psychos – manipulation of the consciousness and subconsciousness of people.

 I described the natural process of Soul incarnation.

The natural incarnation of the Soul on Earth for thousands of years has become completely impossible !!!!! Psychos held humanity hostage in an energy prison!

Psychos caught human Souls after death, forcibly forced these Souls to incarnate on Earth again and go through life lessons according to their (psychos’) psychopathic plans.

Psychos forced people to “sign” various contracts and put implants BEFORE INCLUSION. More on this below.

When the forces of Light removed these psychos’ traps and HUMAN SOUL AGAIN COULD CONTINUE EVOLUTION IN A NATURAL WAY!

It was a BREAKTHROUGH FROM SLAVERY, and many human Souls (and other Souls) made a decision to leave the Earth for their own reasons.

Since the Soul leaves the body through natural death, Covid and vaccination have become an excellent “helper” in this.

Of course, this is a general overview of the situation and there are endless options! This is only a reason for reflection and conclusions.

ARE ALL THE SOULS that died from vaccination ARE VICTIMS?

 Where are these Souls now?

Some Souls have returned home and are resting, recovering from the horror they experienced!

Some Souls have joined the non-incarnate (disembodied) warriors of Light who are saving humanity.

Also, the Souls that left the physical form through vaccination or covid include the Souls who decided to SUCCESS to change the body and life plan before the Ascension of humanity into the 5th dimension. That is, “die” and again “born” on Earth. These Souls knew that in their current physical body they had little chance of making the transition. Therefore, they had a need to urgently “leave” and reappear in a different body and with completely different settings and capabilities!

Of all Covid deaths and deaths after vaccination, only a small number of HUMAN SOULS actually suffered in this maelstrom of death.

The rest of the cases are the planned departure of the Soul from the earthly plane for personal reasons.

T. That is, the exit of the Soul from the body (death) in the described cases is NOT a sacrifice, but is liberation and a personal decision of the Soul!

The souls of these people DIDN’T HAVE VACCINATION!

Their Souls remained intact!

The real VICTIMS of the VACCINATION are those people who survived the fatal injection, “normally” survived the injection of death, or were left disabled after vaccination.

Here’s a GREAT PROBLEM! A deadly vaccine, being for a LONG TIME in the PHYSICAL BODY, destroys not only the body, but also, MOST IMPORTANT, destroys the HUMAN DNA, namely, destroys the divine thread in the DNA – interrupts the connection with the Source!

In other words, the Soul LOSES THE POSSIBILITY TO REALIZE ITS MAIN NEED – EVOLUTION! The soul can no longer evolve! It will freeze in its development and may even follow the path of involution! That’s where the real DRAMA is !!!!

 Of course, this drama will only affect human souls (possibly other Souls).

In any case, the servants and helpers of psychos will not be affected by vaccination in any way because they are already incapable of evolution as the human Soul is capable of.

The good news is that the news that vaccination is breaking the Soul’s connection to the Source is just rumor so far. It is not known exactly. Let’s hope this is not the case. Or if this is true, then let’s hope it can be corrected with new divine healing technologies.

If, nevertheless, the Souls of the victims of vaccination violence cannot be healed and will indeed lose their connection with the Source and the ability to evolve, then I seem to be brewing another serious “conflict” with God and a complete loss of faith in justice! (I described my first “conflict” with God in my article “Boxing with God”.)

Also I BELIEVE we will be dancing at the funeral VERY SOON! And it will be the FUNERAL OF Tyranny, Perversion, Satanism, Darkness!

This will be a DANCE OF FREEDOM!

 VICTORY IS VERY CLOSE! The countdown now goes on for months, but time is constantly accelerating and soon the countdown will go for weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds!

Help us God will stand this last fight !!!!!!



There are three implants in the etheric body of the auric field of each incarnated person. They represent small black holes placed in a rotating etheric scalar electromagnetic field with a rotation frequency of 6.666 Hz. This is a resonant frequency that suppresses human emotions and free will initiative. There are three implants in the etheric body of the auric field of every incarnated (embodied) person. They represent small black holes placed in a rotating etheric scalar electromagnetic field with a rotation frequency of 6.666 Hz. This is a resonant frequency that suppresses human emotions and free will initiative.

Two implants in the forehead of the etheric brain suppress free will and block the individual’s connection to Source. It does this by rotating scalar chambers around two implants, augmented with etheric ultrasonic scalar waves. The task of ultrasonic scalar waves is to scan an individual’s etheric brain to run many of the person’s thought processes through a logical computer program.

It also detects any human contact with a positive extraterrestrial being and then quickly initiates a termination program.

The third implant, located in the etheric membrane of the solar plexus, suppresses emotions and sexual energy. Its rotating scalar electromagnetic chamber, amplified by scalar wave ultrasound, generates an electrical current that short-circuits the Kundalini energy. When this implant is removed, the Kundalini in humans will rise and we will come to a world liberation revolution.

The Archons use scalar projection ray technology to project negative thought forms and elementals into implants. The rotating scalar electromagnetic field around the implants acts like a disc that pushes (amoeba-like) elementals into the black holes of the implants.

The folds in the quantum foam spacetime anomaly on the etheric plane still contain small black holes (wormholes) that are kept away from evaporation due to rotating scalar electromagnetic fields. These black holes contain reptiles, which are there in a quantum superposition state. When the scalar electromagnetic field is removed, these black gifts will instantly evaporate and the reptiles will be immediately removed by the Forces of Light.

The Resistance Movement (DR) is working to “shut down” the computer program that controls the implants in the Archon main computer. When this is done, the DS will be able to turn off the scalar field around the implants, and then the implants and their corresponding black holes in the folds of the etheric space-time continuum will quickly evaporate and finally the Light will come to planet Earth.



I also added more information about implants that Cobra recently provided at the Naples Breakthrough Conference, which was not presented in this article. At this conference, he mentioned a fourth implant, located in the back of the neck, where the spine begins.

An implant in the back of the neck: not everyone has this implant, but most people do. This implant causes fear, especially fear for survival.

Two implants on the frontal part of the head: the entire human population has them; they interfere with the human thought process in making decisions.

An implant in the solar plexus region: the entire human population has them; it is two or three fingers above the navel. It negatively affects the Kundalini and sexual energy.

Cleansing from implants: Etheric and Astral cleansing can be performed even before the Event. We can and must declare our Sovereignty (inviolability) with absolute intent and determination. These implants block us from increasing vibrations, but they can be resisted. When we transform our thoughts and beliefs and put them into action in our reality, our vibrations will work like a “tsunami for implants.” Free yourself from old, negative thoughts and beliefs and you deactivate these implants without waiting for someone or something to do it for you; you can do it yourself, naturally. We must be honest in everything we do – be diplomatic, but stand up for our truth without hurting anyone.

You can be reimplanted again if you have no protection; however, if you removed the implants naturally, this situation will no longer threaten you, because you are already living, embodying and activating your Sovereignty, constantly increasing your vibrations. When you do something negative, you invite the Forces of Darkness.

You can speed up the process of removing implants with the following meditations:

  ******* Meditation Eight

 ************ Protocol / Imaging for Freddy Ground Crew Implant Cleanup



One of the main tools of the earthly prison system of the Archons was the manipulation of people in order to obtain from them an agreement for their own enslavement of their own free will. This can be easily seen with manipulation by the media (media), but there is a deeper and more important layer of this – these are all contracts that have been signed by people for thousands of years in the earthly prison system.

When we “die” we are not we ascend automatically, our problems are not magically resolved, we do not merge with our Soul / Spirit and do not free ourselves from the earthly prison. Instead, we move into a density higher above us. Densities are states of matter. The densest state is solid, then liquid, gaseous, plasma, ethereal, astral, mental, etc.

The Veil, the electro-magnetic barrier that surrounds planet Earth, exists on the physical, plasma, etheric, astral and lower mental planes at the same time. It blocked the majority of the world’s population from the possibility of coming and leaving the planet. Soul / Spirit did not fall into the trap, but their incarnations are trapped.

 “On the higher astral planes there are cities of Light, where people can go after“ death ”if they have high enough vibrations. These cities have picturesque nature, beautiful buildings and surroundings, but they are still in the quarantine of the Earth and the people living in these cities must sooner or later return to Earth and reincarnate, because the Archons still have control over them.»

The city is surrounded by a wall and people cannot leave the city, they are not allowed to do so, but if they dare to leave the city, they return wounded. The city administration forces people to reincarnate, they have no other choice. They are not invited to move to live on another planet or stay on the astral plane. Those who try to find other ways to avoid reincarnation are ridiculed and considered “spiritually immature” because they “refuse to follow the divine plan.”

In these astral cities, people are told that if they want to allow their personal problems and continue to grow spiritually, they must return to Earth and reincarnate. And for this they need to draw up a certain reincarnation plan that will allow them to solve all their problems. This plan is a contract stating that they agree to forget everything during the process of rebirth and that they agree to go through suffering in the next life. This is based on the distorted doctrine of karma, which I explained in a previous article:

 “Many programs have been created by the Archons to justify evil. For example, the law of karma, which states: if I break my friend’s cup, then the universe will send someone to me to break my cup in order to teach me the consequences of my actions. This means that the universe will then direct someone again to break the cup of the one who broke my cup, etc. and so on ad infinitum.This is an absolutely invented concept and has nothing to do with the real universal law, simply because if it were so, nothing would ever be allowed and the suffering would only continue indefinitely. The true universal law is Forgiveness and Mercy, and this is what the Masters have always taught, who had a true connection with the Source. The will of the Creator is that if someone harms another, he must be provided with adequate healing so that he can regain his true self. It may be necessary to rebalance the energies between people involved in a problem situation. For example, the one who broke the cup can buy another cup for its owner, or fix it, or offer another type of service to energetically compensate for the problem created. Or the owner of the cup can simply forgive and then the infinite abundance of the Source will rebalance things automatically, taking nothing from the one who broke the cup and providing everyone with what he needs. Resources and abundance are unlimited. ”

There are many other contracts that humans have signed while on Earth. There are many other contracts that humans have signed while on Earth.

Then, in our modern life, many contracts and agreements were made with the cabals. The most important is the birth certificate, which is actually property owned by the government, stating that they own the copyright in the name of birth and therefore they own everyone who registered under that name. That is why it is not possible to get the original of your birth certificate anywhere in the world, people can only get copies of it.

At the previous Cobra conference, we will share with us a sample of writing the text for canceling the contract, which I will post below. He advised us to rewrite this text by hand, fully supporting it with our intent, read it aloud and keep this document.

 “In the name of I AM WHO I AM, in the name of my Divine Presence I AM, in the name of all Ascended Beings Light, in the name of the Galactic Confederation of Light, in the name of the Galactic Central Sun, I command to annul and nullify all my past, present and future contracts and agreements signed between any part of my being and the dark forces. All these contracts and agreements and their consequences are now completely removed from my reality. I AM completely free, all the karma of my whole being is removed as well.

I AM the free and sovereign Essence of Light from now and forever.

May it be so, and so it is! In the Light (your name). ”

I highly recommend everyone to do this, it will create a very powerful positive shift for you personally, and the more people do this, the less power the dark forces will have to keep the prison alive. Earth, the sooner the Event will come and complete liberation for all.

Victory of the Light!


Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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