(Reader: timjoebob) When we Snap… Kaboom!


Reader Post | By timjoebob

Snap, crackle, pop…..kaboom!

There’s so much of, “Don’t do anything stupid, now, you patriots and people of the world who are getting your asses kicked. Be patient.”

I won’t mention names here, but there’s a lot of people who are saying the same thing. They’re well known in alternative media and MSM.

Well, I’ve got something to say about it and I’ll be as gentle as I can be about it.

“You people who spew your opinions must not lose grip on reality. From your point of view, it seems perfectly acceptable for good people to be tortured, both mentally and physically and spiritually, to the point where they are going to either snap or grovel because this is the Great Awakening and these things are just part and parcel of the events unfolding. You say it’s unfortunate but that’s just the way it is. You say to stay strong and don’t do anything stupid. You say that if the people of the world freak out and come completely unhinged by what they are discovering about the Corona bullshit and about how the world has been screwed over for thousands of years, that the bad guys, with their army of order followers, will then attack and it gives them the reason to do so. You say it’s what they want the people to do so they can act against us. Listen up, guys. Who the hell died and made you gods? You think you’ve got your fingers on the pulse of all knowledge because you’ve read The Art of War? You think you’ve got strategies and all of the ducks have got to be lined up just perfectly before ANYONE makes the perverbial ‘move’. What ‘move’ are you talking about? More negotiations? More saber rattling? More chest pounding? Another move on the chessboard? Dudes and dudettes, pahleese. When thugs in a costumes wearing badges and guns and clubs and pepper spray and handcuffs and God knows what else start threatening or attacking, all bets are off. It will be a fight to the death and nobody is going to give a holy flying rat’s ass about some so-called ‘plan’. Plans can be scrapped when SHTF because SOMEBODY f’ing waited too damn long to make a ‘move’ that should have been made decades ago…centuries ago…millenia ago. And it’s always…always the same reasons. We were not ready. Blah. We are never really ready. People are never really ready to have their lives destroyed. Does anyone really believe that the so-called Alliance or White Hats or Galactic brothers and sisters are going to DO something to help planet Psycho, formerly known as Earth? Myself included, I certainly would like to think so because the bad guys will win this final battle for planet Psycho if we don’t get help from some very powerful good forces…now…now that we’ve waited for some obscure, weird, abnormal, mysterious timing of events that the universe finally decides to throw a bone to the lowly, barbaric, uneducated inhabitants of planet Psycho, soon to be planet Earth again…supposedly. You say the Light has already won in the spirit realms. The Darkside has lost. But, what you fail to mention is the absolute fact that the more you try you soften the inevitable truth of being gut punched the more pain you’re causing. We don’t care about the Light having already won. We care about the here and now…right now…in our faces bullshit being spewed all over us. So, you know what you can do with your narrative. We don’t care about timing. We care about what’s happening in the moment…right now…right now…today…not tomorrow…right now. Are you guys getting this? If you gurus of knowledge have any real world experience of violence, then you must certainly understand that your pleading to the prople to refrain from attacking the vermin that’s destroying our lives will be ignored by almost everyone that’s on the receiving end of bullshit coming from the Branch Covidian Death Cult Satanists. Are you insane? I, for one, think some of you are living in lala land. Your understanding of human behavior is lacking. People can only be pushed so far before they snap. We are at the door…today…now…right now. So, don’t be all surprised and oh, my, what have we done, when SHTF and your precious timing gets retarded and out of sync and people start the final battle without your permission or blessings. Maybe then you’ll pull your heads out of your asses and see what needed to be done, and should have been done, a long, long, long time ago. Kaboom!!! Ascension? At this point in time it seems completely irrelevant because we’re too pissed off to give a damn.”



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