(Reader: Hawke) One Year on


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

One year on from the US 2020 Election 50 State MAGA ‘Red Wave’ of 4-10-20 voters & supporters however a completely different timeline & story. COnV|d – 19 is clearly COnV|d – 21 with even more now harmed, hurt, damaged, injured, dead…

Dead be META or whatever language that is being used to describe subscribers of Faceless Book. What does this mean? Taken is each profile’s data, extracted into the D|S Dark Quantum Machine / AI System. Is this really the Final ‘Big Brother’ targeting?

‘The Shot’ IOT chip – Yes that one – “The Shot heard around the world”.  The one that 4-10-20 including ‘White Hats’ advised had neutralised the contents with a mini close range EMP device that killed the nanobot however as it is grahp|ne based likely supercharged it up instead. Yes, Military – Hilary indeed still didn’t destroy the vials to send it back to H E L L… No burning of the sites, no burning of labs, no burning of Pharma… Nutin’ Man!!!!

‘The Shot’ that provides real time data – that knows when you awake, asleep, farting or spanking the monkey. Why do you think the Chinese Government informed their people slaves that due to the injection – they are no longer human therefore product of the government… They have ‘veto’ their human rights & themselves so are government property.

What about the children – I don’t mean the advised efforts regarding those in D.UM.BS but really – What about the children – Isn’t saving those above the ground equally important as those informed that are below?

Still the 3 Letter Acronym agencies rule – CDC, WHO, FBI, CIA but No rule for DJT?

Where are the political players that should have fallen? Where indeed are these tyranical dictators that should have long gone but wait – Only 4-10-20 gone… They can’t be all up in Guan Tan|amo Bay underground Island – All chilling ‘ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool shooting up population for complete rule….

I mean, If Queen of Canada is in control then Why JT still not removed? What was advised about Red October i.e. removing Policital Heads – but does this mean the guillotine? Off with’yer heads or more so  White Hats – Where’s Your Head at? 

Every hour of Every day ‘We the People’ keep fighting with ‘We the People’… They whole plan doesn’t work which questions Which side are you on?

Is that the plan though? Never Know… Info, Dis-Info – Much I not written – to much to say but

One year on – HAS awakening really has been REACHED – No!!!!


No more dates – No more disinfo – Do it, truth it, people who are standing – they want to charge – Run the play 4-10-20 Hut hut hunt!!!


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