(Reader: Liberty) Boxing with God, Who is God?


Boxing with God. Who is God?

I want to share my spiritual experience, because I notice that some readers follow the same path. Perhaps my story will help other people and give them an understanding of how to avoid painful experiences.

My first serious “conflict” with God came when I found out about crimes in the dungeons !!!

I was completely shocked that such terrible things are happening underground and in such a huge amount!

It wasn’t just a shock, it was a spiritual coma! I just stopped being. I just disappeared!

It was accompanied by such resentment and pain for these victims that I was in a complete collapse! I couldn’t sleep, I drank a sedative and fought with God all day!

I demanded to give me an answer: “How did God allow these countless innocent victims ?????”.



Why “dark” children were given free will to create evil and God didn’t stop it ??? Why were victims’ rights not protected? Why were the Galactic laws not followed ????

 I was very disappointed in God and it seemed to me that these tales of God’s unconditional love are complete stupidity! Because there is no justice! I was ready to fight with God himself! I was so hurt and hurt.

I boxed God with my reproaches for a while, having lost all interest in spirituality.

 I think that my Guardian Angels and the Higher Self had to work hard to pull me out of this labyrinth without an exit at least a little))))

 When I I woke up a little, I was covered with a second wave, when I learned that the higher hierarchy of dark forces (the main criminals like Lucifer) went over to the side of the Forces of Light, repented and now helps to free the planet from their slaves, created by them!

For me, this meant that the “dark” children said to God something like: “I’m sorry Dad, we won’t be naughty anymore …”. And it’s all????? Can I forget billions (or more) victims for thousands of years of pranks of dark kids ?????

Once again I was completely blown away and boxed God with these questions ….


 The first breath of fresh air and the hope to get out of my coma was the realization that IN ORDER TO READ AND MAKE SOME CONCLUSIONS AT THIS LEVEL, YOU NEED AT LEAST TO BE IN 4 DIMENSIONS IN YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. When we move to the fifth dimension, knowledge of the galactic scale will open to us, we will be able to get into the Galactic library and then we will be able to begin to understand something.

 T. That is, to slightly paraphrase Socrates, then I UNDERSTOOD THAT I DID NOT UNDERSTAND ANYTHING AND KNOW ANYTHING to draw any conclusions!

 The final lifeline, thanks to which I emerged again, was the realization that WHO IS GOD?

 To explain it simply, I’ll make some analogies.

 Well, first of all, GOD is not male, as many people think. God is male and female. Secondly, God is not SOMEONE and your showdowns, pritenzii and fights with him are useless, because you do not have a specific opponent. Boxing with God will not work)))))

 So, God is the feminine and masculine aspects, which merged together, and then fragmented into a huge number of fragments and got a huge whole, consisting of small particles. A very familiar process. Is not it?

 If we repeat this in miniature, it turns out an egg cell plus a sperm have fused and grown to the state of an organism. That is, God (male and female) has become an organism! Or the organism IS GOD!

 And in this organism there are millions (or how many ?????) cells and these cells make up this organism. Where is God in this organism now ??? Who to fight with?

Who should I submit my claims to? Hand? To the eyes? Stomach? Who is the culprit?

In this organism there are healthy cells, there are diseased cells, there are cancer cells, there are also “inflamed” cells that have a chance to either recover or become sick or become cancerous.



 Do you know


 The evil on earth is cancer cells. How do cancer cells behave? They decide that they are in charge and begin to introduce their own rules. But according to these rules, the body CANNOT LIVE. Or it can live, but not for long.

The cancer cell doesn’t care. She continues her program and kills the body, and also dies herself.

In a healthy body, a CANCER CELL CANNOT SURVIVE!

Every organism contains cancer cells. They are sleeping. They wake up when the body gives them “nourishment”, that is, they get what they need to live!

 In other words, the body is doing something wrong, resulting in a pathology.


 Whom to beat and who is angry with? Does God (the body) care that there are cancer cells in it? What should God do with cancer cells? If God kills cancer cells (let’s say this is the last stage of cancer), then you need to kill the whole organism, because metastases are already everywhere !!!!


To continue the analogy, cancer cells are dark forces that can only parasitize and destroy (including themselves). And the evil that they have multiplied on the planet is a product of their vital activity (pure poison).

In the context of the above, what does the expression


 This expression gradually loses its vitality and becomes automatic.

 Some do not believe in this victory and speak honestly about it, some say it automatically, playing the role of patriots and drawing attention to themselves.

 LIGHT (GOD) CONQUERSES that the BODY is HEALING and getting rid of cancer cells! This means that self-healing systems are being restored and launched!

 This organism is humanity TOGETHER WITH THE PLANET AND POSSIBLY THE GALAXY. We’ve had cancer and are recovering! This is what it means!

And if you want to fight with God, then it is a battle with yourself, because YOU ARE THE SAME GOD !!!!

For thousands of years we have been taught to worship God, ask him for forgiveness and hope for his mercy, to be God’s slaves, to read some prayers, the meaning of which we did not really or at all did not understand, stupid holidays, ceremonies, chants, worship of ikonans, priests, etc., etc. They taught us to FEAR GOD! and DECREASE before GOD! A whole bunch of rubbish was hammered into our heads,

BUT !!!!!



to say



And I also realized a very VERY IMPORTANT THING: for the body to remain healthy, the cells must shine with health (light) and heal neighboring cells if they are sick or destroyed. Destruction of oneself (as a part of the whole) helps disease and cancer grow and leads to the destruction of the whole.

 Self-destruction is life in darkness. It means living under the guidance of the ego and negative energetically primitive emotions. Emotions 3D have no value in higher worlds. They are only of value to cancer cells.

By the way, real (not false-positive) covid patients are also sick and weak “cells of a single” organism. ” Nothing can cling to healthy people, and if it does, it will not be able to survive – different vibrations!

 It is a well-known scientific fact that all living things have certain vibrations. Viruses (like all other diseases, diseased parts of the body, diseased organs, etc.) have low frequency vibrations.

 According to the laws of the universe and the universe – LIKE ATTACHES TO LIKE. This means that the virus will be attracted only where there are its native vibrations, thanks to which it will be able to survive. If a person is sick, this is a reason to think that something needs to be changed and to thank the disease for prompting you that you have turned into a sick cell.

Like attracts like. This means that if you are a trash can, then from all sides of life, garbage of all stripes flies at you. If you are a beautiful meadow, then bees and butterflies of life flock to you. If you are a meadow with a pile of rubbish, then respectively you get both options.For your life to change, YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOURSELF FIRST! There is no other way !!!


 Living in the Light is evolution, flight upward, health and great value. Living in the Light does NOT mean being holy. It only means living under the guidance of the Soul, the conscience. And the mind (ego) should be in the same team with the Soul. This is harmony and balance. And a recipe for spiritual awakening.

 These are difficult times. It is very difficult to understand everything and understand what to do and where to go. Many of us are now very much rooted in the role of patriots or in the role of gurus who know and understand everything better than others. These “actors” violate the law of equality when they consider others to be stupid sheep and donkeys.

 Not all Souls are able to quickly understand everything, many need more time and stress to start thinking at least. Give them this time and leave them alone!

Better “cleaning” your “house”. After all, very soon a Galactic-scale holiday called LIBERTY will come on Earth !!! We will have a lot of guests coming – the galactic community that has helped us VERY MUCH for this celebration of liberation! Without them, we could have become slaves for a long time, because the forces were unequal and the technologies of the dark forces were thousands of years ahead of the technologies of the inhabitants of the earth. We are not ready for all this yet! Get ready for the holiday!

While we are in the physical shell, we are all actors and play our chosen roles. For thousands of years of forced incarnations on planet Earth, we have played different roles, including negative ones.When we wake up and the memory returns to us, we will remember our past incarnations and it is not yet known WHAT WE WILL REMEMBER THEN! So you better be careful now when you put on the mantle of a judge!

 “Don’t judge, you won’t be judged.”

If I was too straightforward and accidentally offended someone by my thoughts, I ask you to forgive me.

I ask for the blessings of humanity in the recovery process! Be healthy!

Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty



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