(Reader: Liberty) Response to “Message to the Alliance”


Empty promises of the Alliance. Reply to Post Reader: DeeDee McKay. Message to the Alliance

Dear DeeDee McKay!

I understand you well, these feelings are very familiar to me. I myself have fallen into this trap more than once! I was in this state more than once, until I figured it out. Only then was I able to calm down.

The root of the problem is that we continue to idealize someone or something, that is, we continue to run after idols and ghosts.

Alliance are great guys! They do their job very very very well! They do much more than they can. Many heartfelt thanks to them for this !!!!!!!!

BUT !!!!!!! The Alliance is the boots on Earth, ordinary people like you or me. They cannot create evolutionary processes on Earth. They can only indirectly influence it, as you and me can do.

The Golden Era of the Earth is an evolutionary stage. An Event is an energetic breakthrough, it is PHYSICS. The Event will entail processes that we all look forward to with great impatience !!!! This disclosure of information, mass awakening, etc.

We humans, INCLUDING WHITE HATS, can only facilitate, accelerate this physics, this reaction. We can do this by performing some actions in this direction (eg we share the truth, protest, increase our human dignity, etc.)

We can also do this, thanks to our energetic bodies and / or chakras, that is, thanks to our divine and perfect structure. We can transmit certain types of energy to the earth to accelerate this breakthrough.

For an abscess to burst, it must enlarge enough and burst! And as you can see from the latest heavenly news (channeled messages) we are already really very close to this moment.

If you keep hoping that the Alliance decides when things happen, you will only suffer further. And this is completely detrimental to the process that we expect! The Alliance Decides Nothing! And all the promises given from the Alliance, most likely, are NOT promises from the Alliance or just some kind of war game (for example, with these promises they keep us in good shape so that we can continue the fight).

In any case, making promises, which in most cases are not fulfilled, personally I think it is not correct and this is completely not for the benefit of our common cause. Empty promises drive the Warriors of Light into despair and they (Warriors) lose their strength, faith and fighting spirit!

I beg you, my dear, just stop expecting more from the Alliance than they can handle! Take care of your strength, because when the Event finally comes, we will need MUCH MORE FORCES THAN NOW !!! We will become beacons that will raise the WHOLE collapsed world !!! And we are not so many in percentage terms, therefore WE, LIGHTHOPS, ARE VERY IMPORTANT IN THE PROCESS OF LIBERATING THE PLANET EARTH !!!!

May God bless us, give us strength, wisdom and patience !!!!!

Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty

P. S. More about the Event can be found here:

The Event

The childhood of mankind is over. Chasing ghosts. Do you have a PLAN?


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