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Submitted on October 25, 2021

Become Unshakeable During Prophecy Times

SHAOLIN MASTER (MUST WATCH) Become Unshakeable | Shi Heng Yi 2021

16.16 Minutes

“Shi Heng Yi is the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe 歐洲少林寺 located in Germany and belongs to the 35th Generation of Shaolin. Every year there are several retreats that are taking place in the monastery where Master Shi Heng Yi is living. More insights and free Training instructions of Shifu Shi Heng Yi can be found on:



Excerpt from Pathway to Ascension

“The Maya

………………….According to the Maya, the fifth and final age began approximately 5,125 years ago. One has to wonder why their calendar, constructed more than two thousand years ago, mysteriously ended with the fifth age at “zero point,” on the winter solstice of 2012?……………”

“The Hopis

……………………..On the Hopi Reservation there is a picture story carved into a rock that is so sacred to them no one is allowed to photograph it. Some outside the Hopi tribe have been allowed to see it and have drawn pictures of what they remembered. That picture story is a diagram of a life plan that would guide us through this time in history. A time when there will be much turmoil and destruction.

The simple picture prophecy says there are two parallel paths for humanity to walk as we make our choices. One is a path of darkness, while the other is a path of Light. We can move freely back and forth between each one for a long time (many lives) because the Great Spirit wants us to explore and experience different ways of life. But, a moment in history will arrive when we must make a final choice between the two. That moment has arrived.

Those who choose the path of darkness are shown in the pictograph as people whose heads hover above their bodies, while walking a path that turns into a broken zigzag and leads to nowhere. These people will experience the great purification (shift) as a time of confusion and chaos that leads to destruction. Those who have chosen a way of Light have a clear, strong path ahead of them, as they live to advanced ages.

The Hopis are also briefly mentioned in Shirley MacLaine’s latest book, “The Camino.” She says that

“I had friends in the States who were involved with the Hopi Indian tribe. The Hopis said that the last decade of the twentieth century and after the turn of the millennium, it would be necessary for man to ‘tie himself to a tree.’ In other words, ‘big wind.’

The Hopis also said the weather would become unpredictable and would ‘cleanse away many things with wind and rain.’ They said we must each be self-sustained and go back to growing our food from Mother Earth. Above all, they said, man needed to go within himself in order to gain spiritual understanding of what would be happening. Their prophecies matched the Mayan prophecies.””

“Fingerprints of the Gods
Graham Hancock

In his best selling book, Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock conducted an exhaustive investigation into mankind’s remote past. This effort took him all over the world from the Great Sphinx, to the Hopis, to the Andean ruins and to the monuments of many ancient civilizations, including the Maya. Hancock believes that within the records and monuments of these ancient civilizations there is an important message for us……………………..”

“The Transmissions

………………….However, there appears to be an additional twist to what is coming. Not only is a cleansing expected, but along with the upheaval, a fork could occur in the road of human destiny around the year 2012. One fork represents the continuation of the 3rd dimension, the dimension of physicality in which we now find ourselves. The other will be a newly opened path to a higher dimension, which will lead to the Golden Years the ancients spoke of long ago. The choices we make, and the quality of life we lead, will determine which path opens for us…………….”

David Spangler  (1970s)

“Great changes have occurred in kingdoms beyond yours and they are also moving into a new heaven and new earth.”

“My power has been liberated and all now move swiftly toward their appointed destinies as their consciousnesses have chosen. Your world shall become – and swiftly it shall become – two worlds. You will call one light and one dark, but I am in both of them”

“Increasingly, the worlds will move apart in consciousness until they are absolutely separate and perceive each other no more. For it is written that two will be at work in the vineyards; one shall be taken and the other remain. I shall snatch you up to me.”

“Seek me and you have found peace… Let no man who would be of me have fear.”

“The old will disappear. Human level consciousness by itself can no longer resolve the complexities it has created.”

“I have come to shepherd the old into a place of its further outworking. I have stated that no sheep that is lost shall go unsought.”

“The old must pass away. It has served its purpose in the cycles of evolution and must now make way for a new, more expanded and more fruitful manifestation.”

“Always be prepared for change. I have stated that all may change in the twinkling of an eye and you may find yourselves in another world of consciousness, opportunity, and behavior entirely.”

“In terms of physical personality relationships, I can be a sword that divides and separates. Release them to me, no matter where their destiny leads them.””

“Flight Into Freedom
God Spoke To Me
Eileen Caddy
Cofounder of The Findhorn Community

“Wake up to the turbulent state of the world. Humankind is drawing further away from the source of all good into the darkness. You can feel the unrest, the disquiet, everywhere. Humans have brought this upon themselves by their free will. The have made the choice of power, greed, hatred, jealousy and envy and must take the consequences. There is no hope of averting the landslide, but exactly how it is to be brought about can be sped up or slowed down by the behaviour of the human race.” 

“This is the turning point for every soul. The die has been cast, and each soul has to make a choice: a turning towards the light or the dark. The day many have been waiting for is over. The cosmic power released at that appointed moment, felt by you and many others, has begun to reverberate around the universe. Nothing will stop it.”

“Great changes are about to take place in the whole universe. It will not be a comfortable time. It is important that each one has no fear, no concern, knowing that this great upheaval is necessary before the next step can be taken.””

“The Starseed Transmissions
Starseed – The Third Millennium
Return of the Bird Tribes
Ken Carey (1970s-1980s)

“”Our mission is to bring a pre-Fall state of awareness to all human beings who are able to respond, however different they may be, whatever background they may have come from…”

“You are being given an opportunity to enter a new reality. It is already here for those with eyes to see. Soon it will be the only reality to be seen. Those who tune into the new frequencies (of love) will find life growing more wondrous every day. Those who tune into fear will find things falling apart. The worlds of consciousness will begin to form ever more distinctly; the world of Love and Life, and the world of fear and death.”

“… you will think of all the years of your history up until The Coming shortly after Second Millennium A.D., as being years of darkness, years in spent the womb. You will remember nothing about them.”

“As the twentieth century draws to a close, a new generation – your own – finds itself settled along the very banks of the river. Already pioneers have set out from among you to explore the other shore. Soon there will be a massive crossing of human beings from one side of this river to the other, from the subconscious realms, where fear is the primary source of motivation, to the conscious realms, which know only the motives of love.”……………”

“An Introduction to the Keys of Enoch
J. J. Hurtak (1973)

“……………….The 64 Keys will help to “bring a new cosmology of consciousness in explaining how the Brotherhoods of Light will work with members of the human race who can accept the promise of a new life.”

Below are some excerpts from this book, which point to the coming changes that will affect every one on this planet.

“There is presently occurring a space-time overlap with the ‘Higher Evolution’ as the Earth’s solar system enters an electromagnetic null zone, a vacuum area in space which will change the magnetic forces of creation.”

“The change of the electromagnetic density in the Earth’s atmosphere will activate some species to become more violent and other species to more Christ-like as man is pulled either into an upward spiral of Light or negated by the breakdown of the old electromagnetic frequency.

This will bring about a complete reorganization of the Earth’s life system…”

…………………..”And it will occur after the wars between the Sons of Light versus the Sons of Darkness that a ‘New Age’ will occur for all of mankind surviving the great changes…”

“There is a forming of the new worlds at this time for there is to be soon existent new planets… The Nine shall place upon the new realms those ‘physical souls’ who have perfected themselves upon the Earth plane. Those souls who have evolved to the highest point of advancement on Earth shall be of the New Creation.”

“The younger souls of the faithful who survive the old program will become the physical seed of the Christ people upon the planet. The faithful who are already initiated into the many gifts will be taken to other planets. This will come to pass only after the unrighteous are removed from the face of the earth. At that time the earth will be in a new electromagnetic orbit and there will be new heavens and new earth.””

“We The Arcturians
Norma Milanovich, Ph.D.(1980s)

“This transitional period through which the Earth is now passing is unlike any that has ever been experienced in the records of beloved Terra. It will be another 26,000 years before the planet again, has the opportunity to assume the strength and position that it will soon experience in the New Age.”

“Humankind is just beginning to feel a shift of consciousness resulting in a happier condition… Individuals of higher states of consciousness are beginning to separate themselves from those individuals of lower, more angry states. The vibrational frequencies of the two sets of individuals are beginning to clash… this clash will become more obvious.”

“Planet Earth is beginning to prepare for the cleansing of negative energy that surrounds her. You have already seen the signs with the violent weather changes, volcanoes that have erupted and will continue to erupt, earthquakes, and the changing ozone layer… The energy of humankind has polluted beloved Terra long enough. The cleansing will be complete.”

“You see, each planet and star system goes through similar periods of trials and errors as the Earth is doing right now. We are here to help one of the most difficult birthing processes that has ever been the challenge to any of the Beings in the universe.”

“The people of Earth are on a path that is irreversible. On this journey, they must realize that Light and love are the only two qualities that can be adhered to for advancement into the New Age.”

“But souls must choose which one they will master. There are only two choices: there is love and Light, or there is fear. Choose, our dearest brothers and sisters of the universe. And make this choice before the portal of time into this new dimensional frequency closes and makes the choice for you.”……………………….”

“E. T. 101
Zoev Jho (late 1980s)

“The old world’s systems are in collapse……………………..”This is the most critical moment of change in this planet’s history, and your assistance in that change is vital.””

“Kryon – The End Times
Kryon – Alchemy of the Human Spirit
Partnering with God
Lee Carroll (1990s)

“… regardless of how peaceful you have become, and regardless of your level of enlightenment, you absolutely will react to the stress of the earth. As for the question of mass termination: Will it be necessary for large numbers of humankind to be terminated in order to achieve balance? The answer is yes. The numbers, however, only approach one percent of the life force here. This will not be global termination.”

“Who will it be? It is thus: those with absolutely no hope whatsoever of achieving any greater enlightenment than they already have will move on.”

“The oldest tribes on the planet are very aware  of what is happening, for their calendars predicted it. The change, however, will be different than expected. It will be the age of graduation instead of an ending of life. It is the graduation of the Earth and the entering of it into new areas of the galaxy (formerly hidden). It will be the graduation of the human being into a new consciousness, and new ways of life (formerly hidden).”

“No human welcomes the kind of change that a planetary upheaval can bring. As I have mentioned before, the human and the Earth are not just related, but are interactive and considered as one entity.”……………………………..”

“The P’taah Tapes
Transformation of the Species
An Act of Faith
Jani King (early 1990s)

“… your planet has gone through cyclic changes as has humanity… And now, dear ones, the whole Earth is quickening. The heart of humanity is quickening in anticipation of the culmination of this epoch… this year 1992 is important because it truly does mark the beginning of what has been historically called in your ancient writings ‘the last days.'”

“Now it is very important for all to understand that this timing, the world as you know it, will fall into greater and greater chaos… The failure of your institutions and the Earth changes, have already begun, but will accelerate in 1992.”

“It (the changes) will affect the galaxies, dear one. These changes are not merely confined to this planet. It is a different alignment of star systems; it is not only this planet. It is coming into a different alignment of universes… it is beneficial to many worlds that your transition be one of great beauty, that it is one of joy, that it be one of love, that there be absence of fear.”

“There is room for millions and millions and millions of creations within the same space. There is not merely one Earth.”

“So in this time to come, which is very soon in your historical times, the Earth will shift and change; the consciousness of humanity will expand and expand and it will rise to what is called a higher density…”

“There are many of you who are terrified that you will die before the ‘big bang’ and cannot experience the reality of the fourth dimension. Well, you will not miss out. I promise you.”

“… what will be occurring in the next twenty of your years is that the portal will grow until it encircles the Earth, thus signifying the change… and as we have said before, your planet, that you believe is a concrete solid mass, is in fact many Earths occupying the same space, but in a different time continua.”

“The transition, the coming into ONENESS of all things, may be as quickly as the blink of the eye… For those who do not desire it, they will not experience it. Always, always it is your choice.””

“St. Germain – Earth Birth Changes
Azena (early 1990s)

“It is nigh unto the ripeness of time – indeed – a culmination of eons of time unto the harvest. The time is now… The rapture will allow you to perceive fourth density… therefore third density will no longer be able to perceive you, for you will be simultaneously existing, coexisting in the same space/time, but merely not perceived, because it is of a different frequency.”

“The year 2012 of your time is the apex of it. It is a convergence point into unlimitedness…”

“Alright. Cycles – there are cycles within cycles within cycles. There are many, many, many different cycles that are culminating in this now. The reason for the focus on planet Earth, and for all the galactic confederations coming forth unto this area of your solar system, is because the universe is in the shifting of densities…. it is also occurring to the astral body of Earth, the etheric body Earth, and the soul body of Earth.”

“There are other third density Earths…”

“These particular dates (2012) are all shifting, because consciousness is shifting all the time. It is a flux. It appears that it is somewhere between 2010 and 2013 of your now.”

“and when fourth density or super-consciousness comes upon the plane, it will not be perceiving third density and third density will not be perceiving fourth density, for they will be different dimensions then. Now they are co-existent dimensions, and when super-consciousness prevails, the shift will occur and that is called a rapture.”

“In many references your harvest is your fourth density transformation, your ascension. Some would call it rapture.””

“Songs of the Arcturians
Songs of Melantor
Arcturian Songs of the Masters of Light
Patricia Pereira

“Your planet is calibrating its celestial resonating periods. That is to say, its vibrational third-dimensional density state is being transplanted by fourth- and fifth-density restructuring in accordance with harmonics that are sung by the universe.

“Earth is in the midst of a quantum event. The radical quickening, or speeding up, of time is but one aspect of the ethereal adjustments being made in preparation for a massive spatial transfer of the planet and its inhabitants.”

“Firm notice is hereby given to those who have no sense of moral or ethical integrity in accordance with Universal Law, those who dissipate their energies in destructive acts, will not find themselves inhabiting this world in the future.”

“Nevertheless, the illusionary substance of the third-dimensional plane, in which you barely function, will continue to dissolve as your planet submits to the processes of cosmic rebirth. The massive continental plates rumble and quake. Unleashed, natures energies – water, fire, and wind – escalate in intensity as Earth Mother cleanses herself in preparation for the transformation of her cellular mass into higher octave dimensions.”…………………

“Mother Earth has begun a process to remove the scabs of industrial pollution that cover her careworn face. She is readying herself to slough off the disease and decay that torment her delicate skin… Those who survive the upcoming deluge are destined to take a grandstand seat at her greatest performance.”………………………..

“End time events are carefully orchestrated and are unfolding according to Divine Plan. In spite of dire predictions of a dying civilization, a new-dawn world will be erected on the labors of brave humans like you who have challenged yourself to awaken. Like a phoenix you are rising from the ashes of an outdated time to germinate the structures of an entirely new whole-Earth society. The inhabitants of this newly structured world, aware of their familial connection to the inhabitants of the galactic core, will live in peace, harmony and unconditional love.””

“Conversations with God
Book 3
Neale Donald Walsch (late 1990s)

“Walsch: You mean I can avoid the Earth shifting on its axis, or being smashed by a meteor, or being crumpled by earthquakes, or be caught in the confusing and hysterical aftermath of Y2K?

God: You can definitely avoid being affected negatively by any of that.

Walsch: That wasn’t what I asked You.

God: But it is what I answered. Face the future fearlessly, understanding The Process and seeing the perfection of it all.

That peace, that serenity that calmness will lead you away from most of the experiences and outcomes others would have called “negative.”

God continued:… I am saying that once before on your planet you had reached the heights – beyond the heights, really, – to which you now are slowly climbing. You had a civilization on Earth more advanced than the one now existing. And it destroyed itself.

Not only did it destroy itself, it nearly destroyed everything else as well. It did this because it did not know how to deal with the very technologies it had developed. Its technological evolution was so far ahead of its spiritual evolution that it wound up making technology its God.   

Walsch: This all happened here, on this Earth?

God: Yes

Walsch: Are you talking about the Lost City of Atlantis?

God: Some of you have called it that.

Walsch: And Lemuria? The land of Mu?

God: That is also part of your mythology.

Walsch: So then it is true? We did get to that place before?

God: Oh beyond it, My Friend. Way beyond it.

Walsch: And we did destroy ourselves?

God: Why are you surprised? You’re doing the same thing now.””

“Messages From Heaven
Patricia Kirmond (late 1990s)

These messages come from a man who past away when he was 80 years of age. He sent the transmissions to his twin flame, the author of this book.

“The nation (USA) is experiencing a time similar to when the Roman Empire crumbled and when the continent of Atlantis sank. People’s senses grow dull. They do not feel the deterioration of the basic moral fiber of the nation, or they feel it and do not know what to do about it.”

“I do not feel that you will avoid all cataclysm, but you still have time to change the worst portents.”

“… for people who do not understand the law of cycles. New cycles cannot begin until the karma of the previous cycle is cleared.”

“You must prepare for some very hard years on a planetary scale. No one will be totally free from cataclysm and earth changes.”

“What people find hard to understand is that in this period of time major karma has come due.”

“I can tell you that the energies are intensifying. When energies intensify, people are often tested in unprecedented ways.”

“At times like this, people are facing increased returning karma so they can balance the maximum amount before the turning of cycles. This can be a test that pushes you toward the limits of what you feel you can handle. Remember to stay anchored in God when all seems to be in chaos.”

“Before a Golden Age can occur, every jot and tittle of karma comes up for balancing… The cosmic justice system is one of the most incredible things I have come to understand. We are given free will to create and select as we wish, but we are also given accountability.”

“It is important to remember our ancient history. During former golden ages, life was peaceful and justice reigned.”

“The ascended masters have been warning lightbearers for years concerning the necessity for worldwide change and the possible earth changes that will need to occur as a result of mankind’s misuse of energy.”

“What the masters are saying is that no one will be completely spared. No matter what, a certain level of cataclysm will occur.””

“The Calling
Amitabh through Rasha (late 1990s)

The wisdom in The Calling is from a collective, loving consciousness called “Amitabh.” The Amitabh energy is The Father Consciousness whose information is Divine Guidance from an aspect of God.

“What has come to be termed Christ Consciousness is the condition that all souls who survive into the Great Spiritual Age will attain. For in the coming times, none will remain who are defined by the limitation of physical expression.”

“Freedom from fear of this momentary crossing-over (death) is a rudimentary prerequisite for functioning even at the most basic level in the times to come. For the transition will be massive, sudden and monumental.”…………………….

“Those whose destiny it is to remain physically incarnate on this planet will need to have a deep-seated understanding that this turn of events is not an ending, but rather a beginning. A fresh start of historic significance.”

“One should expect to see many instances of political upheaval, wars, uprisings and other instances of mass chaos in the coming times as unenlightened souls find themselves, unknowingly, at the effect of the shifting vibrational energy forces.”

“For a massive purging has been called for upon this planet for these times… and this will be accomplished in a multitude of ways… not merely with ecological occurrences, as has been commonly believed. Mankind will, in essence, annihilate itself in many areas  of the globe in the coming times. And the behaviors causing the widescale societal breakdown to come will be a primary way in which that purging is achieved.”

“There will be massive exits in the times to come. Illness will be epidemic. ‘Accidents’ will be rampant. Seismic disturbance and unusual weather conditions will claim a toll in human life. There will be much suffering and much fear. And in the confusion you may choose to shift your energies to a mode of calm, determined action aimed at maintaining your spiritual equilibrium under those conditions.”

“Those who permit themselves to be swept into a state of panic and despair over the upheavals of these times are less likely to be able to withstand, psychologically and emotionally, the times to come.”

“You must become conditioned now to deal with absolutely any situation with a cool head and with a God-centered focus of heart. Know that it is Divine Will that these times represent the culmination of a spiritual cycle, and that the completion of the old is a necessary prerequisite for the rebirth of the new.”

“There are many in these times who are inclined to dismiss the information about the seriousness of the times to come… And that cleansing the planet of its physical and karmic filth is not a negative but rather a positive.”

“Know that this is not the first time in the history of your planet that such a purging has taken place. It is, from a more timeless perspective, a regular occurrence that reflects the conditions of the times and the consciousness of the incarnate souls in question.”

“The time for carting away that which no longer serves you is now. The time for beginning to build the fundamental structure that will support you in the role you have chosen to play in the times to come… is now. The time for recognizing your unlimited, Divine essence… is now. And the time for ‘polishing’ that essence, purifying that essence, and preparing that essence to serve God without reservation… is now. And to know… without question… that for you, there truly is no other way.””

“A Master Speaks
through Benjamin Creme (late 1970s-1990s)

…………………Furthermore, the messages say that humanity is at a crossroads, the future of which is dependent upon mankind’s choices now. Should we make the highest choices, a new spiritual man and spiritual woman will be born into the Age of Aquarius, reflecting more and more their divine heritage.

Here are two statements that sum up the message of Maitreya and Benjamin Creme…

“Many times have you heard Me say that My coming means change. Specifically, the greatest change will be in the hearts and minds of men, for My return among you is a sign that men are ready to receive new life.” — Maitreya (Christ)

“If I am correct, we are about to witness a total transformation of every aspect of our lives: we will create a new civilization more brilliant than has yet existed on this planet.” — Benjamin Creme””


“…………………..We are now at the end of the Great 25,920-year cycle that the Mayans and many other ancient civilizations were so focused on. And they always wanted to know where they were in that cycle, because their lives depended upon it.

Half way through the Great Cycle, or about 13,000 years ago, Edgar Cayce said that the last of Atlantis went into the sea because of a major cataclysm. And the reason for the destruction of Atlantis was that its inhabitants were too focused on greed, self-pleasure and materialism. Sound familiar?

Over the past 40 years there has been a great wave of UFOs and crop circles witnessed on this planet, as if to raise attention to our cosmic heritage.

Over that same period of time a massive amount of spiritual/New Age information has been disseminated throughout the world via books, mass media and the Internet raising our awareness as spiritual beings.

……………A long time ago, the Mayan calendar described 2012 as the end of the 5th age, or the end of the Great Cycle, which will be followed by a great cleansing. How did they know that so much would be going on at this moment in human destiny?”

“……………………..Clearly, one can begin to see that institutions and organizations, whose philosophies are based upon fear, deception, separation and self-serving interests, are beginning to lose credibility and will now crumble and die…………. Their karma is due. Their moment of truth has come.

…………   new groups and organizations that desire a peaceful and sacred approach to life based upon love, honor, respect, self-responsibility and sharing are beginning to strengthen and flourish. They know that the outcome of goodness during the dawning Age of Aquarius is inevitable. They also realize that Aquarius will be a time when we will learn to live kindly, speak works of gentleness and wisdom, release our self-centered ways and reconnect with our soul…………………..”

Para Kas-Vetter
*”Philosophia” *Writer *Oracle *Spiritual *Creative

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