(Reader: Liberty) The Childhood of Mankind is Over, Chasing Ghosts, Do you have a Plan?


Reader Post | By Liberty

The childhood of mankind is over. Chasing ghosts. Do you have a PLAN?

The Earth is rapidly rushing into the fifth dimension and humanity awaits liberation from slavery and tyranny.

We look forward to the Event that will give us the long promised 10 days of darkness. We are still chasing ghosts and idols (news, promises and people) and think that we are already ready to meet an EVENT that has GALACTIC SIGNIFICANCE!

Are we ready for this great historic moment of galactic significance ???

Let’s see. We have stocks for several weeks, we bought popcorn and replayed the script 100 times in our head, namely that wonderful moment when the ALL truth will be revealed and then we can finally prove to all the “sleeping” that they are “stupid sheep”, and we are great knowledgeable gurus.

THIS IS ALL! And this is all the preparation? Is this really the level of an “awakened” and “awake” person? Is this the level of a person of divine origin?

Humanity does not want to grow up in any way! We stubbornly do not want to understand what is happening and stubbornly do not want to change anything.

We are removing evil idols and replacing them with other, patriotic idols. We are still waiting for SOMEONE TO SAVE US, AND THEN SOMEONE WILL BUILD A GOLDEN AGE ON EARTH FOR US.

SOMEONE has to do everything for us, and we only have to spread the news, prove to the “sheep” that they are “sheep”, and then sit with popcorn for 10 days in front of the TV and rejoice that finally we were right!

Believe me, the Earth and humanity least of all need such “help”!

The “Sleepers” have already punished themselves – someone has already died, someone may find out that they will die from the vaccinations they received, someone will be shocked that he helped commit the crimes of the clique and etc., etc. Not everyone knew that these were crimes !!! Many simply did their job automatically. Because a statistically normal person cannot get the idea that the government is killing people on purpose! Such thoughts can only occur to “crazy” people like you and me.

So, sleepers. When I say sleeping I mean people. Because we know that among us there are still clones or biorobots (an example of such type of “people” – ruthless policemen who mock protesters) or low-vibration civilizations embodied in human bodies. They are all slaves and they CAN NEVER BE FREE BECAUSE THEY ARE CREATED BY SLAVES.

 “Sleeping” people. These are the people that the clique has imprisoned in a prison cell of illusion, using ingenious technologies that we cannot even comprehend with our minds.

This “cell” has no “windows” and it has very thick “walls”. Recently we were also in such cells. But we were more fortunate. Someone was able to get out of there, someone was able to make the “walls” thinner, and someone how much thinned the walls of this chamber, that even in small cracks light began to break through.

If you still condemn and hate sleeping people, then your EGO was able to deceive you, your EGO was able to create the illusion of your freedom. But you are still a prisoner in the same prison as the “sleeping” ones, only maybe the walls of your “cell” are a little thinner and you can hear or even see something.

What does it mean to be free in this case? It means understanding that all of humanity (each of us) is in trouble. Only this trouble of varying degrees of complexity. People who still have not woken up look like disabled people, only more spiritually. They do not have something very important to wake up. Just like a blind man cannot see, or a legless man cannot walk. THEY CANNOT AND THEIR SOUL IS VERY SUFFERING FROM THIS !!!

Only a MIRACLE can awaken them, and this MIRACLE will be the long-awaited Event.

So, again the Event. Let’s try to understand the scale of events on planet Earth.

Humanity is destroying COMPLETELY, BEFORE RUINS, the old system. On these ruins there will appear an ABSOLUTELY NEW WORLD and this world is completely different from what we know.

There are no more slaves and gurus in the New Era. Each of us is sovereign, SELF-SUFFICIENT, RESPONSIBLE for everything that will happen. Of course, there will be leaders and leaders who will regulate the processes. YOU can become these people, if it is within your power.

There is no longer this “someone” who owes us something. This “someone” is YOU !!!!!

It is YOU who will build the new Earth. It is YOU who will decide EXACTLY WHAT YOUR NEW WORLD WILL BECOME !!!!

Every person on Earth will be responsible for our future! There will be no more parasites and consumers. Nobody owes you anything! No one is obliged to create a Golden Age for you as long as you lie on the couch.

We are one and together we will create a new world! Each of us should realize this and think, HOW CAN I BE USEFUL FOR THE NEW WORLD FOR THE COMMON GOOD? After all, this is also your job. This is why you came to Earth and our galactic friends are looking forward to when we finally begin to fulfill our promises.

Right now you can start doing something until you understand what exactly is your personal purpose and vocation.

Options for preparing for the Event:

1. Make a plan of what you will do when the Event comes.

2. Prepare leaflets, information material for community leaders (mayors, police chief, etc.). Everything can develop very tensely and we need to help calm the panic and chaos.

3. Create your own group or join existing ones to help volunteers and volunteers to rake it all out.

4. Think about your talents and think about how you can apply them to help the situation. For example, maybe you are a musician and you can go outside and play good music. Your music, confidence and calmness can calm your passions. And this is very important especially at first.

 5. You know that very soon after the Event HUMANITARIANS will deploy its humanitarian activities around the world. Come up with your humanitarian project and report it to the humanities. I am sure that all projects that are for the benefit of humanity will be financed.

A Plan to Maintain Safety During the Event

The Event: A Plan to Maintain the Safety and Well-Being of the People During the Financial Reset & Mass Arrests


 Now is the time to figure out how you can change the world for the better.

 Or rather, how can YOU change YOUR world ?

Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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