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We are the Halloween generation!

Warning: I’m not referring to anyone in particular in my post. When I say “we” it is a collective image of humanity. Even though I am very active in liberating the earth, I still understand that I am dreaming! Much is not clear. There is no inner freedom and lightness. Work on yourself – that’s what I do and I urge you to do it.

Reflection, introspection, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, liberation is spiritual work. Very difficult, painful, but vital!

Humanity has been in slavery for millennia! Evil has grown to a huge monster that has metastasized to EVERY MAN ON PLANET EARTH. We need to find these boils and release them! Each of us has a lot of this monster and we must get rid of this garbage!

Our divine Vessel is completely filled with dirt and needs to be “cleaned” and “washed”. Only then will it be possible to fill this vessel with living water.

I also want us to be well prepared for the Event. Popcorn and food for several weeks is NOT ENOUGH !!!!!

To prepare for the Event means to prepare your mind.

The Event IS A HISTORICAL MOMENT OF GALAXY SIGNIFICANCE. The Earth and humanity have been waiting for this millennium breakthrough!


It seems to us that we know about the crimes of the dark and nothing can surprise us and unbalance us. This is a misconception.

When disclosure begins in the 10-hour movie, that disclosure will most likely have gruesome video details and a lot more to come.

The Human Soul is not ready to accept sadism and cruelty. After watching this movie, the first thing ALMOST EACH OF US will want is brutal retribution.

Before we start cutting criminals to pieces, it is very important to remember that WE ARE HUMAN and if we are violent, then we become them, that is, the monsters that we hate at this moment.

I am not calling for loving psychos, I am calling for the understanding that we are human and should remain human. Criminals must be judged by judgment (human or divine). Our task is not to fall into anarchy and not to allow anarchy.

We are divine beings embodied in a human body and divine beings cannot be sadists. This is impossible and unnatural for the human Soul.

If you are tempted to arrange a slow and painful death for criminals and you are ready to do it with your own hands – then this should be a very serious alarm call for you!


Also, when we strive for bloody reprisals, we must remember that all this time humanity was a PARTICIPANT IN CRIMES of the dark forces and continues to be an accomplice of evil even now.

Does this surprise you? Do you think that you have nothing to do with their dark and vile deeds? You are saints and they are monsters. Right? This is another misconception.

Let’s start with the fact that the greatest value in the world IS ENERGY. Without energy, there is no life for all living beings. Why do servants of evil torture for a long time and only then kill the victim? The answer is simple: they get energy and they do it in cold blood, without enjoying sadism !!!!! This is their job.

Of course, there are psychos who enjoy torturing other living beings, but we are not talking about them now.Now we are talking about the global concept of evil and its manifestations on earth.

So, thanks to our complicity (help), evil (darkness) was able to gain a foothold on, grow to a huge scale and metastasize in every person on earth.

I will give examples that each of you can continue indefinitely! I think we could together write a thick encyclopedia “Examples of the reproduction of EVIL on Earth with the help of humanity.”

We helped the darkness grow in two ways: participation and indifference.

Our thoughts, actions, feelings, words are all energy. Depending on what we produce (what energy), this product (energy) is sent exactly where it will be received.

Small examples of our assistance to the forces of darkness: take, for example, cruelty. This includes mental and physical violence in the family, contempt for the homeless, alcoholics and other associates, cruelty to animals, bullying the weak at school, etc., etc.

Or else, a typical example that is considered “humor” is a cake in the face of a birthday boy. Everyone laughs. Is it fun with this birthday boy? Firstly, the cake is spoiled, then the birthday man is dirty, sticky, humiliated and unhappy. What’s so funny and why are we laughing at this?


We find it funny when someone falls, if someone is hurt or when someone is humiliated (remember Charlie Chaplin? All his stupid “humor” is built on self-humiliation, pain, and everyone is funny).

There are many examples. Everyone will find at least a dozen examples from their life that one can be ashamed of.

This is all energy and it is sent to the addressee and gives him the strength to grow and develop.

Now let’s go big. Mass participation of humanity in crimes (consciously or unconsciously, which does not really change the essence).

· Mass indifference. Do you know how many children are dying of hunger in the world ????? Did you know that 8 million children in the world disappear every year ???? Where are these children? How many of you have asked yourself this? How many of you have wondered why there is so much grief in the world? What’s wrong with that?

· Mass worship. Fanaticism is humiliating. Bowing down to someone is humiliating. Kissing the Pope’s hand, or dreaming that your idol will touch you or look in your direction, or hunt for your idol’s autograph, or remodel yourself to look like someone, etc. IT DEMLINES YOU, makes you petty insignificance. Where has self-esteem gone? Where is your love and respect for yourself? You are a deity! YOU ARE GOD! Why has humanity absolutely forgot this?

And of course, the crown example of the massive participation of mankind in crimes on the plane of the earth is WAR. Of course, you can throw all the blame, for example, on Hitler. What we are, in principle, successful and always do – we are looking for someone to blame. But Hitler personally did not shoot anyone or throw them into gas and fire chambers, he did not conduct experiments on people.He gave schizophrenic orders on the orders of his masters. And we are the performers, people. And many did it willingly.

Modern wars are also characterized by massive brutality. We have an excuse: the soldier must obey the order. Weak excuse for the judgment of our conscience.

Or chem trailers. Pilots know what they are doing and why. They do it to make good money. How much do you need to pay to sell your conscience and Soul? What are you ready to do for good money if you know for sure that you will not be sent to jail? Kill, rob, drugs, chem trailers, prostitution, steal children, slavery? What? Where is the hell of you?

Among the mass crimes of humanity, I would also include the killing of animals. The grill you are grilling now has recently been a living thing. And this living creature was brutally killed in order for you to eat it. Why can’t a child be killed and eaten, but a chicken, a calf, a piglet can be killed and eaten? We constantly come up with reasons and excuses for ourselves to commit cruel acts and live for our pleasure AT ANY COST.


We beat children because we are raising them. We kill animals, because protein is vital. Celebrating Satanic holidays, because everyone does it. And so on, etc.

So, we got to the satanic holidays))))) Everyone’s favorite Halloween. I think it’s clear to everyone that this is a satanic holiday? They don’t even hide it.

Dressing up freak costumes, bleeding (even if it’s paint), eating human organs (Halloween sweets), etc. is fun. Truth?

Not for me. And you can tell me that I have no sense of humor. This is the so-called “black” humor.Black humor is another invention of psychos to manipulate us.

Man is given divine tools to survive in hell on earth. These are intuition (divine navigator), conscience (divine indicator of our actions) and humor (divine healing tool). Humor should be kind and FUNNY FOR EVERYONE (remember a cake in the face or offensive jokes on someone or stupid pranks from which a person is frightened or humiliated?). Everyone should be happy with laughter.

Halloween is not just a Satanic holiday, it is ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT SATANIC HOLIDAYS! On this day, dark portals open, a huge amount of negative energy is released, numerous sacrifices and rituals are carried out, that is, bacchanalia and crazy reproduction of evil!

Many of you might think, what have I got to do with it ???? I don’t do all this …

You can answer in one word: ENERGY! So, with your participation in this “holiday” you energetically take part in the Halloween bacchanalia.

If you are still infected with the herd reflex and celebrate Halloween because everyone around you is doing it, then you are a support group for the satanic coven. If you decorate your house for Halloween and / or dress your children in costumes (on an energetic level, this is your consent for your children to participate in all this) and if you send children to collect sweets, etc., you are an energetic support group for Satanism (and evil in general).

By the way, you can’t go outside on Halloween when it’s dark! The energies of evil are gaining momentum in the dark! At this time, on the street, you voluntarily give your strength and the strength of your child, who wanders from house to house collecting sweets! Even if you do not know anything about it and do not understand it, you still give up your energy. Ignorance does not negate anything!


If you take part in Halloween parties and are also willing to do so, then you are a member of the satanic coven! You participate in all their rituals, give them tremendous energy and support. YOU STRENGTHEN EVIL BY YOUR PARTICIPATION! Non-incarnate beings are present at these parties on the subtle plane and “feast” also, feeding on these people at the party. Is it fun when you are food?

Be careful, because the darkness has set traps at every step to collect as many slaves as possible!

Finally , an article about Halloween, just a few quotes, the whole article is here:

Halloween: A Satanic Holiday

Halloween and its roots in witchcraft and Druidic paganism are undeniable. When we examine the history of Halloween, one thing we find out very quickly is that it is based on the ancient pagan religion of the Celtics in Northern Ireland and their celebration of the festival of the dead, known as Samhain. In Northern Ireland, a class of ruthless priests known as the Druids ruled Northern Ireland through occult terror and human sacrifice for centuries.

“Halloween is one of the four Great Sabbats of the witches that everyone has heard about. To witches, Halloween is a serious occasion, however merrily celebrated. It is the old Celtic Eve of Samhain.”

“Salem (Massachusetts) is a mecca, especially around Samhain. It is our holiday, our new year, and a lot of witches come here from all over the world.”

“After one’s own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht (May 1st) and Halloween.” (LaVey, Anton Szandor, The Satanic Bible, 1969, p. 96)

The official website for the Church of Satan states on their FAQ page that Halloween is a time when the masses “reach down inside and touch the ‘darkness’ which for [us] Satanists is a daily mode of existence,” as they may freely “indulge their fantasies by donning costumes that allow for intense role-playing and the release of their demonic core.”


Victory of the Light!
With love, Liberty


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