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NESARA – Information Guide

Maybe there needs to be negative talk to wake people up to get things going into the positive. I have dealt with that in the past as that is how you start with the negative to make a positive and that is with the old fashion photography in the darkroom to end up with the picture you want, and you make the slight changes to get it correct.

In my posts I really didn’t want to get into this time line of things as I just wanted to get info out there as to how NESARA works as to what people are to be doing once it gets here, yet for my last ones I had to speak up. Were my comments too negative? Maybe I should be grateful in the positive, that after we had our earthquakes 2 years ago we had some water coming up from the ground to get to our plants in the desert, but the negative is we had an old rusty pipe from the water main that broke that had to be replaced immediately as the water bill was going up with no real use of the water and it could have busted completely, thus that is where we need to speak out as to what negative is wrong to then fix it.

Maybe people are looking at my posts and higher level people can really see what I am saying, as I am representing We The People to get the message out that many just ignore and they just keep pushing the regular NESARA/GESARA narrative, yet I have thrown a wrench in the works as We The People Want Action and not just talk, and we want it NOW! People have not seen what I can see, or they do not want to bring it up, and that is why it needs to be written down and thrown out there as another perspective. Maybe Trump would be shocked if I would be going against him in the final debate for the Office of Republic President as I would not have to read any notes, any teleprompters or get any messages through the earpiece. I come out upfront and nonchalant without any prior script and speak my mind of what needs to be done. Maybe my prior posts you can see how things progressed starting with my first one and where my mindset is. Maybe I could be the only president since William Howard Taft on March 4, 1913 that has had a mustache and that makes me different, and I have had the handlebar as well.

My Motto could be; “Make Way For The Truckers, Or Else You Won’t Get Your Food.” Truckers have been banned from some customers, many eating locations, restrooms and locations for which they need to keep up their personal hygiene, thus they are treated like the homeless, but you people still want your food, personal items and big screen TVs. You want to be positive, then do not do a truck inspection as nothing is wrong and you have a great day, but in the same manner the negative thinking is you will not plan for any flat tires, a fuel line leak, be prepared for snow covered roads without any snow chains and much more. Yet the correct version is do the truck inspection and be prepared for the worst.

From: Restored Republic via a GCR: Extra, Extra Super Special Report as of October 18, 2021; “Ten Days of Darkness Sat. 23 Oct. to Mon. 1 Nov.: Disclosure through eight hours of movies broadcast in many languages in three time zones for 10 days. No Texts, Phone Calls or Internet while Operation Mockingbird was being wiped, [REBOOTED] & Project Odin Starlink Internet coming Online.” One major item is in question now is during the EBS blackout is that EMERGENCY 911 CALLS most likely will be BANNED if they do not have the proper controls on them? And I will put up a stink up about that. No one was thinking about that as we haven’t had the EBS working for decades? So you want to call in this emergency to a family member, friend or the hospital for required information, but too bad for you you will NOT get or receive it. Can the ‘Project Odin Starlink Internet’ just shut down certain truckers’ internet system so their computers no longer work?

You did not see this picture? The White Hats are SHUTTING DOWN the Trucking Industry for 10 Days with the EBS! The Long Haul Truck Driver survives on the cell phone to contact the customer, their employer or broker to keep the freight moving, any truck repair location, any motel and it’s even needed for home emergencies. With the cell phone only being able to have the EBS broadcasts going then they are Shut Down, and this may also include the truck’s computer system as that may be considered linking up with the internet. There may be even new technology that the trucker may not be able to shut his cell phone off or put it in airplane mode, thus he will not be able to sleep. There are NO Pay Phones! And how can a trucker store up food and supplies for 2 weeks to keep in his cab? No one thought of any of this?

What about the Big Blackout for which ALL utilities were to be shut down? You say it is just for the internet, phone calls and electricity to bring in the new technology? Well, maybe some have not figured out that natural gas stoves need electricity to start the burners as well as control other items on it, electricity is used for the pumps for the natural gas to have pressure to get to your homes, electricity is used for the fuel pumps for you to get your fuel, electricity is used for the pumps for you to get your water, electricity is used for the medically ill to STAY ALIVE for their medical equipment to even work. You also need the electricity to watch these broadcasts on TV, radio or by internet to get the EBS information. If you don’t know what happens without it then you haven’t survived a disaster like I have. Two years ago we had 2 major earthquakes over 6.4M within 34 hours of each other and both shut down the power for over 10 hours each along with over 1,300 tremors, shut down the water for a full week, the natural gas was put on hold for when we absolutely needed it so no hot water, several businesses had to shut down due to major damage including our only food store which the corporation no longer wanted to do business here. Since many do banking and bill paying online then we may be in big trouble without this, and like my truck driving job I had direct deposit for my pay and many people have that now. And it could go in the reverse and our accounts may be totally wiped out due to the errors of the systems and transfer to the new one. So how many lives and funds will it cost then for this present Blackout to occur?

It has been said that if you have a corporation, really set up in the US CORP, and you are an officer and/or board member, and maybe even a stock holder, that you MUST still be a US Citizen and cannot become Sovereign. Well, we need details on all this in writing. How can anyone still be a US Citizen to a corporation that does not exist? This now comes to one of the most popular US Citizens that at some time he became Sovereign and he has billions worth in his corporations, and that is President Trump of the Sovereign Republic, but I guess the US Citizen/corporation idea does not apply to him as he is exempt, but it applies to the rest of We The People. You cannot see what things are put out while it applies to some people and not to others? Will those people be denied their ‘Bearer Bond’/TDAs as it is only given to the Sovereign People? This now comes to slavery as not everyone will be able to receive what should be coming to them as they just happen to be an officer and/or board member of a corporation. This could apply to over 50 million people. Are my questions meaningless and contradictory? Maybe some of you put these items out and failed to see what you are saying.

And Freewill provided me to post these documents on a sub-page so NESARA is not hearsay:

Nesaranews Constitution And Founding Documents



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