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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Here’s the thing. Everyone (if they are human) had the same choice and also the same chance to awaken. For many it happened in the last 1.5 years due to the C-Plandemic, for some it started due to Trump’s presidency, for some much earlier and some have been awakening their whole lives. Take here as an example the many Indigo and Crystal children born in the last years. They are characterized by high intelligence, special abilities and problems to be pressed into the molds of our “society”. These children have always existed, but increasingly they are born in the last 15 years. And what have we done, or allowed to happen? We have used invented diseases (ADD and ADHD) to make them all “compliant” and “normal” with medication.

Since this will be one of the last articles I will write (yes, I trust the plan!), because it can’t take much longer with the worldwide liberation on the outside, I can also reveal a little more of myself. And maybe many will recognize themselves. I was in my childhood the Stefan with the many wishes (my brother called me so), teachers certified me an excessive fantasy and a high sense of justice. I also did not fit into the world, I was far too gullible, naive and saw only good in everything and everyone at first. Until a few years ago, I was always a victim of exploiters, cheats and people who wanted to take advantage of me. Also, from my youth, the ladies were more attracted to macho men than to me. I guess I was too soft or too emotional for them. But I rarely allowed myself to be pressed into molds, because I couldn’t be the way society wanted me to be. It felt wrong. If I did, I got health problems after a while. The body just doesn’t put up with everything for long.

I messed with the system and failed. Supposed help always ended at a certain point. Questions remained unanswered, and when I had taken a path, I suddenly stood before an abyss without a bridge. This was especially true in my struggle against the illegal FRG regime. The many paths have led me to where I am now. Smiled at by my private environment, which repeatedly advised me to stay in the system. I would be fine there. Today I know that in retrospect there was no other way for me. Only because I am a bit further down and no longer in the system, I can do what I am doing now. I am now where higher forces wanted me to be, I am doing the tasks I am supposed to do. And I enjoy it, it’s a balanced give and take, even though tasks change. Because nothing is as constant as change. I escaped this fallacy in time, without changes it is not possible. So I try to give power for this change in all of our lives and get back power and energy from the audience, which I need for future actions.

I’ m one among billions, but like me it happens to many people, each at his predetermined time and to his individual degree. Nevertheless, it is not a pleasant process, the awakening. Because it means to question one’s previous life with all the knowledge. To doubt things learned so far, to change one’s opinion, to make a complete U-turn in some places. That alone is hard enough. But on top of that, “society”, the environment, even the family, would rather have us back in the form we are forced to break out of when we awaken. This means, on the one hand, we have resistance from within and, in addition, massive pressure from outside. The, however, “community” does not like anyone who wants or has to break out. But, in that case, I can reassure you, everyone who is or was in resistance to something, has had to go through this. History, if it is true, has given us countless examples of this. Those who were in resistance, against whatever, were first ignored, then ridiculed, then fought, and then they won. And afterwards they all had to listen to, “I always knew that!”

Maybe it’s cowardly to stay under the radar with your opposition. Not everyone wants to be in violent resistance, as is being shown to us all over the world right now. In many countries, protesters are violently opposing the executive branch. But our world, thanks to the MSM and their narratives, is not ready for martyrs. Not yet. But it doesn’t have to be, because we don’t have to become martyrs to make the world a better place. Today, everyone can do it in their own way, with their own possibilities, at their own speed, even in the privacy of their own home. I have written about it many times: Everyone can positively feed the morphogenetic field. All alone for himself, very intensively for himself, but still with great effects on the outside. With a firm faith, unshakable trust and with strong positive feelings.

Every person in this world at any time in the past had the same chance and the same choice to decide to resist. To choose to question the world in which we live. All it takes is a single doubt. And, let’s be honest folks, the chance for a doubt was free and a thousand times in the last months of the Plandemie. On the soul level of every human being (if they have a soul, subject soulless, clones or biorobots) the development into higher dimensions is known. I read this in Matthew Ward, channeled by Suzy Ward. It is known to our souls how to reach higher densities where miracles are waiting for us. But this knowledge does not reach consciousness in everyone. For this, man needs an impetus, a reason. In my opinion, this is the reason why so much negativity still happens or is allowed by the alliance. Only when things get worse are we ready to stand up and demand change.


So if there are people around you who have chosen to stay with what is familiar rather than welcome the change that is coming, you have to respect that choice. Even if they are people who are dear to you. Not everyone moves forward at the same pace as you. At this point, we need to think about ourselves, about our development, because if we get involved with others who, despite the best evidence, continue to do things in the system, it pulls us back into the old world. Or it hinders us to go further on our way. The path to the new world that is inevitably coming. I don’t think any of you want to stay behind because an acquaintance, a friend or a family member just won’t listen to you. It is their decision, not yours. We should be clear about that. Even if it is hard or sounds hard, it is not our concern. Everybody had the same chance and all possibilities!

A lot is happening right now in secret, behind the much-quoted curtain, and those who can see or want to see, see it. Whether it is forced resignations, arrests, trials and convictions of self-serving and influential stooges worldwide, or the “cutting off” of the flow of money through drug raids, through control of the banks using QFS, it is happening before all our eyes. And those who want to see, see it. The dark ones are being massively separated from their economic base, and have been for months. The Alliance military is in place worldwide and the day of the takeover is not far off. It won’t or can’t take much longer, then we will also see results on the outside, visible to all. And such fellow human beings as my neighbors, who think Putin and Trump are evil, who don’t want to believe anything they are told about the new world, will then have to put up with it. Since they are vaccinated (by conviction, can you believe it?), they probably won’t go along. Is that my problem? No, it is their decision, or the decision of their soul.

Take care of yourselves, let the others go their way, which they have chosen. Say to yourselves again and again: “Everybody had the same choice, the same chance! I took it, thank the Creator!” Trust and believe, remain steadfast in it. Hold the line, the course. Your path is your path, you are not alone, for many it is the same path, the same destination. Soon the show will be over, the curtain will be taken away and what we will see and experience then will be beyond our wildest expectations. It will get better, believe me!

The end won’t be for everyone.
That choice, to know, will be yours.

“A warrior of light believes !Because he believes in miracles, miracles happen !Because he is sure that his thoughts can change his life, his life
can change his life, his life changes !
Because he is sure that he will meet love, love will meet him !this love also meets him !Sometimes he is disappointed, sometimes he is hurt.
And then he hears comments like this:
“How naive he is !”
But the warrior knows that it is worth it !For every defeat there are two victories !
All who believe know this.”
from “Manual of the Warrior of Light”
by Paulo Coelho

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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