(Reader: timjoebob) Covidian Death Cult Still Raging Onward



Reader Post | By timjoebob

Covidian Death Cult order followers continue to press harder.

Order followers are still beating the crap out of anyone within their grasp and stabbing them with poison darts.

It seems like every time someone wakes up to the psychopath’s bs that are ruining the world, someone else is being brainwashed to serve the devil.

It’s one step forward and one step back, it seems.

This could go on forever unless the Covidian Death Cult order followers are taken out. The order givers are a bunch of pussies. They don’t get their hands dirty. Order followers are trained to kill……us… and me. I cannot stress this enough.

Covidian Death Cult oder followers are as real as it gets. They are police officers, but not all police officers. They are military personnel, but not all. They are most definitely blue helmeted UN soldiers Commi-Fascists. They are neighbors who are willing to squeal on their neighbors—think Brown Shirts Nazi Germany 1939. They are doctors, nurses, school teachers, politicians, hospital administrators, entertainers and celebraties, gang bangers, and all sheeple.

It really still comes down to we the people or them—the order followers. There’s no way you can rebuild what’s left of planet Psycho back up to planet Earth and beyond with these lower vibrational possessed creatures still infesting the world. That seed must be eradicated, by any means necessary if we are to see a new and prosperous, thriving, peaceful world.




Lately I’ve been ranting alot, in case you haven’t noticed. But, I’m passionate about slapping some sheeple out of their trance of stupidity. Sometimes we just have to save ourselves or be taken down with the ship and lost forever.

This is exactly where we are. We either fight against the order followers by resisting and fighting to the death, if need be, or succumb to the Satanic cultists. It comes down to choice.

Choose a side—meaning choosing a direction. One road leads to freedom and liberty. The other road leads to a deeper hell than the one we’re in.

You don’t have to be mean or cruel, but you have to stand your ground and defend yourself.

You don’t have to get pissed off like I do and rant. You just have to stand firm in your conviction in standing with the truth…in the truth.

The Covidian Death Cult order followers will not ever stop until the obvious happens— active force removal or, somehow, slap them awake. If they won’t listen to the truth and are incapable of thinking logically and choose to support evil, then force removal is necessary.

Maybe a few order followers in Australia got slapped awake as some police officers are refusing to take the jab and are standing with the people. If that trend continues, things could get even crazier down under which will thoroughly piss off the Commi-Fascists. I will celebrate anything and everything that pisses the Commi-Fascists off and leads to their demise.




Power to the people and down with the Covidian Death Cult order followers.

Are we any closer to the magical 81/19 percent? —–not 80/20—–but, 81/19?

Who knows? I’m waiting for 107 to tell us how close we are. This war is far worse than we’ve been led to believe. If people knew how bad it really is, alot would just throw their hands up and give up.

Not this guy. I play for keeps.

Live free or die, because the alternative is surely a death sentence.



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