The Golem, Transhumanism, and Vaccination Programs


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on September 27, 2021


Compliments of the Lifschultz Organization founded in 1899

The following observations in layman terms are partly in a question and answer format which explain that the coronavirus was patented in 2003 as a bioweapon and that the genetic vaccinations are bioweapons of a more lethal variety. Their purpose is to reduce the population of the earth. In appendix one we have an article written for scientists which is largely understandable and uses contemporary medical lingo in which newly created modern words are derived from Greek and Latin as a cloak to obscure rather simple principles. This makes the modern doctor appear to be learned though quacks as a kind of magician or witch doctor to the masses who cannot be questioned even though most modern medicine kills or maims most of the people to whom it is administered. The hospitals form death centers in the cities such as New York City or Los Angeles and when they are closed by a strike the death rate permanently plummets. Though it is 41 pages long the first 14 are the article and the next 27 are footnotes that need not be looked at unless the reader is curious. If these observations are shocking to the reader, the following book will support the above comments in great detail.

Doctors, he says, are statistically the most unhealthy portion of our population which means they cannot even cure themselves.

Confessions of a Medical Heretic

There is no Biblical basis for the concept of the Golem below. In Hebrew Golem it means wrapped or rolled up together as a cloak or burnoose. It is found in Ezekiel 27:24 for rolls of blue and embroidered stuff. In Psalms 139:16 it refers to the embryo or unformed mass which is at it were, wrapt together, before it gradually unfolds into the lineaments of a man. This human created embryo is the origin of transhumanism derived from the mystical studies of certain medieval scholars. It has been traced as the root of the Latin glomus, a ball of thread or yarn wound round, whence glomera, conglomero, and English glomerate, conglomerate.  


The modern use of the word golem is to describe a highly mutable metaphor derived from medieval mysticism.  The metaphor is for a kind mutation where inanimate matter is created into a not quite human organism. This appears to be the source of transhumanism as described in footnote one that is the logic behind the genetic vaccine. All of this is explained in simple language. As Goethe says, genius simplifies.

Since we do not believe in Golems, we believe the writer is using the concept as a metaphor. I don’t know how that scientifically helps us except as a form of imaginary metaphor. Since the mortician did not see any deaths from the coronavirus in England until the vaccines started killing people, the outbreaks of some clusters of deaths may have been psychological based on the false narrative that there was even a coronavirus disease. In other words, the dying did not get going until the genetic vaccines began to be used and the variants such as Delta, etc. are really the vaccine created diseases.


What would you believe to be the mechanism of transmission of the patented coronavirus? For example, if I wanted to poison a population I might use as a mechanism of transmission the fresh water lake that the public water is drawn from. How would they transmit it all over the world at once? They could use an aerosol technique spraying the populations by airplane. 

I don’t think that’s how it is done because that would leave a smoking gun. In Jewish lore the Golem always manifests in some room without windows or doors by simply writing a Kabbalistic sign on his forehead. Then somehow the Golem escapes. This is an old story which repeats.

Yet, the mortician below did not find an increase in deaths or any coronavirus until the vaccinations.  

This would seem to prove that the patented vaccine was not used except as an excuse to brainwash the population into mistaking the genetic sequence of the influenza for the coronavirus, and in the first months it was merely the influenza. In 2003 the coronavirus was patented as a man made bioweapon. This premise is validated in the Spartacus article in footnote two.


Yes, the magic virus was used to seminate fear and paranoia worldwide. It is a nasty Sars flue which happens to be ‘acute’ as opposed to Influenza. There are only three categories of flue type virus: Sars, Influenza, and Rhino. The only one that is ‘acute’ (the A in SARS) is Sars. So that offers some marketing and scare mongering potential because it comes suddenly and aggressively but still is rather harmless. Then they merged all the Influenza cases with the Sars cases and started a fear campaign showing people in state of shock ‘not being able to breathe’. As long as the heart pumps properly you will always be able to breathe. But fear contracts the heart and gives the impression to be ‘short of breath’. This is cardiovascular understanding 101. The pneumonic system is secondary to the system of blood circulation even though they operate together. People in state of anxiety and shock will have breathing issues as a result especially if they feel under ‘attack’. Sars will do that trick, especially if you hype up fear and anxiety in the media while talking about mort subite, sudden death. Add to that propaganda and fake news and the manipulation of photos and you create an ‘epidemic’. The people filming the hospitals to prove that nothing was going on were all arrested or escorted away. This is still going on. The level of cognative confirmation bias is staggering. Mass psychosis is the only word that captures it although it is pulled off by a series of well worked out illusions well prepared and well measured out. People just follow a narrative and frightened to death do not dare to question what happens. The narrative becomes the false reality. Well, until the Guinea Pigs start waking up …

Dr. David Martin says that you cut the so-called coronavirus at one point and it is influenza and at another point it is the so-called corona. This would indicate to me that influenza and corona come from the same patent in that it contains the material in it for both.  See 

Yup fits right into the Golem story. You just have to change the sign on his forehead and things magically change. That is how they do it.  

Bill Sardi complicates this narrative saying that since influenza was really pneumonia which I suppose may also have similar genetic material for. Sardi says that calling pneumonia influenza reaped billions in vaccination profits for big pharma.  

Pneumonia is lung infection whereas influenza is more than that. Influenza is whatever goes around in the populace. It’s the bad breath of the Golem. Influenza then develops into bronchitis and then eventually in severe cases into pneumonia. Pneumonia if not treated can then lead to death. Add to this the acuteness of Sars, and people will start seeing a real Nosferatu going around – the plague carrier. This taps into people’s most subliminal collective subconscious, the fear of death unknown. Unknown disease, unknown death. Well played script in many movies and books and other types of arts.

Now, if I were a brain like Bill Gates, my first step in my grand scheme would be to create the virus scare by calling the influenza the coronavirus which he conveniently had a brand new genetic vaccination for.  

The church practiced this form of salvation and redemption for millenia. We all have to pay our indulgences if we wish to be free.

This reminds me of Abe Lincoln’s question: how many legs does a horse have if you call a horse’s tail a leg? His answer was four as calling a horse’s tail a leg does not make it one. Be that as it may be, now the influenza conveniently disappears though Dr. Martin says it is still there.  

Now, Gates has admitted that the influenza vaccine is worthless but that has not stopped its sales of 200 million jabs a year in the US. No matter what anyone says matters in this game. So what did he have to lose in saying he had a cure now for coronavirus though it was influenza that did not exist in reality as a justification for the universal distribution of his newfangled genetic vaccination to combat the coronavirus.  

Well this Eugenicist has been at it for a long time. We need criminal laws on any form of Eugenicism.


Once the genetic vaccine was rolling out the actual death march began as Microsoft fortunes were being made for the genetic vaccines and as is validated by the testimony of the mortician.

It’s a medical experiment with the twin purpose of Eugenicism and Transhumanism. In fact Transhumanism is the next stage of Eugenicism.

I think this is what happened. What is the Faucian bargain here of Gates? Reduction of population.  

There are no more Faustian bargains for Gates, he is already in purgatory and sitting right in front the Gates (hehe) of Hell.

My friends at Davos say no one at Davos is taking the vaccinations.

Of course not. Exempt like police, politicians, and VIPs. Party cadre communism always keeps privileges for the few.

None of this will end well if we must trust history, but the immediate objective should be to stop the Golem. To get the Golem back in its barren room someone, someone like you, needs to AGAIN change the sign on his forhead so that it stops. Then the fear in the populace will stop.

They say that in Hebrew the sign for Life and the sign for Death are only one letter apart. I don’t know but that is how in the story the Golem goes back to sleep for another 100 years, by erasing that one letter from his forehead and turning Death back into Life.

There’s your objective.

Dr. David Martin’s patent information of 2003 that the coronavirus was patented means that it is not a virus but man made bioweapon.  The genetic vaccines are the second bioweapon.


Under certain codes and statutes technically yes, where it is stated that no one can create pathogens for the purpose or with the risk of …

It does not mean that all gain of function research ever done was with an evil purpose in mind.

How was this bioweapon transmitted to the general population?  

Either on purpose or by mistake and probably in Wuhan and / or Italy.

We know how the second bioweapon was transmitted as it was by vaccination which appears to be creating more cases of disease than the first and a great many deaths.

It surely undermines people’s general health and immunity and is responsible to side effects and deaths that are entirely outside the scope of normal testing protocol and procedure. There is no doubt that they should never be used. How this measures up exactly to death and sickness from the magic virus still needs to be seen. Maybe the events are unrelated and just amateurism by incompetent authorities, although that seems unlikely.

The mortician claimed in his interesting interview that there was no coronavirus before the vaccinations. Deaths were about the same.  

The mortician was spot on. Death started to occur in abnormal figures only after introduction of the vaccines. That’s scary and needs to be investigated. He also said he spoke to 44 different other morticians and they all said the same. There are more deaths after the vaccine than before. This was also seen on Gibraltar after the introduced the vaccines, it being a perfect control group study since everyone took the vaccine and since before there had been NO deaths.

I watched the death rate statistics in the US and they did not rise through September of 2020 and then jumped by several hundred thousand based on retroactive “corrections”. I thought to myself there seemed not to be a pandemic and that the “found” dead were manufactured.  

Probably. They are scared for their lives that all comes out, so if they resort to fraud to cover up their crimes I am not surprised.


Yet whole synagogues seemed to be coming down with the covid. At that time some were saying that this was the power of suggestion. 

Health is not only individual but can be collective and related to the group. If the group you live in is healthy. You will be healthy. And if you are healthy, the group is healthy. We are like organisms that together on the tree, in the tree, and in the forest. It’s all related. If one part falls sick, all fall sick. And if all fall sick, one part will fall sick too. Take a sick person out of a sick group and place the person into a healthy group, they will recover quickly most of the time.

We did know that there were influenza deaths but some authorities say there never was an influenza but cases of pneumonia that big pharma called influenza to sell their vaccines. The interesting part of the vaccines is that in the US about 200 million jabs of influenza vaccine are sold per year but the death rate was not affected would indicate to me the vaccinations were worthless.

They claim the value of the flue shots is in that it lessons symptoms and other problems with flue, which may or may not be true. I think real vaccines (not synthetic ones) may have the ability to lesson symptoms or issues if administered in the right dose. It is still poison however and should not be used unless applied moderately to old, sick, feeble, and weak people.

I think it is entirely logical to say the dramatic rise in autism is vaccine related but big pharma says you cannot prove that. However, big pharma cannot prove that it is not so either.  


Here we have the same problem that if the death after the injection is six months, then they will say it is not related even though it is recognized that deaths can lag years which is why testing of vaccines are not supposed to be a few months but at least several years.

Yes, that is exactly why vaccine testing takes ten years before full approval. Anything less is Russian roulette with the health of the population, and a criminal affair.

What makes analyzing this difficult is that there is so much lying. 

War time propaganda from the Ministery of Truth and the corporate media. Believe the opposite of what they say. And that is precisely what half the people are doing.


For example, masks are really harmful in that it forces you to rebreathe your own exhalations, and yet does not stop the particles from going through the mask of covid if the patented particles that they call the virus is breathed in. First Fauci says masks are worthless and then says they are necessary. Little children wearing these at school must be damaged.  

Fauci needs to go in front of a military tribunal.

Some say these rules and fake tests as the PCR are there to create fear in the masses so they will follow any orders.  

Yes that is precisely the case. It’s massive fear mongering and a grand social re-engineering experiment. They are breaking the traditional social contract and are replacing it with a new one where people will be more obedient. It’s all straight from classic torture manuals. The inquisition. Mao. It starts with the fear of death or some type of killing always. Then follows isolation and separation of peoples. Once that is done subjects will be submitted to new rules that are radically new and different so as to instill obedience. From the handbook of social engineering 101. Something or someone wants to remake the West. 

So not even is there no honesty but they do not even try to explain their irrational statements contradicting earlier rational ones.

Yes there is not even any more any attempt to pretend that things will ever be normal. Madness rules. And (((they))) want total war.

So let’s bring it on. 

Are these your impressions too?

Genoil Inc. One Rockefeller Center, 11th Floor. New York, NY 10020 ; Office (212) 688-8868 Mobile:(914) 433-0304. 

On Thursday, September 23, 2021, 05:12:03 AM GMT+2, X wrote:


He present zero evidence for his claim, Mike Adams is a paranoid fool. His wild claim is pure conjecture based on non-corroborating narratives and paranoia and it is precisely this paranoia that makes everyone sick at the ‘health freedom events’. Government should sue Mike Adams for slander, calumny and what have you. And they would win as their reputation gets sullied without Adams presenting any form of consistent and sustainable proof. His exposé is entirely gratuitous. The only merit of listening to the story is the factual claim that people get sick en masse at health freedom events. So there is that. This is called the ‘Grove of Ashtaroth’, the garden of the pagans. In biblical times when religious people would fall upon a place where pagans prayed and danced, it was possible for all of them to fall ill. For this was ‘the Grove of Ashtaroth’. This was the source of all their evil dreams. This is no different. These health freedom events leading to people falling sick is nothing but a form of Freudian projection. Paranoia that leads to transference. When they congregate with their traditional beliefs on health they all contemplate strongly the evil that is Transhumanism. They will hence “feel” together the Transhumanist agenda for all its worth and indeed this may be an evil experience for many of them. The enemy is alien to them and they sense the enemy, so rather than fight it with reason, they fall sick. Just like the early religious people when confronted with the ‘Grove of Ashtaroth’ in biblical times. Indeed apostate forms of paganism like Transhumanism are rather evil. But they can be fought and destroyed nevertheless. And without falling sick from awe or paranoia. Adams needs a shrink and should be happy if the government does not sue him for his nonsense. He got his heart in the right place but that is about it.

Dear X:

What do you make of his article?

With best wishes.


CDC, DoD running black ops missions to release pathogens across America

We now have yet more evidence pointing to the ongoing CDC / DoD black ops “pathogen release” warfare activities that were responsible for not only the deliberate spread of measles at Disney Land (to push SB 277 in California) but now are targeting health freedom speakers, advocates and their family members in order to suppress the truth and terrorize those who speak it.

We now have health freedom speakers and their family members being targeted with what are believed to be aerosolized bioweapons — perhaps spike protein nanoparticles — which are sickening many people at certain public events.

The government and the CDC are waging biowarfare attacks on the American people right now, right here on our own soil. And we present shocking evidence today that tells the full story.

Listen to the full podcast here.


Genetic Vaccines as Transhumanism

David Lifschultz


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