(Reader: Bernd) Q’s Plan, a Narrative?


Reader Post | By Bernd

Restored Republic via a GCR: Q’s plan – a narrative?

Is Q’s plan a narrative, is it misrepresented to us, or are we simply not yet mature? This is the question I am trying to answer here.

Today is undoubtedly a memorable day, reminiscent of the events of 20 years ago, but especially as it relates to the RV/ Nesara issue and thus the Gesara issue.

I live in Europe and so Gesara is probably the more appropriate topic.

For a good ten months now I have been dealing with many things starting from the topic of the “Plandemie” to the topics of the cabal, the Deep State, the thirteen bloodlines, non-earthly beings, Adrenochrome up to the transformation of the planet earth, the humanity and Nesara/ Gesara as transition phase.

Inevitably, one can’t avoid the topic of Q and the “Perfect Plan”.

Together with various video platforms and websites Telegram was and is for me the medium where you get the most diverse information, other opinions get to know other opinions and ultimately make their own picture.


But over time you also learn a lot about trolls, narratives, disinformation, controlled opposition and direct enemies of the awakening process.

Those who inform themselves here on know all these things, and some by far know more than I do about it all.

But the thing that moves me at the moment to write a statement here is my certainty that many in the awakening process have as bad a feeling as I do,

because once again we have a weekend after endless weeks where not what you expect happens. This is confirmed by the many posts and comments in the channels.

Also in the past weeks I have already noticed that more and more digital soldiers have withdrawn.

Now a fundamental question arises for me, stemming from the principle of balancing natural forces:

Is Q’s plan (and indeed as it is brought to us with coded cues)


just as a narrative as the movie that is presented to everyone worldwide?

The answer YES is currently for me the only conclusive explanation for what I have been experiencing for months.

There is repeated talk of the plan being event driven. There is talk of the White Hats being in control and we read of it,

that all DUMPS, bloodlines, Satanic royalty and other “governments” have already been eliminated or brought under control.

At the same time we continue to see daily scan flights, blasts, geoengineering everywhere. We see reports from Australia and from other parts of the world,

that you can’t really believe. We see reports about European countries where demonstrations are taking place on a massive scale without,

that even a small part changes (which is logical). All in all, the reality that is experienced live outside the telegram channels is anything but a movie.

And when we as “digital soldiers” fight our personal verbal battles outside, on the phone with our acquaintances or relatives, we are almost always the losers.

Today we have completely lost our credibility because the system-controlled media slaves can’t even draw reasonable conclusions from real contradictions.

Now, however, it is added that even we are constantly confronted with contradictions in the plan, where trust and faith are put to the test very massively.


The view that a certain course of events is planned, that certain events must occur, I can no longer support all of that from today’s point of view.

Again and again, events are hyped that then do not occur. See the water level of the 3GD is constantly at the maximum, typhoons and rain are added and two days later everything is forgotten,

again and again. The queen, already dead, is supposed to die in conjunction with the failure of the entire network: hyped several times and nothing. EBS/ EAS with the 10 days of darkness every few weeks all posts are full of it and then nothing will happen. More and more interesting personalities enter the field and mix vigorously in the scenario.

The strength of the hypes increases with each time up to the prophecy of the endgame. But if I take a galactic point of view as a basis, such a final phase can be probably still millennia away.

In Berlin allegedly on a weekend over 7000 people are arrested and nobody gets anything, all go to the city center celebrate party, make city tours to the light festival as if there were no tomorrow. Others cycle across Germany from campsite to campsite. (All first hand!) How are these people supposed to wake up? What are we supposed to tell them?

They always say if you want to know what’s happening, watch the money. Okay. So let’s look at what’s going on around the RV/ GCR.

Especially here in there are always updates from Mark Z., Holly, Nick Fleming, Judy and Wolverine and other.

Always very nicely structured, informative and chronologically comprehensible. With time you also gained confidence and the events also seemed to pick up speed.

Then came delays and the justifications again and again. Again and again everything came to a standstill and this has dragged on for months now (since I have been following the matter).

The more delays came, the more contradictory status messages were issued. Things that should have been done already, were suddenly not done.


And this became more and more vehement and unbelievable as time went by. It was strange that this always happened before the alleged release of the T4b stage.

Last but not least, it turned out that the matter with Iraq had to be settled first anyway, and later again that the matter with Afghanistan had to be settled as well.

For me this means: It was known from the beginning that all status reports were wrong until these events! Because these things were known from the beginning and not concluded.

And the same mess with the D1 and D2.

And then this week came the reissue of the Declaration of Independence. That had to be also still present above all as will from the people. People, the need for this was known, right?

If here so many disinformation is on the way, which certainly also have their justification, then I have more questions than answers.

And so it is at present.

Since we are supposed to think for ourselves, the question is: What do we definitely have in hand, what speaks for this RV and what is real? What speaks for an EAS with military transitional government?

Then I can only say, we have nothing more than words today. And who tells us that all these words do not come from the same pen, respectively from the same department.

Who gives us the assurance that all this is not a narrative for those who call themselves awakened?


Aren’t those right, then, who have long maintained that one cannot hope for the military, but must liberate oneself?

Or is it not, after all, an intermediate path that requires the declaration of independence by every people worldwide in order to legitimize the military?

At the very least, the latter option would explain the remarks of Charlie Ward and Simon Parks, who have described this document as virtually a blueprint for the world.

If that is so, then this final battle will last even longer than we would like. Then these will be our dark days.

Think about it and make your own picture for your future!

—–Call to all peoples of this Earth—–

Q, the Galactic Federation and the Alliance military have done their part and created the framework.
With the publication of the
Declaration of the People of the United States for Global Peace and Prosperity
all peoples of Earth have now been given a means to walk the path to freedom!
Join together within your nations, use all networks to find your most capable patriots,
adapt this Declaration to your nation and proclaim with it your free will for sovereignty and freedom!
Only then legitimize the military to support you!
This is now the part of the plan which Q has assigned to us, only in this way we create worldwide the
GCR, the RV and Gesara as a transition into a new consciousness!
Many thanks to the patriots Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes!
Their quote: “This document is the blueprint for the world”.






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