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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

Guys, I am so tired of this, sooooo tired of this!
What exactly, you want to know?
Well, sitting between the chairs!

Look around yourselves nevertheless times! Everywhere, where I look, where I read, where I hear, where I feel, it seems to me, as if there would be many parallel worlds. And I am in the middle, and always between the chairs! I can’t always decide, it’s all so beautifully colorful here…… (German insider saying). I finally want clarity, truth, a line, a path, so that I can reach my goal. This back and forth seems to me as if I were drunkenly walking my way home. Zigzagging! Above all, it’s further and it takes longer, doesn’t it?

We are all, more or less for a long time, between anticipation and hope for the RV and disappointment when then every day for years again nothing happens. Or we are full of hope when a 1-year, a 2-year, or a 3-year delta of Q drops. And then, one day later, comes the disillusionment. The longer this wait, the longer the show, the longer the war, the longer the draining of the swamp drags on, the worse it gets, right? Is this the pain that Q was talking about? And have you ever noticed that the promises, prophecies get more and more beautiful? They inspire courage, hope, mobilize the last forces the patriots have left……. And then? Disillusionment! Not once did it happen that a good prediction or a drop occurred, with which easy doubters could have been quickly convinced. Guys, the remaining Deep Statlers are laughing their heads off every day when they look at us all like that, aren’t they? And even more so the ones we want or wanted to wake up.

Election victory by Trump? There was, but rendered moot by election fraud. Champagne back in the fridge! Military takeover? There is, but not obvious. Instead, actors in the media destroying everything Trump has built. Champagne back in the fridge! End of FRG state simulation, takeover by SHAEF? Was there supposedly, but everyone just continues with all their bullshit with impunity. So, the champagne back into the fridge! And so it goes on and on with every date, with every hope, with every positive drop. Folks, I know some really tough men and women, strong in faith, firm in trust, all maxed out money-wise (with very few exceptions who are better off financially), all consistently positive with great ideas and projects. But for how much longer? How many more disappointments and disillusionments do we all have to go through before a tiny little light appears?

The bad thing about it is not that it might be a test for all of us, we can’t judge that, certainly not for each individual. It is also not bad if we are only smiled at by others, patriots have always been smiled at. No, the bad thing is what we do in the morphogenetic field, that is, what we send out and what we attract accordingly. Any disappointment or disillusionment is something the dark ones need. We don’t! We need hope, perseverance and trust! And we need above all strength, very much strength! Yes, we go into the forest and into nature, yes, we visualize our beautiful future, yes, we think and focus on a new world. Over and over again. But reality conjures doubts into our lives, into our thinking every day, every week, every month. Every time I am reasonably in line mentally and emotionally, that is, sitting firmly in my chair, in line with others, there comes a super-duper important, highly elicited and very, very important date that is presented to us. Be it the launched QFS, be it the launch of the RV, or be it the return of Trump, JFK Jr, Elvis, Diana and even Jesus Christ. And already the chairs are pulled apart and we end up in between. Between faith, trust and the doubt. The latest because our experience does not know it differently, does it?

Holly always writes that it is not a date-related process, but an event-related one. Nice statement, but where and when did we have events that strengthen our trust, strengthen our faith, justify our applied power? So far, everything is going great for the Deep State on the outside. Pedo-Joe is POTUS, Senate and House in Democrat hands, BRD is allowed to do as it pleases, Australia is a gigantic tyranny, and in all other countries with dark government everything is also going in the direction of NWO. Do you know who is to blame for this? Who is to blame for this whole dilemma? WE! WE ALL! We because we read forecasts every damn day, scour channels for good news, scour websites and blogs for positive news. After all, we encourage everyone to tell us anything “nice” or in return bombard us with false news. Would that affect us negatively, affect our faith, our trust, if we didn’t do that? It is exactly the same as with the sleep sheep and the MSM. Someone who wouldn’t have read a newspaper, wouldn’t have watched TV from February to April 2020 would have wondered why all of a sudden everyone was running around with a mask on, right?


Every day, no matter what day of the week it is, I get mails or PN’s. Lovely, thankful, encouraging, questioning and above all patriotic people who do. But I also get sent posts or videos and asked for an opinion. This is a respect for me, because I’ m not a guru, not a specialist, but I have read a lot, I have researched, I have also asked questions, I have despaired when no more answers came. Therefore I see to it that I always give my opinion, my estimation. If I don’t know something, my guess has to be enough, but there is an answer. Especially concerning LWS and those interested from German-speaking countries, I have become a knower, but not a specialist. Reading and asking questions were the key. And also English. What I want to get at, however, is that sending news shows me what and especially how often people deal with the news that goes viral. God knows we don’t have that much time to watch multiple videos, read multiple articles every day, do we? That takes away from our time that we would need for visualizing, dreaming, focusing, right?

Don’t get me wrong, feel free to keep sending me these things, some of it I didn’t have focus on or know about yet. But I also realize that it is subliminally hindering me and influencing me in ways I don’t want it to. Again for clarification, keep sending me things that are on your mind, OK? If I don’t read them or don’t like them, I’ll let you know. If I don’t get back to you, it doesn’t mean I’m not interested. It’s a matter of honor, appreciation and honesty for me. And don’t be concerned if things get quiet on my channel, I’ll take necessary time off, especially now in the endgame where everyone thinks they have to be the first to post something new. Thanks!!!

Once I stay out of the info tsunami for a few days, I’m all serious about missing something, don’t you folks feel the same way? I can’t miss a thing! PERIOD! If something is happening on the outside in terms of positive things, how can I miss it? Just those, who are now still shaken, who are now still in some mess, would be the first to know, if for example something happens in the FRG, wouldn’t they? They wouldn’t get any more letters, no visits from the Constellis mercenaries, on the contrary, they would get visits from former sleepers who remember that you once said something about the illegality of the FRG. They would pester you with questions! And already we would know!

When the military takes over, we’ll know soon enough, when the EBS is activated, we’ll know soon enough, when this massive wave of arrests is underway, we’ll know soon enough, right? When the QFS is activated, we’ll know that too, because then there’s no more banking, no more withdrawing money. When new currencies come, we’ll find out soon enough! When the RV is launched, we will be informed! In time! So why do we behave like addicted junkies, like online gamblers, like game addicts, looking at websites and channels every damn day? I have a channel myself and am a subscriber to many other truthers. Of course you like to have a community or even a reach for information. But at some point there comes a point of realization where you ask yourself, why all this? Why am I spending time consuming news that keeps me from visualizing, from living, from dreaming?

I spent two days just scrolling down the news, just going to the end of the channel. Did I miss anything? NO! On the contrary, I was able to recharge my batteries and no, it wasn’t boring! Let’s look at it realistically. I have just under 2800 subscribers on the channel, at the moment some are saying goodbye because I’m definitely posting things that don’t interest everyone. Not all of the subscribers have currencies or ZIM, want to participate in LWS, or have any other need to deal with QFS or finance. And the area of geopolitics, Q, Trump, and other patriots is much better covered by fufmedia, by Q7 4 YOU or also by Friedemann Mack, of course also by others, for example Alexander Quade, Johannes Müller or also by Börsenwolf. I cover a completely different area and besides my own assessments through articles or “in a word”, there is little of my own. Judging by the feedback, I can probably write quite passably articles or also give assessments, but certainly not everyone sees it that way. I know some who can not properly assess me, for whatever reason. That is me however, in German said SCHNURZ (best translation I‘d found is F*CK IT), because I do not go in their shoes and they not in mine. That’s why I don’t judge them, likewise they can’t judge me. On the contrary, I forgive everyone everything!

No, I do not put myself under the bushel, but I also do not want to boast. That is not in my nature and that would be inappropriate. I don’t always write articles myself, often it seems like an inspiration. When I’m out in nature, I get the idea for a topic, then it often happens that everything just bubbles out of me. And before I know it, an article is ready. And sometimes I read it again a little later and wonder what I wrote. You see, I also get help sometimes. Unnoticed and unsolicited. That’s why I see my task, my work as teamwork.

Finally, I have a request to you:

If you have money left over and want to donate, donate it to channels like fufmedia, Q7 4 YOU, Mäckle macht gute Laune, also to Börsenwolf and others, who certainly put more effort into putting together the news they publish for you. I myself can manage, because I trust that the creator (i.e. Wakan Tanka) and also the alliance will already take care of me, whatever that may look like. If you can’t, send good thoughts to the guys and gals, pray for them. But please do not judge and evaluate, especially do not condemn. THANK YOU for that!!!


Use every free minute and take free minutes (better hours) and go outside, preferably in nature, in any case take time out from the flood of information. You will not miss anything, you will not forget, it comes all for everyone at the right time. Do this for yourselves and your visions, take the time to visualize everything to the smallest detail, spin around, dream whatever comes to your mind, and you will see, your impatience, anger, disappointment, disillusionment will be less. Because you will no longer read dates! So sit on your chair and don’t let others move it! Don’t sit in between anymore, it doesn’t help a bit and breaks more than it helps. Above all it strengthens the remaining cabal, and we want them weak, don’t we? Get together live or in a Zoom call, once a week and exchange ideas with like-minded people. It works and it’s fun, though live is better but can be problematic because of the flu.

Today is the end of September 11, twenty years ago at this time I sat stunned in front of the TV, with a freshly operated cruciate ligament rupture, and thought to myself how evil the world is. And how evil these terrorists are. Today I know better. Nevertheless, I’m going to drink a beer (or two) right now and remember the victims of 9/11 and also all the subsequent victims of patriots of the past 20 years. May they all rest in peace, we will soon be able to do them proud, their sacrifice was never in vain. Cheers.

“Better to sit between the chairs,than stand between the fronts.”
Michael Rumpf

“If you sit between all chairs,at least you can’t fall any lower.”
Ulrich Erckenbrecht

“Between the chairs one sits uncomfortably, but airily.”
Alfred Polgar

A huge thank you to everyone who gives me feedback, who gives me strength, who listens to me, who reads my articles. I am infinitely grateful to you and can hardly put it into words. In places I am moved to tears (no, I am not a wimp!!!). THANK YOU!!!

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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If you like, send me good thoughts, or pray for me. Those who can and want to, may also send me a donation. I thank you for your support in any case!


Sorry, no more PAYPAL.

Please use the temporary bank account: DE20 5866 0101 0001 0938 51, account holder is my co-founder Tobias Reichardt.

A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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