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Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice of you to have time for me again!

“The military is the only way!” We have heard and read that many times. We have realized that in many countries it will be absolutely necessary for the military to take over. In fact, in some countries it has already happened. And we are sure, at least some, that the Alliance has a plan for that. Military always has a plan. Or rather plans, because there are always things in a war that even the best strategist cannot foresee. In the case of major strikes, as now recently with nuclear threat, the troops of the Earth Alliance also get support from the very top, that is, from the Creator or from extraterrestrial forces. Because one thing is sure, our creator would never let our world, which he has created, be destroyed by dark forces. He (or she) is also the reason why the games of the dark ones are now finished, yes, they are over, once and for all. It started a long time ago, and many things have been misjudged in the past. But that’s how it is in a conflict, actions are followed by reactions and one side can’t always see what their action will trigger. We saw it at JFK, at 9/11, and we see it even now with all the delays that are unfortunately still being allowed.

We longer awakened patriots are currently like horses in a starting machine, we have been standing by for some time, pawing at the hooves, but still having to wait for other horses that just don’t want to get into that starting machine. A good comparison from one of my friends. Some will still be persuaded to go to their place, but many we just won’t be able to force. But, as hard as it may sound now, we can also do without taking them. Everyone who moves or has to move in public now notices changes. Especially in the case of smurfed people. Most of them were not afraid of a virus at all, they just wanted THEIR old life back and this selfishness led to them getting a probably fatal shot, twice, and maybe more in the future. But we don’t need egoists, know-it-alls, arrogant people or anyone who thinks they are better in the new world. There is the theory that there have been biorobots, clones or soulless people among us for a long time. Who knows, perhaps in our environment such “humans” are already for a long time among us.

When I look at some employees in administrations, offices or in other decision-making functions, I often notice a coldness that my counterparts radiate. Be it through looks, gestures or even decisions that are completely inhumane or unjust. In the private surrounding field there are the “people”, who think only of themselves, if they act also outwardly friendly or who think themselves for something better, only because they have, from where ever, more money than others. Or more influence, more power, more support from their peers. I think that many of these biorobots, clones or soulless people are currently still sitting in key positions of dwindling power, in administrations, authorities, courts, but also in banks, larger and medium-sized companies and especially on the stock exchanges and financial markets. They are all facing the end and they know it!

One of the many tasks of the military and the civilian helpers will be to expose these non-humans and to maintain the necessary systems. The remaining population does not need a stock market and precious metal trading. Something like this will crash and hurt those who tried to take advantage. I’m not talking about those who saved a few ounces of silver or a few affordable stocks from their mouths, no, I mean those who have been manipulating the markets for decades for their own advantages. Much more important is the supply of electricity and water, of internet and communications, and most importantly, of food. We have all seen in movies what happens when there is a crisis situation: Without regard for losses, people loot, steal and destroy. Once panic takes hold, chaos reigns. What good are a few weeks’ worth of supplies if I can’t defend them? No, the alliance will definitely prevent such a thing.

When the non-humans have disappeared everywhere, the task will be to maintain order. Medical care must be provided, think about it, how many “doctors” who are now selfishly making a buck by smurfing will disappear? How many real “cops” are left once the outing of the clones has begun? How many soldiers are really among the good guys? In the last five to ten years I could observe that Ali, Suleiman and Mohammed (is really not meant badly, OK?) got a passport thrown at them in Germany and were immediately allowed to join the army. A veteran soldier I know once said to me, “This is not my army anymore!” He was referring to the deliberate destruction of the German Armed Forces, soldiers and equipment, by the left-green policies of recent years. Who needs a seat for pregnant women in a tank?

Is maybe that why there is so much foreign military here in Germany, or Europe? For “training purposes”? Because the alliance already knows who will be left and who might be “switched off”? I am absolutely sure about that, because nobody makes a plan for a war, wins it step by step, and has no thought for an after. Many of us patriots have been puzzling over what can be meant by “Ten Days of Darkness” since the drops of “CUE”. I doubt by now that it is a power outage. Both sides rely on power. For example, how am I supposed to receive the EBS if there is no TV, no radio working, and I can’t charge my smartphone? I also don’t think an Internet outage or shutdown of the good social media is likely. Should we drum every ten days? No, both sides rely on communication, so I rule that out as well. So what else can ten days of darkness mean? Is it actually meant for everyone, for the whole world, or only for those who belong to the cabal, to the sleeping sheep, to the “non-humans”? Maybe these ten days apply to BigTech, to the MSM, to the old Internet. The new quantum internet may be activated before then, likewise patriotic social media will remain and run on the new internet. No one would notice a difference from those on Telegram or other alternatives without censorship, right?


A slimmed down administration must likewise be maintained in the countries. Here I imagine that all patriotic employees, police officers, soldiers are known to the Alliance. All of us as currency holders are already known to the alliance. And certainly all patriots, all good people, all those who want to rebuild our world. Not only the Deep State has been monitoring us, but also the Alliance. Because how else can they find all the cabal stooges, all the drug and human traffickers at this time. I am and remain confident that there is a gigantic plan for after this. And all of us, let’s face it, are ready for it. We are still uncertain what will happen, when, where it will start, but we only need the first domino and we are ready. I’m not worried about financial support, that’s also part of the plan. Maybe it will be a little bumpy for a few hours, maybe a day or two, even with other supplies, but never ten days at a time.

We are in the starting gate, some for a long time, some for a short time. And like in a horse race, the starting shot, the RV comes as a surprise. No one will be able to predict it, but nevertheless a small thank you to the gurus who have kept so many people going for years. Was that their job? That the RV is not forgotten, but comes into our focus every day anew? So that we get into anticipation every day and put this into the morphogenetic field? YES, we expect a lot in the next days and weeks and many strands seem to find each other. Just as an orchestra slowly builds up a tremendous storm of music, everything is slowly and quietly building up to a grand finale on the outside. And it’s happening in so many different places that we can’t keep up. And if we don’t come along, neither will the remaining dark Ones. That’s the plan, too. Let’s trust the plan a little bit more, OK? We don’t need him, but he needs us!

“You don’t always need a plan,sometimes it’s enough to breathe, to trust,let things take their courseand watch what happens!”
Mandy Hale

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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