(Reader: Stefan) What else is Being Destroyed and Sacrificed?


Reader Post | By Stefan

Dear Dinarland community, dear patriots, nice that you have time for me again!

I’ve had this question come up many times over the years, and I’ve asked it to the Creator many times. Without really getting any answers or ideas. This question became especially burning after November 4, 2020, when the election victory we all wanted for Donald Trump did not come to pass. For many, it was a black day, a dark time. Few patriots could make sense of it at first, many still can’t. With the actual plan known only to a handful of people, if at all, it took a fair amount of faith to see anything good, or even necessary, even in this electoral disaster. The hope that something would happen by the time Pedo-Biden was inaugurated was also dashed. It was hard to comprehend and grasp that this was all an important part of the plan.

I put it in an article once, how might it feel to those who experienced it first hand? All the patriots on Team Trump, his family, his circle of friends? I can’t imagine that they would all be privy to the entire plan. The danger that someone would blab would simply be too great. So the Biden/Harris disaster is taking its course. And already in the first few weeks, much of what Trump built and created has been destroyed. He was on the verge of not only making America great again, but also bringing peace to the world. I don’t need to enumerate every single damage, you know yourselves what all was destroyed by the actor. I still have great hope that a lot of things are only taking place in the media, for example on the southern border with Mexico. The movie “Wag the dog” showed us how this could be done. And since everything is shown to us in movies, my hope is high.

The assumption is not so far-fetched, after all, we have been told that the patriots are in full control. Texas is the only red state on the border, but it also has the longest border. And Governor Greg Abbott has asked for help to secure the border himself.

By the way, I wrote to the Governor offering my help. YES, really! But either he didn’t get the mail (it would be possible for the German Post to intercept letters, as they do with our letters to embassies and the International Court of Justice) or it would be far too problematic or inconvenient at this time. I did this because I cannot and may not operate here as a patriot, I would be in jail faster than I can say “patriot”. Little hope for success, you probably think now, but I wanted to set an example.

The other three border states were supposedly won by Biden, Arizona had the audit, California and New Mexico will be reviewed, I am sure. In any case, I think the border is really not as insecure as it is made out to be. After all, the risk of an insecure border would make the Patriots’ “job” unnecessarily difficult, don’t you think?

It is difficult for me to assess the economic situation, unemployment, and also the recent incidents in Afghanistan as far as a possible media “pretense” is concerned. I have too few contacts in America, so few sources of information about what’s really going on in terms of the economy and jobs. As for Afghanistan, I sense that the Taliban are actually the good guys and have nothing to do with ISIS, for example. We have all seen the pictures of an inflatable plane with windows painted on it, it was just too obvious. And we know from the many American channels about the involvement of the C_A in this troubled country. Also on German TV old pictures and films are brought out when it comes to Kabul and the surrounding area. Again, as with everything else that is happening at the moment, we can only guess and hope for truths soon.

The weather and all the natural disasters give me food for thought, and here, too, a lot of things are difficult to assess. In my opinion, a whole lot of material assets, environment and also human lives will be destroyed in the process, but can we really judge what or if we need it in the new world? Nature can and will recover very quickly, we all saw that in 2020, with the first lockdowns. How fast the sky, the sea and the rivers were clear and clean again. Do you remember the pictures from Venice? Some of the new technologies will also help us when we go to renaturalize. With human lives, it’s another thing. On the one hand I say to myself, every victim is one too many, on the other hand we all do not know why there were these victims. We can’t evaluate a crowd, we can’t evaluate a single victim.

It’s just like vaccination now. Adults can decide for themselves and many decide against it. In Germany there are (still) about 30 million, if the numbers are correct. But the unvaccinated are mainly still children and young people. There they want now however also to it. What other damage will be done to our future, to our youth? Many private and public channels are upset about this. And rightly so. Meanwhile, I ask myself, why are children suddenly so important? Before Corona, nobody cared, hundreds of thousands of children disappeared worldwide. By the way, according to official, especially German media, the numbers are not true. All conspiracy theories according to statistics. But: “Never trust a statistic that you have not falsified yourself!”, you know that, don’t you? And on demonstrations you can see more often signs, everywhere in the world, saying that the real pandemic are the pedophiles. It’s starting to get into people’s heads.

Speaking of demonstrations, in Germany this weekend the Constellis mercenaries were told, or rather sung, what they are: “Without helmet and without club you are NOTHING!” I think that’s good, they didn’t look very enthusiastic either, as far as you could see the faces. After all, they wear masks dutifully, the MK-Ultra-full-honks. There were more people in Berlin than I suspected, the mercenaries were unprepared and massively outnumbered. But what is the use of all this? Any ruckus would have been rehashed in the media for the benefit of the Deep State in Germany. We Germans are not yet ready to stand up on our own. This is still not understood by some channels. The many calls of General Flynn concern in most cases the American patriots. He knows best what is going on in Germany, believe it. It will be a few more years before the German silent masses become loud. The world can’ t wait for that, and neither can the German patriots. What was that about the bucket of water?

So no matter what damage is still done, be it by false flag actions or by the necessary allowing of the alliance to wake up, we will get everything cleaned up and rebuilt again. For this, many souls are now incarnated at this time. Be it with money from exchanges or funds, be it through ideas and visions, be it through small or big contributions of their own, be it by catching confused people, be it by comforting the bereaved, every soul is in the place intended for it, for which it has chosen. Many do not know it yet, but the “call” will reach them in time. And the end of the world as we knew it is near, believe it. The wheel of our world, of our times, similar to the one Daenerys Targaryen wanted to break in Game of Thrones, the wheel of succession or of those who think they are above others, by whatever means, is still turning a little.

But the tool that can break that wheel is already being wielded. Already longer. And soon it will strike. Finally! The season ending of GoT has shown us how it has to be done. We elect our “leaders” and vote them out again when they don’t act or lead in our best interests. We, the peoples, have the power, no one who has made or wants to make any other claims in advance. I’ m sure that the current leaders, appointed by the Alliance, will face their peoples again for election and accept any outcome. No one dictates who we should accept as leader anymore. We have already learned how to democratically submit to a majority. Only this time it will be real democracy! Or we will find other solutions for our nations. Don’t you think?

Please remain in trust and faith! Take time out and don’t overwhelm yourselves with the daily information madness. It only confuses you more. Stick to channels that follow one line, avoid the chaos. And please, think of a positive future, avoid fears, worries and doubts. PLEASE.

“Transformation is necessary like the
renewal of leaves in spring.”
Vincent van Gogh

“If you have the intention to renew yourself,
do it every day.”

WWG1WGA! Mani wastete yo!

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A huge thank you for all the support so far! You are great and in my heart!


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