Between a Rock and a Hard Place, the President and the Vax


Operation Disclosure | By RT, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 24, 2021

Well it is the big issue of the summer isn’t it, how can the real President support the vax. I got a small spark of intuition that might throw light on the question until more info comes along that itself creates more clarity. Here goes …

Let me first say that as per Pattie Brassard’s last one to one interview on Gail of Gaia, things are going to (be allowed to?) get worse (tho not as bad as they could get) before the Final Push and Breakthrough, all in aid of promoting further awareness. So, as bored as you may be with the topic, it is being allowed to accompany us along the road a little further and things might get messier yet.

Ok according to the last rally (I think) DT spoke in these terms about the vx. That he definitely supports the freedom to take it or not, but personally, he recommends it. He took it and feels great (hydroxychloroquine very probably). Here is how I think that statement might pan out.

He is the real President of this country and that means everyone that is in it, supporters and all. 

Some of those people (not the majority, clearly, of his own support) will have availed themselves of the vx. Of his supporters who have done so I would say they would be primarily older people who have no grasp of his overall real work and simply follow him through the regular media. Consider the plight of such people (supporters and all) who have taken the vx and now feel genuinely worried they have done the wrong thing.

Regardless of the wisdom, or lack of it, of their decision, his first job as President is not to fill their minds with stuff about the hidden war and openly condemn their decision and turn this period (especially for the older ones) into one of hellish anxiety and self recrimination.

His first job (as it would be yours or any person of compassion in his position) is to put their minds at ease. He knows that those in the know (the majority) are never going to take the thing, he doesn’t have to concern himself about them at all – they are in for the long haul etc. The others should be taken into consideration, and the very best thing you can do for those who have taken it (especially the alone and vulnerable) is to reassure them that things are fine. Very fine.

“See, I’ve taken it myself, I recommend it … “

What about the fence sitters you might say, surely others might be encouraged to take it … 

Possibly a few, it is true, but to come right out and condemn the vx bringing the whole truth out at this stage is going to plunge a lot of people into needless torment and uncertainty and possibly bring chaos to the country, because despite the media storm of condemnation that would be unleashed against him, many would believe and that is precisely where they would vacate heaven and hell would open up for them, at that very point. 

And he is their President, whether they voted for him (and we know the majority did) or not.

You never take away hope if you can help it, especially if that hope contributes to genuine peace of mind – and contributes to the stability of the country when it is going through a very difficult period.

It is a big responsibility and no easy decision but I could see myself playing it exactly as he has in his position – certainly until the threshold is crossed and medbeds become available anyway.

So in a nutshell, an important part of his job at this stage of events is doing his best to protect people who have made a bad decision from that knowledge until something can be done.

And we know there is every chance the ‘something can be done’ period is this year …

Pattie Brassard says that come the ‘split’ DT will be part of christos group who are taking the slow and scenic route (complete with second coming, the 1,000 years of peace and final battle) up the Tree of Life to their ascension. Others go more directly presumably …

I wish I knew more about this, hopefully more deets will be forthcoming in the future.


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