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Reader Post | By Wankiya

All Life is Sacred.

But everything has to eat to live.

At the same time, everything has abilities, sometimes many abilities, to defend itself from being killed and eaten. In Nature’s Ways, All life cares about other lives, even if they need to eat something.

In this regard I have seen, many times, creatures offer themselves to other creatures to be eaten, out of caring. Could you do that?

There was once a very advanced martial artist who had a training school in Burma. He would often take his students out into the forest and shown them things about how Nature worked which would help them defend themselves if they were attacked. On one of their outings, the Master suddenly stopped in the middle of the trail they were on and said, “Nobody move. Nobody make a sound. See that bend in the trail about 100 paces ahead of us? There is a tiger there that is weak from hunger because he couldn’t bring himself to kill anything. So now he is dying. I care so much about the ways of this tiger, I want to save his life. I want all of you to stay right here while I go out to save the tiger. And stay quite. And don’t follow me. In fact, you probably should start heading back into town about now.”

The loyal students of the Martial arts Master obeyed everything he’d said and started heading back to town. All except two of them. They stayed right where they were and watched their beloved Master walk quietly down the trial until he reached the bend. There the Master stopped, turned to his right, opened both arms out wide and said, “Come and eat me!”

And the tiger killed him quickly and expertly and started eating his body, thus saving the life of the tiger. The two who stayed to watch didn’t know what to do. And they weren’t going to try to fight the tiger. Besides, their Master was already being eaten. So they went back to town and told all the other students what had happened. The legend is still alive because of how much their Master cared about Life.


Very few martial artists ever reach that stage. On the other hand, the point of doing martial arts training is to learn how to defend yourself if you are threatened with death in any way. Everything that lives has the ability and the God-Given right to defend itself.

Regarding biblical references, if the second set of tablets Moses produced for his followers was actually of Divine origin (The first tablets Moses brought back, were considered “unacceptable” by his followers, so he broke them, and had to go back and make another set of stone tablets), the first “commandment”, “Thou shalt not kill”, would rapidly result in the cessation of all life in all forms, all over the world. That is not how Divinity works.

Divinity does not forbid anything but supports and causes Life, Abundance, Balance, and Harmony (to name a few). Divinity has designed this world so Life, at all scales of size, would live abundantly, until they couldn’t do it anymore. Then Nature’s Recycling Team takes over and helps the life-form return to the various elements it was made out of, before it came to live in this world.

According to Native Americans, everything is alive and everything has Consciousness and memories of all they have ever experienced.

They say that if a human being kills anything of Nature, out of malice or cruelty or “for sport”, they are not living in Nature’s Harmony which would allow them to eat that Sacred whatever.

So when that human being dies, all the creatures the person was cruel to, get to take that person and do anything they want to them, until each and every misused and abused creature is satisfied that they’ve done enough to them. Then the human is allowed to continue on into Summerland.

Again, self-defense has always been a valid finding in a court of law. Executions are meted out because the given psychopathic person has participated in killing and injuring many others. The psychopath cannot be “rehabilitated”.


They are either killed to stop them from killing and injuring others, or in the ancient traditional Cherokee ways, if the High Council agreed the person might be salvageable, and if the individual volunteered to leave human society for as many years as it took, the person was completely isolated from society and then followed all guidances given by their keeper and kept doing meditation practices until the person was peaceful with no desire to hurt anyone or anything.

Every 5 years the Council considered the reports of their keepers and decided whether the person was worth bothering with any more, or if the person had recovered their human kindness enough to participate in Cherokee society again, or if they needed to be put to death, after all.

Since we aren’t in Cherokee society, we need to consider the Nuremberg Trials and why they happened and why people were executed. During the Nuremberg trials, even the media was prosecuted and members were put to death for lying to the public, along with many of the doctors and Nazis found guilty of Crimes Against Humanity. Such crimes are also contrary to the Ambient Intelligence which inhabits all things, as they are contrary to Nature’s Harmony Ways.

A different solution would be to round up all the psychos and put them on space ships and send them to a different habitable world and drop them off with no technology to survive as best they could where they were now living. Obviously there would be power struggles and deaths among the inhabitants of the new planet, as they fought one another to take over. At least they would not be here doing all their damages. There would also have to be orbital observers to endure the psychos could never leave that planet until they had become truly civilized, which could take millenia.

But at least they’d be away from here and they couldn’t go around killing everything and everybody willy-nilly, because they’d be gone from here. (Good riddance!)

Again, psychopaths are not salvageable. So we need to remove them all. If they weren’t here, we would not have to defend ourselves and our loved ones from them.


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