The US Cannot Defend Taiwan


Operation Disclosure | By David Lifschultz, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 18, 2021


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As we move from Afghanistan, we find the US in a retreat if not in a rout all across the globe. Here is a summary by the Chinese Global Times. But before we commence with the quote it is important to note that the US cannot even defend its own homeland having no worthwhile missile defense system. On the contrary, the Russian defensive missile systems with the S-500, S-600 and rolling out S-700 are the greatest in the world enabling them to defeat the US in a nuclear war while at the same time protecting 95% to 100% of their population with their defensive missiles. They have nuclear bomb shelter provisions for about forty million people in their cities. We have no nuclear bomb shelters in the US while China has a massive cave system prepared as nuclear bomb shelters. Russia can win a nuclear war. We have discussed this at length elsewhere.

Global Times | US stumbles as Afghan situation cycled in 20 years: Global Times editorial

Here are some quotes:

The US has spent 20 years on its “anti-terror war” in Afghanistan, investing huge amount of resources in the country to support the Afghan government and help train its troops. However, just a month or so after the quickened withdrawal of US troops, Afghanistan’s military collapsed completely under the Taliban’s fierce attacks. This was unthinkable for the US and the rest of the West – even beyond their most pessimistic predictions. 


The drastic change in Afghanistan’s situation is undoubtedly a heavy blow to the US. It declared the complete failure of US intent to reshape Afghanistan. In the meantime, the US’ desperate withdrawal plan shows the unreliability of US commitments to its allies: When its interests require it to abandon allies, Washington will not hesitate to find every excuse to do so. 

A country as powerful as the US could not defeat the Afghan Taliban, which received almost no aid from outside, even in 20 years. This defeat of the US is a clearer demonstration of US impotence than the Vietnam War – the US is indeed like a “paper tiger.” From another perspective, the US’ defeat is even more humiliating than that of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 1980s. 

The Najibullah government in Kabul held out for more than three years after the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan, where the anti-government guerrillas were heavily armed and supported by the US. However, the Taliban defeated the US on its own. The Afghan government collapsed even before the US had completed its troop withdrawal. 

Here we continue our comments:

The US has no ability to defend Taiwan and we had to move planes and aircraft carriers out of the area as Chinese anti-ship weapons on shore can knock them out. They have a wide range. They can strike even Guam.  Air power today is useless as there will be no defensible place for the F-35 to land as the US has no defensive missile capacity to speak of. Aircraft carriers are sitting ducks for missile target practice and are obsolete. This applies everywhere as well as in NATO  NATO is one big bluff as its airpower would be wiped out in the first ten minutes of conflict on their air fields, and the Russian shock armies would reach the English Channel in two weeks. Our planes can be struck by very advanced Iranian missiles at their bases stationed in the Gulf States in a war as well. We go over Iranian power in footnote one.

Israelis defensive missiles against primitive scuds were effective but the cost of the defense was far in excess of the offense. | After 16 Years, Air Force Ends Continuous Bomber Presence on Guam


DEBKAfile | Neither Israel nor US has the capacity to counter Iran’s new cruise missile

DEBKAfile | Iran’s attack on US airbase in Iraq finds Israel vulnerable to same kind of ballistic missile strike

Here is a realistic appraisal of US military might.  This is one of the reasons for deep unrest in the military aside from it being destroyed by woke, sodomy, abortion and transgenderism. The colonels are not pleased with the massive corruption above in their top generals benefiting from the heroin operation in Afghanistan and the destruction of the US military in every area of morality.  Then, the corrupt generals go to the boards of military contractors for their payoffs. Nor are the colonels pleased with the disintegration of the US into murder, crime and rape or mandatory vaccinations with a deadly spike protein.

Chicago Crusader | Chicago shootings: 51 shot, 8 fatally, in weekend across city, CPD says

Revolver | Revolver Exclusive: Navy Commander Warns of National Security Threat from Mandatory Vaccination

David Lifschultz


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