Starship Earth: Awakening to The Great Awakening and our Psychoses


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May 14, 2021

May 14, 2021: Awakening to The Great Awakening and our Psychoses [videos]

After creating a portion of this post and having chosen that “keep calm” motif yesterday to use today, Elon Musk posted this, which is the same thing. Keep calm. Don’t panic.

My feeling when Elon supposedly put that silly red roadster in space was because he was showing us something. I just didn’t know what, but it resonated. Maybe it’s the controls over the sign that remind me of Pepe the frog’s eyes. And when you view this Tweet in Twitter, it says elonmusk 17hr (seventeen) Qincidence?

Even though we think we know what’s coming, we don’t know what’s coming. We’re going to be as shocked as everyone else about some things, and delighted about many things as well. When this psychological operation for good is complete, we will be reprogrammed.

We can see the progression. First, Trump began the refreshing education process that left people gasping because no one had ever said those things on the political stage before. (“Because you’d be in jail.”)

It still gives me chills to think that one man had the courage to stand up on a stage and in front of television cameras and say what he said. The fact that he is still alive today tells us he is protected and a very special soul. The landscape of America would indeed be bleak today had he not done so. 5 min.


Shortly thereafter the Q Team jumped into the fray to get people to research and question and see the corruption and deceit. Trump continued the scorching reality checks at his rallies and on social media.

POTUS and the Q team illustrated their mutual affiliation and gained the trust of the awakened worldwide so we would all have the courage to stand up for ourselves and fight the tyranny because they need us to do that. The liberation requires the strength, vision, and resolve of the Human population.

We, the People have completed bootcamp and are now empowered to ACT on our own to take our countries back. The People must be engaged and ensure their will is done at the local and state level. Criminals must be called out and removed. Police are helping us. The Military are helping us. Lawyers are helping us. Doctors are helping us. Politicians are helping us. Judges are helping us.

Crimes must see justice, and we will all reap what we sow.

It’s time for big truths, and big justice. And revelations.

Trump Vindicated After Judge Ruled MI Secretary of State Broke the Law On Absentee Order

The world is fixated on what is happening in America now, because the fate of the USA determines the fate of every other nation. This process is dramatic and historic and it’s hard not to get a little choked up watching this even if you’re not an American. We know what will happen. America is coming back. Every nation is coming back. Humanity is coming back, and “the best is yet to come”.


I just realized our whistleblower friend John Here to Help is now a US Senate candidate and Tweets:

Someone feels the White Hats control the media because of the subject material in this newscast lasting just a few seconds. Link to Telegram.

I find this interesting, as well. Office of John F. Kennedy Jr.??? Like “Office of Donald J. Trump”Link to Telegram.

Statement by Office of John F. Kennedy Jr.

Since many of the fake channels named John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy have been made, I officially declare that the only reliable and related channels are @hsretoucher17 and @cbknews This is just the beginning.

Any attack on us will be futile and ineffective, ‌ the light of Christ will shine on who is anxious for her and Someone has faith in heart

-John F. Kennedy Jr.

Before we are through, we have to endure these false flag terrorist events. This was yesterday.

Many of us are probably numb to this psychological tactic by now, but many aren’t and it can do a lot of harm to the unsuspecting mind.

DEVELOPING: 9 People Injured in Providence, Rhode Island Shooting – Suspects at Large

This is a short video to answer the question why they would hide flat earth. One of these days the validity or invalidity of the concept of flat earth will be resolved, but until then we have plenty of theories to consider. The ridicule never stops, but they’ve lied about everything else, so perhaps they lied about that, too—and perhaps not for the reasons you think. The longer I look, the evidence supporting the flat theory. Link to Telegram. 5 min.

What else might they be hiding? The things we’ve seen on the NASA SDO cams near the sun knock our socks off. Mr.MBB333 channel shows us a recent capture. Why does no one in an official capacity ever discuss such things? In time, all shall be revealed. Until then, check out the remarkable footage Mike shares in this video. If you’re in a rush, the “sphere” is about 5 min. in.

Looked like a B I G Planet behind the Sun!

Scott McKay had a great show with Michael Jaco and Mel K last night you might want to take in. They all have important perspectives on what we’re watching unfold now and share bits of intel, of course.


5.13.21 Patriot Streetfighter ROUNDTABLE w/ Mike Jaco & Mel K: BOOMS Incoming…

As Humanity in general begins to recognize the truth of our reality, minds are going to shift. The doors are opened, the lights come on, and the view changes radically. This 16 minute video shows how poisoned minds have created an unhealthy world without our knowledge or consent.

Is our civilization experiencing “menticide”? Do you recognize the tactics described here as being in use today? Are we doing it to ourselves? Do you see how POTUS and the Earth Alliance have been countering these assaults on our minds and breaking through the miasma that was keeping us down and helpless?

The MAGA Movement was a massive victory for the Light. It brought millions together across the planet where the miles don’t matter. We are One. We are strong. We are mighty. We are legion, and we are capable of protecting ourselves and winning the battles of the mind.

I particularly like this part:

We must learn to treat the demagogue and aspirant dictators in our midst… with weapons of ridicule. The demagogue himself is almost incapable of humour of any sort, and if we treat him with humour, he will begin to collapse.

I’ll bet you can think of a few examples of when we’ve done that! This is great material to share, my friends.

The Manufacturing of a Mass Psychosis – Can Sanity Return to an Insane World?

There is definitely a theme today… as we emerge from our hypnosis and psychosis.

“The greatest form of control is when you think you ‘re free, when you ‘re being fundamentally manipulated and dictated to. One form of dictatorship is being in a prison cell and you can see the bars and touch them.

Watch a 4-min. video about that on Telegram.

Manipulated? Us? Oh, yeah. We all were—for awhile. But that is changing as the masses see reason. Off with their heads!


How convenient that Dr. Kary Mullis, inventor of the PCR test died suddenly in 2019—just prior to the advent of the scamdemic.

And what of this? A lot of people have died for odd reasons.

This next bit is getting into the esoteric again because it has more value than most of us realized. Trump and the Patriots, particularly one known as SerialBrain2 have shown us the lost arts, if I may call them that, of numerology and gematria. The Borean Calling channel also gets deeply into the coding and brings forth intriguing messages. Some may doubt the veracity of the information shared by SB2, but Trump publicly edified SB2, saying, “the brain is more important than the mouth” at one of his rallies.

LK Dark to Light Channel put SerialBrain decodes to video. SerialBrain faded away and I suspect it’s because they had done their job; just as Q has now left us with the “Q map” or Military Action Plan. Thanks to all parties, we “learned the comms”. Some better than others, obviously. I’m no maestro, which is what SB2 called Trump.

SerialBrain2: HUSSEIN, a Cult 93 Priest Part 2 of 2

Why do Q and Trump repeat the same phrases over and over and why do memes go round and round with those same phrases? Why do they resonate? Are they meaningful to our subconscious or higher self?

Below is the latest post from Borean Calling on Telegram. It’s like a story, or prose. Some of it may resonate, or all of it, or none of it. Link to Telegram. I really liked his analysis of the phrase, “the best is yet to come” that we shared earlier and find these comms a welcome break from geopolitics, war, false flags, and the Wu Flu fear porn.

I welcome your sweet hearts.

Open your spell books to page one please.
Lyrical letters and spiritual rhymes.

This is the truth you are looking for.
This is the truth that sets you free.

Many in our govt worship satan.
These people are corrupt, stupid and sick.

Crossed a line that makes them as evil as satan.
They’ve all made themselves as wicked as satan.

Sadistic acts just for the sake of being evil.
Terrorizing the subconscious mind.

This time they try to keep us hostage.
Claiming they control things they don’t.

None of them have respect for other people.
They know they are going to die this time.

Gave them time to prove their wickedness.
Evil roots are now exposed and will die.

I hear your channels there is nothing hidden.
The world will know what you have done.

White privilege is marxist double speak.
A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Words are spells who are you spelling?
What you are is based on the choices you make.

Pray for people under spiritual attack.
Sandalwood white sage and healing prayers.

Sound is the structure for the word.
When we pray we send out a wave of energy.

Sound wave weapons.
Hear the spiritual order of the voice of men.

Keep applying pressure, save the children.
Divide and conquer works on the ignorant.

We are magical entities use your power.

You can not defeat darkness with darkness.
In the darkness we must reach for the light.

Seek thine sword against the desolation.
The living word of all mighty god spirit.

The one who constructed all things is God.
He’s spiritually destroying Saturn.

Shattering the entire invisible matrix.
To liberate your soul and set you free.

What is the purpose of diversional tactics.
What is the purpose of critical thinking?
What is the purpose of ignorant people?
What is the purpose of uneducated people?
What is the function of the English language?

What is happening to Schumanns resonance?
Schumann resonances are off the charts now.

Flesh becoming light energy at high vibration.

Do all things without murmurings and disputings.
To work is elevating to accomplish is superb.

If you are depressed know why you laugh.
The key to my problems today is acceptance.

Break all consciousness control loops.
Life is awesome when you receive it as a gift.

The inner earth is the center of your mind.
The only way out is to go on the inside.

We are here together in mind and spirit.
Before I formed you in the womb I chose you.

You have done beautiful works.
You fill my heart with joy and laughter.

Love is thy warrior love be thy word.
Light and love leads the way to truth.

Never compromise your own reality.
And then you’re bound to see my other side.

May the angels kiss you in your dreams.

If that interests you, here is the new video. When he speaks of “ascension codes” he means messages that come to each of us individually, usually in our dreams or moments of deep contemplation. Have you been paying attention? 1 hr.

It’s not yet time. Things are being woven.

There’s plenty more I could share but I’m 3 hours behind you so this is done for now. In two minutes it will be 5:00 somewhere and that’s late for an update so 10-4 from the bridge and we’ll be back soon.  ~ BP



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