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March 11, 2021

March 11, 2021: The Late Edition [videos]

Dan Scavino posted an Operation Warp Speed vaxxine video this afternoon. Why do you suppose he did that? Such confidence was portrayed in those presentations, assuring us the the military have this under control. Q told us, “You and your families are safe.”

After all the bad news about the vaccines and people dying, do you think there is a happy ending in wings very soon?

Previous to that one, he Tweeted this:
— Dan Scavino (@DanScavino) March 11, 2021

It’s wonderful to see the way the People show appreciation for their President. It’s unheard of previous to Trump.

We’ve got the President’s back and he has ours.




Check out this 3 min. video from Don Jr. at the link.

“Trump Fans Surprised Me and My Father Today in NYC”

How extreme is it at this point in America? How close to the precipice are we? It depends on the person.

To me, books are like gold. You treat them with respect; you treasure and revere them. It’s so extreme now it’s difficult to believe the lunatic left are serious. How can you censor Dr. Seuss?

Now it’s toys, as well. They scream about Mr. Potato Head and manufacture girl dolls with boy’s private parts. It’s obscene and the people running the world ARE monsters and censorship of our books should scare the hell out of every man, woman, and child.

Allowing them to do this opens the door for so much more. It’s only the beginning. Anything they don’t want us to know they will destroy the books, movies, white papers, videos, photos, audios, art—all of it. They have been hard at work eliminating our seniors who remember the “old ways”.

WATCH: Glenn Beck “This is Fascism! This is Fascism! You Don’t Destroy Books! What is Wrong with us America?”




We know what we’re seeing… but it begs the question, “What are we missing?” The psychopaths are only too happy to have us obsessing and ranting over the obvious, but it’s usually a case of, “Look over here, not over there.” What is “over there”, exactly, when it comes to this gene editing technology?

The COVID-19 PCR-Test – A Shot of Nanoparticles for Your Brain?

It seems some people are paying attention, however. Our neighbours in the old ‘hood got the vaccinations and they said when you make your appointment they don’t tell you which vaccine it is, whether Johnson & Johnson, Astra Zeneca, etc. They told us once you get it they will tell you, but it seems folks are figuring it out beforehand. The facilities that give the vaccines the public considers “safer” or a “one-shot deal” are the busier ones and it’s harder to get an appointment. Some people don’t want to get more than one injection. Once and done is what they’re after.

It sounds grim out there, folks. The worst case scenarios are becoming a reality.

Simon Parkes left his remarks on the data centre fire in France we reported on yesterday.

Huge data holding company destroyed in France 3.5 million websites unlikely to be recovered.
This action should be seen as the ongoing relationship between white hats and black hats.

Here’s Dave’s expert take on current events. Listen to the audio version or watch the video.

Here’s some interesting stuff from GhostEzra:

GhostEzra, [06.03.21 14:00]
Did the Irs tax deadline get moved?
GhostEzra, [06.03.21 14:03]
If you got money coming to you file immediately. If you owe money wait.

I don’t even want to report on this but we must. Vaccines must be eliminated forever.

Outbreak of DEATH occurs at Canadian nursing home following mass vaxxination of patients and staff

And that concludes our post for this evening. Keep a stiff upper lip, possums.  ~ BP





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