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March 4, 2021: March Madness; Game On [videos]

This could be an extraordinary day. It might rain in the valley. Or, the lamestream media’s claims that there will be a Q event could come true… or not. Or, the rumours of a false flag event could come to fruition at the hands of the terrorists—although there is no sign of rioters at the Capitol.

Or, one more person could wake up and decide they’re not going to participate in this fraudulent scamdemic any more. Or, Humanity could simply go on to fight another day in the good fight for freedom. We know we’re winning.

I hear there has been a 7.2 mag earthquake off the North Island in New Zealand. That’s notable. Probably another DUMB.

What else has been happening while we slept?

The Democrats Snuck This Bill Past You and Biden Celebrated It

The good news is, it won’t go anywhere.




Here in Arizona, we’re serious. This fraudulent election will be investigated thoroughly.

Arizona Audit Turning Out to be the Most Important Election Audit in US History

And people who prey on children or help them do that will be dealt with. The conduit through Arizona from Mexico and into Canada must be shut down.

I missed this doozie of a drop at Natural News on March 1. There’s a Covid-related coverup ongoing in the medical industrial complex. Women are already showing negative responses to the Covid vaccine—and they say it happens with most vaccines. NOW they tell us.

Why are women getting mammograms to begin with? It’s radiation. What causes cancer? Radiation. It’s not rocket science. They’ve been torturing and killing us for decades. Lock them up!

Women recently injected with experimental covid vaccines are showing symptoms of BREAST CANCER

Why aren’t they using thermography to detect abnormal activity in tissue? I heard thermography can detect the very beginnings of irregular activity in cells at least 7 years before it ever becomes cancerous simply through the heat signature. THAT is diagnostics and prevention. Mammography is not. It’s butchery and we need major healthcare reform. I can’t say it enough.




Here’s the CDC’s new narrative to keep the hoax going and get the gullible to accept vaccinations. They’re also suggesting that we won’t have a “normal summer” if we open up now. Constant manipulation, brainwashing and fear mongering.

There will be plenty of bombshells and bad news in the near future. Those who thought Mike Pence was a darling got a shock if they read the Lin Wood/whistleblower transcript we shared yesterday. Pence has already been dealt with, I’m sure as we’re seeing doubles and unreasonable facsimilies out there. High treason.

Here’s a new account to follow. How can I ever leave Twitter? Besides it being easy to share here with you, there are too many guffaws to give it up. Muchisimas gracias to the crew por el tippo.

Catturd, our national treasure, and the greatest president ever. What a team.

GhostEzra says…

Exciting things are coming.

March Madness

Can you take a hint? Not much is left to the imagination when they say, “Operations 24/7”

I’ve had groups of 4 Apaches flying over my house this week. Unheard of before this.

What did Q have to say about March Madness?

Check it out here.




GhostEzra also shared the following schematic and said if you can figure this out, you should have March Madness under control.

Dr. Vernon Coleman aka An Old Man in a Chair brings us this commentary on the “royals”. Couldn’t resist.

We have done far more harm than good in going along with this hoax of a plague, my friends. It’s criminal. Will this impact the duck’s ability to dive for food? To care for young? Will it get hung up on a stick or a rock and get trapped? Will it develop open wounds, sicken and die? Will other ducks become hopelessly entangled?

There is no pandemic. How many doctors have to tell us this?

This might sound surprising, but I don’t believe we will “miss” it because what they probably liked—working at home, more time with family, less work, government handouts—will be part of our new lives in the Golden Age. They’re just easing us into it, n’est-ce pas?

Del Bigtree will have a great Highwire show today at 2 EST/11 am Pacific. Here’s the blurb. Watch at the website.

Yeehaw! Texas has joined 15 other states in lifting #Covid restrictions; is this the beginning of the end to pandemic mandates?  And speaking of masks, there are even more downsides than we thought to masks, affecting not only our health but the health of the planet.  Also, why is the new Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine ‘morally compromised’?  Jefferey Jaxen explains. Special guest, New York University Professor Mark Crispin Miller, comes under serious attack for teaching critical thinking. And finally, Dr. Richard Bartlett returns as his touted Budesonide Covid therapy is proven effective yet again.  BE BRAVE, get out on The HighWire TODAY at 11am Pacific, 2pm EST!

“Do you feel lucky, Canucks?”

I believe Dave mentions Jill Biden and her role in this charade in yesterday’s X22 Report and we are reminded that Q told us to “follow the wives”. What’s the saying… “Behind every successful man there’s a _______ woman.” Sometimes the women are at the root of the success and just make the man look good. Right Nancy Reagan?

The global control freaks have marriages of convenience. They marry for power and influence and to further the global agenda. The man may be in the public eye, but in the shadows there just might be a ruthless, psychotic woman. Right Hillary? Jill Biden’s in there like a dirty shirt.




Are you following? Mitch McConnell’s very convenient marriage partner is in the news again. These people are connected – and not in a good way.

Elaine Chao Cited for Misuse of Office by Inspector General

LT brought us another brilliant update from And We Know. As well as the key headlines, he always brings unique content from digs that others don’t do. He’s been focusing strongly on the pedophilia-related articles about arrests and resignations recently. It’s happening.

3.3.21: DISASTER coming to the DS! God WINS! Pray!

Charlie Ward featured another update video from March 2 which I listened to last night with Simon Parkes and Tom Numbers looking at the astonishing numerology, symbology, and “co-inkydinks” involved in the movie unfolding.

While Catturd and his followers have been dissing Q and Q followers today, Simon and the gang point out, as have I, that Trump and his administration consistently reference Q indirectly with 17s, etc. and Trump has drawn a Q in the air a number of times at his live events. You might want to check out this “Ripple Effect” discussion.

Q certainly does get a lot of bad press, but any publicity is good publicity when you’re trying to get the attention of the somnambulent masses. Q is a global phenomenon, right alongside Donald Trump. They are synonymous with strength, knowledge, freedom, honour, and rebirth.

The Ripple Effect, With Tom Numbers Simon Parkes & Charlie Ward

Pffffffffffffffff… here’s your happy thought for the day. Give me oxygen.

CNN Analyst Says the U.S. Should Consider Requiring Masks And Social Distancing Every Winter




Do the White Hats control the media? You gotta wonder.

Here’s Fauci with a mask that doesn’t quite go beneath his collar so it’s flapping around. Who IS that masked man???

I think that’s enough for now. Make it a great day, be free, be kind, and make the world a better place if you can, and remember to laugh—even if it’s at yourself.  ~ BP


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