(Reader: Hawke) To Inform or Not to Inform, Save the Children


Reader Post | By Hawke (UK)

Namaste fellow woken beings,

I must apologise given my frustrations with the ‘accurate information’ that circulates as a figure of about 1% & the rest as disinformation that circulates as a figure of 99%.

It is extremely hard not to expect this whole thing to be the most perfectly Psy-Op ever conducted… It’s definitely created by advanced minds with question to their intent. That is the 34 Quadrillion / Quintillion dollar question : Are they good or are they bad?

The timings that don’t happen which does bring those on 4D & 5D down back to 3D… So, it is Alliance Super Quantum Computer Intelligence VS D|S Super Quantum Computer Intelligence – I guess they don’t want to play ‘Tic-Tac-Toe’? War Games more like…

The advised White Hats who want to ensure no harm is created by their actions yet the Black Hats don’t give a flying saucer of a F**k about the lives they ruin, harm etc… If you are expecting the World to Wake up! then that may never even reach 40% – You need a Rude Awakening which just lays it all out, no holding back, no censoring, no softly softy.  Biblical Event will most likely do it but What to Believe… It is like a trap with a bungee cord that pulls you back & each time, the ascension process gets that little bit harder. So Why the Bull Crap, Honestly… Why do people defend the whole ‘No Information’ when there are blatant dates being given out to what – throw the D|S watchers off? I mean, really…. C’mon!

What about the 05th March 2021 date? You know – All the News or TV channels are going to be taken over – This was advised very early this week. What’s the point of that? Isn’t that information that you don’t want the D|S to know yet you give them a 100 hours notice to warn them… I mean, really???

Look, this whole thing which is being convinced onto us about the purpose of NESARA & GESARA is about the children right? I.e. saving those who have been ab/used, traffic/ked etc… To lead towards a free world, free society & freedom. Even the recent drop regarding ‘Sound of Freedom’ It is about the children …

So please then understand this which relates to my concerns & frustrations – The UK D|S is gearing up to unleash some horrid, evil plan onto the children… Why else are they pushing so hard after cornering the circumstances into their favour – to push the children back to education BUT enforcing MASKS & TESTING… Those who do not comply are isolated, sectioned & it’s all like back in the concentration camps – Single you out then punish you more & more…

This all is leading to Pandemic 2.0 People!!!  There are thousands of UK citizens who can see this D|S plan & need the Global Alliance, US Military, True Patriots to help protect their children from this evil, heinous agenda… The D|S are using the children, please understand this…

I really am pleading to those to understand the severity of what may occur as I can tell you that when children then people start dying… The whole façade will be on some new mutation (which is Why they’ve run this story before about variants) yet the true science says variants / mutations are less dangerous BUT THERE IS NO VIRUS as everybody knows… So when, children start to get sick, ill or even die… The parents, guardians, carers & whole country are gonna want to destroy every single person who is ‘Just following orders‘. Each & everyone one of you, who know you are doing wrong is gonna get it… It doesn’t matter who you are. When the truth shows the true intention upon forcing the children back to school education – All of ya’people better start praying for divine intervention as everyone not putting a stop to this now is allowing the D|S to freely kill… Is that the Global Alliance Plan?
You wanna save the children – End this now!



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