The Lightworkers Path: The Promise



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Luna, Visionary and Co-founder of World Benevolence Group

Submitted on November 15, 2023

The Lightworkers Path: The Promise

Do you ever imagine any of your past lives? I actually have memories of some of mine. But I see myself during all periods on this planet like in the 13th century Italy and the Renaissance period in France. I have seen myself in times of war as a French soldier. I witnessed the suffering, hunger and devastation. Children without anyone to love and care for them.

Then I think about now and not much has changed except the scenery. The hunger, suffering and devastation is still very prevalent around us everywhere. Not much love in the streets. The energy is still heavy. Absence of light will make you feel like you are struggling.  Darkness is the absence of light (lack of information) and the light is information.

Everything here in what I call the 3D world is designed to keep us in the dark. Our job is to recognize it and transmute it but more often than not we get caught up or trapped in some form of the darkness and not our fault most of the time. This happens unconsciously because we are not aware of the duality of things here on this planet. And you know what else I can tell you about this is that you have been programmed not see or feel it. Only certain people can see it before it actually happens but are powerless with so many of us asleep.

No judgment here it’s the truth that we haven’t been able to help each other because it was designed that way. You see in case you can’t we are in a game and it’s not one we chose. It is my understanding that this ‘game’ has been going on for all eternity in other words since man has been on Earth (Gaia). We are like pawns in a chess game. The Creator Gods decided that would make the game more fun.  In fact, we got trapped here in the cycle of the life/death and rebirth portal. Like we are in a hamster wheel and it’s a trap. Why you ask? Well I’ll tell you, but I know you won’t believe me because you are still in the program so you won’t acknowledge the truth of how I see things.

We keep reaching out to you but the echo is empty in the walls of silence. Your program won’t allow you to see or hear the truth even if it’s to save your life like when the plandemic was around.




There are prophets that were sent here to whisper to you and just for you. Please wake up and hear these words. We are stuck in this storm and it’s about dark and light or good and evil. What do you choose? You do have a choice. You must take a stand but you are still asleep. Wake up humanity awaits you. You have a mission too. I know because you are here at this time.

I’m afraid when you wake up your world will have transformed without you. I can’t imagine how you will feel and yet I can that’s why I’m here and many others are also here to help you.  There are many here for you will be amazed how important you are in the greater scheme of things. You have no idea. I promise you that you will have all that you need emotionally, physically and spiritually. None of us will ever be alone again in this life.

What we are creating is a society that is about unity. Sharing and caring. What one person has we all have. No one will have to suffer or go hungry. Poverty will be eradicated worldwide. Never again will humanity have to suffer that way or any way. No more slaves.

We are being liberated by our sky family and the white hats worldwide. I can feel it now and the truth is just around the corner. The truth everyone will hear. One of those truths is the programs that were used to put many of you asleep like a spell was cast on you. I know how that sounds believe me, but it still doesn’t make it not true!

Once everyone is shown what our world was really like it will scare you. I feel that many will turn to God because truly that is the only way that this evil that permeated all of humanity and our lives can only be gone with God’s hands. And gone it must for it has taken many billions of lives over centuries. This game is sick and pure evil. 

The world ahead now will be one of unity, love, compassion and joy. I know that sounds like a fairy tale but honestly this world is a nightmare right now. So instead of concentrating on what was, I want to concentrate on the world I envision in my dreams. To create we must believe we can and I know what I want to create. I want to create a world where harmony rules and people are free to be who they came here to be.

We grow with experiences, more importantly we have faith to guide us. Reach for the stars for it is yours, be in joy for it is your birthright, love fiercely for you are love and you came from love. A spark of God’s energy that means you can do anything you put your mind to. 




Have faith in a power greater than you and know that the Light and God always WINS! May you all be blessed with peace in your soul knowing that God has your back! So go ahead and dream big because the world I envision will be so magical and so abundant that you will not be able to sleep due to the all the joy you will feel in your core. I know I am on a mission here to help humanity in every way I can and I can’t do it alone.

Let me ask you do you know why you are here?

Do you want to be a part of a mission that involves spreading love and light around the world?

Have you thought of a humanitarian project how you can enhance humanity in some way or another?

How do you envision the next 10 years?

If you are not sure how or if you don’t have a humanitarian project in mind but know that you want to help humanity then please, contact me: We need many people to help us complete this mission and together we can achieve it.   Come and be a part of my soul family that is full of amazing humanitarians who just want to spread their love and light to the world. Please join us.

Our website is I look forward to hearing from you. Hold on and know that I am here for you get in touch. Many blessings to you and your loved ones!

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