Helping Freedom Win: How to Control Body Shape and Weight



Body shape and body weight are things we can control, but until now maybe didn’t know how. My new e-book gives you more tools than you even knew you needed to control both your body weight and the shape of it. 150% of all proceeds from the e-book go to food for the poor, and other programs to help drug addiction and homeless. The book is also 100% satisfaction-guaranteed for life. Full refund any time. No questions asked. Here’s the link to the book: Nutritional Weight Loss Program – 16th Edition

Why Should We Control Both the Shape and Weight of the Body?

Other than improved strength and happiness, a body that has the correct weight and shape improves:

  • Heart health & all other organs
  • Muscular efficiency
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Metabolism
  • Hormone regulation

The Book Even Gives You a Way to Break Away from Food Addiction and Belly-Fat

The cycles of food-addiction, belly-fat stubbornness, hormone imbalance,  can make any attempt to control one’s body shape and weight.

Is it Petty to Want to Make the Shape of the Body More Attractive?

It’s absolutely not petty to want to be attractive. Or, you might as well say it’s petty to want a nice house or even a beautiful world to live in.

Think of all the beautiful things you love and ugly things you wish looked nicer. This is our aesthetic appreciation at work, not pettiness or vanity.




Which is Better? An Hourglass Shape, Log or Beachball?

I personally prefer the hourglass shape. But the last times I ever dieted my body started looking more and more like a skinny log.

Why? That never used to be a problem for me. So though I had a few more pounds to lose, I stopped losing weight until I could figure the problem out.

I’ve always been interested in learning for myself the laws of nutrition, health and happiness. I love to be able to control the various things in my domain, including the body. So I was happy to study this issue some more. Always the possibility that my DNA or age were the cause of it.

Months Later I Had a Breakthrough Discovery About Body Shape

Through my studies and trials I happened upon a revelation to improve my body shape. I’ve been applying the principles with astonishing results. And my waist measurements are shrinking while my bust measurements have stayed steady. Voila!

I’m getting closer and closer to what the body looked like at 19.




Increases in waist circumference indicates belly fat. Belly fat has untold health risks. Both males and females suffer from belly fat issues as they age. But applying my new revelations about all this is the answer.

I’m so excited about it I want to share this vital information with the world! So I revised my Nutritional Weight Loss Book to include my exciting new revelations.

Proceeds From E-Book Sales

The ONLY reason I want you to buy it is for you to get the information. I’m not trying to make money with the sale of it.

All of the proceeds for the sale of this e-book (plus 50% more) will go toward helping the homeless, hungry or those who suffer from addictions.

About Me

l have a background in biology, physiology, nutrition and weight-loss.

I use this program regularly to keep myself in shape and at the weight I want to be. I have raised 5 children who are all grown now. I have a masters degree in education and was a teacher/principal for 24 years. Researching nutrition and weight loss for all my adult life.

Helping Freedom Win

Visit my home page for more information about how to help our world right now.





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