(Reader: Empyyrean) I Nominate myself as One of the Leaders for the Canadian Republic



Reader Post | By Empyyrean

Hello readers,

The time is coming to select leaders for all the Republics coming into full swing shortly and I would like to nominate myself as one of them.

Some of the things that would happen,

1. Mandatory drivers licensing would be scrapped, sure if you are transporting commercial goods on public roads for private profit, then yes you would need one, its what truck driver, taxi drivers, bus drivers, delivery drivers etc do. If one doesn’t realize why taxi and bus drivers would need one is because the FARE is the commercial good, but using your private property (non commercial) on your property (roads, etc) is a right as long as you respect others same right and be cautious and careful as well as being fully responsible for your actions, this includes the care and maintenance on what you use for travel.

It will be held against you if lets say your using an automobile and its badly maintained, which causes you to get in a collision.

“Accidents” dont actually exist, its %95 of the time caused by negligence of some sort and the other %5 is sheer stupidity.

2. Mandatory insurance would be scrapped for private use items, which includes automobiles, homes etc, businesses operating commercially would have to still be insured, but anything in the private side would not, now if you want to get some privately then by all means its completely voluntary, also indemnity bonds would make a comeback, and instead of a $200,000 value policy the minimum would be $10-30k depending on what is being bonded and the risks associated to the item.




For example in BC Canada, ICBC (Insanely Corrupt Bordello of the Crown) says to get an indemnity bond which can cover your automobile, yourself, house etc, the minimum is $200,000 coverage, but they set it so high because the payments would be like getting a mortgage, so unavailable to the majority of public.

The thing ICBC doesn’t tell you is that usually you only pay about %10 of the value of the bond, then payments stop until you use it. They want you to keep paying monthly with insurance, when an indemnity bond is better because you can put ALL your assets into one indemnity bond, but with insurance you have to get insurance and pay monthly permanently on each individual item.

3. The Canadian Bill of Rights and Charter of Rights(privileges) would be scrapped. A new and up to date Bill of Liberties, Rights and Unalienable Rights would be created. IT would advance freedoms far greater than the Original US Constitution + Bill of Rights put together and it’s already created ready to go.

4. Income Tax, Business tax, property tax, transfer taxes, utility levies and taxes would all be scrapped. A method similar to a flat tax on new non essentials at %5 instead of %15, even though a true government should be supported willingly by contributions from the people if they actually serve the people, because those people will do what ever to ensure their freedoms exist. So it can be discussed.

5. A lot is covered in the Bill of Liberties, Rights and Unalienable Rights, it will definitely surprise most.

6. Utilities like Energy, Water, Etc would be free, because they are OUR resources and we shouldn’t have to pay to use our resources. Resource conservation will work its way into the general public mindset, as its pretty much already there.

7.”Free Energy” and all the suppressed technologies directly associated to it would become open to the public, under the already existing operational classification and program which are in place and has been sitting in the Canadian Intellectual Property office since 2015.




8. Governments are reduced vastly in size, when it comes to the administration of it. Like you have heard before it would be reduced to around %10 of existing size. Positions would be completely voluntary (un-paid) since no one would be a debt slave and they would have the opportunity to do something actually good for humanity, it also gets rid of the ideology of (doing it for the money).

9.Chemtrails would cease to exist, as well as concerted efforts to reverse the pollution done to this world using advanced technology like N-CFA’s and N-CVC’s, which is already here and waiting to be used.

10. The pharmaceutical companies will be banned from giving commissions to all medical practitioners for prescribing their product, as well as the medical associations would be prohibited from harassing alternative medical practices; what this would do is get rid of all the drug pushing, murderous, butchers (doctors), who were in it for the money and it would bring in a tidal wave of actual healers, because there would be no fear of harassment or getting suicided.

Now I am aware of the med beds, healing pods, and things like it that will replace 90% of the medical field, but until that is in fruit mainstream, well this is a start; as well as nature and our spiritual abilities tuned correctly we can do everything the med beds can do and more already, including living lives up to 1000 years, not having to eat, drink, sleep;we can regrow limbs, rejuvenate etc.

11. All suppressed history both regular and religious would be released.

12. The school system would be completely recreated for actual learning and not indoctrination.

13. Use of the birth Certificate or R.O.L.B (Record of Live Birth) as chattel property would be prohibited.

14. Actual maps of Earth, documents and its surroundings would be released to end the dispute over flat/globe earth, as well as be taught in the school system. (Its one of the things JFK Sr. was going to do.)

This is just a PREVIEW of what would change near immediately if I was leader, the list is extensive and would even shock those wide awake on things that they may have missed or were unaware of.

I have already picked a side, survived 10+ assassination attempts, with one where I actually had wasps coming out of my chest (that is the more horrific ones and when it gets to that point your survive ability chances are near nil), 2 abduction attempts + more, Nothing will stop what is coming and nothing will stop my responsibility to Creation.




They can try all their Assassination attempts, , blackmail schemes, Honey Pots, bribery, etc,etc, from this point in the NOW forward, those things won’t stand a chance to sway me.

If you accept this White Hats, then you know what to do and what I request/need.

The future looks very bright for humanity, I have proof of that…. The ones who know… know this to be true.

many blessings

Will serving Creation


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