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Reader Post | By Victor

You are feeding the war by focusing your attention on it. True prayer to change the war and stop it, is to do the opposite of what you are doing, which is focusing on it. BE SILENT INSTEAD…God knows absolutely nothing about your words and ideas and concepts about a war. God is not in YOUR WAR….you are in your war. GOD does not live in thoughts and ideas. This is a war that you are keeping alive by thinking and also a war that you manifested by the low level that you are vibrating at. You are getting a charge out of this war.

What?….Do you think manifesting a war is a high proud level of development? What…you are fighting for GOD and killing his children that do not think the thoughts that you like? Because that is exactly what is going on. GOD is not in your war manifesting because GOD IS ALWAYS SILENT….YOU are the only one talking here and now and making a mess.

YOU are creating a war in …HIS SILENCE…He is holding the place called Heaven for you to make something good and what have you created?…WAR…well bully for you. How does that feel? HOW DOES IT FEEL?….

Does not feel like GOD does it? It feels like arrogant you and all your beliefs and lies you picked up from your mama and papa and church and everyone. It all feels like YOU. Because there really is only YOU HERE…in the Garden. So when you look at this news of war. YOU are feeding it. YOU are giving your power of attention to it and that is what GOD sees…AS YOUR PRAYERS!. GOD sees what you put your attention on, or what you put HIS AWARENESS ON?  Yeah….GOD gives you his actual eyes and AWARENESS and you make War. What you say or think ….is always what you are making….RIGHT NOW. 

There is only this now moment and in this here location. YOU think that the war is thousands of miles away but its here right now with YOU. There is no time and space in creation. If you did not want to make war, YOU would be SILENT AND ONE WITH GOD…..? WHERE THERE IS NO TIME AND SPACE…where ALL IS ONE.

But where are you instead? YOU ARE IN MIND…..thinking insane thoughts about war and religion and GOD mind concepts which are actually insanity. Meaning that all you ever are doing is build false heavens and castels for YOURSELF …and GOD never has anything to do with YOU and what you are building. GOd is not your ideas ever. Your build trash pretending you are praying to GOD and doing it for HIM. When you do not even know anything about GOD or you would be doing something different than creating more Fear and war thoughts.

GOD does not need your help and does not fight anything.Not even your fears of nuclear bombs that the luciferic media feeds you and you lap up the fear like a starving mangie dod that is lost. …and lost you are. GOD IS….and if you are in Silence, YOU CAN BE IN THAT “ISNESS” …There as ONE you can talk to GOD with BEINGNESS…not thinking.  HIS kingdom and yours is within and never in MIND. NEVER, EVER IN MIND. That is your realm of illusions and where wars happen,




MIND is not even noticed or registered by GOD since it does not exist for GOD. Where is your mind in SILENCE?….Not there. Your ideas are not there. Your body is not there. Your concepts of birth are not there. It all exists for YOU and for you to wake up or not? So if you are watching the news at any time really, YOU ARE FEEDING THE SEPARATION AND LIE….that you exist apart from GOD….Then when lost in separation thoughts… you love the war. YOU love the fake and false ego thrill that you are getting from the negative energy charge of war.

You never get a positive charge from GOD do you? Why?….Because YOU are never Silent and then know only thoughts and abstractions about GOD with mind. Then….YOU think you are a Jew or Muslim or a Christian…and then you go off to War for GOD?….Really? Are you that dumb? YES …and you have been doing it for thousands of years and never get a clue that your insane. Completely and totally insane. What does a little Jewish child or Palestinian child know of war? Nothing….they know GOD in their hearts only. Then when you know war and bs stories in your stale and dead books full of lies…. YOU then feed your children these lies.

The innocent child of yours then loves you and trusts you to protect it and guide it in life. It chose you as a parent and what do you do? You fill the child with your illusions and nightmares and mental illness. So in just a short time your lovely child which you betrayed. Yes you did. YOU fed that child mind lies and false ideas about GOD that you got programed with by your own lost parents and now you have a war once again. Did you ever think of taking SELF RESPONSIBILITY?…OR BEING SILENT?….NO???

So right now everyone who is asleep is watching the fake news with lies and YOU FEED THE DEMONS…Well who do you think wants your sick thoughts of hatred and killing and of revenge? GOD?….I don’t think so. Do you think GOD wants you to go and kill those children over there on the other side of the wall?  Why would GOD want that? YOU want that.,,,and only YOU. 

So in your arrogance you betrayed your own children and made them sick and crazy so that their chances of ever escaping your insane creations are low. Aren’t YOU ashamed yet? I doubt that you are because you never change? Why is that? GOD can not do for you more than he is already doing. What more do you want? YOU HAVE IT ALL. YOU have all powers of creations with  AWARENESS  and  you have ETERNAL LIFE….but you make trash and war and destroy GOD’s children and your own children?

I Am 68 years old and this War crap has been going on my whole life. I try to share sanity here and that is about all I can do for swine. Are you a swine? Am  I casting my pearls before them? I hope that there is one partially sane person left in REALITY? Is there? Where are YOU? Why do you not speak the Truth and stand there screaming it?…Why do you watch the lies in the news and feed it your GOD ENERGY THEN?

This is not going to be easy for YOU. since your addicted to HELL. Coffee, sugar and all other addictions are nothing compared to the JUICE OF HELL….The demons that started this war run the media and governments and the military. They just love to entangle YOU in their trash. What do demons care if they kill you and your children and destroy whole countries and the whole world? That is their goal….to expand Hell and here is a vaxx to help you get there faster my harpie prodigies. Keep watching the news and keep getting angry and keep on manifesting more disturbances….PLEASE….SAY THE DEVILS…..and you do it even without the please and you trust devils over GOD.




So which of your confused prayers do you think GOD will answer? He answers ALL as THIS WAR IS YOUR PRAYER…..since YOU made it. NOT GOD….?….YOU DID IT ALL!. So then you go to church or what ever other place you think you need to go to contact GOD.? Like GOD needs a special chosen country or location? Are you nuts?…

So you then pray to GOD to kill your enemy and say that you are doing it all to help GOD?….RIGHT….IMO….The faster you go to Silence the better. Do it here and now so that your not creating trash. Because there is no separation in GOD. Silence holds everything. So if you create war here in your location….that is the only location that ever existed, but since you do not know GOD yet….you do not understand the error of your ways.

So thousands of year of trash are coming home to roost to those that made it. Energy does not lie. It comes home to those who created it. That means that if you make more trash, it will at some point come back to YOU, since its your creation. That is why you do not want to focus on war because you then make more of it and feed it. Now that does not mean if your in the war zone that you do not become aware of where you are. But most are not there and are here in front of the computer and not in a war zone. Two different things and do not use that as an excuse to JUST STAY AS YOU ARE….and create more war fears. YOU have to stop it!

This war is for YOU. Your chance to heal ALL….but…YOU HAVE TO ASK TO TRANSMUTE THIS TRASH…..That is why I keep on sharing the HO’OPONOPONO prayer. Because YOU say it to your CHILD OR ALL CHILDREN….and then ask for GOD to forgive YOU…which GOD WILL DO. So start by helping everyone with this and helping yourself. This opportunity is for everyone. This is TRANSMUTATION TIME….where we all get rid of the trash by not making more now and then asking to heal the unconscious mind creations of thousands of years, This simple prayer can do that. It does not mean you have to give up anything else. To complicated now to do that and you will do that latter when you wake up more.

Say this over and over again, when ever you remember. This will bring you to the present moment by remembering and becoming aware when you say this prayer. To be in the present moment is to be with GOD. IN that Silence you say the prayer. “I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”….NOW YOU ARE HELPING END THE WAR….because YOU are then ONE with GOD….Not hard to do at all and not complicated and no time is needed and you do not have to go anywhere.



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