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Reader Post | By Victor

Fellow Patriot posted this in response to my article “YOU CAN GET TO HEAVEN WHILE STILL ALIVE” and I want to thank him for posting this Truth in his reply. He shared:

  • “The Kingdom of Heaven is a place of indescribable beauty, where all pain, suffering, and tears cease, and the Triune God sits on His Throne surrounded by magnificent angels proclaiming and blessing His Holy Name without end.” – Mother Angelica

That is all true and I 100% agree. “I Love It”….Let me explain why I do. I see there is no conflict in what I wrote with this description of Heaven. Mother Angelica says: “It is a place of indescribable beauty, where all pain, suffering and tears cease.”

Correct and True. Let me share what I understand and why it is so indescribable. Because in Heaven….NOTHING…is there but unmanifest God energy. That is why pain and suffering and tears end. HOW ELSE?…Nothing has been created …”YET”…You have not stuck your nose in it. In that original state time does not exist. That state is still there NOW….it will always be there.

You can experience that as an aware feeling of LOVE and actually go there to prove it for yourself….and BE IT…BE ONE WITH GOD.  But how many people know that or even thought that was possible for them? I am telling you that it “IS THERE”. You can go while alive and You can confirm Heaven and your angelic nature there as well as here on earth. You are not limited….unless you believe that you are.? 

Along with “NOTHING”…In parts of Heaven…it IS..”felt and seen” as the indescribable beauty of being ONE. Being ONE GOD with or being the “I AM THAT I AM”…in the unmanifested state. Where nothing but GOD IS FELT AND KNOWN.

There are no relatives and houses or anything in the unmanifested state. That is why it is indescribable LOVE….because we have yet to go into a world of relatives, houses and a whole universe that is Creation. There is where the LOVE IS FORGOTTEN….once we went into the Garden of Eden….this earth.

Mother Angelica says;  “The triune God sits on his Throne surrounded by magnificent angels proclaiming and blessing His Holy Name without end”….TRUE AGAIN.




Which means GOD never leaves His Throne…..or as I have explained…”GOD IS ALWAYS AWARE”…GOD observes everything in creation in Heaven and also before Creation of anything in Heaven. God ..”IS”…and is there before the idea of Heaven or manifesting anything is a state that has an “I AM”.

Before God is SOURCE…which is a state before the “I AM”…shows up. From that “I AM”…with unmanifested awareness….Heaven was created. That is where all creation happens, in the “I AM”. That is where all mansion exist and where earth exist. It is all there is as a creation and that is all within God that is aware of everything within itself.

God happens in that “I AM” state and that is God as we know it and what we are made of. Then Heaven is where manifestation happens and in that Heaven there are many mansions. Which only means that everything is created there. YOU can create there and you have….this world is what you created.

Everything created is a mansion. Since GOD or AWARENESS….does not create trash. We create the trash….BECAUSE….”we forget to bless his Holy name”….which means that when we go into a false idea that we can exist as a “separate”creation”,  like the EGO mind. From that illusion as our false compass. We create with thoughts ALL ..”things”…all things that we create are just “borrowing” the infinite energy of God that is available to us in the original Heaven state of infinite potential yet unmanifested. We use that power and use that energy but ?…”WE”…all of US… “GIVE NO CREDIT TO GOD”… or forget to Bring God along?…So…we leave the kingdom of Heaven without….”Him”… in our “hearts”. WE FALL ASLEEP…and We forget by using “our EGO minds” and we dream up or make doo….doo….or dark dead energy.

We ignore God then by Not using God’s mind or ITS…infinite awareness that sees ALL EVERYWHERE. Instead we have created our present world or what we see….because ‘WE FAIL TO SEE’. That we are the magnificent angels…”WHO HAVE FORGOTTEN THAT THE KINGDOM IS WITHIN”….so in our hearts, we have left God out and replaced the throne with a picture of ourselves instead. Yeah….its that bad and then we go to church tis Sunday and pray to God who we say we love and sing hims to him; that we kicked out of our thone or OUR lives?…Hmmm?

So we no longer do as mother Angelica says at the end of the referenced quote….”His Throne surrounded by magnificent angels proclaiming and blessing His Holy Name without end.”..The only thing we are “Blessing”…is me…me…ME!. The proof is THERE when you look at this world. Is that a GOD created mansion? or is it Doo Doo you made?….IMO….its ME and YOU …or ME that made this debauchery.

Yet as hypocrites do….”We are proclaiming something else in our Hearts and not his Holy name at all? ”  and we have been doing this for a long time. That if we do not fix ourselves….this “amnesia of God”…may “IT” go on without end?…If so? It will be a very bad ending for this particulare Heaven on earth Creation, since it may not survive us being there in our present condition. Our earth can cease as a failed experiment and a new one can be made. Not a problem for GOD.It will not effect Heaven over all…imo…? You will just be the same AWARENESS…because YOU ARE THE SPACE THAT HOLDS EVERYTHING….the “I AM”…and NOTHING  has happened once again. Only the “I” remains…. “I AM THAT I AM”.




That is why we need to wake up and take “SELF RESPONSIBILITY”…if we do not? Earth will end and it will be OUR FAILED CREATION.It will not be the end of God or of YOU?…since you are made of the same stuff..SPIRIT…but it could be the end of Humans and earth? You will then be another idea that did not work out called “humans”…You will be extinct. That is nothing new to God…and Earth will be the cost of that idea of humans in Heaven that failed. You can put that on your resume of the EGO?…But since the EGO does not exist? YOU as Spirit are not individuated and are not at risk and YOU will go back to Being Source.

That is why you should get to Heaven personally while alive and “feel again” and remember again…that “WE ARE ALL ONE”…

Living here on earth is a Heavenly mansion. It is not the whole realm. It is one part of it. This world could have been a school of sorts for you and I to go and create and see how we follow instructions? This was the original Garden of Eden and we ate of the  FORBIDDEN FRUIT.

What is the “Forbidden Fruit”?….it is not about sex at all. That is religion being used upon you to distort the Truth so that you always stay in “your ignorant superstitious Hell that you created” and destroy Heaven on Earth, which we have almost done as sleeping angels do. The forbidden fruit was “using the mind to create”…MIND is the forbidden fruit and thoughts are that mind. YOU thought yourself up as separate and then started think you Doo Doo did not stink?…AND then ..”WE PUT AN EGO ON THE THRONE”…instead of GOD. We put “ourselves” on the Throne and kicked God out. Then in real arrogance we pretended to sing praises to the GOD …that we kicked out of our hearts and then!!….We swear on the Bible and say…”I did not do it? What …ME?”….It’s that simple.

The “WE”…looks like we are separate people. That was the test in the garden of eden in Heaven. Would you retain God in your heart and remember the kingdom within?…and therefore always “KEEP GOD ON THE THRONE?…OR IN YOUR OWN HEART?”…

That was the test.  HOW DO YOU THINK YOU DID?…Would YOU stay as a proclaiming angel, blessing HIS Holy Name without end? YOU know the answer do you not? Will you take “FULL SELF RESPONSIBILITY”….??…NOW.



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