Tidal Pumping: The Real Cause for Weather and Climate Change



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Richard F. Cronin, Guest Writer

Submitted on September 26, 2023

Tidal Pumping – The Real Cause for Weather and Climate Change (Sept. 25, 2023)

Completely unappreciated in the energy balance of the Earth are at least four (4) phenomena. Perhaps just as important is that these effects are not uniformly distributed. There are about 40 to 50 “hot spots” globally. Yellowstone, Hawaii, Iceland, Samoa, the Gulf of Guinea off Africa, and the Gulf of Maine,  (which has been quite warm and has the adherents of Anthropogenic Climate Change alarmed). In past epochs the Gulf of Maine was quite volcanic, like Yellowstone. In fact, Hawaii and Iceland “co-pulsate”. (Mjelde, Faleide 2009)

1) The variances in gravitational forces (Tidal Pumping) from the Sun out to Jupiter (Kent, Olsen, et al 2018) open up our tectonic plates to spill unimaginable seismic heat into the oceans and drive the El Niño Southern Oscillation. Think of squeezing and re-squeezing a hard rubber ball and it heats up. This is what stirs seismic activity.

It is very well known that Jupiter’s massive gravity field heats the moons Io, Ganymede, and Europa to drive extensive volcanism as they proceed through their elliptical orbits. In fact, per recent NASA observations, these moons pump one another.

The same is true for the Sun’s gravity field pumping the Earth as we proceed through the Northern Hemisphere’s Winter Solstice (the Southern Hemisphere swings closest to the Sun) and, two weeks later, the Perihelion (the Earth’s closest approach to the Sun). These combined events rip and tear open the Trenches of the Ring of Fire to inject unimaginable quantities of seismic heat into the waters of the South Pacific to drive the La Niña phase of the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

The stress build-ups are most pronounced at the two terminal points of the Ring of Fire. La Niña is driven by the Tonga, New Hebrides, and New Britain Trenches as well as the large plate fracture region east of Papua New Guinea. Due to a subsurface plume effect the surface waters of the Torres Strait and Bismarck Sea are most pronounced. The onset of the El Niño is signaled by a cold water upwelling along the coast of Peru and Chile. The is due the melting of methane clathrates beneath the ocean floor. (Kamis – Plate Climatology) from the opening of the Peru/Chile Trench. Other heat contributors are the Nazca Plate, the Easter Island Microplate and the East Pacific Rise. Due to the plume effect, the surface waters of the of the central Pacific warm first, then spreads eastward as the clathrate melting diminishes.




In 2021/2022, the Winter Solstice fell on Dec. 21, 2021.  The Perihelion fell on Jan. 4, 2022.

On Jan. 15, 2022 the Tidal Pumping stresses which had accumulated over a rather lengthy La Niña ripped loose off Tonga-Hunga in the southwest Pacific. The largest submarine volcano ever observed spewed an estimated 50 million tons of water vapor into the atmosphere. That moisture buried Buffalo NY in snow last winter. That moisture still affects us as we approach the winter of 2023/2024. Ice and heavy snow is predicted in Jan. – Feb. 2024 for the I-95 corridor from Washington DC to Boston. Congressional staff in Washington DC may have difficulty commuting and it may even impact many of the unnecessary operations of the U.S. federal government.

D-Day (June 6, 1944), the Battle of the Bulge and the Russian Front experienced a pronounced El Niño.

It is bewildering how Svente Arrhenius (1896), Gilbert Plass (1956), and continuing through today’s pseudo-scientists have ignored or misunderstood water in their analyses. Doesn’t anybody understand the cooling effects of the water cycle ? If you heat up on the planet’s surface, for whatever reason, you evaporate more water to provide more cooling via the water cycle.

With the stresses relieved in the southwest Pacific, the Tidal Pumping stresses are now opening up the Peru/Chile Trench and other seismically active regions off South America to drive the current El Niño.

Since 1815 the American Farmer’s Almanac has been 80 to 85 % accurate in their predictions. Part of their analyses uses the observations of planetary positions and the Zodiac. They learned about those observations from the Native Americans.

2) The unimaginable heat from numerous exothermic geochemical reactions, including the production of immeasurable quantities of oil and gas (abiotic hydrocarbons). Much more to learn. I have attempted to describe these reaction more fully in a paper published April, 2023.




3) The solar wind distorts the polar vortex sending Arctic air blasts all around the Northern Hemisphere. The solar wind and coronal mass ejections heat the polar regions in subtle ways, not fully understood.

4) The Sun’s magnetic field and solar wind distort the Earth’s magnetic field and causes Ohmic heating at Earth’s Core, the source of our magnetic field.

Ott Hilgenberg, Samuel Carey, James Maxlow, Ian Plimer, Jan Mestan (the Chthonian Planet), Francisco Stoppa, Giancarlo Scalera, Robert J. Tuttle and J. Marvin Herndon have all advanced the concepts of Expansion Tectonics.

That is, Earth and the four (4) rocky inner planets began as gas giants with heavy gas/liquid proto-atmospheres. For Earth, the heavy proto-atmosphere exerted 300 earth-masses onto a rocky inner “kernel” approx. 2/3rds of Earth’s current dimension (Herndon). With the thermonuclear detonation of the Sun, followed by the solar wind, the four inner planets were stripped of their proto-atmospheres and began to expand.

Important to note is that many minerals transformations occur due to decompression — such as the dehydration of ringwoodite at the bottom of the Transition Zone, say 550 to 700 km down, where decompression releases water which is the propellant for magma flow as well as the conversion of SO3 to sulfuric acid and provide the water for Serpentinization of olivine to produce Hydrogen. Sulfur-based acids decompose carbonate minerals to produce prodigious amounts of CO and CO2. Hydrogen and CO or CO2 are the inputs to Fischer-Tropsch and Sabatier reactions to produce methane and oil (abiotic hydrocarbons). All of these reactions are exothermic. Completely ignored in the heat budget of the planet.

Mercury and Venus are so hot that their surfaces are ductile/elastic. They never formed rigid crusts like the Earth.

Relative to the ductile Upper Mantle, Earth’s crust is thin and fragile, especially on the deepest regions of the cold ocean floor where the crust is thinnest and brittle. Following the loss of the proto-atmosphere and passing through the Hadean period the crust of the Earth froze solid. Then, as the Earth’s elliptical orbit exerted Tidal Pumping on the crust it cracked into tectonic plates. The Winter Solstice, Perihelion, and Obliquity (Milankovitch cycles) produce Tidal Pumping stresses across the South Pacific releasing seismic heat into the South Pacific and drive the El Niño Southern Oscillation. Milankovitch cycles are claimed to affect solar irradiance but a more important feature is Tidal Pumping. Planetary alignments and oppositions out to Jupiter add to Tidal Pumping from the Sun, resulting in “Extreme Weather”

The defining geological feature of the Atlantic Ocean is the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, pushing the Americas away from Europe and Africa. This provides a simpler and more elegant separation than what is currently described as Continental Drift. If Continental Drift and Supercontinent cycles ( allegedly 10 major supercontinent cycles) were true it would be our tectonic plates like so many carnival bumper cars, slamming together then rebounding off. In essence, the Atlantic Ocean was formed as the Earth pushed open.

The Pacific Ocean formed differently. There is no “fit up” with continents around the broad Pacific. The dominant geological feature is the trench systems of the Ring of Fire. Rather, the Pacific Ocean opened up from the forces of Tidal Pumping. The Earth was ripped open.

The floor of the Atlantic Ocean was explored earlier than the trenches of the Pacific. Marie Tharp contributed greatly in this effort throughout the 1950s. She was a staunch proponent of Continental Drift. Because she had such hard data on the Atlantic Ocean, her stance of Continental Drift gained acceptance. For example, remains of the Mesosaurus, a fresh water reptile have been found in both Africa and South America.




Knowledge of the great depths of the Pacific, especially the trenches, have only recently had any deep exploration.

The other aspect of these forces exerted upon the Earth over eons is to shape Earth’s geography, with continental land masses in the Northern Hemisphere while the Southern Hemisphere is dominated by major oceans — the South Pacific, the Indian, and the South Atlantic.

Consider my paper of April 2023 as “pre-published”. A singular effort. Very rough. Much editing and revisions required. Multiple other citations in the more recent literature.

To date, I have been unsuccessful in obtaining peer review. I offered my letter to the NY Sun, NY Post, and Wilmington News Journal because very few people read arcane technical journals and the current mis-guided energy and even policies in food production are held hostage to pseudo-science.

Thank you !

Richard F. Cronin
Retired Chemical Engineer. 30 years with E.I. DuPont de Nemours.  40 years total experience.


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