(Reader: KS) 2nd Response to KS Patriot “Regarding Proof”



Reader Post | By KS

Hey again brother, and I appreciate that because I do as well, enjoy a good intelligent, sensible, respectful discussion/debate from time to time. It’s not often nowadays that we can do that with so many getting so easily “Offended” by this or that. And you do bring up some good valid points of thought as well as a few others on here do. I’m sorry if I tend to get a little Long Winded on here at times to EVERYONE READING THESE. It’s not intentional. I just Believe, That Too MUCH Information is ALWAYS Better than NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION. Which is why I have such issues with these So Called WHITE HATS Still Not Proving anything. Who the hell ARE THEY,,,,,,,to Determine What I HAVE the Ability to Absorb/Understand/Comprehend or Not?? THEY, CAN absorb and understand all of this BUT I CAN’T?? Who the Hell ARE THEY to think They KNOW what I can and cannot HANDLE?? Same with all of You out there?? Who are THEY to make such ARROGANT and CONCEITED Statements?? They can handle it all but WE CAN’T. That Really just Pisses me off to No End Really. It SHOULD piss all of you all off as well in My Opinion.

But I do believe i did answer your question to me in my last response. But maybe you missed it. So let me say again, I Will Believe what is presented to the World as the Facts. At LEAST the parts of it that Actually Resonates with me as being Truth. Yes it can ALL, be faked. That was my point in what is being presented to all of us as “Truth” by the entire Truther Community. Each and every one of those who “CLAIM” to have some sort of Intelligence person who GIVES them these So Called UPDATES, are ALL SCRIPTED as to What to say, When to say it and HOW to say it. WHICH to ME at least, is Why every now and then, THEY give us some NEW PERSON/TRUTHER on the scene! Because they REFUSE to give us the Truth, and are Losing the Narrative, so they give us a new person here and another new one there, to try to Keep us all Engulfed in the BS to keep CONTROL of the Narrative. Isn’t that what THEY keep CLAIMING the DEEP STATE/CABAL is fighting so hard to do?? CONTROL THE WHOLE WORLD?? Yet THEY TOO, are fighting to CONTROL this and that!!  All in Yet ANOTHER Effort to “CONTROL THE NARRATIVE” of what is Supposedly going on. Many of these So Called TRUTHERS, are slowly being Revealed as SHILLS and Liars all looking to capitalize on the moment to make money. Which is a great reason why I REFUSE to BUY this one’s Book, or That one’s Book or Merchandise AT ALL. Why would I help Them Benefit financially from Supposed “INTEL” they are getting from people who are GIVING THAT “INTEL” to THEM FREE of Charge? ESPECIALLY when NOTHING THEY EVERY SAY/CLAIM ACTUALLY HAPPENS??? Uhm NO!!! YES, there are sites who I would support Like THIS ONE and Patrick if it were possible. I’ve Tried to donate but have encountered difficulties in doing so multiple times now. Because I do Not Think that Patrick is one of those SHILLS just looking to Cash In on anything given Freely to him like all those others. I myself, use Discernment and My Gut instincts for that personal determination. Just as EACH of us should do and not just go Blindly Trusting nor Believing everything being said by so many out there Claiming to have some INSIDER CONNECTIONS. All they AND THEIR GUESTS are doing is Pushing THEIR OWN OPINIONS and EDUCATED GUESSES as to what THEY THINK is happening or Believe MAY HAPPEN. Nothing More. THEIR OPINIONS! We ALL have an Opinion! So What makes THEIRS worth MORE THAN OURS?? NOTHING!! That is exactly WHY so many of them give Dates of Supposed events WHICH NEVER COME TRUE. Because they DON’T have all those “SOURCES” who are Legit AS THEY KEEP CLAIMING.

The whole Problem with that actionability of events, is that IT, is what is driving a wedge in the Truther Community. Not just from Myself either, but MANY. Most people who USED to Believe most of those in the Truther community are now simply FED UP with all the IT’S COMING BS and NOTHING Ever Actually GETS HERE. Or the NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING BS as Well! NOW, it’s being pushed out as “A Storm is Brewing”. Meaning, they are STILL, just KICKING THE CAN FURTHER DOWN THE ROAD to Keep Dangling that CARROT out there to anybody who will, to Stay on Board of the, TRUST THE PLAN that we Won’t EVER PROVE Train. Not ONE THING that we have heard for over 7 YEARS now as being Promised Has Come to Pass. Nothing! Yes I DO AGREE, that MOST at least, of those “Actors/Bad Criminals” are in deed different people in some way or another. But we still, DON’T KNOW that for a FACT. Again, these So Called WHITE HATS, STILL, after all This time, Still, REFUSE TO PROVE ANYTHING THEY KEEP CLAIMING. I CANNOT, and in all honesty No One Can, Cannot just KEEP BELIEVING People who REFUSE TO PROVE A THING THEY KEEP CLAIMING. Faith in God has Nothing to do with it. THIS, is putting your Faith IN MAN, and as I’ve explained before, I’ve been Burned TOO MANY TIMES now from putting ANY MORE Faith IN ANY MAN AT ALL FOR ANY REASON, Other than MYSELF. And even THAT is Iffey at best, because NO ONE Actually KNOWS what they would do in Any given situation. NO ONE. And if they say they DO KNOW, they are Lying to themselves. For much the same reason a soldier may be one of the Best Trained combat ready soldiers In the entire Military, BUT Still FREEZE UP ENTIRELY when those Bullets Actually start flying all around them, or they may even RUN.

But back to your question of How would I KNOW. I would just have to Trust my own Instincts, intuition and Gut Feelings on what parts of what is being said AS TRUTH, Resonates with me to be Acceptable as the truth. At least for a time and a season until some Other fact presents itself to Counter that within me. Yes, even at That, I STILL wouldn’t KNOW that I KNOW for a Fact that even THOSE Presentings are The whole Actual Truth of it all.

But here’s the thing I rely on, for My own Thought Process along these lines to this point in time. Anyone in the military Who Actually paid attention to things and Did their jobs Properly, one who has had opportunity to be a Squad Leader at any point in their military career, Has paid attention (or at Least SHOULD HAVE), (IF THEY WERE A GOOD SQUAD LEADER THAT IS) to the Real capabilities of Each and every single soldier in Their own Squad to know WHO is actually Best at Which part of their collective Duties according to their MOS. I Did TRY at least, to Actually Learn the capabilities of MANY different MOS’s while I served to have a better understanding of all those around me in Any given situation and scenario. Anyone who knows anything Real about a Combat Engineer (12B)(and YES those Little Castles on the Uniform mentioned for ReBuilding Everything), not just the surface stuff but the actual entire scope of what They were Actually Trained to do, Knows they (as well as the Navy Seebees), are all considered the Military’s JACK of ALL TRADES. Meaning for those who have never served, they can do a fair amount of EVERY (YES Every) MOS in the military for actual Combat scenarios. At least all of the Ground MOS’s. From Comms, to Artillery, to Medical (small emergency stuff like first aid, not surgical), to actual combat abilities from shooting to grenades to radioing in air support, to Construction, to Demolition (yes explosives). Yet, they are often taken for granted and mocked by many who simply are totally Ignorant as to the whole scope of their MOS. I don’t know about the Seebees, But i do know that the Combat Engineers have a NickName of being also known to most Higher ups, as the Architects of the Battle Field. They assess a potential conflict area and Plan accordingly as to Where Obstacles should be built be it trenches or pitfalls, or land mines, or whatever is needed. Why? To CONTROL the Situation and the conflict area for Maximum effect. To FUNNEL the enemy where YOU want them to be at any given time.

All that being said brother, back to YOUR own major point of what you believe to be Truth. Stating how you feel it’s truth just because of our Ability to even SPEAK on all of this stuff Freely. Here’s the issue I have with even THAT not resonating with ME Personally as TRUTH. Knowing how a 12B uses the ability to Control that situation on the field of Combat, How do YOU KNOW, that This is all Not simply ANOTHER PSYOP on All of us??? You Don’t. If THEY, the DEEP STATE Criminals want to CONTROL What WE BELIEVE and Are Being Given as So Called TRUTH or “INTEL”, Why Not Create a Funnel to Corral those against them with MISINFORMATION and LIES into just a FEW SELECT CHANNELS or “Truther Sites”??? That would make the whole thing Much easier for THEM, the DS/DEMONS, to KNOW, exactly WHO is THEIR RESISTANCE and WHO they Need to MONITOR and LISTEN TOO and WHO THEY are all communicating with about What. Don’t forget the Patriot Act which was signed into law by GW Bush Jr. THAT ACT, ALLOWS the whole Intelligence community To SPY on each and every one of us at will. Then we had OSAMA/OBAMA, sign into law, the Renewed Act that makes it LEGAL for Our Own Government to Willfully and Deliberately LIE to the American People!

So What BETTER WAY, to effectively propagate a PSYOP against what would be their Only Real Resistance, than to Funnel all of them to just a Handful of “INTEL PROVIDERS” in what we all know as The Truther Community?? ALLOW your opposition to THINK they have a small sense of Freedom to Discuss openly, while they ARE STILL WATCHING.  Which is exactly WHY, We CANNOT and MUST NOT, just Believe the White Hats ARE IN TOTAL CONTROL like they keep CLAIMING, Just because we are On a site where we can freely discuss any of this.   




Bottom line of all of this TO ME at least, if they STILL, REFUSE to Prove even ONE THING they Still Claim, I REMAIN TOTALLY 100% SKEPTICAL to ALL OF IT!! If they ARE telling us the “Truth”, even in some of their So Called Intel DROPS, Why Continue to Hide it?? The REAL TRUTH, has NOTHING TO HIDE. NOTHING. If it REQUIRES/DEMANDS that Some things remain Hidden, Then it is NOT of God!! Which makes me have that Gut Feeling that those Still CLAIMING to be “White Hats” are no white hats AT ALL. Only GRAY HATS who WISH they were true White Hats. But due to their own desire to NOW, be the Power Elites who Control the whole Planet, Now THEY are All (Yes even Trump) are ALL, Running the Dangerous risk of being taken in by that Same Lust for Power and Control that caused the DS/CABAL to be what they are now!! The Longer this HOGWASH of a “MOVIE” is drug out, the More PATRIOTS THEY LOSE along with the SUPPORT and TRUST of all those True Patriots! THAT is THEIR FAULT and Theirs ALONE!! They are TOO STUPID, ARROGANT, and IGNORANT to Understand that Fact. I don’t mean that to sound Disrespectful. I’m just making an observatory STATEMENT by that.

Sorry this turned out to be Longer than I intended, but I hope THAT it Does answer your question to me as to How would I KNOW it’s even Truth. Clearly, we Won’t EVER be Given the TRUTH. Not from the So Called WHITE HATS and Surely not from the DS/CABAL.

Regards, Reader KS

I hope it ALL soon comes to be Proven TRUE. Until then, I’ll hurry up and WAIT Some more as I have for now over 40 years. Everyone have a Great Day and Week ahead. USE YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT and DISCERNMENT!! On EVERYTHING. Even what you hear, or Read as being TRUTH coming from so called Truthers. Don’t just take any of it at Face Value.


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