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Reader Post | By Victor

Forgiveness is a state of Being. It is a state that exists right now. It is a state that you give to yourself by choosing to not leave it. Forgiveness already exists. Forgiveness it is Heaven.

Sin is a religious story to describe when you go into Mind with ideas and thoughts and leave your natural state that is free of Sin and that is the Forgiven state. The state of Heaven or that state of awareness which is also called enlightenment. You are one with the sense that you are or the “I  AM ” knowing that is present in the state of Forgiveness. Which also is called the Void because it is de-void of “you”…or the idea of an ego or separate person. That idea is not there is the Void or the state of Forgiveness. It is the state of Forgiveness because you have not gone into mind as an identification. The identification into mind or the matrix has not happened yet.

When we go with our mind into identification and forget the state of “I AM”….we choose to leave and enter the state of manifestation by a thought. With thought or the ‘word’…we create an illusion that we have left the state of Forgiveness. Once in Mind there is still a little light there in that  state of amnesia. That light there is the “I AM”…which is always there as you no matter how deep you to into the matrix of manifestation as a point of view. The longer you stay in the matrix with that lack mind level as your main software to interpret Reality, the remembrance of your natural state prior to manifestation is forgotten.

That lack of “I Am” remembrance happens because of leaving “Heaven”…and is part of Illusion. This means that the energetic state o fForgivness, is just another name for the state of infinite potentiality unmanifested. It feels very good and peaceful and yet it seems that it is after the Bliss state. Which seems to happen when you are awake in the matrix. That bliss state then is a choice to be happy because you have not forgotten your GOD nature. So when you remember your true nature you choose to feel that good Bliss even here in the matrix dream that most are filling up with unconscious fears.

I the state of Forgiveness, Nothing is required there because there is no “ego you” there and it seems devoid of everything but a sense of “I AM”….It appears as nothing because you as the actual …”I AM”…have not created anything yet. So nothing is there and you are ignorant of sin or any body or thoughts about anything since it is a state or rest and peace prior to creation in the matrix of a dream Reality. That is why it is Heaven prior to ideas and bodies and the…” Sin “…illusion, which you are not.

The rest you know. Somehow you are here? and you can’t remember anything. So to get back to Heaven or the void or the state of “ignorance” or the Causal body or “nothingness”…..Something needs to be done. If your are of one of the few people who can realize that you never left the state of Forgiveness? You instantly realize your self as the …. “I AM”…once again and you remember who you are. So you know that the mind trip was a dream and you were never a sinner and that NOTHING HAPPENED…..because….YOU WERE IN A DREAM….

Then you are truly out of the matrix even if you body is still here in the dream. Then you can “lucid dream”…and choose to FEEL GOOD…or…be in Bliss. Because you know that you are the only one….ONE. With that Realization you choose to feel good as in Bliss and you really no longer need Spirituality since the matrix does not effect how you feel. When you can manage how you FEEL…you are out of the matrix and are FREE of how it can fool you into feeling BAD. YOU BELIEVE AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE ONE…. right NOW and just like that. iNSTANT OUT….You jumped out of the dream and woke up, SELF REALIZED….IN HEAVEN OR THE VOID AGAIN.




Then what? Then YOU ARE ONE….then? if there is a then of interest? YOU may follow the “I AM”…that still remains. You could ask again…what is that? Who am I ?…and then you tell us what you find….YES? 

Let’s start with where we presently are now that you have the larger picture of the trip.If you have lived your whole life in mind because of the lack of Light and oxygen for the Soul, you will have really bad amnesia. Your mind will be talking to you all the time. So you need to throw a brick in front of a speeding truck mind to slow it down. Because …you’re out of control. To do that you can do the world’s simplest meditation. The Ho’oponopono mantra, prayer?…To say four words over and over in your mind as often as you can remember to do it. 

Remembering an intention to get out….is what this meditation technique does. YOU do this because you want out! Then this technique also helps you remember and touch that state of being out of the matrix manifestation. When you do this you briefly will get out in the space between the words. So…you can touch that state simply because you return to that “I AM”…state where…..YOU ARE ACTUALLY IN THE FORGIVEN STATE RIGHT NOW….

That is that “Space” where your Awareness is. Your “I AM” IS THERE….The Actual state of YOU prior to the mind trip into the matrix, where you forgot everything. So when you repeat these words:….”I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”….You are becoming aware again of the FORGIVENESS state again or WHERE…that …”YOU IS”… actually dreaming from. In the matrix, you are still very much sleeping unless you have been able to manifest Bliss because you know you true ONE SELF…

So when REALITY hears your call of sorrow of asking for FORGIVENESS….GOD SAY…..”YES”….and it is done right now. This you can feel between each word as you will feel a silence there. Nothing there…that is something or the state of Forgiveness or Heaven. The REALITY or GOD is not going to say NO to your prayer? Why would it do that? YOU were just dreaming and nothing actually happened. YOU thought it was real but if you look around….Where is the sin filled world of dreams now? It is NOT HERE IN THE NOW OF THE FORGIVENESS STATE OF VOID….nothing has happened there at all… ONLY AWARENESS IS HERE…as the “I AM”…or YOU.

The dream of Sin was in the dream and in the MIND matrix…..the whole time. You do not have to worry therefore about the mechanics or your devotion to your repentance and if you mean it enough and all of those mind ideas created in the dream. Nothing happened. So the more you no longer abuse yourself with the mind by repeating this meditation and use the mind to ask for the state of Forgiveness. You will be healing all of the unconscious creations in the whole world. Because you are the ONE and the whole world and the whole matrix.

Because you put them “OTHERS” there in the matrix  world. You put your self there as all those points of light connected back to YOU. This meditation practice is one way you have to bring your dream illusions to an end, by asking for Forgiveness by saying I am sorry….it is that simple and you will constantly touch Heaven each day and slowly erase the dream effects from your life and all of life. This is your intention by working on getting back to Heaven.




As you become more awake, you create healing wherever you go because you are now creating less illusions.  You are using your time to repair the damage done, by surrendering your illusions and asking for Forgiveness. This heals the heart and REALITY  all at once by doing this you are automatically in the NOW…you are aware.

Then over time you will feel better and notice the state of FORGIVENESS CONSCIOUSLY….Then you can quietly study that state by melting into it more and more and there is not end.. Because there is more that awaits.

(3119) The Direct Path to Bliss – Bentinho Massaro – YouTube



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