(Reader: Victor) Society Does Not Need to Wake up



Reader Post | By Victor

Society does not need to wake up….YOU DO. ….Sorry ….but that is the way the universe works and that is the way the matrix works.  YOU HAVE TO DO IT FIRST….YOU….because you are the only ONE here.

When we complain about governments and elections or about other people and how nothing changes and everyone lies? Well the “Everyone” in the room (our bubble)  is us…..WE DON’T CHANGE…Yeppum….Why should we change if the problem is not us but “outthere”?  But that is not the fact or nearly close to the actual TRUTH. The Truth is that we do have to do the dirty work ourselves. Because  the collective of “society” is just a reflection of what is inside of us. I will prove it to you below so that you will get inspired by all of this good positive news. Because of you failing to accept your power is the large “WHY”…of why nothing changes on the outer world and the news is always the same negativity…because we have not changed on the inner…yet. 

That “US”…should be in capital letters for a reason. Because what we call MIND….is also in capital letters for the same reason. It is all ONE MIND…which when you and I accept this TRUTH?…then we will really change the reality of what we see on the screen. Because we have changed how we view our… SELF. ….This is what change means and what has to change. Our false temporary failure to perceive the situation properly is really the only problem, that is really not a problem because the show is just a temporary party that you are at.,,,and you got out of control.

So now you are having a talk with yourself through me in this article….to soften the blow, since you still have a headache and you can’t face the day. So?….Here we go…The screen is our projected acceptance or denial that we are the ONE….like in the matrix movie. Just like Neo…We are him exactly and you’re not alone at the party (yet you are alone, but that is the whole leap over the building). So you could leap from one building to another right now? There is nothing to stop you but you from knowing that you can leap buildings in a single bound…just like the superman that you are…(unless you think you are Clark Kent in the closet and think you are him?)

Soeveryone in the matrix sees that movie and is enslaved by their own perceptions and nothing else. If they were not enslaved they would not be in the matrix. That is why Neo can not jump from one building to another…”HE DOES NOT BELIEVE!”…He thinks he is small and “human”…when he is the ONE. YEAH….THE REAL ONE…!…Oh…Boy!….That is a big leap. Yet…That is exactly the ” whole truth and nothing but the truth”. That is the only problem here….”YOU”….and that denial to accept ourselves. Crazy is it not?

Therefore when we only see the problem outside of us and separate and individuated we are seeing only with mind eyes of what we think is one single small mind, stuck in this body that is solid. All the time “WE” are blind to Source and not aware of the hardest thing to ACCEPT FULLY….That we are THE REALITY….THE ACTUAL ONE… So right NOW we are still certain that this can not be true. Hence we still suffer and are not happy. Happiness should be another clue that we believe in lies.

If the outer news in the world makes you feel bad?….THEN IT’S NOT TRUE!… Yes…it’s not true because it makes you feel bad. I introduced the emotional compass of following your highest excitement a few articles ago where….” If it makes you happy”…That is like the compass needle pointing North. Same when you feel bad…..the needle is confirming that is not your true heading. It’s the other side of the same understanding. But when it is said in this way….our mind freezes and the matrix has a glitch and skips a frame or two of “YOUR MOVIE”…Good!…very good…because you needed a shock to wake you up some, so that you disbelieve the movie for a second.




When “We” still project society outthere as being the problem and then we have no control and we are victims of a hostile and not friendly universe. That is how it will feel. So your compass is screaming you are going the wrong direction. But we sill do not understand the emotional guidance system that we have built in and acts as our contact with the ONE.

When of course….”WE”… then think like ego thinks and take false credit for existing as a separate single person. So then it is US all the time here in the matrix fueling the Illusion because we simply are still only manifesting with false thoughts that are based on fear. So WE do not understand that the US here is really a larger “US”…of a reality or a matrix that we do not understand.

THIS PRACTICE OF HO’OPONOPONO…is just US apologizing to US….or GOD. Then all is forgiven….and healing manifests. It’s that simple really and it happens in one instant….this NOW…right NOW…if you believe that you can leap buildings in a single bound. That is all there is to it.

What that means is that we are not stupid even though I have to bite my finger to actually believe what I am typing….(kidding) …I do NOT believe that even though it looks bad on the surface? When we only are looking through our own two matrix eyes. But that is not stupid, that is because we simply do not know the rules of the game…or actually we have just forgotten that this was supposed to be a playground to experience with thought…anything we wanted. IF WE REMEMBER THE ONE…the whole matrix game is fun because we feel happy. Our compass points to happiness all the time and we just stay on course. Then the matrix can not enslave us for a long time.

If I believed that no change was possible?…I would not be writing these articles. I write these articles to share other viewpoints that the human collective still does not know. What this means is that if the information gets out and a few people start to WORK on holding an awakened space for themselves….then that spreads and grows and produces the change we really want and not the unconscious mind happenings that are reflecting back to us a world that is in chaos. The matrix will then glitch and start to reflect bach your ONE nature and paradise on earth or Heaven can return here. This was the original Heaven…right here as this was the first planet to be created. This was the Garden…….and you are at the Garden Party.

Don’t you want to wake up now? This will blow your mind when you start to accept and BELIEVE THAT YOUR THE ONE.

This also means that Chaos is often the last stage of turmoil in the matric….before a huge shift. I think we are presently in that stage of chaos emerging so when it does….you will have the tools below and more tools coming. You will have a compass, you will know to stay in the now and in awareness. Then when the matrix starts to force fear on you with the news of lies….you will say “NO”…I can not be fooled and I will not leave the Kingdom…or the higher state of awareness. YOU will be at the same original state of the Garden of Eden….which is an inner state first…then you will see it on the outer movie screen.




So….remember that the old MIND of the human collective is changing…..because YOUR ARE CHANGING RIGHT NOW….Even reading this is a huge change. Because this is the Truth  and it has power that is infinite, since you’re the only ONE HERE. So the craziness is the sleepy unconscious MIND not wanting to wake up and actually change….then it wants to change and back and forth the matrix will glitch.

When I say that ….”YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE”…..for all of the mess we see? There is a silent groan from the audience and disdain may show up and is because we all are ALL a bit on the lazy side of life and this is actually a huge leap. That is correct, It is big. As humans, It is no work to say someone else needs to change!  Right?…But when we need to change…..” I do not like that so much or not at all.”..Which has another component to this resistance. 

Because if you notice how eager we are for new information. Like you may be eager to get a new simple meditation or mantra or prayer that will change your life. When we really know that ..”no thoughts actually change our lives”….WE ALL KNOW THAT. The unconscious mind knows that as a fact and that is why we love new ideas. Because ideas change nothing and they are easy to accept because ideas have no power to leap over buildings in a single bound. YOU know that. That is part of the reason you think you will fail at leaping buildings. Because thought can not do it. That is correct. 

If this gets too long….take a break and read on later and just go do the cleaning meditation. right now.Doing the work is what matters. The knowledge is just for the mind since it is stuck and thinks it has questions and needs explanations. The reason for repetition in information is that a person may only have this one article as a life line and it may only be thrown once for them? hard to know? But that is part of the process of waking up. It has two processes…educate the mind and then touch SOURCE by doing the meditation. Becoming ONE with SOURCE…is the real change here.

Thoughts are matrix tools only and are not connected to the ONE…or….REALITY….Only the ONE can leap buildings in a single bound. Only Superman can do that. Right you are!….That is why I did not believe you were stupid, even though we all  say that about ourselves all the time. So with those wrong compass headings of feeling bad…what power could we have to leap buildings in a single bound?   NONE….So the power comes as illusions in the unconscious mind go away. This simple meditation exercise will do all of that. Because it is saying you want to be the ONE again….

It is what it is and that is why the world is what it is. So here we sit in this ….NOW MOMENT… with the answer all around …”US”…or the “NOW MOMENT”….and we do not see it and we stay in the same state of only …”THINKING”…

There is always a new attack thought projecting the problem to a world outside of us. “OUTSIDE OF US”…? That is the matrix illusion. That is a projection. We are the projector!

Yes, you may have heard that before and even for a long time. Do you believe it and understand it and most importantly …..KNOW IT?….When you know that is the TRUTH….then you will act and do the work.

You act when you know that it might be true or you’re kind of partially certain that it may be true?,,,,or you’re really certain that it is true….THEN YOU ACT and then you will work for your own freedom.

Because the world and your “space” is really only a reflection of your mind and then the whole collective MIND…because if you study your mind? YOU will see that the MIND has no borders because the NOW has no borders. 




That NOW is something beyond what we presently recognize clearly or we would already be working to change ourselves first  because we have awoken enough to understand a huge new idea. And it is new….since the collective is still projecting problems and it still sees monsters and demons all on the movie screen.

That is why I always mention …AWARENESS…because that really is who you are. YOU ARE THAT. I say that over and over so that you can get some good news and in a way I am programming some truth into your mind. New truths with new ideas that you may not actually have heard and certainly not likely you are implementing them. 

If you are implementing staying AWAKE and working on your SELF…that is great news for everyone and you are a leader since you are going first into the unknown. The unknown is what everyone really is afraid of….not the work

Change is scary because ….we still believe fear is real because we do not know our own real nature. So to be aware of your own AWARENESS….that awakened presence that is alway here in the NOW..When we start to rest in that. We get less scared.

That does not mean that you alone will move mountains all alone. Because you may actually move a wheelbarrow of dirt…but then later in the day you forget?…or you go nuts and move 2 wheel barrels back into your house after you cleaned one barrel of trash out early.

That is common at the start of understanding the NOW….but it’s just a growing phase. Of course you may be moving a couple of wheel barrels out each day and for years and?…The outer world still looks kind of bad and not what you want.

True and there is a reason. One thing to remember is that what is closest to you will change first. The mountains of the collective will change last because you are fighting your neighbors who are not cleaning their house but only hoarding more trash because?…..I am not going to say it!….they just do not know yet.

But you now know and when YOU CHANGE…..or boy!….They will Feel it. Your neighbors WILL notice something? They will not know what it is?  Because they are not familiar with the light yet. But with time you will be the change that changes them also.

I wrote an article yesterday …

(Reader: Victor) The Simplest and Most Powerful Meditation to Enlightenment | Operation Disclosure Official




 Patrick here… He has been doing a great service for “US”… by printing this information. So, if you want a simple method to change …YOU FIRST ….and then change the outer world at the same time. Read that and understand why and “the how”…. you will be the change you want to see….on all levels. 

YOU CAN DO THIS….AND….”YOU HAVE TO DO IT”……and there is no sorry in that.

In fact here is proof that THIS WORKS…..This Ho’oponopono exercise came from Hawaii and literally means to “Make Right” with self and others. It is a centuries old method of apology and forgiveness. If you think back to Hawaii and what it was like before the world  contacted them expanding because of expanding populations. At that time it was a paradise.Not just because of the location. It was because the people did this practice and were at the level of Enlightenment or one with nature or one with the Father. It’s the same thing.

They were living at the level of “ZERO POINT”…some call it that because of the emptiness appearance which is really GOD in disguise as infinite unmanifested potential, which looks like nothing because it is where manifestations starts from and then can be seen.When in mind state of the so called conscious and unconscious blocks that infinite potential. Man’s definition of its mind and the collective mind is actually basically all unconscious because the “zero” state is the real consciousness. The mind is the un-awakened dream state or the matrix.

So the proof that this works is what was Hawaii like before it met other people who manifested only from mind or the unconscious? The place went downhill fast because those other people manifested their fears and mind illusions that then overpowered the local energy. A few against the world is not enough to stop the local decline which keeps on spreading to a global decline as we have now. So now is the time to practice this simple ….” I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME”….

Then if you want to expand it a bit you can say….”I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU”…..either way since in Hawaii they kept its short. If you say…”I am sorry, please forgive me” to anyone. They stop….because that is really all that they wanted to hear. REALITY IS THE SAME WAY…..or….THAT IS ALL YOU WANTED TO HEAR FROM YOURSELF…you just needed to surrender to REALITY….Which is really YOU ALREADY. So it’s not like you have to say this prayer to GOD..? You can but if you say it to yourself…what is the difference? See?….you are healing yourself or really just becoming conscious of how your mind blocks you from YOU. SO YOU ARE JUST FORGIVING YOURSELF….or GOD in the dream of YOU.



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