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Reader Post | By Roxi L

I’m hoping to do two things with this and one is to have others contact me so we can have regular conversations not just in real time to get to know each other but also to see what we can do to improve things.

And the second is to put the idea out there that the most important thing we need to do is to use our intuition as much as possible all day long. If you’re not aware of how to do that or would like to learn more how to be intuitive then please respond to me with your name your direct email and your direct cell number along with the city and state so I may give you a call probably between 1:00 p.m. and about 5:00 p.m. Pacific time. If those times don’t work for you let me know.

My concern is that we don’t look at everything from both sides. And if we simply look at something from one side then we are going to be Prejudice and we’re going to be short-sighted and we’re not going to be using our full capacity to research and to get to the truth. This is true for any topic whether it be Tim Ballard whether it be Jim the actor who played in the movie or whether it be the good of having digital money over paper money and how having digital money gives those who control the digital money the power to be able to control us totally if we do not have the views they have since obviously our money can be kept from us because those who control the quantum Financial system will have the ability to control if we can get our funds or not. It also brings to question the lawfulness of a non-disclosure agreement.

Just to take a look at the fact that any lawful contract has to have at least five different items to be lawful and one of those is that both parties must have skin in the game and that doesn’t mean that party a can say hey if you speak about this in any way then I’m able to take everything that you have all your funds from you. And they have nothing to lose in this agreement then that is not a lawful agreement. Also the agreement needs to be between two men and I say men with a capital M which means either men and or women. And if the agreement is between a man and a corporation then there is also no agreement because a corporation has no ability to communicate with a man since a corporation is a dead legal entity or a piece of paper.

I would love to hear from each and every man who is truly coming from a loving heart who is absolutely interested to research and to communicate and to speak from a place of a calm center from a loving heart to be able to gain Clarity of the best way to proceed the best way to protect ourselves the need that we have to really be fully informed and it really doesn’t make sense a lot of things to me.

As a woman who has been called a child prodigy shortly after I was born with several abilities most people don’t have but they can if they so choose to be disciplined enough to gain them, and a woman who has called a consultant MD’s as well as a Rejuvenation expert who created a program that allows participants to rejuvenate up to 35 years so far, I am interested to bring together a group of amazingly intelligent open-minded loving-hearted committed to Freedom peace Justice truth honor and Service as well as definitely committed to living as a Divine soul so that we may do our best to uplift the world as much as we can as a group focused on truly bringing truth forward on any particular topic.

I saw the video from Judy’s posting it was a click or two I think two clicks away from her post and it led I think to the rumor mill Maybe a website and that website had a video of a man who gave absolute common sense about the med beds because he says that it says we are being entangled with the med bed technology and that there is another one of us on a different level and the question then he brought forward was how are we going to be able to know that we would still remain in charge of ourselves if we are so entangled then it is capable of changing us without us even giving its permission to do so and that I think is an amazingly smart right open-minded point and it needs to be looked at not feared but looked at. And if this is even a possibility which in my viewpoint it is, then I think we need to recognize that maybe we should not be getting a med bed session. Why do I say this also is because with the program that I created participants are able to rejuvenate up to 35 years so far and that is going to be increased I believe to about 45 years and that is a really great opportunity for people if they wish to rejuvenate. It’s also possible to start the secrets to youth program and lifestyle when one is younger and therefore it is possible to not even have the aging process be started.




Our creator gave us phenomenal miraculous bodies that are able to overcome any and every challenge it is given as long as the body is given the nutrition it requires to be able to function the way it is intended to in the first place. I have said this since I was 3 years old and this is what I have believed my whole life. If you’re interested to learn more please send me your contact information and let me know what you do for a living because I’m not really interested in having people who are government employees be part of this group unless I can be convinced in real time conversation and inviting you that you truly are in your heart interested in the truth and do not wish to harm anyone any further in the work you do and therefore you’re willing to quit your job and do other work.

I’m not living by fear but I’m living by full examination of anything that comes up in my life. I don’t think we are to Simply hear something and take it as truth without any exploration without using our brain without doing our due diligence and doing our research without having conversations with others and hearing what they have learned and what they think comparing notes and working together as a team to completely unfold our own Consciousness and to completely arrive at the truth because the truth doesn’t change.

My goal is never to instill or bring about fear but always to uplift each and every man with whom I speak and to give us all an opportunity to truly unite because that is what’s being taken away from us with the covid with sports with race with religion with the lesbian transgender agenda with Communism with socialism with education with whatever you wish to put in here.

If you believe that our creator gave us a brain to use to explore to think to examine to build a bigger intuitive ability to see clearly, then I would love to hear from you.

Blessings to all great men who live from a divinely loving heart and who are devoted to Freedom truth peace Justice honor Divine love and living as a divinely loving soul in service to others.

Email your information to: thank you. 

If you are interested to give an overview of yourself like I did of me above, I would be most appreciative as that would give me an opportunity to know who I’m calling. Do verify that you are sending me a cell phone number and not a Google Voice or similar impersonal non-direct number. Otherwise I won’t call you.




For some reason honor seems to have gone out the window for most people and I think it is due to fear from the covid scam and many other planned events like the use of fluoride and non-stick pans that cause major problems by DuPont forever chemicals in our water in our ground in our air and of course geoengineering poisons being dropped on us every day worldwide.


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