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Reader Post | By KS

Hi Steve, Thank you for your response and thoughts as well. All response is welcome. Thanks also to Patriot KS for his response in kind. 

Both of you add further ponderance for all of us to consider in regards to supposed current events.

As I stated tho Steve, I have seen Zero PROOF of Factual, verifiable, credible, evidence of the claim of what supposedly took place in 1871 to give me real cause to reconsider my Oath. My Oath was made to the Constitution of the United States of America and to the Republic (We The People). I did not make my Oath to Any Person/POTUS even tho they are considered the standing Commander In Chief of all of our military forces. So UNTIL it if Factually PROVEN without any Doubt or Question that the Deep State DID in deed commit the offenses being Stated by the so called White Hats, my current Oath Still Stands as is and WILL until Proven otherwise. I DO See your point and it is a Very Valid point and one I will absolutely Ponder and meditate on. But my point still stands as I see it. WHEN and ONLY When these so called White Hats actually PROVE their Claims, to Me, they are ALL Considered Equal to the Deep State. I’ve stated on here several times, how their Refusal to Prove without doubt or Question WHAT is Really going on (The REAL WHOLE UNADULTERATED TRUTH), then I myself, see everything being said by BOTH sides as Circumstantial and ALL of it Questionable which Demands PROVING. I do Not just believe someone “Claiming” to be a White Hat making claims of this or that without PROOF! 

That being said, PROOF, is on those MAKING whatever Claims. It’s not up to ME to Dig and run countless never ending Rabbit Holes to FIND whatever THEY are Claiming. Think in terms of being a Juror in a courtroom. It’s Not up to the Juror to PROVE the claims of Either side. It’s up to those Making the accusations (the prosecutor) to Make the State’s claims against the defendant, AND, it’s also up to the Defendant (or their attorney) to PROVE Otherwise. It’s not MY Responsibility as a Juror to Prove Either side. But me being given (Deliberately Mind you from Both sides) Misinformation, Disinformation, Deliberate LIES from BOTH SIDES, is NO Way to Win Over the Populace to make them BELIEVE or SEE the Truth. No one will ever convince me otherwise on that fact. It just IS.

IF and WHEN, it’s is Factually PROVEN without doubt or question, THEN and Only THEN, will I make that NEW OATH you referred to Steve. And again, Thank you for pointing that out as I hadn’t actually given any thought to that until you said it. But I Will for sure. But what I stated stands until it’s proven.

I Have Read all of the Federalist Papers as well as the Entire Constitution And the Declaration of Independence as a Teenager and all of them several times over Since then. Yes I DO THINK, there IS Some Plausability in the White Hats CLAIM. But until it’s PROVEN, it’s just a CLAIM. No different than the CLAIM against Trump and the BS Russian Collusion Hoax was PROVEN to be nothing more than a CLAIM.

To KS Patriot (and others), Yes I understand fully about the Disinformation REASONING, But it Still is nothing but LIES. I am sort of Hard Headed in all honesty and MUST have it Proven to me Without Doubt or Question before I will Believe it. That’s just how I am due to how my own life has taken course. Not one thing (as I SEE IT at least) being stated as Evidence or PROOF, is ACTUALLY Proof in my opinion. And it’s just that, MY Opinion, as we All have one. And Thank you as well for Your Response Also, as It Does also give my further Ponderance of the current situation we ALL find ourselves in Whether we Like it or Not.




But here to me is One thing that REALLY Stood out as far as this Supposed but Still to be PROVEN situation. The occurrence/Tragedy in LaHaina Hawaii, as reported on RRN AND on AMG’s Reports between the so called White Hats V the Black Hats/DS Cabal to case in point FOR ME at least. It was reported that those Loyal to the Biden Criminal Regime were wearing on their uniforms, certain Depictions that indicated as to Which side They were on. Same was reported about the so called White Hats, SUPPOSEDLY, Wearing on THEIR Uniforms, Depictions of Donald J. Trump! MY LOYALTY AND OATH,,,,,,,,,,,is to The Constitution of the United States of America AND IT’S PEOPLE/LEGAL CITIZENS. Not to ANY PERSON. Not to ANY CLAIM to be POTUS. UNTIL, and not sooner, UNTIL, it is Factually PROVEN, Without Doubt or Question as to WHO IS THE TRUE POTUS of the United States of America, My OATH, as Taken on 26 Nov 1985 STANDS. I Swore to The People and My Country. Not to ANY MAN who is STILL only Claiming to be the True POTUS or to The Man who is OPENLY being SEEN/Viewed as the True POTUS.

We had an old saying in the Army, how we always had to Hurry up and Wait. Everywhere we went for any reason. We all used to just Laugh about it because it was always True. So UNTIL, Someone PROVES TO THE WHOLE WORLD, WHO is The TRUE POTUS of the US, and Until someone PROVES, exactly WHAT is TRULY HAPPENING, TO THE WHOLE WORLD, I will STAY in Hurry up and Wait Mode. And UNTIL those things are PROVEN, Without Doubt or Question, My Current Oath Stands As Is. WHEN and ONLY When it is PROVEN, I Will (If physically still able to that is) Make that New Oath you spoke of Steve.

Again, All responses are welcome, as they do give Me as well, further ponderence and considerations of my own. I again, want to Thank Patrick for all of his work as he endeavors to give us all this platform to communicate to each other as KS Patriot pointed out so eloquently. I hope you all have a Blessed day and week ahead. Stay Safe, be vigilant and keep your heads on a swivel.

Reader KS 


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