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Reader Post | By KS Patriot

Both of these letters were well written and pretty much echoed my thoughts and probably the thoughts of thousands. I figured I would add my 2 cents and how I reconcile a lot of this.

As a veteran, I concur with KS on our oath and also that we are ready and willing to fight. I have a friend who is not military, but is so sick of this on and off info and dragging this on while people suffer, wanting to just go out and start shooting. And I said, “you are sure of who the bad guys are and the good guys?” They said yes, but upon further discussion, none of us really know if our neighbor, or even an relative is a good guy or a secret child abuser. You cannot just go off shooting willy-nilly. I will say that if anyone comes to take my guns or my property, or my children like they plan in CA, I will shoot and probably die in the process, but at least I will have died defending my rights. I will not go quietly on my knees to their smart city jail cells. I will try to take at least one of them with me.

I ignore all dates now. Misinformation is necessary as the bad guys read the same stuff we do. I do think we are close…my gut/intuition tells me that and I’m learning to trust it more and more. I do not concern myself with which truther is possibly good or bad…don’t care. My gut tells me on several not to listen to, but the ones I like, I still continue to listen to them and I take the info ALL of them provide and use my discernment to filter it, process it and try to determine things that are going on. Byington is my favorite source and my thoughts on her is she was recruited as a tool for the White hats, mainly due to her background. For needed info and for needed misinfo. Also, keep in mind that she doesn’t write most of what she posts. Her daily “newsletter” is a COMPILATION of MANY different sources (and links) which is why they often differ in the info they are providing. I like her because she puts them all in one location so I don’t have to go searching. Same with Mary narrating her stuff but adding some great TickTok and Telegram clips that I really enjoy because I don’t belong to social media so I would otherwise not see them. I believe Trump even puts out misinfo and that there are several Trumps. He’s doing what he needs to accomplish goals. Again…listen to who you want, realize some of it is misinfo and use multiple sources to determine what you think is really going on.

As far as proof, there is proof out there that things are happening to the good. The fact that we can even write these communications, that truthers can broadcast, that CNN actually said Trump was right, banks sending notices and doing things they’ve never done before. There are multiple reports, almost daily, of children being saved and child predators in great numbers are being arrested. NONE of this would be going on if Biden/deep state was in charge. There are more “facts”, I’m not going to list them all, but they are there if you use discernment, pick the facts out from all the “noise” we are hit with every day.

All these horrible floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires etc. are awful. Is it the black hats wanting to cause death, destruction and chaos or is the white hats destroying enclaves, labs, tunnels of the evil and doing what is necessary. We don’t know and we can’t do anything about it. Almost everything you hear or see, you can twist it to be a white hat operation or a deep state one. Most of them are just noise. 

We are in a battle, the enemy was ENTRENCHED in every aspect of our lives. They had control of everything and all the money they wanted to finance it. Yet, we had GOD, faith, goodness, integrity, fight within us, a fearless, tough and strong warrior to lead us, and good military to battle for us. Yes, it’s taken longer than we want. Yes, we are ostracized and ridiculed and lost friends and family and suffered hardships and stress. War does that. The enemy was all powerful and wars are not fought like they used to be fought. Technology is immense now, whether in weaponry, weather, or diseases. I believe in good over evil, I believe in Trump and I believe they are trying their da*nest to preserve life and ease suffering while this battle is ongoing, whereas the black hats are doing their da*nest to cause pain, suffering and death. War is never easy. People suffer and people die. War is never clean, fast or easy. 

Have faith in good. It will triumph over evil. Maybe not on the time line we want. Yes, there may be some bad white hats as power corrupts, but we have to hope that, in time, justice will also seek them out. Keep in mind, there are only 2 options. We win…and all is well. Or the deep state wins and we become slaves, or die. Those are really the only 2 outcomes now. 




I choose good no matter how long it takes. 

KS Patriot


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