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Reader Post | By Truthseeker

Time for Action – Call to all Truther, real White Hats and Awakened….

Greetings from Germany,

I have been following the whole horror Show and the White Hats Plan for a very long time and I notice that among the Truthers, Patriots and in the Truth Movement, who know about various Things in the Background, it has been boiling for a long time….

Many known Truthers from the Truthmovement and most Awakened and conscious People who follow Q and the underground

War, and spiritual People, have see behind the curtain of the Matrix and are aware of the Alienagenda, the dark Controllers and Beyond, are now very dissatisfied with the “Plan”, the very weak White Actions and all the Promises, Speeches and

Delays and the constant “Trust the Plan” and “Hold the Line” Slogans….

Criticism is growing and many are now saying that the White-Hats mean well but have blown it.




The White Hats should finally come out and educate the Population, because you can’t lead People out of Secrecy and be a positive role Model in the process.

The White Hats will keep us in a needless Struggle for Survival if they don’t finally get going, show Themselves in Public and make Technologies like Free Energy, Med-Beds, etc. accessible.

There’s a saying: Who dares wins, and it’s time for the White Hats to get started, because the longer they wait, the grayer and darker they become…

Protecting innocent People from the Cabal, should be a top priority. Every Day that this does not happen, thousands of People die from Starvation, Disease, War, etc., because of the Actions of the Cabal.

That is why Action must be taken as quickly as Possible.

There are already critical Voices that there is a significant Risk, that the current White Hats / Grey Hats, could drift to the dark Side and become a new group of hidden dark Controllers, who think they can lead Earthlings behind the Scenes for their own Benefit.

If that happened, this Group almost certainly would become corrupt over Time, so they may very well become the next Dark ones.




Some see this as a possible future Scenario and would therefore like to warn against it.

The White Hats are at a Crossroads. They have to decide NOW whether they will continue to allow evil and darkness and thereby work for the dark side and the destruction of Humanity and the Earth Or whether they want to work
for the light Side and the Liberation of the Earth.

1.) Take out the Popcorn because we’re going to see a Movie and everything is going as planned…

The White Hats / Patriots are in control and we’ve already won?

In the Truther scene / Q Scene it is often claimed that everything is going according to Plan or that the Plan still
needs time and that the White Hats / Patriots have everything under control… (Or that they have already won)

Well, unfortunately it doesn’t look like that, if you go outside the Door and take a good look around, you know that’s not the case

– > DEW / Energy Weapons Attack on Maui / Hawaii, flood disaster in Greece and Libya, severe Earthquakes in Morocco and
Turkey in February 2023, etc.

Residents reported strange light Phenomena not only over Maui but also over Morocco and Turkey in February 2023.

This suggests an intentional and artificially created Disaster, as flooding is just as feasible as Earthquakes or massive
temperature swings or storms. Also the forest fires in Greece, Canada and other Places, are intentionally caused.

The cabal wants Fear, Panic and Population reduction….




We should therefore remain vigilant, because this War is far from over…

2.) There were no Delays – The Plan is accurate, flawless and planned to the Day…

There are also Insiders who claim that there were no Delays and the White Hats were not stopped because there were extra
Problems or the Swamp was so deep etc. and that these Statements are all wrong…

All of this would just be a Cover and Disguise for the White Hats to keep People from asking uncomfortable Questions

For example, why the White Hats didn’t take Action as early as 2021/2022 and would have solvedthe Situation and why People then went through all this Suffering in the first place.

It would therefore be much easier for the White Hats to say afterwards:

We encountered Problems and that stopped us. Don’t blame us for that, it was the Deep State etc.

Then the White Hats are responsible for maintaining the spiral of Fear and Suffering and everything else and continue to accept collateral Damage to People, Nature and the Environment.

The White Hats seem to be doing a Cover up here as well, presumably fearing the Consequences if the whole Truth comes out…

If the White Hats really had everything under Control and there were no Delays and Problems etc. as they keep saying, then why is this All allowed?




That does not make Sense…

3.) Some Insiders say that the White Hats are not interested in our Sensitivities and Criticism etc.

According to Insiders, probably the prevailing Opinion of the Pentagon White Hats / US White Hats:

This is the last attempt and the last Opportunity. We can’t afford to make a Mistake and we don’t really mind if People moan and
groan, and complain. That’s because they don’t have the weight of the World on their Shoulders.

They haven’t seen what some elected Leaders have done.

Well, just harness the Citizens and especially the Truther and Awakened ones.

No one is asking you to carry the Burden alone.

But the White Hats are so interested in there Secrecy, they probably won’t do it.

4.) The White Hats have caused some collateral Damage

I also remind you of the many collateral Damages such as Suicides caused by the Corona measures, by the spiral of Fear that was created and maintained, destruction of Existence, by the division in Families and Relationships, etc. and also by the many false
Promises made by the White Hats and from the Truthmovement.




Unfortunately hardly anyone talks about it, because it seems to be simply suppressed and for some White Hats, it´s probably only a few insignificant collateral Damage, because every Human being “allegedly” has a free will. (The End justifies the

Well, People under Fear- and Mindcontrol and implanted do NOT have free Will!

This Fact should be known to the White Hats…

Due to the many Delays and weak Actions, many People now think that it increasingly looks like a Battle between two
Evil Forces or Deep State Parties for Supremacy. (So-called Elites War.)

The longer this all goes on, and the more collateral Damage is done, this whole affair looks less and less like Good versus Evil, and more like 2 evil Forces fighting it out.

According to the Gnostics, there are 2 negative Forces – The Dark Side and the Side of False Light, all of which are serve and energise the corrupted Demiurge. (Duality.)

It is not a Game, it is deadly serious for many People.

But probably not for the high-ranking White Hats and their Families, who have their Millions and are fully protected etc. and because of it, it is probably not that hard either.

As always in world History, the common man must suffer from this Conflict.

5.) People need to see, feel and experience it?




This Statement corresponds to an inhuman Worldview and is a wrong Way, because People have already seen, felt and suffered enough over the Centuries. (There have already been some Global Resets where entire Peoples have been wiped out from the Face of the Earth. -> Keyword Tartaria, Stolen History, chronology Criticism, Fomenko, Phantom Time etc.)

Apparently the White Hats want People to suffer, including Children, so that the Masses will “wake up”.

But when People suffer, they go into angry, desperate and violent “Survivalmode” and they become “less loving and selfish” and less awakened.

Only when People’s needs are met do they become more awake, loving and compassionate.

Sometimes you have to go through Darkness to reach the Light?

Also, many in the Truthmovement, and probably the White Hats too, think that some necessary terrifying Event must occur or that we must walk through the darkness to see the light and then People will finally wake up and thrive / develop positively.

But the creation and maintenance of Poverty, existential Fear, financial Worries, Suffering and Struggle for Survival does not necessarily lead to spiritual Development. It is a Misconception and the Wrong Way. (Suffering and Fear are more likely to lead to Survival mode.)

Believing that experiencing Darkness and Suffering is a necessary Part of Life is a Belief construct of the Matrix Creators / the Karma Matrix.

Unfortunately, many spiritual People also think, that it is normal and good for their Development to experience

Suffering. However, this only brings new Energy to certain negative Entities, such as the Archons. (This was already known to the Gnostics.)




People who desperately want to experience Suffering because they think they need it to grow, are like these

People, who have the Stockholm Syndrome. In the Process, you will learn to Love your Oppressors and

Tormentors, because that is all they know.

Every living being has an indispensable and unconditional Right to a positive life experience.

Making Pain, Suffering and Sacrifice part of the Growthexperience is Part of the Programming of the Darkforces to more easily enslave the Population.

Life was intended by the Creator, never as hard Work or Struggle, but rather as a Path of Joy and Creativity.

People are suffering and dying because of a genetic Experiment that has been forced upon Many with

Methods of psychological warfare and Lies, Fear mongering and Exclusion.

How is that supposed to help waking up People and promoting the development of Consciousness and the personal increase in Vibration, if Fear and Suffering are consciously created or allowed or, for example, People get sick, die, are driven to Suicide or lose they Existence, Apartment/House etc.?

Not only in my Opinion, People tend to be more loving, helpful and open to Suggestions/new Ways and becoming more Altruistic when their own basic Needs are satisfied and they become more anxious, withdrawn and selfish, when they did not meet basic needs and are not satisfied. (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.)




A Victory that accepts great Suffering and high Collateral damage and wipes out large parts of Humanity, makes it ill, keeps it in Fear and Terror and continues to maintain Mind Control through the Media etc. is no real Victory or Success, but rather a Pyrrhic Victory and is more like a Failure.

It’s all pure Madness, it costs Human Lives, it brings great Suffering and can no longer be justified with anything!

There are always other and better Alternatives, because nothing is without an Alternative.

The longer the White Hats continue to maintain the Status Quo, allowing or creating Suffering and Fear, the more

they become the plaything of dark Forces and continue to feed negative Entities with Energy.

The White Hats are only hurting themselves.

6.) Enough is Enough – Let’s Go

It is a horror Show, but many are fed up with this horror Show and want it to be done….

And it is more than frustrating that certain White Hats have so many Concerns about this and that, and the supposed

Effect on the Public of doing this and that….

They should just do it. Just do it and get it done.

All of us who have remained truthful know what is going on – why are we being made to suffer?

Many are so tired of the White Hats dragging this out and still playing with our Minds.

Because the White Hats and the Black Hats are fighting it out, playing it out?

I think we’re at a point now where the People who get it, get it, and the People who don’t get it, will only get it if it’s absolutely rubbed in their Faces… by broadcasting the Truth in the Mass Media via TV, Newspaper, Radio, Flyers, etc.

Because the longer all this goes on, the sooner the White Hats will lose their Credibility and public Opinion, and the harder it will be to get everything back and the harder it will be to rebuild and put things right.

Taking way too long is a double edged Sword because the White Hats are increasingly losing their Credibility and

Public opinion among the Awakened / in the Truth movement and the Insiders, while trying to wake up the sleeping / Unawakened.

7.) The White Hats are not avoiding “Civil War”, they are creating it….

The White Hats are probably so afraid of Civil War that they will continue to conceal the Truth and and won’t do anything big about it. But the fear of civil War, and the weak Actions, only fuels that civil War.

Because what you Fear, you often attract….

If you don’t finally start telling People the Truth, you will have a War in the Streets and in the Countryside.

There is already speculation that the White Hats are holding back, because they don’t want to risk causing a Civil War.

Well, a Civil War is what we are heading for. And what a surprise that will be to the unprepared, still waiting for the glorious White Hats to emerge…

The aim of preventing violence and turmoil by prolonging the suffering “to wake them up”, may result in the opposite effect to that desired.

They may never wake up. They may just break down

Understanding the “Sleeper” – (Dr. Richard Prytula Psychiatrist/Psychoanalyst)

“We are in a perfect position. The mere mortals have witnessed this madness on the world stage.
Anyone who is a little objective can see what is happening.
The public is ready for red pills.
It’s time for the White Hats to stand up or shut up.
Show us what you can do. It is time.”

8.) Some White Hats probably think, that People just can’t handle the Truth…

However, the whole Truth has to come out, because hiding something from Us the People is completely the wrong Way and that’s why Everything has to be on the Table, including what went wrong with the White Hats Plan and why they did something the Way they did it.

According to some Insiders, some Events and Truths etc. are to be kept secret and withheld from us.

Completely different substitute Narratives should then be written in the History Books. However, this is historical

Falsification and Censorship.

They’ll probably say that it’s supposedly just for our safety that not everything is told to the Public.

(They always claim that…)

That’s why Non-disclosure Agreements are used.

Even holding out secret Court hearings, as many Insiders say, is the wrong Way to go.

Humanity should be included as a Whole, because it can mean a dramatic Healing for Humanity as it sees these

Criminals finally held Accountable for their actions. (Many People still believe in Justice.)

One should ask yourself who gives the White Hats or Anyone else, the right to hold back, cover up, rewrite and conceal Everything again.  (Do the White Hats cover up, because they are afraid of the consequences of the Truth?)

If the White Hats hide the Truth and start censoring, filtering, covering up, etc., they will probably become the next dark Controllers.

Secrecy justified on grounds of national Security is itself a risk to national and global Security. This is one of the biggest flaws in the System that has never been corrected and is the cause of the continuing worst Crimes against

Humanity and the Planet.

For any true White Hat and Truthseeker, alarm Bells should be ringing immediately, when there again is

History falsification, Censorship, Cover-up, Secrecy, etc. no matter what the Reasons may be.

Nobody wants Secrecy and Censorship and we need to free Ourselves from the Censorship-Control-Matrix because

the so called “White Hats” probably won’t do it, in fact they might even maintain the Matrix.

Attempting to suppress unwanted Information or the Truth will not work in the long run, but the Opposite will be achieved.  (The so-called “Streisand Effect”.)

No matter how much censorship, veiled, rewriting, and cover-up, the Truth always finds its Way and will come out.

At the latest when the Consciousness of Humanity has developed and a large Part has a Connection to the Source/the Creator again. Because the Truth is already stored and retrievable in the collective Consciousness.

How many Lives and terrible Victims could have been avoided, if the White Hats had revealed the Truth earlier?

9.) Do some of the White Hats/Grey Hats perhaps have a dark Past and are they therefore afraid of liberating
Humanity because their dark Past will be exposed?

Is the inaction of the Grey Hats due to a hidden Agenda to become the new “dark” and “hidden Controllers”?

The unconscious Shadow of the high Grey Hats is also that they like to have more Power, more Knowledge and more

Money than the average Person. They also, in some Cases, have a dark Past and know that their own Past would also come to light if everything came to Light.

Subconsciously, these Grey Hats are probably less concerned with moving towards spiritual development and
Love than awakened and conscious People

These White Hats will probably defend themselves by saying that the Population needs to wake up and that it is the fault of the average People that this Process is taking too long.

But by making People suffer, you are only narrowing their Perspective, because many People are in Survivalmode and Survival mode will increase the longer this all goes on.

If you want to wake People up, you must ensure that their Needs are met first.

„The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically
opposed to SECRET SOCIETES, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.”

We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far
outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.
US President John F. Kennedy – April 27, 1961, Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City.

10.) Is it really about human Awakening?

If one still wants to wait for the “Sleeping Sheeps” to awaken, there would be too much Suffering for those already awakened.

Awakening could be achieved quickly through White Hat controlled Media, or through complete Media Takeover and
broadcasting of the Truth.

As long as Humanity is exposed to the Media, Poisoning via the Air, Water, Food, Pharmaceutical industry and

5G Irradiation and other Manipulations, it will not be able to awaken.

Clearly to be seen in the War drive of the People. And if Awakening really was the Alliance’s goal, then they would have to take those Steps first.

Pain & Suffering and Censorship only stifle any awakening….

Mountains of Information must finally be released to the People to educate the Masses about the Truth, which will
finally awaken the Masses.

The White Hats are increasingly losing Credibility and if they continue then they risk having average People start to see you as oath Breakers and the new dark Forces.

At the moment the White Hats can still justify and defend their Actions, but as the Situation drags on and on and the

Majority of People finally realise what is really going on, you will no longer be able to justify your Actions.

11.) Why the White Hats will also have to be accountable?

The White hats will also have to be accountable to the People / the Sovereign, for example for waiting too long and prolonging their Operation, for all the collateral Damage and the Secrecy.

Indifference from the Sovereign must be avoided, because there will be some who think it is not appropriate to Criticise
the White Hats Plan, because the White Hats are our Liberators and they have liberated the Planet / Mankind etc.

That the White Hats are our “Liberators” is only partially true. The White Hats will bring the military Liberation that none of us can afford.

But to free ourselves from foreign Domination and the Matrix and to develop our Consciousness is something only we can do.

We must ensure that it is not forgotten or covered up or censored again.

The Military / White hats are our Servants and we the People are the Sovereign who have given the Military the mandate to protect and serve us.

They have all taken a sacred Oath and are accountable to the People as Servants of the People. (Moreover, they are all paid by our tax Money).

However treating us the Sovereign as a minor and withholding or filtering Information is Paternalism and supervised

Thinking. (Supervised thinking: We only give you the information where we think you understand it.)

Well, however, supervised Thinking and Paternalism is not particularly spiritual and shows little Faith in Humanity.

After all, how do People can learn to take responsibility for themselves or to trust themselves if you take them by the hand, treat them like little Children or think they are too stupid?

Humanity deserves Freedom, the secrecy of Governments and the White Hats must come to an end, so that the Peoples of this Earth can live in an enlightened World and without any Disinformation or Censorship.

If People don’t have all the Information, how should they be able to make their own Decisions?

Everyone should have the same Information, because only when People know everything, they can make really good Decisions.

The Sovereign has the unconditional right to know EVERYTHING. The servant does not have the right to conceal anything, because the Master, the People, is above the Servant, the (state) servant.

Those who claim to be State Servants / People’s Servants have to serve the Sovereign without ifs or buts.

And if they can’t or don’t want to, then they have to go.

No ifs and buts.

There must therefore be a critical examination of all that the White Hats have done or failed to do.

Criticism of the White Hats or a different Opinion must be allowed, because if this is suppressed, we find ourselves in the very situation of Censorship that we all want to get rid of.

This is also a call to all true White Hats, Patriots, Light Warriors and Truth Seekers etc.

No one must ever again dominate, control or exercise control over Humanity, hide the Truth, cover it up
and keep it Secret from us.

If the White Hats do not trust the Citizens / the Sovereign, why should we trust them?

“What does Sovereignty mean?

It is derived from the Latin “superanus” and means “superior”.

So we are superior to any human Hierarchy. Is that how we behave?

No, we behave like ducking Mice. But why do we act like that?

Because we fear Punishment. Fines, imprisonment, loss of Job, ostracism and all kinds of Disadvantages.
Fear is not sovereign. How do we achieve Sovereignty?

Ultimately, by shedding our fear of Death. Only when we no longer have the slightest Fear
of death, we are free, we are sovereign.
This happens only through the realisation that we are eternal spiritual beings.

He who is afraid of Death is also afraid of Life.”
Traugott Ickeroth

12.) Finally unite – We have to put pressure on the White Hats now…

It is time for the Truthers to unite and put Pressure on the White Hats…

Instead of discussing the Plan / the White Hats over and over again, Criticising, writing Letters and Articles about and to

the White Hats, who probably don’t pay any Attention to them anyway, it would be much better if especially the US

American Truther – YOU – networked and united and put their Followers in Front of the Pentagon and/or Trump’s

Mar-a-Lago estate and demand immediate Action.

A Deadline must be given and if the White Hats do not respond, ALL of the known Truther and there Followers must go out in Public.

Loudly and uncomfortably, just as the Mass media do.

Because how many more Letters and Writings to the White Hats are you going to write?

If the White Hats can’t get off their Asses and really get involved, it’s absolutely Time for US finally get involved and do it now!

We need to put Pressure now especially on the US / Pentagon White Hats because we are the Sovereign.

The White Hats must now take a harder Pace or the Sovereign/Citizens and Patriots will….

However, a harder Pace does not mean unlawful. The White Hats have already every Right for decades, to militarily Combat the domestic Invaders and the Cabal and do it immediately and capture the members > Mass arrest.

They have every Right to do so because they are fighting pure Evil and their Mission is to protect human Lives.

There are no more Excuses to finally Act now!

PS: In the Appendix you will find a List of Contacts from the Truther scene for networking and joining Forces


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