(Reader: Victor) When you Know Something about Something



Reader Post | By Victor

When you know something about something and nothing about nothing. That is the start of waking up and the journey of walking backwards to where you came from. It is a journey of climbing a mountain that you do not know how high it is and how hard it is. 

This journey is the trip of knowing creation,all of it from the boots on the ground and by direct experience first hand. That is what the game is about or what the movie is about or what Life is about. It is about the creator of the game finding out what it is to look at itself from a point of view that is outside of itself. 

This reality is the ABSOLUTE, or the goal of this Spiritual quest that will take some time, realize that which is what is known as the Absolute. But since time does not exist, it will take no time to complete the journey that will be done from infinite viewpoints and will never end. That  Creation is also expanding and that will be the tool for this inquiry into the nature of the REALITY. Which will go backwards and inward from where we presently think that we are at.

Because to walk this walk, YOU will follow thoughts and what holds those thoughts back to their Source. This is when you start on this trek. You will be able to tell that you are at the start because you do know something about something and you know a lot of something. Those somethings is what shows up as the only thing that you can see “presently”….because you have only limited perceptions at any start to of any trek.

Limited like a child is at birth, which is where the goal is at the end….. in a way?  because a child enters this matrix as we all did with… “nothing”…which may be more than… “something”…that we have acquired with the intellect. As a child you can not talk about what …”you are”…. since you have not thoughts and languaging capabilities yet….but you have the STATE OF BEING…YOU ARE COMPLETELY PRESENT AND ALIVE….Which you can access at anytime actually to check your compass and heading. Right where it all  started,…you will return to with this trek….but it will be a consciousness walk. Remember and feel that compass if you can,  because a childs knows everything about nothing and nothing about something.

But you are not a child any longer and have acquired beliefs or ideas about everything that you can think of in creation. Because that is normal and the plan of the game of creation. The plan is to not leave an opinion unturned over to investigation BY DIRECT LIVING EXPERIENCE AND KNOWING…. on the way back to Source or the Absolute.

The ABSOLUTE….IS ….IT IS BEHIND EVERYTHING….but can not be found with mind or the viewpoints of knowing something about something which is the condition when you only are looking through many thoughts and distortions at Reality which ends up blocking the true perception. Those distortions veil the Absolute which you are and that which is holding the space for the Self exploration that the Absolute has manifested, by starting a creation that set the whole existence matix rolling. So this is a road map to  the way out of the matrix or to become saved or enlightened.




All of these words will be limited in their help, but words are what you have at the start…because you know nothing about nothing. Or you are not aware of awareness.  What do you know about being in NOTHING…?…nothing!…when you have never investigated that state to discover that is has LIFE ITSELF and points to the existence of all that IS….or the Absolute which is even beyond ,,,,”ISNESS”…..and can not be described or known by those that know something about something.

Because when you know something about something? You can not know the Absolute which is of another order before creation and that is who you are. That Absolute can be described in my perception with words that can not…”really do it”…. but….words is what we have and all we presently are aware of by direct experience if we are just starting on the trek.

 In other words THE ABSOLUTE…feels like.unmanifested singularity that is aware. The Absolute holds emptiness and is beyond speaking state of Awareness. It might be said that if you had a stroke you would be completely with yourself. No talking  because there is no movement or contrast possible? It is like an unmanifested state of Nothing but something prior to the sensation of BEING.? There are no reference points like in the next distortion away from that Absolute stat or the next state of “I AM” manifestation in creation.

From that the state of….”I AM”…appeared Creation. Before that existed, it was just the Absolute with the state that did not have the “I Am” feeling in it. It held the feeling of….”ME”…? or
“I AM”…but without a YOU in a creation and then in a body. That is the mountain top and what you will retrace your steps back to… this origin of ALL that is manifested, because the Absolute was present and had not said…”I AM”….yet into a time creation then having to be something.

The “I AM” ….”IS”…which is different than the Absolute which was prior to BEINGNESS that is felt in the “I AM”….This is that state that you can now “feel” something because something was expressed as existing but also prior to any creation that can be known as time and space that is now filled with a YOU that will travel this creation and universes filled with…”thoughts” or a MIND. That MIND is like a sphere appearing in the unmanifested Absolute that is holding that “I AM” Feeling and the manifested universe or all of creation.

That “I AM” …had a thought and the rest is history and the future in a Creation.

YOU are presently perceiving in such a…” snow globe “…of Creation….as was hinted at and disclosed to you a long time ago like in an early movie called “CITIZEN KANE”.




When Orson Wells said…”Rosebud”….he spoke in his last breath of a cherished memory of that cherished life and dropped the glass snowball and it broke ….or his life ended. That globe is where we presently think we are in and trying to understand that experience or become more conscious….to be able to experience what is already here….now…the Absolute.

This was his Life in that sphere of perception because he was identified in the “I AM” dream of creation and he knew something about something then. As we presently all like wise….know something about something or what we “think”…THINK…is another big clue, because all knowing in mind is has thinking as the first obstacle to comprehend and accept in the context of understanding with awareness. When you only know life within a globe? everything then is only filled with many “somethings”…or the limitations of ideas of the MIND. The intention then is to become aware that something else is also there in the globe.

The MIND is the “I AM”….MIND. …This is the MIND in capitol letter or the “how” mechanics of the whole of creation becoming an experience matrix. The Absolute is the origin of the “I AM” …creation which You reside within your bubble….because that is how all points of view will be explored. This is the matrix or a creation that you are in or …” think”… you are in and that is the “illusion”.. From here you can start to “feel”…with awareness and with this new discovered tool of what actually …”IS”…we work back to the Absolute by retracing our steps within your own present inner SELF to find out who you are.

This sphere is the ideas of your creation. The YOU here in that sphere in the “I Am”…of this now moment and can be the start of the awakening journey to escape the matrix. The difficulty is that we are not even aware of the “I AM” feeling because we never take any notice of it. Because it …”just IS”…or We IS HERE?….So we just say:…”what is there to look at?”….and we blow it off for the movie on the screen. 

We love the movie on the screen of perception that the “I AM” …IS. That “I AM”…is the screen on which all the thoughts that we think we presently are when we know something about something. That screen has characters dancing on it and those images talk and move and tell a story. It feels like a very real story because we cry and we are scared and all of the emotions that movies provide…because they are real to us.

That is where we are starting this awakening from. BUT!….this state is the one of complete sleep and intoxication with the dream or the movie that we think we see when we open our eyes and walk around in our avatar. Because we are completely sure that we are the star of the show and are living on the big screen. We say….”look at me mom!…I am a star”…I finally made it to the big time and I have been given an oscar for my performance in the movie!

Right you are. YOU are the star on the big screen and that is what is known as the “Ego”…or ego effect is more appropriate. So you have a long way to walk backwards out of the dream. That dream is your movie from your point of view. But you are not that. YOU are being dreamed by the “I AM” state….which has created all of creation  with all movie scenes in it and all options in it and those frames of film is how you are surfing the creation to experience yourself….or the veiled SELF…which has its roots all the way back to the Absolute which is what really IS THE REALITY.

But what does a movie actor know about THE REALITY?…When it lives on the screen only in 2 dimensions of perception? It replies:….”What  …. “I AM”?….in confusion because it only knows itself as a projection. That character is a matrix character that is just being dreamed off or made to appear on the screen of the mind of the “I AM”…and that character does not really exist. That character was never born? It just showed up when the dream started or the movie started to play in the mind of the Dreamer. That manifested the movie to start to get the attention of the Light and then the show started and the popcorn started to be consumed.

So you first have to see that you are not the character on the movie screen. That is the character that knows something about something but nothing about nothing….because it is NOT WHO YOU ARE. YOU are many steps backward in investigation which may not even have started? So the mountain top is a ways off and yet? It is right here. YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE….IN REALITY.

But we have to start on the level that we are at. A child starts to learn and grow as our SOUL in the movie is doing the same thing. Our life movie has many roles and is being played out right now all at the same time. The same time, it is really a fun idea that once you first understand it and eventually accept it as the TRUTH….is very empowering. 




Because when I now say that you are being drawn or pulled to the end of the journey, it means that the trip that you are on is already done and complete and you found YOUR SELF….Which also means that YOU can not fail and that in fact you are not lost and in the movie in REALITY….but you have a case of extreme amnesia when you are a movie addict where you are so in love with yourself or the ” EGO EFFECT”….that what do you know about the sense of “I AM here”…or eventually the NOTHING like unmanifested state of the Absolute?

YOU do not know Nothing which is closer to being who you are than that big star on the movie screen having a good time. This means that you do not have to wake up this lifetime or perhaps in any lifetime or movie role.? After all…its a dream and an illusion for exploration as an elective? Because for most characters in the matrix….the movie is more fun? and they will say what fun is…”NOTHING?”….There is nothing there!….and right you are again. For the dead and free from awareness movie character false life is more real on the big screen because that is easy and the popcorn is very good at the theater and it’s your favorite. 

Right you are again. YOU are always right….because YOU ARE ALL THAT IS HERE. …your THE ABSOLUTE IN DISGUISE….a disguise of many points of view in the State of expressed manifestation of time and space and forgetfulness. that the “I AM” state provides for itself….so as to be able to see itself from the viewpoints that are outside of the Absolute state of REALITY….

Outside state means that the movie does not affect the Absolute that you are ever….its a movie or it is like the “I AM”… which is YOU NOW….is dreaming and wants to exist in a form that appears to be manifested and very real. In the Absolute state….you are there…but it is like you can not move?…since you are everywhere, aware and singular but completely unmanifested, because its just… YOU … as unmanifested Nothing.

The first manifestation is the “I AM STATE”…then the dream of you within your “Rosebud glove” starts. In that globe you are dreaming as a character on a movie screen and you are waiting for the RV and for Trump and the white hats to win or perhaps you are a science fiction fan and you are watching the Kim Goguen series on how the aliens have taken over the matrix and we are fighting the only real war that matters!…OMG….pass me some more popcorn….this is a great show. Don’t ask me to get out and go into the Light outside the theater?…I want to be me in the dream and stay here!. The ego will scream that at you and you think it is you…hence you have to find the separation from that by finding awareness.

You may find it very hard to quit the show….Right You Are….It’s your globe and in that globe if Rosebud is your first love?….right you are again….. Who is to say anything about anything YOU are doing? when you are exploring everything about everything on the big screen and you still think you know something about something.?

All the while ABSOLUTE AWAITS….it observes and holds the space for itself. So are you GOD?….Yeah….in the movie and then when you are out of the movie. But the end of the ques….then you are in REALITY…what is that?…IT IS YOU….so you no longer need the idea of GOD that was so real in the movie theater where all the drama and suffering and in justice and SIN was playing as a triple feature? I remember triple features at movies on Saturdays and the fee was 50 cents and that took about an hour of walking by the RailRoad tracks to pick up glass pop bottles with friends. Bottles that were worth 3 cents and maybe even 5 cents for a large doctor pepper bottle. That was my rosebud world of illusion as a child. It was a great movie which I love still….but I now know it was a movie.

Then with just 10 doctor Pepper bottles this kid started to go to movies and start the quest to walk backwards out of the movie theater that was air conditioned and real great and there were red hot candies and milk duds that stuck in your teeth for days and so the walk back to the Absolute started….because the shock of Life happened next and suffering happened next and the desire happened next to figure out what was going on.

So here we are…. IN THE NOW….of course all the while NOTHING….was holding the space for my rosebud experience and in REALITY….nothing has happened and NOTHING CAN HAPPEN TO THE ABSOLUTE ME….since I am even beyond the “I AM”…..and never was I on the movie screen. 

What to do?…You start by trying to become aware of where you are. YOU will have to start by becoming aware of your body. Right now most everyone in the matrix is not even aware of that. They are thinking and know everything about everything because the movie on the screen told them what to think and what to believe in and what to pray to?…All good and right you are….because if you are in the movie? The movie is being dreamt for “you”…the little ego effect that still thinks it exists as a human and that is all you know.,,,but you are in the right place that is perfect 




Right you are….but then for some reason?….A movie character being projected and dreamed up asks….”WHO AM I?”….What?…That is impossible…you’re just a projection on the screen. You’re dead and do not exist!…But now you want out of the screen and are asking silly questions and you want to get out of the movie?….and then you say…that you have heard the rumor that….”YOU ARE GOD!”…..

Right you are again!….Well lookie here!…a character in the Wizard of OZ movie wants something more than the movie?….THAT’S DIFFERENT?….OK…?…Since that is happening and that is being dreamed off….IT IS APPROVED OF AND “REAL” ….as real as anything in the “I AM” ….Theater of life is “real”….? ONLY the Absolute is the ultimate REALITY….and that is beyond GOD…so to know GOD is a good start…but that will be still a long walk and will take time…or no time to touch the Absolute of the real REALITY.

That is why it is more practical to start where you are and see if you can sit with YOUR SELF….IN SILENCE..with your SELF?…for twenty minute twice a day? See if you can handle that or be aware when you walk through each doorway in your house? Set that up as an exercise to see if you can remember you for the next five doorways you walk through and “be there”…So, Just try to be aware when you walk through a doorway and see for how long you remember YOUR SELF….and not go back into MIND on the movie screen.

Those two things are very strong  tools but…if you are wanting to go even  faster?…Try to become aware for 2-5 seconds 5 times in an hour. …for the rest of your life. If you are a superstar among supper stars…try to stay aware for an hour once a week doing that 2-5 seconds exercise…for that hour. Or every day for a few hours? Then you will be on a rocket out of here and  Doing these practices even if you can only do a small bit will build momentum that permanently lasts.You will only be able to do small bits but I mention the larger bits because eventually you graduate to those “harder” tasks that are actually more fun and buy then you will be feeling all the time and aware most of the time and you will want more of that and less of mind.

So…Do not be harsh if you fail. Because you will fail and you will fail for a long time. But each time you try to get out of the matrix movie and become aware of the “I AM”…or the globe of your Life?…YOU ARE MORE AWAKE. Eventually you will know nothing about nothing. Because you will have been in that nothing state of the “I AM”…and that will be more real than the MIND creation state….that knows something about something with every mental mind idea….which you are not. YOU ARE PRIOR TO ALL THAT I MANIFESTED.

(3043) The Essential Knowing Nature of Being – YouTube



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