I Quit! Your System Doesn’t Work!



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Anonymous Light, Guest Writer

Submitted on September 19, 2023

I Quit!. Your System Doesn’t Work!.

Consider This My Resignation from Your Conscripted World!.

I Think I Speak for The Consciousness of Our World
(expressive punctuation intentional)

I Tried it your way!. I followed you statutes you called law, while lying to me about them!. I paid for your lifestyle while you stole mine through taxes and fees!. Better known as coercive extortion!. You forced me into what you call health care through your pharmaceuticals and filled us with your quack-cines and forced us in and or of you sick management system!. Your world doesn’t work anymore!.

Yes!. I said it!. I Quit!. Your System doesn’t work!.

It is time for all of you who have the powers to stop this genocide of The Love on Our Planet to do it now!.




To quote someone’s history…

Shall we try another global flood to clean all the vermin off this Garden of Eden we have all been given to care for? Too many of us have just squandered The Gifts we have been endowed with, including this writer based on the programmable mind. It sucks, sometimes it’s hellish, to walk the path of breaking free!. But man is it freeing!. To have the courage to claim oneself in spite of the fear to the contrary is freeing.

Everyone must learn we are not property to another or to a system of financial and medical fraud. The two hands on what we have believed to be the body of govern-ment, banking and pharmaceuticals have been handing off our lives, pharm-ing us between them to see who can kill us and recycle us first. And on top of that, your system appointees get paid on our deaths. They don’t know what an honest days work is so they gamble with our lives!.

They are the disease, the true virus on this planet!. The inoculation? Walk away and be free.

There are too many Hearts yearning to create a truly better, more balanced life for All and some of you currently, historical – powers that be, must resign to the fact that you underestimated what you call an enemy, The People, The Life, on this, little place in the universe planet. It is no longer yours!.

Those of you who have the power, resources, and Heart to finish the transition must do it now! I am referring to All Benevolent Life with the powers to end this deliberate genocide of The Light. The world is hurting. The Life is hurting. It is time for you to drop the hammer. Or shall we try the historical account of cleansing this Planet Created for All Life to flourish? Not the succubuses only.

For those of you who have truly rapped All Life on this planet, you’ll be given a non-environmentally friendly island for all of you to either fight or serve. Live in, or clean up the filth you left for us. You created it, you deal with it!.




Everything you have taken will be returned to All you have taken from. All birth-rights will be returned along with equal monetary value for All, for lifetimes of needless suffering. All accounts opened, and people taught that suffering is not necessary.

This writer personally has a legacy to leave before any transition of my life takes place. I don’t believe it can be done beneficially with vermin and succubuses around every corner in all of our lives. Remove yourselves, you have lost!.

It is time to open all the Trust’s belonging to The People and end this deliberate denial of Our True Selves. Denial as an acronym means, “Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying”. It is time to stop lying and start living. Time to wake up!.

Woke is not awake!. Woke, is death of life within. Woke as an acronym, from a friend, “Willing Overlooking Key Evidence”. How much more evidence do you need to see? Your nightmares are not ours. Time to wake up or be placed on the island mentioned above in your created denials.

We, The People, The Life, on this planet have no more time for you!. You have lost more than all the people on this planet. That is any trust you were given is gone. You have truly lost it all!. So pack your bags filled with the filth you created and safe landings as you’re dropped from a sky view onto your new home where you can be all you can be…to survive!.

Our new life starts now. We’ve got work to do. I’ve got a legacy to leave so others know what Being a Great Steward means. Time to close that chapter on our facade of a history so we can become and achieve Our Greatness!. All without you!.

Echo it loud if you’re with me!. You have permission to put this on your podcast and videos. Read it loud and proud!. With conviction!.

If I were going to put one song with this message it would be this one.

Life Uncommon by Jewel:

Listen to this song, from your heart. Then go kick ass!. Meaning no more consenting to anything, ie: registration of your property including your body!. Walk away, leave and forget the names of those who lied to humanity and their minions!. We are the new army expressed in that song!.




It is only when we walk away leaving the names and images of liars, cheats and thieves in the dust storms of history can we become who we were born to be as expressed so well in the Susan Boyle song, Who I Was Born to Be:

As my birthday approaches on the autumn equinox I could not think of a better gift than to know that The Heart of Humanity has truly been set free. May our freedom be held in reverence and never be taken for granted again!.

Anonymous Light for The Heart of Humanity


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