Massive 2020 Voter Fraud was Never Addressed Before Trump’s Indictment



Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Patrick J. McShay, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 14, 2023

“We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics”
-Joe Biden – On the campaign trail in 2019

While former president Donald Trump continues to be harassed, and is now criminally charged for saying the 2020 election was rigged for Biden, new evidence continues to emerge that proves him right. If the public was aware of this evidence it would change the way the public sees the election, but the truth is, the criminal and complicit media refuses to cover these revelations. 

A case in point is the bombshell revelation last week reported by, that an investigation into a Michigan company called GBI Strategies, run by Gary Bell, was paid over $11 million to register Democrat voters by a dark money PAC called BlackPAC which generated over $44 million. 

Like the infamous Acorn Group, a Democrat-funded operation that was implicated in a fraudulent voter registration operation during the Obama years, or the George Soros-funded ERIC registration system that is supposed to clean up voter rolls but Soros has pushed voter registration changes nationally to help Democrats. GBI Strategies, which operated in 20 states in 2020, including the swing states, appears to be just as corrupt.

A Muskegon Michigan clerk alerted police after a woman from GBI Strategies brought in 8,000-10,000 registrations that were proven to be fraudulent with bogus addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and signatures. Another problem was they all appeared to be filled out by the same person.

An investigation ensued that led them to a GBI facility where they found thousands more fraudulent registration forms, guns with silencers, burner cell phones, and prepaid debit cards. No one was ever arrested, why? Was it shut down by corrupt Michigan Governor Whitmer who, no doubt benefitted from this corruption?




Like most of the states, Michigan changed a number of its election laws prior to the 2020 election, and in some cases where they couldn’t get them changed, they simply ignored them. 

Michigan was flooded with millions of ballots and some residents received up to 5 ballots, many of which were sent from other states. One Muskegon municipality, Dalton County, confirmed that 795 ballots were sent out, but surprisingly 2760 were returned. This difference of 1875 votes was counted.

There are 136,300 people of voting age in Muskegon County and the number of people that register to vote in that county is typically 85%, leaving around 115,800 registered voters. But the county had 32,000 more registrations than expected, and 11000 more than the adult population of the entire county. That’s what you call an aggressive registration program or blatant in-your-face vote fraud.

Don’t forget, Trump had massive leads in all of the swing states before counting was stopped at around 11 pm on election night, but Trump wasn’t alone. Many down-ballot Republicans also enjoyed sizable leads when the counting stopped. Charles Payne from Fox Business said at the time, “What’s really confusing is the refusal to call the races that President Trump has sizable leads in with over 90% of the vote counted”.  

Here were the sizable leads Trump had in the swing states before counting was stopped:

Pennsylvania- Trump by 682,000
Georgia – Trump by 311,000
Michigan- Trump by 307,000
Wisconsin- Trump by 128,000

Florida was not a swing state and Trump had been polling way ahead of Biden. Florida had the 3rd largest population in 2020 but had no problem getting their votes counted on election night. Why did every swing state where Trump had massive leads stop counting and wait for vans to roll up with more ballots? Since we know that chain of custody was violated everywhere, why were these ballots allowed?




Arizona, a Red State for decades, was inexplicably called for Biden by Brett Bair’s Fox News Channel shortly after the polls closed, signaling to many that something foul was amiss. Kari Lake’s lawsuit to overturn the fraudulent Arizona Governor’s race exposed the use of bogus ballots, no chain of custody of ballots, no signature verification, and many of the ballots were printed on the wrong size paper and wouldn’t scan, kicking them out and putting them into the adjudication pile.

Another problem found when testing the machines in Coffee County Georgia before election day was that a number of the mail-in ballots were scanned and many of them were kicked out for a QR code violation error and were rejected. It was determined that every ballot that was rejected for the QR code violation was a Republican voter. This, again, would mean those ballots would go into the adjudication pile.

The same problem was found in a post-election audit by the Georgia Election Integrity Group which found that end-of-the-day reconciliation reports showed that the Dominion machines were seriously undercounting the number of ballots that had been cast and attributed the problem to QR code failure errors. 

They also found these same QR code failure errors in 65 of the 67 counties that provided them with their records, as the state of Georgia was uncooperative with the voter integrity group and clearly didn’t want anyone auditing this election.

After testing a number of machines, their fears were not assuaged, far from it. They found that even ballots that had been successfully scanned were not counted in the total, and now they believe the machines were preprogrammed. These same QR code error problems were also found in other swing states.

Hand counts done in Delkalb and Floyd Counties in Georgia found that 4400 ballots that were successfully scanned did not get counted in the tabulators count. Hmm…4400 in just 2 Georgia Counties, how many would they have found had they had access to records from the other 157 counties in the state?

A group called the “Tennessee Voters For Election Integrity” (TVEI) found that the Dominion voting machines were “seriously undercounting votes actually cast, after reviewing end-of-the-day reconciliation reports. 

The undercounting was also caused by QR code failure errors found in 6 Dominion Machines in 3 voting centers in Franklin Tennessee. One must ask themself, were these really errors or were these machines programmed that way?

On the night of the election in Antrim County, it was found that a Dominion machine had flipped 6000 votes from President Trump to Joe Biden. Antrim County officials claimed it was an error caused by a clerk’s failure to update media drives for certain tabulators to reflect the correct ballot count.

A forensic audit of the machine and a report of its findings was ordered by Judge Kevin Elsenheimer after a lawsuit was filed against the county. Allied Security Group, who did the audit, released their report which determined that the Dominion machines and their software were, “Designed to Create Systemic Fraud.” The media and the lying and controlled fact-checkers quickly dismissed the report as nothing more than partisan Republican sour grapes, nothing to see here.




It should surprise no one that the election integrity groups from Georgia and Tennessee were met with resistance, outright obstruction, and hostility. They were refused any cooperation, the authorities wouldn’t answer any questions, and requests for documents were slow-walked if provided at all. Is this the behavior you would expect from election officials after an honest election?

Election software giant ES&S had machines in use across the country and it was found that many of their machines that were used did not have proper certification which is illegal. Fraud vitiates everything! The criminals in charge of our elections use a variety of methods to steal our elections, ignoring our election laws is just one of them.

A problem arose with the ES&S machines in the 2020 election and continued in the 2022 election. The ES&S tabulators marked millions of ballots as “100% Blank, effectively nullifying the ballots and canceling the votes of those voters.” 

While Trump won big in Florida in 2020, he did lose several counties. In the counties he lost there were, unsurprisingly, large numbers of Blank ballots. Hmm… sounds like Dominion’s QR code violation errors doesn’t it? ES&S is hiding the data from the public and won’t release it.

“The data, evidence, and reports that ES&S is seeking to cover up are the evidence that Joe Biden is not really the duly elected President of the United States and Katie Hobbs is not the duly elected Governor of Arizona. This evidence proves that the indictment of President Donald J. Trump by the Biden DOJ is an attempted coverup of the largest series of frauds and treasons in the history of America.” 

See The Full Report Here:

These are the stolen votes Trump was talking about when he asked the RINO Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger to find him some votes. Trump had already gotten reports like these from all of the swing states. The Democrats love to say that all of the cases of vote fraud were thrown out, but the truth is there has not been a single evidentiary hearing allowed to move forward.

This was no Trump conspiracy to steal the election, this was a long-planned operation using the long-planned pandemic to flood the states with mail-in ballots, organize ballot harvesting, phony registration, and fraudulent and illegal ballot operations. This was likely all paid for with the $400 million that billionaire Mark Zuckerberg sent to the Blue states before the election.

Fani Willis the Fulton County District Attorney in the state of Georgia is preparing a ridiculous case against Trump and is expected to charge him and another dozen people, including Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, of Conspiracy, Racketeering, and trying to steal the election from “Traitor Joe”. 

Shouldn’t we have had a real investigation into charges that were made before this grand jury was assembled? Trump has subpoena power to air these grievances, Let’s hope he takes advantage of facts the grand jury wasn’t allowed to hear. 




The question is, with so many documented issues with the Dominion machines, including flipping votes, machines undercounting votes, and QR code failure errors, why did Fox News settle with Dominion at all?

Was this a setup to stop any further talk about the stolen election, especially by Fox News and the Murdochs, who cut off Trump and Tucker Carlson in one fell swoop? There are now politicians afraid to speak out in what can only be described as mainstream media blackmail. 

The news pundits now know that they are forbidden to talk about it and Republican politicians are being asked if they believe Joe Biden won to make sure they tow the network line. See Ron DeSantis asked this week here:

DeSantis and his Secretary of State Cori Byrd have been accused by election integrity watchdog groups of colluding with ES&S, Dominion, and corrupt officials to hide data from the public. They say any claims by DeSantis that there was no fraud in the 2020 Presidential election are 100% false and can be proven using public record data that DeSantis, Dominion, and ES&S want to illegally hide from the public.

Must see report:

The adjudication pile of the ballots rejected by the tabulators was then sent to a supervisor who had the authority to fill in the new ballot however they saw fit, This is how they were/are stealing elections in these Democrat and RINO-controlled elections. Why would anyone trust these QR code Pirates to do the right thing? The original ballots that were rejected were supposed to be retained but instead, the cheaters had them destroyed. See this:

The Trump-hating Fulton County Georgia District Attorney, Fani Willis, didn’t bother to look into the fact that Trump had a 311,000 vote lead in Georgia with 83% of the votes counted before voting was stopped & a van with boxes of ballots was delivered to the counting center at 4 am. Before Georgians had breakfast Donald Trump’s insurmountable lead had magically vanished. Why is she not interested in that?

I wrote about Michelle Long Spears in my article, “Diversity Driven Incompetence And Fast Tracking Idiocracy”. Michelle ran for a Dekalb County Commission seat in the primary in May of 2022 and came in third, missing the run-off election. 

She was told when she did some checking that she had received no votes at all in several precincts, including the one she lived in. Spears knew that she and her husband had voted for her so she asked for a hand count. The hand count showed that Spears had actually won the election and she went on to win big in November.

When Dinesh D’souza’s documentary “2000 Mules” was released, the media attacked the film as conservative sour grapes and disinformation with no proof that it was true. Equipped with research from Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips from “True The Vote”, what the documentary did prove was that the Democrats had an illegal and organized ballot-harvesting operation where operatives were making dozens of drops each into certain drop boxes.  




They found single addresses that had over a hundred ballots that came from each address. They found that ballots were sent to vacant lots and buildings, as well as businesses. In a number of states, Republicans that showed up to vote in person were told they had already voted by mail. These too were stolen votes.

Wisconsin brought in retired Wisconsin Superior Court Judge Michael Gableman to conduct an audit of the 2020 election and he put out a lengthy report that was attacked by Democrats and RINOs alike concluding that the election should have never been certified for Biden. For one, drop boxes are illegal in Wisconsin and the Democrats put them all over the state anyway. Election laws were blatantly broken there, as they were in all of the swing states.

A recent Rasmussen poll shows that two-thirds of Americans now believe fraud was involved in Biden’s win, and most of the public hasn’t seen any of the mountains of evidence or the hundreds of sworn statements of poll workers and Dominion employees who reported suspicious, fraudulent or illegal activity in their counting centers.

An investigation into SEC filings revealed over 3 years ago that the Communist Chinese government that has given the Biden family millions of dollars in an obvious pay-to-play scheme also wired $400 million from a Swiss bank account to Dominion Voting Systems before the 2020 election. Did foreign actors from China interfere in our election to help Joe Biden?

On August 3rd, 2023 US Political Analyst Jan Halper-Hayes appeared on the GB Morning show, “Breakfast with Stephen and Ellie” from England, and made some shocking statements that have been unsurprisingly completely ignored by the US mainstream media.

Halpern-Hayes says those who dismiss charges of vote fraud in the 2020 election are not only wrong but said “I sit on a Department of Defense Task Force and the thing is, they’ve got the goods, they’ve got the goods! They have evidence of the fraudulent nature of the election and the real final numbers. Finally, she said to her obstinate hosts, who sound like they were trained by CNN, “If you think that they don’t have the actual real results from the election, you’re fooling yourself!

*The image at the top of the page is what the final tally should have been. This screenshot is from German television on election night. See Halpern-Hayes’s shocking interview here:

Kevin Moncla, the founder of the Georgia Election Oversight Group, was anxious to present his group’s findings at a Georgia State Election Board hearing last September after their extensive and exhaustive 2-year investigation. After several requests to present their evidence of fraud and numerous problems with the Dominion machines, they were inexplicably denied any time at all to present their case. Dominion, however, was allowed all the time they needed.

A coup took place in America in 2020, not an election. If nothing changes they have the operation in place to steal the 2024 election. No one should be sent a mail-in ballot unless it is requested.

Every bit of the suspected vote fraud, anomalies, and suspicious activity benefitted Biden and the down-ballot Democrats, and conversely, Trump’s down-ballot compatriots got shellacked along with him. As Trump says, If you don’t have honest elections you don’t have a country.




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