Alighting on 2 the Power of 2



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Submitted on July 11, 2023

“This is the way it’s been done for billions of years. Small moves. Small moves.” Contact (the movie)

The Goddess energy is subtle, not puffed up; a quantum slide.

“Shed the theoretical. Live in the here and now.” Larry from NUMB3RS

“You know how I say: ‘I always wanted to save the world’. Here’s my chance.” ‘Independence Day’ movie, Jeff Goldblum as David Levinson (David Levi’s son)

2 to the 7th Power Years Ago: In 1895 H. G. Wells released his book ‘The Time Machine’.






Our binary base-2 digital systems use 1’s and 0’s. If you write the ‘1’ as a single vertical stroke then it represents any edge of a cube. The ‘0’ can be written as a perfect circle; spin it to get a sphere.

Ah! Parts of cubes and spheres are the symbols used for our duality, because:

our Universe is manifest by the electrical compression of the cubes of space into the spheres of matter which decompress back to the cubes of space by radiation at the spheres’ equators. The invisible wave-particles, that are space, go ‘There and Back Again’ (subtitle to The Hobbit, by Tolkien); and again, and again … As Sananda asks, “Can you see how it can go on forever?” The following correlates and is consist with the idea of cubes of space as described in the Phoenix Journals at Home >> Four Winds 10 –

Expanding: Duality’s roots are those of the number 2.

ARTICLE ORIGIN: Thanks to Paulette Stevens for sending me the link to:

RAISE YOUR FREQUENCY IN 1.26 Minutes | “The Precise Temperament Tuning” – YouTube




Notes and transcriptions from the above video:

Based on the book: ‘Philomath’ by Robert Edward Grant (great last name)

the cube root of 2 is 1.2600; if you increase the edge lengths of a cube by 1.26 you get a cube of twice the volume

432 hz entrains heart-brain consciousness

tuning standard (for musical instruments) called equal temperament which is like dividing each note into equal partitions of root 2; dividing by ‘the square root of 2’

these mathematical intervals are important and called precise temperament tuning

this creates a true geometric form that anyone can download

Da Vinci’s ‘Vitruvian Man’ is standing inside a circle and a square representing masculine and feminine

the man is cut into 14 parts; in the text on the Vitruvian Man page is the mirror image of ‘1/14’ > Osiris was killed and cut into 14 pieces by his brother Set (Note: 14 stations of the cross)

If a map or cutout of the Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt is laid over the Man, the cuts line up exactly to the chambers of the pyramid




It appears Da Vinci spent 3 years in Egypt between 1482 and 1486.

There is what appears to be a page number ‘126’ on the V. Man although it was a loose leaflet, not known to be part of a larger volume

1.26 represents the doubling of an octave

If you increase the side of cube by 1.26 then you double the cube’s octave (1.26 cubed = 2)

Da Vinci interpretation: telling us Man will double his octave in the coming new age

The right side of the brain (temporal lobe) processes music

The left side of the brain (temporal lobe) processes mathematics

Plato’s Theory of Forms (opening image) shows how all comes from the One

Plato: “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

Mathematics is just a numerical form of music and geometry is the sound we experience with our eyes.




Music is the geometry we experience with our ears.

The diminished 5th is the villain entering chord in the movies.

Generally the minor chords (using black piano keys) give negative emotions.

Generally the major chords (only white keys) make you happy.

The mathematics is mathematical intervals.

The mathematics of what creates these relationships is of 5ths.

So 3 over 2 is a perfect 5th. A major chord that makes you feel stability.

If you play a major third, you feel love. A major third is 1.2600 = the cube root of 2

(halfway through video)

The new chord of the world being the major third which brings the feeling of love.




There is a mathematical representation (of emotions).

When you realize math and music are the same thing – music can bring on emotion.

Certain light forms and colors will bring you joy.

Fibonacci, Euler and Lucas numbers

Mozart did everything in 432 hz tuning (a Solfeggio frequency).

Geometry is the sound that we experience with our eyes.

The sum of angles of all geometric forms will always sum to 9 in numerology.

It is important to see pattern in numbers.

360 hz = F sharp (square)

540 hz = C sharp (pentagon)




720 hz = F sharp again (hexagon)

Keep going; this plays a perfect F sharp chord.

This gives us a musical representation of visible objects.

Further examples

3600 hz is an icosahedron ( a polyhedron having 20 sides)

6480 hz is a dodecahedron (12-sides)

Why did that happen to me? What happens to you is what you believe happened to you. Why did I choose this? To experience it, to learn to accept and love it just as it is.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle says: What I get in this life is what I expected I was going to get – all of it a choice by some invisible hand that might be my hand. Come to the realization that we created it and ourselves our divine.

1.2600 ‘I root for you, cube root of 2’

Major Crimes TV Series starring G.W. Bailey, a Phoenix who grew from the ashes of Rizzo on M*A*S*H to the more principled Lieutenant Provenza who buzzes over Buzz




How old is it (the body they found)?

Buzz: 126 weeks.

126 weeks is 882 days (reduces to 18 => 9), roughly 2.4 years or 29.4 months.

Insofar as my experience, nobody normally talks of more than 53 or so weeks; they count and talk of months then years, as we count the age of a human from a baby onward. Until this article that number made no sense to me. However:

As a representation, symbolism for ‘the cube root of 2’, ‘126 weeks’ is an elegant display of perfect sense. PERFECT!!!!!!!!


Biden is bi = 2, 2-faced, 2 of him or doubles; and Den = dan from The Irish Tuatha De Danann, Denmark (Danes), Don, Danube, The Godfather ‘Don’ Vito Corleone

The Power of 2 Compels You

2 is the basis of duality; Mother God Oneness and Father God Separateness at the same time, always

20 => 1+19 and 19+1 for 911; 3+17 and 17+3 for The Trinity and the power of 17; 4+16 for 2 squared + 2 to the 4th power; 8 + 12 for the Infinity symbol rotated and ’12’, the number this Universe is based upon (note: a cube (space) has 8 corners plus 12 edges)




200 is commonly used in movie and TV scripts. Why so often?

1 + 199 for versions of 911

3 + 197 for 3 and 9 and 17

7 + 193 for 3 and 9 and 17

9 + 191 for versions of 911

10 + 190 for 911

11 + 189 for 8 (infinity symbol sideways) + versions of 911

12 + 188 for the number the universe is based on, Unity, and 88 piano keys

21 + 179 for triple 7, 17 and 9

27 + 173 for 3 to the third power, 17 and 3

30 + 170 for 3 and 17

40 + 160 for 4 and 16 powers of 2

77 + 123

88 + 112 double infinity and magic numbers 11 and 12 intertwined

89 + 111 infinity, 9, and the magical number = the Trinity side by side

90 + 110 for 911

91 + 109 for versions of 911

93 + 107 for 9, 3, 107 (Juan), 17

97 + 103 same digits as above

98 + 102 for 9, infinity, and Universal base 12

99 + 101 for versions of 911

100 + 100 for Unity and master number 11

1000 includes the first triple 7 => 777 + 223 (March 22, Spring equinox)

2000 for an age or there’s about

The Power of 2 Compels You

2 AND 17

Here’s a 17 digit binary number which in base 10 reads as 10 quadrillion 1 trillion 100 billion 101 million:

10001100101000000 (1000 then 1100 then 101 then 6 zeroes)

and in binary is 2 raised to the 17th power + 2 to the 13th + 2 to the 12th + 2 to the 9th + 2 to the 7th

which equals 131072 + 8192 + 4096 + 512 + 128

which sums to 144000.

Long live the 144000. Victory of the Light!!


0, 1/3, 1/3, 2/3, 1, 5/3, 8/3, 13/3, 7, 34/3, 55/3, 89/3, 144/3 = 48 …

Note 17 and 144 pop out: the first whole numbers are 1, 7 then 48 (144 thirds or 1/3 of 144).

The Power of 2 Compels You



ZetaTalk Newsletter July 9, 2023, Issue 876 ‘Titanic Redux; Magnetic Whammies; Two Suns; China Burning; provides photos of 2 Suns in our sky, and the 2 Suns symbol Mastercard uses.

NUMB3RS Series Episode 110 15-05-2009 Dealing with a charismatic sociopath.

About 5 minutes from the end, in a cityscape of tall buildings at sunset, 2 towers (skyscrapers) are separated by a similar sized empty lot where the Sun is setting and a 2nd fainter Sun image is rising. The Sun slips behind the base of the left building and the fainter rising Sun disappears behind the top of the right building. The imagery is much like the 2 Suns on a Mastercard. Further, the tops of the buildings are squares and the Suns are circles so the square-circle or cube-sphere shapes of space and matter are symbolized, and even deeper, the matter (circles) disappear, radiating back into the dark of space (squares).

‘Don’ Eppes: People need me. Sometimes I forget that, then life reminds me. Whatever God is, I’m pretty sure it’s in how we are there for each other.



Hello Paulette               (middle C#, C#, up to F#, up again C#)

My high road friend      (same notes as above)

What moves you play

O Glorious Day

Masters and guides by your side

Enjoying the Angelic ride

A rainbow of truth inside

Beaming the Quantum Slide

Whenever we munch a reality crunch

You’re there with your higher human touch

Finding common ground on call

Spreading light around to all

Dance dance, Dragon Queen

Sacred Heart, chakra green

Dive deep in divine dream

Hand in hand with your ascension team

O Woman of Wisdom, wonderment and infinite surprise

O Christ in the Kingdom, crystalline light in your human eyes

Assimilating ancient gifts from hallowed petroglyphs

Bringing spontaneous smiles to everyone’s lips

My gold and purple hearted friend

A pristine example to the end

Standing tall in every frame

Winning the Earth hologame

Masters and guides by your side

Enjoying the Angelic ride

A rainbow of truth inside

Beaming the Quantum Slide

The silence breaks with golden sound

White Light radiates and spirals around

God’s harmonic song comes our way

O Metatronic melodic day

Have a cookie, feel right as rain

This Galaxy is ours once again

If I live a thousand years through

I would want a friend just like you


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