Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 26, 2023



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Mon. 26 June 2023

Compiled Mon. 26 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

Trust the Plan

Staged Fake Russian Nuclear Attack on the US
National Grid Failure
Fake Alien Invasion
New Virus Attack
Engineered Global Famine
Economic Implosion of Bonds, Stocks, Real Estate
Europe Officially in a Recession
US Well On The Way to a Recession
Nasty Recession/Depression Until Late 2025

Emergency Broadcast System to Activate
The Time Has Come.
If You Know, You Know.
It’s Happening For The First Time.
And It Will Go Down in History.
Prepare Backups
…SGAnon Sat. 24 June 2023

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, cash, water and essential items on hand.

“My Home is Your Home”

“Mi Casa Es Tu Casa”




June 25, 2023 – #4893 Music & the Spoken Word (

Our souls need friendship just as a plant needs water and sunlight. We need to care about people and we need to know they care about us. We need a welcoming community where we draw others in rather than shutting them out, where people and relationships matter, where “my home, mi casa,” as humble as it may be, is always “your home, Tu casa.”

Sometimes that means welcoming new friends into our home. More often, it means welcoming them into our lives and hearts. It requires trust, but trust has always been the price of friendship.

Some would say those days are long gone, that it’s old fashioned to think people can be so open and generous to their neighbors. The people of Mexico would never accept that, and we don’t have to either. We can’t let love and friendship go out of style because we face challenges – global and personal – that we can overcome only as we work together. This is why we always leave the door open to new friendships.

God’s children were meant to be together – if not under one roof, then in one heart.

Judy Note: Expect Black Swan Events of a staged fake Russian Nuclear Attack on the US, a staged National Grid failure, a fake Alien Invasion, a new Virus attack and an economic implosion of bonds, Real Estate and the Stock Market that leads to engineered famine throughout the World in a nasty Recession until late 2025.

Also expect a Supreme Court Announcement of the Brunson Case, which if positive would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress plus activate the Emergency Broadcast System and Martial Law, which would then in turn expose long hidden secrets of the Deep State, mass arrests and tribunals for Global Elite (who have committed Crimes Against Humanity and Treason including participation in an international Child Trafficking Ring; no more wars, millions of Humanitarian Projects being funded through a revaluation of global currencies to gold/asset-backed and activation of NESARA/ GESARA that will lead to new found wealth and prosperity for The People who, as the Scriptures predict, will live in a thousand years of peace throughout the Globe.




Judy Note: If you were reading this Update as posted on here, be aware that some information has been redacted. For the complete un-redacted version, see the PDF copy at the end of the report.

Global Currency Revaluation:

  • Sat. 24 June Wolverine TNT Call: The Treasury is saying it could happen any minute now. The banks had told their staff that they wouldn’t be working any more weekends until the RV happened, but they were working this weekend. Tony’s contact in Iraq thinks it’ll happen within the next 5 days.
  • Fri. 23 June Wolverine: “We inform all the people involved in the Redemption that we are entering Radio Silence from 6:00 pm Fri. 23 June until 6:00 pm Tues. 27 June, there will be no communication of any kind regarding payment among the participants or comments on this matter with anyone.”
  • On Mon. 26 June New Dinar Rate Published in Iraqi Gazette: Ministry spokesman Kamel Amin said in a statement to the official agency, followed by “NAS” (June 25, 2023), that “the budget from 2023 to 2025 will be published tomorrow Mon. 26 June in the Iraqi Al-Waqa’i newspaper.”
  • Bruce: The new rate on the Iraqi Dinar of $3.81 came out on Thurs. 22 June and will be published in Gazette Sun. or Mon. 25, 26 June. The Iraqi Dinar will start trading on the Forex Sunday night 25 June. Tier 4b will obtain notification to make redemption appointments within 48 hours of the announcement of the Brunson case by the Supreme Court. Tier 4b Appointments Mon or Tues. 26, 27 June.
  • Goldilocks: The investment window of opportunity is rapidly coming to an end. It is getting time for us to prepare ourselves for the Great Transfer of Wealth to begin early next month. For some assets, immediate changes will begin to show up, but most all assets will be on the docket to change as new SOFR mechanisms and monetary policies on July the 15th will give guidance for them to do so.
  • Europe – on aggregate the largest economy in the world – just went into recession. In the U.S., many economic indicators are flashing red, and “everything is pointing to a recession,” says Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies.
  • Sun. 25 June X22 Report:

Status of RV, Goldilocks:

  • Fri. 23 June Goldilocks: It has come to my attention that Protocol 20 codes are currently being integrated into the QFS. These codes deal with currency protocols allowing digital assets to move through the system.
  • We are six days away (June 30) in our transition from Libor rates to Sofr rates. This is an International Finance Market Transition. Look for the markets to begin making their transition into new price actions reflecting real values on every sector of the market. This includes Forex.
  • On June 30th, we will be within two weeks of implementing new monetary policies to reflect our new global economy.
  • Congress will be voting on stable coins or digital money that has been regulated and standardized with banking protocols to establish our new digital asset based lending economy.
  • On July 1st, our International Financial Markets will transform into a new digital asset based economy.
  • On July the 15th, we will have guidelines to monitor and secure this new economy. From that point on, we will be under Gold Standard Protocols.

GCR Recent   History:

  • “The transition from the fiat US dollar to an activity-guaranteed gold/currency marks a significant shift away from an era of controlled and centralized finance. We are moving towards a future where finance is transparent, decentralized, and secured by the tangible value of gold.” … Medeea Greere, America Media Group
  • By Fri. 16 June the Admiral had released the codes to the Quantum Financial System and algorithms downloaded Dubi One and Dubi Two funds.
  • On Sat. 17 June Sat. 17 a CBI contact said that the IMF, World Bank and US Treasury had given the “green light” to reinstate the currency.
  • On Sun. 18 June the UST had completed sending protocols to the Forex and a major Bond Trader reported that Tiers 2 and 3 had started. The GESARA Talk Show: Major Bond Trader Reports Tiers 2 and 3 Started | Dinar Chronicles
  • On Wed. 21 June the Iraqi President signed the Budget with the new Dinar Rate in it. It was announced the new Dinar Rate would be published in the Iraqi Gazette newspaper, making it official, on Mon. 26 June. Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar was considered the Kingpin of the Global Currency Reset. The only thing Tier4b (us, the Internet Group) has left to do is wait.
  • It was rumored that the US Federal Reserve and US Treasury were on notice that if they could not pay the Global Repository back the quadrillions owed, they would be handing over all assets, including property and business assets on June 30 2023.
  • Fri. 23 June Benjamin Fulford: We are all expecting to receive payments from NESARA-GESARA. Whether it will be linked to your birth certificate, refund of taxes, returning the fees you paid on your mortgage… or whatever else… this will be done worldwide for everyone. Information on some of NESARA GESARA is a little sketchy, (as they said it would be) but I would presume (and it’s only my presumption) that these funds will be paid directly into your QFS account. No Redemption Centre appointments necessary.
  • Fri. 23 June: Activated by Protocol 19 the Black Swan Event Will be the Start of the New Flare Network of the ISO Family of Currencies (VIDEO) – American Media Group (
  • Fri. 23 June: The GESARA Law Was Promulgated and Almost No One Knew About It! – American Media Group (

D. Judy Note: This excellent article about Tier 4b appeared in this update a few days ago as authored by Medeea Greere. I have since learned that it was actually authored by Marilyn Williams. I apologize to Marilyn for the inaccurate reporting. It is a good read about Tier4b that deserves another look: Tier 4B – How To Know If It Means You – Marilyn Williams’ Blog! (


  • Since Wed. 21 June theSupreme Court has been hearing arguments on the Brunson Case that alleged Congress failed in their duty to investigate allegations of Voter Fraud in the 2020 Election. A positive ruling could take down the Biden Administration and all of Congress.
  • The last week in June 2023 Social Security increases were scheduled to begin, plus Restitution Allowances and Med Bed appointments would likely start.
  • On July 1st, our International Financial Markets will transform into a new digital asset based economy. The new Quantum Financial System would be completely interfaced in computers around the World in order to coordinate currency transactions through the International Payment System ISO 20022.
  • On July the 15th, we will have guidelines to monitor and secure this new economy. From that point on, we will be under Gold Standard Protocols.
  • Either Sat. 10 July or Sun. 23 July would be theInauguration of Pres. Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr. in a celebration where those in the World Protection Program would come out.
  • Tues. 25 July was Queen Diana’s Coronation date.
  • Jim Rickards said BRICS was releasing their new commodity backed International currency by mid August – which would be the death of the Petrodollar.

Restored Republic:

  • Dr. Jim Willie: Greenland’s underground prison is full. That is a 100,000 prisoner capacity. That is good news. Lots of traitors are being arrested for Military Tribunals for treason and child sex trafficking.  
  • There is going to be a big Biblical Scenario Event where they make out it’s WW3 but really they are activating Alliance Militaries worldwide and then bombing Satanic Luceriferian Landmarks. The Event has many facets to it:
  • Big Pharma in Wuhan = Israel = Israel/Khazarians control the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while the Israeli Mossad control the World Media out of the US.
  • Operation Mockingbird was a CIA operation to infiltrate and control the Mainstream Media. More than 3,000 trained Cabal/CIA/Mossad agents were placed in key positions in the media to promote a Leftist Agenda.
  • A WW3 Scare Event will take over this Israeli/Khazarian/CCP/Mossad/CIA Worldwide Media control.
  • Ten countries will be running the Emergency Broadcast System to cover the World. Nuke Sirens will go off.
  • Rods of God will be activated on Dams (Water Event) & 34 Buildings such as the White House, Royal Castles, Buckingham Palace, Vatican, Getty Museum, Playboy Mansion, Three Gorges Dam in China, CERN on the Swiss-French Border, Bitcoin Servers Data Center hit and turned off for good.
  • Project Odin will be switched on: Mossad Media Satellites will be removed – creating a Blackout of media worldwide and a switch to the Quantum Systems. Project Odin is part of Quantum Starlink. Our new Quantum Systems are to be protected by Secret Space Programs out of the Cabal’s reach.
  • Stock Market collapse (Cyber linked to Executive Orders 13818 & 13848).
  • A Worldwide Blackout to change over to Tesla Free Energy.
  • Planes and Trains grounded.
  • Enacting NESARA/GESARA funds and the RV We The People will rebuild.
  • We will swap from Rothschild’s Central Bank Notes to Rainbow Treasury Notes backed by Precious Metals (Not Oil/Wars)
  • With 99.5% of Crypto gone enter ISO20022 Coins (the new Quantum Financial System) backed by Precious Metals.
  • Election Flipping will be handled via Military Courts – FISA
  • Exposure of Elite confessions through Military Tribunals exposedthrough ten days of running three eight hour documentaries running 24/7 on TVs and Radio.
  • Inauguration: Sun. 23 July was scheduled to be theInauguration of Pres. Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr.
  • It was rumored that US Inc, IMF, UN, World Bank, World Economic Forum and Central Banks around the World were now bankrupt defunct corporations without any Sovereignty.
  • The IRS and Federal Reserve have been shut down, while the bankrupt US Treasury has been transferred to the new US Treasury funded by gold of the Restored Republic and resides on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada.
  • Quiet Resignations Leave White House in State of Chaos | RightWing

A Proclamation from the Canadian Elders of the Ahousaht, Nuu-Chah-Nulth, Cowichan, Squamish, Stolo, Tsilhqotin, Cree, Metis, Anishinaabe-Ojibwe, Haudenosaunee, Mohawk, Huron, Miqmaq, Dene, and Inuit Nations.

Read by Clan Mother Katie Stoqua of the Huron Nation:

  • The Killers of our children are not welcome here! The Catholic, Anglican, and United churches are banished from our lands!
  • We are traditional elders of the Ahousaht, Nuu-Chah-Nulth, Cowichan, Squamish, Sto:lo, Tsilhqotin, Cree, Metis, Anishinaabe-Ojibwe, Haudenosaunee, Mohawk, Huron, Miqmaq, Dene, and Inuit Nations. We speak by the authority of the Great Law.
  • All of us are survivors of a war of extermination waged against us by the Catholic, Anglican, and United churches of Canada. These churches ran the genocidal ‘Indian residential schools’ that killed over 60,000 of our children. They got away with their crime by a few words of “apology”. And today they are still trafficking and murdering our women and children along with the government and China.
  • Therefore, according to the Great Law, we Elders assembled at Council Fire proclaim that these churches, their priests, and their officials are now and forever banished from our nations across Canada. They must immediately depart or face arrest by our Peacekeepers.
  • We also reclaim their lands, their church buildings, and the wealth they stole from us as reparations for their slaughter of our people. We will be enforcing this Proclamation in reclamation ceremonies at these churches. 
  • We authorize all our people and their allies to assist us in evicting these churches from our nations and seizing and occupying their buildings for the welfare of all our people.
  • We make this action in league with our white brother Eagle Strong Voice Kevin Annett, the legal agent of traditional Squamish chief Kiapilano, who evicted these churches from Vancouver on March 4, 2008. We name Eagle Strong Voice as a Peacekeeper and liaison to our nations.
  • Stand by for more announcements of our reclamation actions against these criminal churches that are illegally trespassing on our lands!
  • Issued by us at Council Fire on Monday, June 26, 2023 under the Great Law.
  • Kevin Annett’s award winning documentary film Unrepentant can be viewed at  KEVIN ANNETT AND CANADA’S GENOCIDE FULL LENGTH – YouTube 

Brunson Brothers Update:




The Real News for Sun. 25 June 2023:

  • Coup in Russia: Russia has been invaded by mercenaries. On Fri. 23 June Wagner’s Convoy entered the Moscow region, passing through the city of Barabanov.
  • Processed foods are literally changing the way our brains are wired…. It’s imperative that we switch to an all natural organic diet.
  • Epstein and JP Morgan were close friends.
  • Bill Gates was given approval to start selling 157 synthetic lab grown meats after buying most farm land in America.
  • Big Pharma and Microsoft are teaming up in something called the ID2020 Alliance that will combine vaccinations with implantable microchips to create your digital ID.
  • Biden must now release Wuhan Covid Lab Leak:

Biden Crime Family:

John Durham Report Hearing:

  • They ALL knew that Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy advisor manufactured a fake scandal to falsely tie Donald Trump to Russia.  This was never given to the FISA court. Barack Obama knew. Joe Biden knew. James Comey knew. Loretta Lynch knew.
  • FBI Corruption: Based on inside access and hundreds of interviews with federal agents, the channel the Secret List was an unprecedented, authoritative window on the FBI’s unique role in American history. From White House scandals to celebrity deaths, from cult catastrophes to the investigations of terrorists, stalkers, Mafia figures, and spies, the FBI becomes involved in almost every aspect of American life.

Sun. 25 June White Hat Intel:

  • Keep watching the January 6 Saga unfold. It leads to the Supreme Court Feb. 2024.
  • SCOTUS Corruption will also hit the World Media. What happens when SCOTUS judges get caught in a World Scandal? Military is the only way.
  • If someone tells you Satellite weapons don’t exist……ask them about the 16,000 Patents for satellites and space weapons that exist and NASA owns nearly half the Patents through subsidiary Patent holders.
  • One of the first and easiest weapons ever created for satellites weapons was based off a magnifying glass. Particles of Quantum light and direct electromagnetic radiation are narrowed to highly localized area and results in concentrated fields of heat. In the outer regions of space outside the Earth’s hemisphere the electromagnetic radiation in its raw form entirety creates solar heat, electricity and used for advanced weapon systems in aeronautics and satellites in CLASSIFIED military projects across the world.
  • It is forbidden by National Security for all Branches of the U.S. Military to divulge information on CLASSIFIED military weapons and advanced weapons due to WORLD Treaties, Military Treaties and common Space Treaties. (This means nobody is allowed to talk about space weapons in military branches that could breech NATIONAL treaties of Satellite weapons and other space weapons).
  • British Intelligence/ M16 lead by the CIA Rockefeller/ Rothschild Regime Fourth Reich were behind the Wagner Group Military Coup against Putin and Russia.
  • Putin knew all along that the Wagner group was going to stage a military coup. The World Alliance Military gave the Intel to Putin long ago.
  • Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of Wagner group, was heavily invested in the UK corporation under subsidiary investors and companies and was connected to BlackRock (CIA Rockefeller Ops). Fortune 500 companies connected to the committee of 300 were helping funnel money to Yevgeny Prigozhin in money laundering operations.
  • The Wagner Group was getting intelligence from the UK Intel and M16 CIA.
  • The Wagner group intentionally tired to lie to Russia forces to join them to go to Moscow saying they needed to defend Moscow from an attack.
  • Now the plan has been destroyed and Russian forces have turned on Wagner. Putin has vowed to destroy the Wagner Group. Battalions have been sent to Wagner to be killed add they try to advance Russia with less than 7,000 troops.
  • They had expected to go into Moscow with 70,000 troops combined with Russian commands forces to over throw Putin. But Putin knew months before that the CIA M16 was planning a Military Coup using the Wagner Group just as the Trump US Military was using Game Theory to bring down the Deep State.
  • Putin also ignited Game Theory Operations against the Wagner Group and let them into the War and let them push their agenda.
  • The Game Theory movements exposed the last card of the CIA/ NATO/ DARPA/ M16 operations that included Russian Military moles.
  • Black Hats were planted inside the Russian Federation system and now the Swamp has been exposed in Russia. The final Deep State Regime working with Wagner CIA Pentagon Deep State M16 Plan was collapsing. The last CIA NATO M16 Plan to destroy Russia was failing.
  • Exposure was coming to collapse the World Banking System protectors: the CIA Deep State Intelligence regimes.
  • Right now throughout Russia The People were rebelling against the Wagner Group and Russia forces which had been led astray. The Group has put down their wweapons and the Wagner Group Foundation and offices throughout the Russian Federation have been destroyed after Putin gave a powerful speech against the Wagner Group attempt at a Military Coup.
  • Trump and the Military in Cheyenne Mountain were smiling. The World Alliance was smiling as the Rockefeller CIA plan failed.
  • The US Military White Hats have gathered data on US Elites through planes tracking their locations. The Military has made several contacts with Elites and have been flipping them. They have let them know that they will be killed and all assets seized if they did not comply with the Alliance Game Plan and White Hat operations.
  • Trump’s Executive Orders connected to bringing down the Federal Reserve and World Banking Systems was still in place and happening.

From Q:

  • Why are we here?
  • Why are we providing crumbs?
  • Think MEMO.
  • Not convinced this is spreading?
  • You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.
  • You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.
  • TOGETHER you are STRONG.
  • APART you are weak.
  • LEARN!
  • This is more important than you can imagine.


Sun. 25 June War Plans, Ben Fulford:

  • Get ready to be blown away by an extraordinary exposé that will keep you at the edge of your seat. We have unearthed top-secret U.S. NATO war plans that were never meant to see the light of day, unraveling a colossal web of corruption that strikes at the very heart of global integrity.
  • Meanwhile, the arrest of Trump reverberates around the globe, but behind this intricately choreographed event lay a hidden message, ingeniously conveyed through a potent photograph. By deciphering this cryptic military communication, we unveil a breathtaking pattern—flags meticulously positioned to symbolize the stages of war as defined by the Laws of War Department of Defense procedures. This mind-blowing revelation uncovers a meticulously crafted plan, leaving no room for coincidence.
  • Buckle up for an unparalleled journey into the heart of darkness, where global power structures crumble and heroes and villains clash in an epic struggle for dominance. This is the storm you’ve been anxiously awaiting—the world will never be the same again!

Ben Fulford on NASA not going to Moon:

  • Former head of Roscosmos says NASA did not land on the Moon.
  • Dmitry Rogozin ex-director general of Russia’s main space corporation explained, he asked his leadership team to look into whether NASA had actually landed a dozen astronauts on the Moon in the late 1960s and early 1970s. After all, Rogozin reasoned, “It was not clear to me how the United States, at that level of technological development of the ’60s of the last century, did what they still cannot do now?”
  • This comes after NASA admitted they can’t go to the moon again because of Technology that was lost after the 1960s  ( what kind of technology could have been lost, while one of todays Smart Phone is more advanced than all NASA computers combined together of the 1960s) .
  • Dmitry Rogozin investigation team found not one piece of evidence that NASA landed on the moon. Russia had the technology to see where the moon landing was and knew the specific landing site , but in real time of the moon landing their was no photographs or documentation of the site and a half century later their is still no evidence or photographs of any trace landings of NASA on the moon.
  • Dmitry claims a coverup with the Russian space agency and NASA took place and Russia did not want to EXPOSE NASA as fraud because they had good relations and Russia was scared to break international ties with NASA.
  • With only one photo of the Earth taken by NASA in 30 years ( now there are a few photographs the past 25 years but still the photos are time lapsed photos and spliced together in sections , with the same excuse> because of clouds) since the moon landings , its reported the one photo in existence was stripped together in pieces due to clouds. _Today thousands of professional photographers and editors use Editing tools and can change the exposure of photos on computers and can clearly see the photos of the moon, the Earth from the 1960s as cut and PASTED .. Even photos from the 90s of Earth are clearly computer cut and pasted.
  • In today’s fast moving world of the internet and leaks….. Hundreds of videos emerge of NASA Astronauts who are caught using green screen. Floating with hidden wire harness, dropping objects in a supposed zero gravity environment of space and so many other videos of Flies , mouses in NASA videos in space.
  • Is it coincidence that Prescott Bush (Bush family) funded Hitler (this is in U.S. Archives and Google also has the data) and Operations Paperclip brought the NAZIS over to the U.S. And created NASA. And was it coincidence that Prescott Bush was inside YALE’S SKULL AND BONES  secret society that help create the CIA and years later George h w Bush would be the director of the CIA and was also part of SKULL AND BONES ( that was once considered conspiracy but now proven a true secret society). Is it a coincidence that NASA was created with NAZI’S?
  • How did Apollo 11 travel 500,000 (half a million miles) miles to the moon and back with one tank of fuel? and travel through 25,000 miles of the Radiation Belt and the radiation did not affect the electrical system?
  • Why did NASA never go back to the moon? Then claim they lost the technology to travel back to the moon?

Exposed Secrets from Area 51, Telegram:

So what have the “Conspiracy Theorists” gotten right so far?




1) No Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

2) Hillary Stole the primary from Bernie

3) No Russian Collusion

4) Covid was complete bullshit

5) The Vaccine didn’t work

6) Everyone is connected to Jeffery Epstein

7) JFK was an inside job

8) J6 was a intelligence operation

9) BLM was a Marxist front

10) Cancel Cultural was Corporate driven




11) Smollet was a fraud

12) Obama spied on Trump

13) Assad didn’t gas his own people

So we were right about all of this but we are completely wrong about the 2020 election being rigged and stolen! Gotcha!

Intel, Kenneth Greenwood Time Machine:

  • Over last weekend a Japanese General told Benjamin Fulford that the Rockefeller Controlled Biden Horror Show will be over by July 10 with Donald Trump reinstated as President and JFK Jr. as Vice President.
  • This was due to White Hat US Generals removing the illegally elected Biden. They water-marked official 2020 Election ballots and a Military tabulation during the 2020 Election tabulation showed Trump won by a 80% super landslide vote in every state. The corporate Media lied to the American people.
  • Mockingbird Propaganda Media:
  • CAA:
  • Trump promised to Drain the Swamp and apparently it has been happening covertly with arrests, trials, and executions taking place at GITMO and several other areas in and outside the US – that will later be shown on TV and radio to the general public.
  • The arrest and execution lists include well known names such as Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Robert Redford, Harrison Ford. It is sickening that these people have been living off blood of tortured children (Adrenochrome), which sells for $2,000 per 10 milligrams.
  • CGI and Clones were being used to keep the public in the dark because the names might upset too many people while covertly, the war rages on.
  • The majority of Satan-worshiping so-called people have already been dealt with.
  • Expected before the War against Satanists is over: a staged fake Russian Nuclear Attack on the US, National Grid failure, fake Alien invasion, economic implosion of bonds, stocks, real estate, nasty recession/depression until late 2025, new virus attack and the EBS System to broadcast details to public if and when the system goes down.
  • Make sure you have a month’s supply of essentials at your home.
  • The Rothschilds have more or less surrendered, but the Rockefellers will not, so expect them to hit us hard as they can on their way out of power.
  • The US Federal Government is completely insolvent and must be bankrupted and started over under GESARA/NESARA – expected to be announced before 2024.
  • Some sort of deal still must be made with the Chinese who hold the majority of US Federal Treasury debt.
  • The Chinese have stopped talking to the Biden Administration for three weeks now, so it looks like the party is almost over. Financing for the fake Biden Washington Government has been pulled.
  • Twitter has permanently suspended this writer (again) because they don’t want me posting the truth, so it ain’t just Trump and other well known people, they are down to the nobodys as well.
  • Twitter owner Elon Musk is a complete fake: Don’t listen to him as the World Economic Forum is reportedly grooming him for a US Presidential run.

Must Watch Videos:

[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

Read Full Report (Doc):

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Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 24, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 23, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 22, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 20, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official

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Judy Byington: SG Anon. Juan O’ Savin: URGENT EMAIL – Special Intel Report & Situation Update For June 18, 2023 (Video) | Alternative | Before It’s News (

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 17, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official

Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 16, 2023 | Operation Disclosure Official





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