Restored Republic via a GCR as of June 17, 2023



Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sat. 17 June 2023

Compiled Sat. 17 June 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities”

Trust The Plan
BlackRock, US Corporation Bankrupt
US Globalist Cabal Taken Down
The Entire Global Banking System To Be Destroyed By Mon. 19 June

Mon. 19 June was the Juneteenth Federal Holiday that Commemorated the Start of the Q Movement and End of Slavery When 20 Generals Supported Abraham Lincoln to Elect Him US President. The Movement Continued With His Death, and the Death of President Kennedy – Both of Whom Tried to Abolish the Khazarian Rothschild Mafia Cabal and Return to the Original Concepts of the US Constitution.

They Have Arrived
Quantum Financial System
Global Currency Revaluation

It’s only wise to have at least a month’s supply of food, cash, water and essential items on hand.

High on the Mountain Top (2013) | The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube

God Bless the U.S.A. | Dallyn Vail Bayles and The Tabernacle Choir – YouTube




Judy Note: On Mon. 19 June we commemorate the end of slavery with the Juneteenth Federal Holiday, which also celebrated the beginning of the Q Movement. On 1 April 1860 the Q Movement began when twenty Generals organized behind Abraham Lincoln to make him president of the US in order to defeat the Khazarian Rothschild Mafia, which had established a slave trading system and owned 99% of American slaves.

Judy Note: If you were reading this Update on here, be aware that some information has been redacted. For the complete un-redacted version, see the PDF copy at the end of the report.

Global Currency Revaluation:

  • Mon. 19 June 2023 was the US Federal Holiday of Juneteenth that commemorated the beginning of the Q Movement, where 20 generals got behind the election of Abraham Lincoln to end slavery.
  • On that same Mon. 19 June Tier4b was expected to receive notification to set exchange/redemption appointments according to Sheila.
  • MarkZ: My bankers at redemption centers believe they will be working this weekend. …Twenty new countries have applied to join BRICS alliance. They are meeting in Russia to work on the new commodity backed international currency as we speak. …US Banks facing $1,450,000,000,000 in commercial real estate exposure as leaders prepare to sell at a loss. Many are bailing on their loans because they cannot make any money. Commercial real estate is taking a tremendous nose dive. The real estate bubble has burst. A reset is required.
  • Fri. 16 June Rayen: Banks, all of a sudden, went quiet on us this evening. They’ve been told to Hush Up. Get Ready! $$$$$$$$$$$

Thurs. 15 June 2023 Bruce, The Big Call The Big Call Universe (  667-770-1866, pin123456

  • On Sat. 17 June the President of Iraq was expected to sign off on the Iraqi Budget (passed by the Iraqi Parliament) that contained the new Iraqi Dinar Rate in it – to be retroactive to 1 Jan. 2023.
  • All tests on the Quantum Financial System have been performed and the system is ready to go.
  • The new gold/asset-backed US Note is to be presented as part of NESARA, which activates on Fri. 16 June. That includes increases in Social Security payments and Reclamation allowances.
  • Reclamation Allowances will be paid out through deposit in individual bank accounts in the last week of June.
  • Tiers 1 and 2 have started to be paid out.
  • Tiers 3 and 4 will be processed I the next couple of days.
  • Tier 4b should be notified to set redemption/ exchange appointments on Fri. 16 June or Sat. 17 June.
  • All Currency exchanges and Zim redemption should be completed by the end of June.
  • At least one Redemption Center Staff have been called in and will be working full time for the next 14 days.

Thurs. 15 June Revival of America Podcast/ In God We Trust:

  • Around 9 am EST Thurs. 15 June the rescue of Financial Instruments began.
  • The launch of the global fund took place in all parts of the world, marking the start of the global asset redemption program registered with Redemption.
  • This is great news for all recipients. Tens of thousands of transactions around the world can start paying out.
  • T1 to start by 14.06 hours.
  • T2 to start after the start of T1 (Approx. 19.06-23)
  • The 100 highest priority files will start at about the same time as T1.
  • Mega files are included in these 100 priority files.
  • If they respect what they said, there will be money in Zurich Thurs. afternoon 15 June.

Restored Republic: Operation Q

  • Firstly, Operation Q is an extensive information dissemination program, geared towards shedding light on global corruption and conspiracy, encouraging the masses to venture deeper into research, fueling their “great awakening.” This awakening refers to an understanding of the scale and severity of the corruption and manipulation that is taking place worldwide, an understanding that is often obscured by mainstream narratives.
  • Secondly, Operation Q aims to obliterate corruption, fraud, and human rights violations on a global scale. Its mission is to dismantle the crippling shackles of manipulation that bind nations and inhibit progress, restoring fairness and justice to the world stage.
  • The third objective of Operation Q is to return the United States to its Constitutional rule of law and restore governmental control to the people. This is not merely confined to America; the ripple effect of this operation is meant to echo across borders, liberating people worldwide. In essence, Operation Q is poised to be the most significant anti-treason, anti-sedition event in global history, a rerun of the Declaration of Independence but on an international scale.

History and Timeline:




  • The US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Israel, UK, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand were teetering on the brink of in-solvency.
  • On Thurs. 1 June at 8:00 EST the Quantum Financial System’s Fed ISO 20022 activated a universal language for global financial networks to communicate with each other. The 209 major countries now had their new gold/asset-backed currencies live on the Quantum Financial System.
  • On Sun. 4 June the new Iraqi Dinar Rate (the Kingpin of the GCR) settled on Bank Screens.
  • On Mon. 5 June the NY Stock Market began a Death Spiral as it reacted to the announcement of a new US $36 Trillion Debt Ceiling with no way to borrow the money – causing the US Treasury to drop bonds.
  • Over last weekend the Admiral’s Group began releasing funds, the Iraqi Parliament approved their budget (with the new Iraqi Dinar rate in it to be retroactive to 1 Jan. 2023) – which would be signed off by the Iraqi President on Sat. 17 June.
  • On Fri. 9 June Michael Reuben, Head of the US Paymasters, sent out contracts to 28 Paymasters – who were told they would be paid within 24 hours after signing their contract.
  • On Sat. 10 June the RV started in Zurich.
  • By Sun. 11 Jan. France, Mexico and Canada had joined Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in BRICS. Egypt and most of Africa have asked to join BRICS, while Germany is considering joining. There were 118 countries that would be at BRICS meeting this weekend of Fri. 16 June who all wanted to be part of BRICS.
  • Tues. 13 June Q’s Timeline: (30 days from Mother’s Day) MOAB attack on the King and Queen. On that Tues. 13 June Whales flew to Reno and large Church Groups and Indian Nations likely went liquid, though under strict NDAs not to talk about it.
  • Wed. 14 June evening MarkZ: The expectation was that the new Dinar Rate will be printed in the Sat. 17 June Gazette. Tier 1 and Tier 2 are fully positioned but cannot yet spend their dollars. There was a lot of ranting, raving and screaming from groups in Tier4a telling them to not say anything, or they will claw back everything. A lot of NDA’s going on right now. Every time we turn around there is someone with a new NDA.
  • Fri. 16 June NESARA will activate, which includes increases in Social Security payments and payment of Reclamation Allowances in the last week of June.
  • “Activation of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) will trigger Martial Law and the Global Currency Revaluation.” … Free Inhabitant Tier4b notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments would come after the EAS – which was expected to begin at any moment.
  • Sun. 18 June GESARA/NESARA announced during EBS Disclosure implementation.
  • Mon. 19 June 2023 was the US Federal Holiday of Juneteenth that commemorated the beginning of the Q Movement, where 20 generals got behind the election of Abraham Lincoln to end slavery. On that same Mon. 19 June Tier4b was expected to receive notification to set exchange/ redemption appointments, plus the Bank of England would migrate to the International Payment System ISO 20022.
  • Wed. 21 June Special Counsel John Durham to testify on his report to House Judiciary Committee (1788 became law on June 21). This was also the Satanic worshipper’s Summer Solstice, one of the most important Satanic Holidays of the year celebrated with sexual orgies using both adult and child victims, followed by a human sacrifice of any age, male or female. Six year-old Jenny Hill’s witness to a Satanic Child Sacrifice Rite on June 21 1965 in Garden Grove, California: Woman Sees Human Sacrifice – YouTube
  • Thurs. 22 June Supreme Court to consider whether or not to hear the Brunson Case – that could take down the Biden Administration and all of Congress for not investigating allegations of voter fraud in the 2020 Election.
  • The last week in June 2023 Social Security increases would begin, plus Restitution Allowances and Med Bed appointments would start.
  • The first part of July the new Quantum Financial System will be completely interfaced in computers around the World that would be coordinating currency transactions through the International Payment System ISO 20022.
  • Judgment in July, White Hat Intel: EBS White Hat Senior Intel Revealed! When & Trump Special Report! June 2023 | Prophecy | Before It’s News (
  • Sun. 23 July Inauguration of Pres. Donald J. Trump and his VP, JFK Jr, a celebration where those in the World Protection Program would come out.
  • Tues. 25 July Queen Diana’s Coronation.
  • In Mid August Jim Rickards said BRICS is releasing their new commodity backed International currency. This is the death of the Petrodollar.

The Real News for Fri. 16 June 2023:

White Hat Intel:

  • You are winning the War against the U.S. Globalist CABAL regime.
  • Over 100,000,000 million people tuned into Tucker Carlson, that’s more than 200X more than most Mainstream media networks that reach around 500,000 thousand. Tucker Red Pilled the U.S. people with corruption of the FBI, CIA, Pentagon hiding UFO technology (the current Pentagon whistleblower that MSM didn’t cover) and the media being weaponized against the people. Tucker covered several issues that hit a 100 million people in one evening alone!!!
  • BlackRock, Vanguard, JP Morgan, Chase shares, earnings, investments falling and collapsing for the past three years (though they give out fake financial reports).
  • The Financial Collapse is imminent with Blackrock inside Bankruptcy.
  • The biggest beer corporation in the US collapses after pushing Woke, LGBTQ and Trans Agenda.
  • The Fake Mainstream Media CIA Mockingbird Media has been telling U.S. citizens that Democrats, Woke mob, LGBTQ movement is much smaller than the fake numbers MSM is projecting. The Woke/LGBTQ/Trans/Democrats/Antifa Elites don’t have the power, nor the people to keep corporations in power that are pushing their movement.
  • Even Starbucks has started to collapse and have recalled all their rainbow colored signs on their products. They are closing stores in the U.S. and world. They fear they are inside a collapse.
  • The UK has banned all Puberty Blockers across their country. This is very important because this transgender ideology movement was created by the MI6 dating back to 60s and their department heads have all been inside the Bohemian Grove.
  • This is big news as White Hats have infiltrated the MI6 heavily since 2008 and sleepers are waking up. We expect MI6 Whistleblowers to come forward in the next months and expose UK corruption to the highest levels.
  • Trump is leading the Presidential race no matter what the CIA Mockingbird Media or Obama CIA Biden government regime is doing to destroy Trump in the last eight years.
  • Trump becomes more powerful with more followers waking up to the corruption of the FBI, CIA, DOJ and US Government.
  • Now even major Democrats are turning on Biden and seeing the next indictments as a weaponization of the U.S. system against Trump, Patriots and Republicans.
  • Recently Stew Peterson said Q was a Fed Psyop. If so, then why last year did Kash Patel say that Q will be made better and why did Patel, who once held one of the biggest classified clearance in U.S. government, go on the Q channels, networks and podcast shows that openly supported Q? Why did Trump never refute Q, though instead embraced Q reposted an image of himself wearing a Q lapel pin overlaid with the words “The Storm is Coming”?
  • In 75 accounts Trump reposted on his Truth Social Profile in the past month. More than a third of them have promoted QAnon by sharing the movement’s slogans, videos or imagery. About 1 in 10 included QAnon language or links in their profile bios. Trump chose a QAnon song to close out a rally in Pennsylvania. The same song appears in one of his recent campaign videos and is titled “WWG1WGA.”
  • Why did Trump pick acting Secretary of U.S. Defense Kash Patel and why did Patel go to major Q channels and podcast shows that openly support Q?
  • White Hats have infiltrated into the FBI, CIA, DOJ and NSA and are part of Q Operations to bring down the Deep State CIA FBI Regime.
  • Q brought you Epstein and awakened the World to Global Pedophilia and Human Trafficking connected to Obama, the Clintons, CIA and FBI. Q brought you the Great Awakening. WWG1WGA!
  • Q will end when Trump or Kash Patel gives the signal – then comes US Military Tribunals after the Storm where Q will be acknowledged as a Military operation that includes the White Hats in US Military commands and Intel agencies.
  • The story of Q dates back to Abraham Lincoln, into JFK, Special Forces and Trump, but for now Q will be crucified and disavowed more and more. Don’t worry. All you need to know is that the Great Awakening was born of Q.
  • After the Storm, Military 11.3 ops and collapse of a fake Alien Agenda, comes the Military Tribunals. In that time Q is resurrected and named.

Tucker Carlson:

  • BANKING COLLAPSE Unveils Shocking Connections to Tribunals and War Crimes!
  • Prepare for the Unthinkable: Trillions of dollars in U.S. Treasury Bonds are flooding back to Europe and 110 nations, revealing the alarming truth that the U.S. corporation is teetering on the brink of insolvency. Brace yourself for the impending catastrophic COLLAPSE that will send shockwaves throughout Europe and beyond. France’s brazen act of pilfering its citizens’ wealth has ignited widespread riots and civil unrest, while hyperinflation in Germany is decimating the metal industry, crippling weapons production, and pushing corporations to the edge of bankruptcy. The Deutsche Bank’s entanglement with Epstein’s dark connections and its web of international ties, including Estonian banks, is unraveling, as world courts launch far-reaching investigations that could shatter the global banking system.
  • Israel’s Descent into Chaos: An Unfolding Catastrophe. The nation of Israel finds itself in dire straits as it hurtles towards an imminent COLLAPSE. Concealing the true state of its markets, banks are fabricating gains as civil unrest spirals into full-blown riots. Meanwhile, the colossal COLLAPSE of SVB BANKS in California, resulting in a mind-boggling loss of $10 trillion, sets off a catastrophic domino effect rippling across multiple countries. The COLLAPSE, underway for over a year and a half, is finally unmasking the Deep State’s cover-ups and exposing their false market reports. As the Biden administration trembles, governments worldwide teeter on the brink, and the Military courts, along with the Alliance, silently monitor the COLLAPSE, knowing that it will lead to military intervention. The intricate web of connections between governments, worldwide money laundering operations, bioweapon creation, and incitement of proxy wars through the U.S. heralds an era of potential war crimes, crimes against humanity, and a global PLANDEMIC.
  • The Global Event: We Stand at the Precipice of Chaos. Massive chaos looms on the horizon, as citizens around the globe remain shockingly unprepared for the impending COLLAPSE EVENT. The Great Awakening, a multi-staged process encompassing declassifications, covert operations, overt military intervention, tribunals, and the cleansing of corrupt establishments worldwide, is reaching a critical juncture. Brace yourself as the deep-rooted powers behind NATO, the UN, human trafficking, world wars, military-industrial complexes, and control over global banks face their inevitable downfall. Jeffrey Epstein, who is only beginning to reveal the dark secrets he holds, and the military intelligence with access to McAfee’s servers, unleash terabytes of corruption connecting world child trafficking rings, illicit weapons trades, and global drug cartels.
  • Unveiling Secret Alliances: Poland’s Shocking Deal with Russia and China. While the world watches Germany’s strategic alliance with China and Russia, an even more astounding revelation emerges: Poland’s covert pact with these global giants. This clandestine agreement, involving Italy, France, Austria, Hungary, and more, sets the stage for their banks to merge into a powerful EU BRICS subsidiary system after the impending conflict.
  • The Masterstroke: Unmasking the Hidden Hand. The banking COLLAPSE serves a higher purpose: to topple world banks, dismantle the IMF, and expose the sinister connections that extend to the WHO, Gates Foundation, CDC, and beyond. Get ready for a seismic shift that will reshape the global financial landscape.
  • THEY Can No Longer Hide: Hold on tight as the world hurtles towards an unprecedented climax. Brace for impact as the tides of change sweep across nations, forever altering the course of history. Behind closed doors, a grand design is being set in motion. Trust the plan. Q.

David Wilcock:

  • The U.S. Globalist CABAL Regime Under Siege! You’re Winning the War!
  • Tucker Carlson’s groundbreaking revelations on corruption within the FBI, CIA, and Pentagon have captivated over 100 million viewers, shattering mainstream media records by a staggering 200-fold! Brace yourselves as the truth bombs drop and the awakening spreads like wildfire across the nation!
  • Financial Giants Teeter on the Brink of Collapse! BlackRock, Vanguard, JP Morgan Chase on the Verge of Bankruptcy!
  • Unveiling the shocking truth behind the manipulated financial reports, the imminent collapse of industry giants like BlackRock sends shockwaves through the global economy. As their shares plummet and earnings dwindle, the crumbling facade becomes undeniable. Brace for the implosion of a financial empire that will rock the very foundations of Wall Street!
  • The WOKE Agenda Backfires! Major U.S. Beer Corporation Faces Devastating Collapse!
  • Prepare for the downfall of the largest beer corporation in America as their ill-conceived embrace of the WOKE, LGBTQ, and transgender agendas boomerangs on them! Unmask the truth behind the fake mainstream media narratives, exposing the true scale of opposition to the Democrats, WOKE mobs, and LGBTQ movements. Even Starbucks trembles on the edge of collapse, forced to retreat from their rainbow-colored signs amidst widespread backlash.
  • MI6 Unveiled: Transgender Ideology Exposed as Deep-State Creation! Whistleblowers on the Horizon! Discover the shocking revelation that the MI6, dating back to the 1960s, orchestrated the transgender ideology movement, with their ties to Bohemian Grove sending shockwaves through the intelligence community. Hold your breath as whistleblowers emerge, exposing corruption at the highest levels of the UK establishment. The awakening spreads, and the world braces for the inevitable truth!
  • Trump’s Resurgence Rocks the Presidential Race! Deep State Trembles in Fear!
  • Trump emerges as the frontrunner in the presidential race, defying the relentless onslaught by the CIA mockingbird media and the Biden administration. Witness the power of truth as Republicans, patriots, and even disillusioned Democrats rally behind Trump, uncovering the depths of corruption within the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the U.S. government itself. The storm is brewing, and the Deep State is quaking in their boots!
  • The QAnon Enigma: Trump’s Cryptic Connection Revealed! White Hats Expose Deep State Secrets! Unravel the enigmatic ties between Trump, QAnon, and the infiltration of the FBI, CIA, DOJ, and NSA by the white hat patriots. Explore the astounding evidence as Trump embraces the Q movement, amplifying its message through his social media profiles and rallies. The Epstein saga, the revelation of global pedophilia and human trafficking networks connected to Obama and the Clintons—the Great Awakening is here, and the truth will prevail!
  • Hold onto your seats as the tides turn, secrets unravel, and the world awakens to the grand deception. The battle is far from over, but victory is within reach. Will you join the ranks of the awakened? #WWG1WGA

Brunson Cases Update:

  • The Loy Brunson Case before the Supreme Court was set for Conference (not a hearing) on Thurs. 22 June. Brunson asks why Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Mike Pence and over 300 members of Congress voted against investigating 50 allegations of voter fraud and foreign interference in the 2020 Election that had been formally presented to Congress.
  • The Raland J. Brunson Case before Federal Court Judge Jared C. Bennett asks why Supreme Court Justices Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, and Ketanji Brown Jackson supported enemies of the Constitution by voting against hearing the Brunson case, which regarded Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and over 300 members of Congress who voted against investigating allegations that there was foreign interference in the 2020 Presidential Election. Will Bennett hear the case, or will Raland Brunson be compelled to appeal his case to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals?
  • If you want your voice to be heard go to:
  • Your Letter is Mightier Than a Sword, Brunson: Loy Brunson NEW SCOTUS RULE 11 CASE #22-1028 ~ Your Letter is Mightier Than The Sword ! (
  • Patriots are asked to send letters to the Supreme Court Justices in support of hearing the Brunson Cases. “We encourage everyone who supports our efforts to go to to easily send a letter to the Supreme Court. You can also find more information about the case at and to order a copy of the petition!”  Brunson Brothers Music – Petition The Supreme Court…
  • NEED MIRACLES?  Raland Brunson of the Brunson Brothers Supreme Court Cases is now shipping out copies of “MIRACLES: In God We Trust” and “A More Perfect Union” manufactured by Raland’s duplications company To support the cause you can order your copies of these important Liberty Education DVDs for a donation of only $25 – which includes FREE shipping and TWO FREE pocket Constitutions. Donate here: 
  • Super Patriot Liberty Library – perfect for Home School Education, or as a legacy gift to children and grandchildren. Educate to Save America. The package is full of valuable materials including free garden seeds. It is still offered at only $450, but with $60 worth of added value items: Only-450

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[Note: Sensitive content in this report has been redacted. See redacted content in the full report attached below.]

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