Enough Already!


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Gary Goodman (GMan757), Contributing Writer

Submitted on May 1, 2023

GMan757: Enough Already!

How many of you, reading this article, feel at the end of your rope, and have uttered these words, “Enough Already!”? Do you feel that the White Hats, or others have let you down, or are taking too long to end the war?

Did it EVER occur to you that maybe you (AND I) are the holdup? Or that the White Hats are expecting us to do our part and help?

I originally wrote most of this article over a week ago, and failed to send because I had switched to a new laptop, and could not access my email. That was fortunate because it was not the right time to publish it anyway.

I was listening to an interview several of days ago with SGAnon, and some of his close friends, which had a theme of “Stay in the here and Now” and “prepare to manifest the ascension”. SGAnon also did a quite informative interview with Mike Jaco the following day.

The most recent article from Ashtar of the Galactic Federation posits that NOW is the time to individually and collectively pray and meditate for the ascension to happen now. This article also says that we have already manifested a virtual end to the war.


Mark Baughman also published a nice article a week or two ago, on the future of technology. Here, Mark emphasizes that a number of technologies will only be available AFTER the shift/ascension.

Much of my research over recent days has led to my intuition, which has become quite strong since we have been passing through the photon belt, telling me that the BALL IS NOW IN OUR COURT. It really is now time for us to focus on our own inner strength to finish this war, by triggering the quantum shift to take humanity into the 4th density and beyond.

Since I did most of my research for my own benefit, I never took notes. With that said, I was heavy into reading Brendan Dilly and David Wilcock’s friend “Mega Anon” on 4chan, and was there reading the day that Q started posting on 10-27-17.

By 2020, I had switched most of my focus to spiritual matters, keeping up with Q by using one of the aggregator sites. I will now summarize my take on the state of our planet with several bullet points, in a somewhat random order:

  1. The White Hats never intended to do everything for us using military force. Anyone who is incapable of sustaining a 4D existence will not be around anyway, after our transition to 4th or 5th density, or beyond.
  2. GESARA and the financial reset would be best implemented after the transition to 4D, for the same reason.
  3. The fastest speed attainable in the universe is the speed of thought. Therefore, thoughts, especially negative ones can have consequences.
  4. And, those negative thoughts are persistent and don’t go away on their own. So, work on your thought process during meditation/prayer, and ask for help in in getting rid of them.
  5. The most powerful force in the universe is Unconditional Love of the Source Creator (God).
  6. Remember what I said above about focusing on the here and now? Well, there is ONLY here and ONLY now. Any concept of linear time is a product of the 3D and 4D matrices.
  7. Remember what Ben Rich asked a colleague, who answered that all points in space and time are connected. That is why we could take ET home, even back then.
  8. The photon, and not the atom, is the basic building block of the universe. Einstein was a fraud, spinning deep state propaganda. The reason I bring this up, is it explains how we are able to manifest reality, since the photon, which is energy, is also conscious, thus making all matter conscious.
  9. This one goes in a who gives a $$$$ category, since it has zero bearing on the outcome of the war, or when we ascend. I am NOT a flat earther. Neither do I believe the Earth is a smooth sphere. I do believe that question originated from a clowns psyop.
  10. Charlie Freak, in his wonderful analysis of the series “Rabbit Hole”, paused to make a claim that the moon landing footage shot on a sound stage was proof of a flat earth.
  11. But, I say to Charlie there is another explanation for Kubrick’s film, and that it was shot for just in case the moon landing failed and a coverup was necessary.
  12. Don’t forget the Ham Radio operators recordings of the private channel statements by Armstrong that there were Aliens lined up on the rim of the crater watching.
  13. I believe the Earth is actually a faceted polyhedron kind of like a soccer ball, with hexagonal and/or pentagonal facets. This lines up with the final season of David Wilcock’s Wisdom Teachings, where he displays the pentagonal cloud at the north pole of Saturn.
  14. David Wilcock and Ben Davidson, of Suspicious Observers, are two of a handful of scientists that fully understand the physics of the electric theory of the universe that accurately describe the energy fields of the photonic construction of planets.
  15. David accurately described the hot spots on every planet in the solar system, and Ben accurately predicts a very high percentage of the earthquakes triggered by solar activity.
  16. The relevance of the 7 points, above, is that my research has shown that all that is required to create a 3D planet is photons and fractal geometry, all the Creator needed to do was lay down the ENERGY lines (Ley Lines, anyone?).
  17. Our collective human consciousness then manifests the remaining matter to fill in the rest of an approximate sphere, including mountains and oceans.
  18. This notion is supported in the bible. Jesus (Yeshua), in his explanation of the power of prayer says that when a man tells a mountain to move, if his heart be pure, as soon as the thought is formed to ask for the mountain to be moved, it is already done.
  19. We are NOT alone in the universe. We were created with Free Will. These two facts explain why ETs have been unable to act on our behalf, even if it was for our own good. Even though in my Memorial Day 2022 article I gave permission to the Galactic Federation to come down and help, they could not do so overtly, because they might step on someone else’s free will.
  20. Everyone has the wrong idea about the “solar flash”. In the past, not all transition events were caused by a micro nova or solar flash. At least one was the result of a flash observed when a number of human souls ascended en masse.
  21. Even David Wilcock, a strong proponent of the Solar Flash, now believes that the Solar Flash will not trigger the event, but rather, we will trigger the even from our own frequency.

Most of the research that I have done over the past 5 weeks has built to a crescendo over the past few days. And that all points to the notion that we are right on the precipice of the great quantum shift. This requires that we raise our vibration as high as we can to survive in 4th density, or higher.

Each of us must mediate or pray to the Source Creator (God), giving thanks and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to bear witness and be a part of the greatest event in the history of the universe. This is something that no one, not even Yeshua (Jesus) can do for us. If you are unsure how to do this, ask Yeshua or another ascended master to provide guidance and assistance.

I, for one, will be focusing my energies on meditation and prayer to make this happen quickly, and with the result that will satisfy everyone’s POSITIVE needs.


Love and Light

Gary Goodman (GMan757)

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