A Lightworkers Heart: Letting Go of our 3D Programming


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Luna, Visionary and Co-founder of World Benevolence Group

Submitted on May 1, 2023

A Lightworkers Heart: Letting Go of Our 3D Programming

I was thinking today that there is so much happening around us but that not a whole lot of new information is actually being reported on the back channels. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Usually when things go quiet it means there are many things happening behind the scenes that we are not privy to. If you trust the Plan then we rest assured in our faith that God wins.  Yet so many will have trouble letting this go because they have been programmed to react and like the mainstream media does when they are on a new narrative they go over it and over it again and again. Well you DO NOT have to listen to it. Shut it down. Do your inner work and when you get yourself to a place where you can listen to more than do so if you wish if not just be you!

It is our responsibility and only ours to take care of us. There will be so many changes once this storm passes which may still be a few more months but I feel that by the end of spring 2023 we will definitely be building the new on our planet. I do not believe that the Cabal has control of us anymore and you can see it around you. The Plandemic narrative has pretty much died and the truth about it and the damage it has caused is now everywhere. Not many commercials anymore regarding boosters though I still see them, now and again. 

I don’t really concern myself with what I call the 3D world which for me is separation, chaos, lies and a lot of pain. In other words, you won’t get any truth about what’s really happening in your world.  If you rely on anything outside of yourself you are then setting yourself up for lies. That’s all around us even if you can’t see it.  So unplug from anything that makes you sad or irritated or angry. Those are lower vibrations and your body doesn’t do well there. Just unplug.

I mean just look at our government, our schools, our medical professionals… do any of them ever do what YOU need them to do for you? Are you being heard by these organizations that supposedly are there to service humanity? Do you feel like you have been given any good deals in your life without having to trade something for it? They have lied so easily to us and would continue to do so if we didn’t all stand up for the truth. Well that time has come and it won’t be pretty to be sure but it must all come into the light in order for us to move on.  You see anything from the ‘3D’ world we cannot take with us. By that I mean it has served its purpose and it doesn’t belong in the higher dimension simply because it is a lower vibration and so it can’t be sustained there. In other words, we are moving to fifth dimension where all of our resonance will be much, much higher and by that I mean LOVE & pure JOY! You won’t have to watch your back or wonder if someone is lying to you. We all know how that feels and so why would we do that when we will have everything our hearts desire. You will wake up in joy and go to bed at night feeling so much love and joy. 

Well right now, their lies are being exposed one by one. As I was writing this article today Fox news came out with a story about Biden’s Human Trafficking :  Migrant Children Experience Horrors and are sold for Sex. The world you will find out about is not what it has appeared to be. Our politicians, government  representatives, lawyers, judges, teachers, CPS  and even some police as well as many  corporations you trusted that have been lying to us while masquerading in the light. The dark always cloaks itself in the light. 


The worst information you learn will be about what they have been doing to our most innocent children and your tax dollars are being used for this crime. Did you know that human trafficking made more money for these evil people it made more for them than drug and gun running combined?  You will find out why many missing kids never had a chance to get back to their loving families.  Profits in the end is what mattered and at whatever cost.  This will be the world’s darkest secret.  Eventually you will see that the world you thought wasn’t real at all!

The 3D world is a place we go to so we can teach ourselves all kinds of lessons. If you want to keep being in a loop and live your life like that in a perpetual cycle of disappointments and not much integrity then you obviously enjoy it because it really does not serve your highest purpose in the least. 

This crazy world that is falling all around us like the imminent stock market that was set up so the rich get richer while scheming to take what little good decent honest people that work hard have.  I mean really this fake Biden Presidency is also falling apart and many still cannot see any of it.  It’s just a matter of time now when the disclosures about everything that has been happening around us comes out. Then finally the whole world will know what we have known and for some of us for most of our lives.

Though we may of suspected some of these things, never in a million years could we have thought this movie script up. It’s so unbelievable how long this has been going on in our lives and for generations. It’s going to be a tough pill for the sleepers to swallow. I mean even when they hear the truth about what we already know I feel many will still reject it. I get that because they know that if they accept it they must take responsibility for it and what will come up for them and they may not be ready for that.

So what is the answer? Well for me just knowing that everyone knows and that we are or will be on the same page when they are ready is better than where we are now. I’m hoping that families will come together as a result of this sadness and stick together.  Separation was the cabal’s narrative but families belong together because whenever we are united we are SO STRONG. Of course, that’s what our enemy didn’t want to see which is why the AI programs were brought in. We truly didn’t have a fighting chance then but we do now. They are almost all obliterated and you and I and the rest of the world can look forward to the most beautiful and abundant life we could never have imagined. Believe it because its coming. Do some research type in Nesara/Gesara and see all the benefits it will bring humanity worldwide.

 In the meantime, I will be there for those people I know that will need my help as I’m sure all of you are also ready.  Most people will just need to hear that everything will be ok now and that the worst of it is over. They will have to do the work and if they need help there we can assist but we cannot do that work for them because it is their stuff. 

Difficult as this inner shadow work is only we can do and clearing it is by simply acknowledging it and sending it back to God. In other words letting go of all that does not serve you! Let others around you believe what they must but you do what is right for you but please ask for help as there are many of us willing to help you and it won’t cost you anything. You are NOT alone!


In other words, if you need to cry it out then cry because that too is very healing. I know even those of us who think we are ready for this will also cry because some of the information that is going to come to us is so unimaginable and yet, it is real because it actually really did happen.  Many will tell you first-hand what they have witnessed or what they had to endure.

My heart goes out to the sleepers. Basically to everyone out there that doesn’t know what’s been so tumbling around them.  All our institutions including: governments, police, medical systems/doctors, schools, and even pharmaceutical companies and corporations. All those that have not served you have been committing ‘crimes against humanity’!  

Once you hear what the truth really is, you may still not believe it because truly it will seem unreal and your mind will want to just wipe it away. That’s ok for a bit but you have to go through and clear whatever it brings up. If you can’t deal with what comes up? Then just release it back to Source (God). I am including some affirmations that will help you to release any trauma and fear. Here it is:

Script For Releasing Trauma:

 I am now releasing all of the emotional/physical negative energy, feelings, from the injury, the trauma, and the pain, completely and permanently from my entire body, my being and from anyone else. I am sending all of these negative energies, feelings and emotions to Source. I am re-wiring, organizing, reversing all damage, healing and integrating my brain to now receive all that is for the highest good of every aspect of my being. With love and gratitude always, it is done and so it is!

Fear Release

I am now releasing all of my Fears and releasing my struggle with it including fear of the Future, the Unknown, of Change, of Failure and Success, Worry, Lack, Guilt, Doubt, Resentment, Anger, Abandonment, Unworthiness, Abuse, Blame, Deceit, Ego, Self- Hatred, Sabotage, Destruction, Death Wishes, Negative Memories, Judgments, Stress, Depression, Sorrow, Neglect, Anxiety, Addictions, Heart-ache and all of the dead parts of myself permanently and completely from the point of creation throughout all existence, from my entire body and being, and from my ancestral lineage. I am also sending everything else I have not thought of that is pertinent to my healing.  I am sending all of these negative feelings and emotions back to Source. I am now receiving peace! With love and gratitude always, thank you God it is done!

When you are in anxiety or depression it’s because you are hanging onto something that is either in your past or in your future but it no longer serves your highest purpose. Our job here is to transmute all the dark back into the light.

One last thing I like to do always when I am too emotional or am having a hard time calming myself down, I found reading this helped me and I hope it brings you the peace you all deserve. Believe me when I say that we will all be fine because this silent war is done they are just mopping up the last bit now.  We are all here to serve humanity and become the highest version of ourselves! Nothing can stop this only you can do that. I want you to understand that all this that is happening around us has nothing to do with us and we are not to blame in any way shape or form. We are shifting with Mother Earth to a higher consciousness so that we will NEVER see this happen on our beloved planet. Whenever there are huge shifts like a rebirth there is a lot pain associated with it. But just like when the baby is finally born the pain stops and we feel joy again. Believe that!



 One of our WBG members Linda sent this to me just a couple days ago and she summed it up beautifully so I am sharing it with you and for all those that need it.

Greetings to those around the world who have now become aware of the TRUTH OF what has been happening: Please do not be hard on yourselves, it is good to Trust that which you understood as being good.  Now that you know the Irrevocable TRUTH of how you have been controlled.  Please know – IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT!   Just as we all have different fingerprints, we all have various levels of tolerance to all types of products, whether it is chlorine in our water, fluoride in our toothpaste, to toxic sprays in the air we breathe,  to horrific substance placed in our foods. All This horrors that have  been slowly creeping in over the  years and have now been revealed.  We CALL.

TO OUR God Presence of each and every one of us, INDIVIDUALLY – In the Power and in the Name of Jesus the Christ, the VICTORIOUS COSMIC CHRIST, THE VICTORIOUS ALL CHRIST  and the ANGELIC HOST to COME AND TOUCH THE HEARTS OF ALL WHO HAVE NOT KNOWN or been told or were NOT aware of the hypnotic control placed over each of us.   Expand the compassion and Kindness in our Hearts that we may now address each are of our Life and associates as NEW BEGINNINGS.  FLOOD US WITH FORGIVENESS that we may be free from the dishonor placed upon each of us, knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly.  Keep us individually and collectively protected, supplied and sustained in THE ASCENDED JESUS CHRIST HEAVENLY LOVE. Now and forever!

So let’s all bring this final darkness into the light so we can transmute it back to love. You see love is information and darkness is the absence of information. Never forget that you are here because you chose to be here at this time but you were also chosen.  Humanity needs us even those people who are still asleep will wake up because we all have a mission here at this juncture in humanity’s history.  Our ‘job’ here is to find what that mission is about.  

If you are interested in finding out what your mission is here, please contact me and I will help you find that. I help our members at World Benevolence Group do just that. Humanitarian projects are how I do it and this service that I offer is for free because I want everyone to find their passion and share that love with humanity.

 Imagine what a group of like-minded individuals can do who have the same resonance and that resonance is heart centered. Pure unconditional love is who we are as humanitarians and we know full well how strong that calling is for us.

So whether you have a project idea or a vision in mind does not matter to me.  Just contact me at and watch how we change this world. There is nothing more I want than to spend my time giving to people and making sure they all have what they need in whatever form that takes. We only have one rule here at WBG and that is “Do no harm”

We are also looking for people to help us around the world. So if you are willing to travel you will likely be able to create your own dream job. Send me a brief outline of what you would like to do and post RV we will contact you to discuss it further and have a zoom call with you.

Remember to keep your vibration high all the time as a service to humanity because we are all co-creating our reality.  If you are not happy with your current reality then you have the power to change it.  As we all grow we also affect those around us whether they are aware of it or not.  Actually, it doesn’t even matter if they believe in it. It just is.  So please keep dreaming your dream and then dream bigger. Always be your authentic self because this journey is about just that.  Don’t be afraid to just, BE YOU and shine your light everywhere!  Much peace love light, and joy. I AM Luna, Visionary & in Service to Humanity and so it is!


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