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Will Good Triumph over Evil?

Where are we going from here with this reset & will good truly triumph over evil or is it wishful thinking?

Once again, I still haven’t heard from the supposed real good guy groups. I’ve commented on some channels expressing my frustration and concern without a peep whatsoever. There are plenty of things of concern that need to be addressed as it’s a real question of trust and loyalty as to whether you really serve God, because one’s actions may prove otherwise. From the past month on Charlie Ward’s channel they have a call-in on Wednesdays that is hosted by Emily, while Charlie and the crew are the guests on the forum. Emily has a tendency to speak over a mile per minute, so it’s hard to understand her at times. I’ve made numerous comments on this video about the Quantum Stellar, BRICS, etc. Including asking Emily to slow down her speech so more can understand her, speak in layman’s terms, other terms need to be explained, and consider her audience. She is okay with the promotion of the seven kingdoms and the implants that lead to the mark of the beast system. I asked what are the consequences for promoting technology that is used to enslave humanity, think where this and that leads to? Doesn’t one think it’s important to neutralize the evil doers and their minions, not playing hopium and the psychological operations used to deceive humanity. I forwarded off my latest post, provided information to a man/woman who is in pain and doesn’t want to be taking more prescriptions. I forwarded information regarding Chlorine Dioxide, where to find CDS at here and here, and the reviews, and Tensorring, that is more EMF protection to be used on your appliances, meters, and your health. Found that the EES, MoreMito, Tesla Biohealing, and this site called weareonelightforall by Jared Rand are money laundering operations. I have no idea if the Celestial Chambers mirrored to the MedBeds are for real or another scam you be the judge. I found we are one light for all website from a viewer who responded to me regarding the video on the strict regulations for the Medbeds that was in fact more promos for other talking points. When you go to the links on the we are one light for all, there are new age products such as as crystal headbands/crowns that claim to open your third eye/pineal gland. When in reality opening the third eye leads to demon possession and is new age deception. No different how iHerqles product on the same site costs over $300, with $79 per bottle that is some mouth spray with over forty ingredients and is very likely another money laundering operation. Why I called EES and MoreMito as money laundering operations due to what they really sell are devices and products that only work temporary and not in the long-term. How many people do you know can afford to spend $60 per hour to sit in a room and relax? To spending over $100 per month on a small 4 oz bottle of Restore from MoreMito that has over forty ingredients, I asked them to prove to me in writing via real documents that Restore works in the long-term and you are not scamming people, especially the elderly.

All that they really wanted to do is sell and not get back to me in a timely manner. None of what I’m saying is medical advice, just awareness as there are those who are in it for the big $$ and create customers via another form of big pharma disguised as alternative/natural medicine. Yes, these people do exist no different than the false prophets to mainstream media to conservative inc and other controlled opposition out there. And you need to find via discernment what works for you may not work for someone else. Quite frankly real information and healing should be freely given and freely received.

With the strawman argument and corporations, not everyone will have the discernment to look into what happened then and now, how our birth certificates are traded on the stock market, that we are born into matrix corporation and not the living man/woman, and if your name on the original birth certificate are not in capital letters means you are disabled. At least in that weekly Wednesday call, Emily did slow her speech and did pronounciate much better. I remember another channel that I listen to called TheBigSib, as before he was all about exposing the stock trading on the birth certificates, the Zionists, etc. but he moved past that. He has sense looked into what words really mean that awakened his discernment, is happier, understood what the living man is, breaking ourselves away from the matrix, and is doing more legal work. And isn’t swayed by those pushing the psychological operations and the materialistic dialectic as there is no true utopia, the battle of good vs evil continues, and moving the goal post awakening has been going on for years. What about finding what really matters including the truth about ourselves? What I really want to know if the good will finally triumph over evil, or is it wishful thinking when in fact the system is being setup for the AntiChrist system, so which is it?

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