(Reader: TruthIsUnbreakable) How Does One Fight Back When Towns are Nuked and Agendas Continue


Reader Post | By TruthIsUnbreakable

How does one fight back when towns are nuked and agendas continue, Materialistic Dialectic, and where’s the recruitment and tools to finally take down evil doers needs to happen ASAP

Honestly, I don’t know if the real good guy groups are listening and/or just don’t care with what we have to say. It’s beyond frustrating to say the least. I am one of many critical thinkers asking deep questions to figure out who is really a friend or a foe? Why is it hard to ask questions and to have a reasonable adult conversation? I’ve paid attention to how these psychological operations work (see my second to last post) and this one on evil doers keep exposing themselves as it’s easy to see the “cult-like” spell they have on people thinking someone will come to save you and to rob and rule you better? With the previous Revivals as back in the 1970s as there were those who opened themselves to different types of spirits as with the increase of the prison system, serial killers, false prophets, and the new age movement increased as a result. Just beware of what the Asbury Revival leads to?As the “Jesus Revolution” movie put out by Hollywood is AntiChrist propaganda. While so and so claims don’t worry the white hats are in control of this and that industry, as they are letting the evil doers destroy themselves. At the same time, allowing evil to flourish by continuing their agendas such as the spraying operations, hunger, freedom restrictions, nuking towns, hopelessness, destruction of all life, and more. Don’t worry the white hats are in control of the CBDC, as some of the words have changed within certain financial documents and so forth. Also, in the legal sense, there is more than one dictionary called ballentine’s law dictionary and numerous editions of blacks law dictionary as there are different definitions of the same word. When the “mandates” came out I knew that a mandate isn’t a law, it’s defined as a practice, when it’s really about your consent. As consent and contract makes the law. Bottom line, not everyone will have the discernment nor the critical thinking to understand what words mean and stand on principle, as with feigned words make merchandise.

But in order for Nesara/Gesara to come for real, the majority needs to stand up against the CBDC. Even though our system still uses banks in order to make transactions, including the use of credit cards, cash, and so forth. With the parallel society we are still tied in with the current system in order to trade goods and services. We have a very long way to go from our current quantity economy to the quality economy. This is very important information of the psychological framework control grid about the indoctrination programs, psychological operations, and more to back it up.

LIBERTIES INFRINGED, FIFTEEN MINUTE CITIES, AND BETTER IDENTITY COALITIONBut according to some white hat sources, if there aren’t enough people to stand against the CBDC, would be the same when it comes to the 5G and the fake alien invasion and so forth. Just so you know for years there are plenty of those who stood against 4-5G, EMF’s, Smart Meters, Wind Mills, Solar Panels, etc. Depending on the areas, some areas have halted these experiments due to this being harmful to our environment and the health of animals and humans, others made it optional. Despite the mass opposition to these fifteen minute cities, the leaders are going ahead with them anyway as they could care less what the people think as they continue to infringe on liberties as they push full on totalitarianism. Apparently, in the city of Riyadh, there is another fifteen minute cube city called new Murabba, symbolizes the black cube of the Mukaab, Fungus, and the Tower of Babel.

How are people supposed to stand against these fifteen minute cities once they are enacted fully and the fascist police state will test their militaristic weapons on all of those who don’t comply. That’s on top of the facial recognition that fuels the surveillance state sponsored by the group Better Identity Coalition. All via protecting and serving the crap out of you through threats of force and/or violence. But don’t worry, “the military is the only way”. No different how the courts protect the police state, the crumbling infrastructure, the collapse of our current system that are all part of the distract, divide, and conquer. It’s true that we live in a matrix prison disguised as Paradise, that we shouldn’t bow down to a Dictatorial Government that is a Nanny State Idiocracy on steroids. Please know that playing God always ends badly.

BRAIN HACKING DEVICES FOR THOUGHT CRIMES, WORLD GOVERNMENT SUMMIT 2071 INITIATIVE, LGBT MOB AT OKLAHOMA STATE CAPITOL, AND PROGRESSIVE TEACHER WHO BELIEVES PARENTS ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO OPPOSE WHAT AUTHORITIES ARE TEACHING CHILDREN SUCH AS LGBT AGENDAHere is another example of the deliberate dumbing down of society meets spiritual wickedness not only in high places, but in our communities. This time, neo-marxist LGBT mobs swarm public buildings this time the Oklahoma state capital to express their displeasure of the right to pro-life and pro-child policies that go against sacrifices to their god Satan. While this is a true Insurrection, no different than back in February 2011 in Wisconsin. These nutcases can’t see that genital mutilation is abuse. As the corporate control believe Jan 6th was a Insurrection. When in fact was a psyop event designed to increase the fascist surveillance state and destroy free speech and liberties.

This Arizona Progressive Teacher tells lawmakers that she believes that parents are not qualified to oppose what the indoctrination centers are brainwashing children such as the LGBT Agenda. Who cares what degree you have they are worthless, she is an indoctrinated fool progressive who believes authorities have more authority than parents to oppose the LGBT propaganda. Yet she says nothing about the LGBT and Sexualizing children agenda. Disgusting! Mass exodus out of the prison indoctrination centers! Examples such as this so-called teacher are the problem.


As the WEF admits they want to place these brain hacking devices and monitor for “thought crimes” and wouldn’t be surprised they are already doing this to our current devices? It’s pre-crime Minority Report and also hyper-sleep 2022 hybridization with nightmare on elm street, Flat liner and the Matrix, only if we allow these evil doers to control our minds with these chips. Don’t worry Elon Musk, the Devil’s champion has a plan? By the way, the World Government summit 2071 initiative predicting their merging of man and machine by 2071 and their utopia reality will fail miserably. 

CHINESE SPY BALLOON OR WAS IT REALLY A USA AND/OR U.K. SPY BALLOON THAT LED TO HOBBYIST BALLOONS, AND MASS UNIDENTIFIED AIR CRAFT MAY LEAD TO FAKE ALIEN INVASIONAm not surprised with the fake Biden Administration lied about the Chinese Spy Balloon as it entered our airspace on January 28th. This is no different from the other lies and agendas. Makes you wonder if that balloon was an EMP? The sky was the clearest that I have seen. No surprise they wanted us to see it. As soon as politicians and other tyrants speak they lie to deceive you. There are potential purposes for the high altitude invasion to setup the EMP and other agendas. Am sure the balloon was shut down as the Babylon Bee confirmed that this was getting to close to Ukraine. Wouldn’t be surprised that Fang Fang was in the balloon with China’s leader who took the classified documents from the fake Biden family as the United Spot did a take on this. At the same time, makes you wonder if the balloon all along was a US spy balloon or a British spy balloon as the narrative is blame China for it? As with the geoengineering programs that can create rain. There are balloon corporations such as Worldview as they partner to deliver the next generation stratosphere balloon platforms and SNC selected for U.K.’s Project Aether to demonstrate global Stratospheric ISR.

Also, Montana officials deny explosion over Bilings during the “Chinese balloon incident”, in other words more than one balloon. Is this another one of the psyops from our corrupt evil government. Just in time for more distractions. Nothing to see here. Interesting that they are using balloons when we already have “satellites?” Is the balloon psyop a dry-run for an upcoming EMP attack? Due to the lack of security in the skies, apparently there have been 510 incidents of Unidentified Air Craft over the past couple of years. Three of these objects were perhaps US weather research balloons? But according to the fake Biden Administration, Chinese spy balloons is good, Balloon Hobbyist is bad, gross incompetence at it’s finest. Since the US and Canada may have shot down UFO’s are they gearing for the fake alien invasion a.k.a. Project Blue Beam?

ECONOMY COLLAPSE ARE VERY OBVIOUS, FAKE MEAT FIRMS ARE DONE, & CHILD TRAFFICKING CONTINUES: Some good news for once that the fake meat firms are collapsing due to low sales, less demand, and the anti-woke backlash. Then, how come McDonalds have reevaluated their operations and are expanding 1900 stores worldwide that may have stores without workers and are completely automatic. Questions are to are they continuing their cannibalism and other poisons in their products then? While the economy lost 2.5 million jobs, as others are trying to cover up the fact the economy is collapsing, with mass layoffs, and things will get worse. While credit unions and banking groups warn of devastating consequences of the CBDC. That’s on top of the agendas continue to cause mass suffering, homelessness, hunger, and death. As the sexualization of children and trafficking continues. Don’t you think these children affected are living in hell and need saving. Where are the supposed special forces on this, what happened to saving the children? As there are so many laws that protects these evil doers is not a joke it’s insane! If so and so takes care of the rapist, they are charged for assault and/or murder. Where’s the justice in the land of the free/fee and the home of the slave? It’s no wonder there is spiritual wickedness not only in high places, but in our communities.

CHEMTRAIL OPERATIONS, MOLD, PFAS, MEDIA ADMITS EV’S ARE TOXIC AND CAN BE FIXED, BERKEY WATER FILTER TEST, & PROCESSED SEED OILS: Why are the chemtrail operations continuing as in some areas as in Brazil, the chemtrail operations reveal mold increase that are making people sick and unable to function. There are Brazil nuts that are high in mold. Turns out that the Biblical Leprosy was “Mold”. Including the fungal illness spreading across the country. Mold along with the frequencies such as 5G, Electromagnetic frequencies and Extremely Low Frequencies can make us very sick with via scientific evidence that RF radiation causes cancer and DNA damage. Including toxic PFAS chemicals in paper products such as Toilet paper that gets into the wastewater. Along with processed seed oils and other processed food both contribute to chronic diseases that benefit big pharma. It took for two years for the mainstream media to finally admit that the Electric Vehicles are toxic, while these experts believe they can fix the Nanotech Energy graphene batteries. Water Filter Guru did the tests on the Berkey don’t exactly filter everything, as some of the filters added aluminum to the water, while Iron and Sulfate were reduced by 70% to 90%. Still, no matter what kind of water filter you have, won’t filter everything 100% of the time nor remove every containment imaginable. How is this supposed to help people wake up and stand up when they are too sick to do so? Rambo understands the chemtrail spraying are a military operation due to “following orders”, for the love of $$ is the root of all evil under 1 Timothy 6:10, etc. As poisoning the people with these chemtrails on top of the frequency manipulation, mysterious yellow dust that covers neighborhoods, the vaccines and other gene therapy depopulation weapons, and other agendas designed to increase power, control, and suits agendas are promoted to the nth degree and benefits the few at the expense of many.

OHIO MASSIVE TRAIN DERAILMENT DISASTERSpeaking of which, out in East Palestine in Northeastern Ohio has become another Chernobyl as the massive train derailment disaster by the corporation Norfolk Southern ordered the fire of the highly toxic chemical carcinogen called Vinyl Chloride into the atmosphere that created the mushroom cloud. Including hydrogen chloride and phosgene, as this was a chemical weapon used in WWI. Three more chemicals were discovered as well. Even though authorities evacuated those within one mile of the epicenter. Those who live ten miles or more away reported their eyes burning from the chlorine and feeling ill when all of this went down, to burn smells and burning throats, coughing up blood, to the strange behavior of the birds, chickens not producing eggs and/or have died and dead fish and other wildlife as they get their water from the creek that is contaminated from the derailment, as the water is not safe to drink. Wouldn’t be surprised the contamination in the water spread to other water-ways. Even if you have a water filter, may not filter all of the hazardous contamination. Including the effects of Dioxins have devastating environmental and lives consequences that create ghosts towns. The chemical weaponry that was destined for Stu-crane was ignited in East Palestine, EPA holding centers, how the Norfolk Southern freight train # 32N departed from Madison, Illinois and was headed for Norfolk Southern’s Conway Yard, in Conway, Pennsylvania. How Biden visits Zelensky on President’s Day, and Government Abuse of Chemistry and Manufactured Chaos and Death. This manufactured event affects the animals, humans, and our environment to poison the world that benefits the globalists and suits control and depopulation agenda.

Another local resident young woman telling it like it is and good to see knows the truth and is not indoctrinated. This man with the channel Merica2.0 Media is in the epicenter in Ohio documents what is going on as a result from the derailment with video after video after video shows the water clean up, contaminated soil, and the dead fish. This recent interview from a Ohio Listener gives a first-hand account of the train disaster, please listen to what he has to say. Should come as to no coincidences.


Before the Ohio derailment Rail companies blocked safety rules via cut costs, laid off many employees via big corporate profits over safety as train accidents are increasing, crumbling infrastructure, and more than a dozen trains have derailed this year. Another channel called Status Coup News interviewed local residents about what is really going on the ground, the slow response of authorities to inform the community of potential hazards, kids are playing in poison, animals are MIA, and how the local animals and pets are dying and/or are dead, people are sick, as the residents were rejected for services, and how the rail company is offering $5 per resident in Aid. The same evil that claimed “safe and effective” are claiming the air in Ohio is safe too. Why would anyone stick around after seeing the animals die, you and your family continue to suffer?

The Ohio toxic chemical spill contaminants spread not only just the East Coast, but in Montreal and Ontario, Canada. As the Precipitation pH levels are four-five as acid precipitation as the fish die as the water is unfit for water consumption as things aren’t good, but according to Emperor Dwine and the EPA, they would drink the water as it’s poisonous and spreading to other water-ways.

Not everyone will take the time to grow sprouts to supposedly block Dioxins as a result of the toxic chemical exposure in the air, food, and water. What about using Baking Soda and a pinch of Borax for detoxing purposes? Chlorella is apparently one the most effective nutritional supplements for Dioxin Detox, along with Seaweed, as part of a study. Green Tea, Black Tea, and Matcha tea are found to suppress dioxin toxicity. While, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Eric Coppolino are calling for a complete evacuation of East Palestine due to the extremely toxic “dioxin fallout” that would poison the air, land, and the crops for generations. No one should be surprised the toxicologists aren’t testing for the chlorinated dioxins, while the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic is a “toxic time bomb” as chemicals in the plastics are linked to a host of environmental and health impacts.

Norfolk Southern hired the private contractor CTEH (Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health) to test the air, water, and soil quality in East Palestine. As CTEH has a huge history of minimizing the effects of environmental disasters to protect the corporations interests. Examples include the oil spill during Hurricane Katrina, defective Chinese drywall affecting Florida homeowners, coal ash spill in Tennessee, and the BP oil spill in 2010. There have been several reports from residents when CTEH were hired to have their homes tested were asked to sign waivers that they would not hold Norfolk Southern nor their affiliates such as CTEH accountable for any future liabilities, turns out only 340 residents signed the contracts. The CDC was caught changing the profile of vinyl chloride, removing the section of how this affects children days before the Ohio train derailment, this should tell you this was planned and premeditated well in advance.

Days before the Ohio event, the East Palestine Fire Department hosted a Digital ID/MyID service “Medical Tracker” that is a QR code that would track long-term health-status including “difficulty breathing”, am sure there are no coincidences?

While that local Ohio reporter who was taken down by the policy enforcers via protecting and serving the crap out of you as the body camera shows the officers were attacking the journalist and arrested the journalist after a press conference was reporting the truth, all of this happened when the Ohio Governor was there. As the Ohio tyrant Emperor DeWine recently lifted the evacuation of those who live within one mile of the epicenter by declaring “the air is safe enough”, when in fact the air is bad. No different how after 9/11, authorities reported the air was good, when that wasn’t the case as those there and first responders suffered from the effects of inhaling nano-thermite, anthrax, and other chemicals that ended up increasing customers for big pharma and death. No different how the water in Flint, Michigan was handled, to how our US military sent of Iraq and Afghanistan were exposed to hazardous chemicals. After Emperor DeWine is supposedly recovering from a fractured ankle after visiting East Palestine. Now, he would have to wear the boot, did DeWine join “the boot club”, and would magically switch the boot not knowing which foot was really injured, under the guise if covering up that he may have been arrested?

As a result of this train disaster, the company Norfolk Southern offered the town only $25,000, so each person would receive Five dollars per resident should comes as to no surprise as an industry who priorities profits over people and suits agendas. There was a recent town hall meeting in East Palestine as the thousands of residents gathered to discuss the health impacts of the toxic disaster that affected their entire town and the surrounding areas of both the air and water, the wildlife, the animals, and the people. Of course, the railroad company responsible Norfolk Southern skipped town as they try to avoid any accountability through their actions. No different how the Ohio Government claimed the air and water are safe. The corrupt and the coverups are beyond obvious. As this is part of the exposure of the infrastructure collapse, of what was allowed to happen that suits control and agenda purposes. Don’t BlackRock, JP Morgan, and Vanguard own the Railroads and the chemicals?

At first the fake Biden Administration turned down disaster relief for those in East Palestine. Then, Trump schedules a visit and within hours FEMA announced they are going to pay funds to the victims. That’s a start, but no amount of money $$ will ever replace the hazardous negligent damages to their community, other communities, the massive damage to the environment that continues to affect the air, water, the ground, the animals, and men, women, and children that suits agenda 2030 purposes. Besides, why would anyone trust the Government including FEMA to help you, when in reality it’s power and land grabs for more control. Want to see the documents of how the EPA will seize contaminated property if the owners can’t pay the EPA clean up and extortion fees for land and power grabs agenda, please watch this video by Tim Truth. Makes you wonder why the Ohio Government didn’t declare themselves part of Stu-Crane, at least they would’ve received federal funding at lightning speed. Don’t blame those such as East Palestine Mayor for being furious of the Billions spent on Stu-Crane as they are first and America is last, he knows what kind of a guy Biden really is.

Speaking of which, Trump visited East Palestine as he provided food, bottled water, treated McDonald’s lunch to the first responders, signed hats, listened to the people and left. The following day after Trump visited East Palestine, Pete Buttigieg showed up for the photo op (via the United Spot’s take) and for politics and privilege mentality. Even Pete’s Press Secretary didn’t like people asking her questions that weren’t scripted and/or narrative approved as she felt the cameras were aggressive, as she is getting paid big bucks not to answer your questions, and would only talk if the cameras were off. In other words, these parasite fear the truth which is why they don’t like people recording them that isn’t scripted. The whole Buttigieg (bad cop) and Trump (good cop) is all for show, even Trump gave high praises to FEMA, what is up with that? Even Rudy Giuliani and Tulsi Gabbard showed up for the photo ops as well and left. No different how Erin Brockovich brought her law firm in this town hall event.

As none of these high profile people will take soil samples and have Dioxin levels analyzed via the independent labs. Don’t forget the people in East Palestine are being charged in the thousands to have their homes supposedly cleaned from the hazards chemicals as not every firm sent to these homes are trained to handle situations such as this and they foot you the bill. That’s in addition to having lab work for testing the ground, water, and dioxin levels that cost in thousands and thousands as well. As the residents feel drunk from digging the contaminated soil, to the chemical burns, and so forth that continue to spread to other areas in the east and in Canada. Of course this by design to seize homes and land grabs that the government and corporations created that suits agendas. You need to beware of whom benefits from this and more, as some have spotted the same people were interviewed by different news agencies, possible crisis actors and dupers delight, the EPA officials on enacting a trial run of the infrastructure through the $100 million Inflation/Acceleration Act in April of 2023, question everything.


2 Corinthians 11:19-20 “[19] For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise. [20] For ye suffer, if a man bring you into bondage, if a man devour you, if a man take of you, if a man exalt himself, if a man smite you on the face.”

Amazing of the predictive programming of the 2022 film White Noise of then and now? Turns out the Ohio derailment is not only in Ohio, but in Chicago, Illinois, in Enoree, South Carolina and East Montgomery Count, Texas and in Van Buren Township, Michigan. At a shell petrochemical plant in Pennsylvania just ten days after the East Palestine disaster. Including Tuscon, Arizona via truck collision on the highway, this time Nitric Acid leaks. More nefarious situations as this toxic fire at Plastic Planters Nursery, Medley, Florida at a Industrial site explosion and two are dead, two are hospitalized, and at Doral Waste Plant in Miami-Dade County Florida. A train carrying 30,000 gallons of propane derailed in Manatee County, Florida; only good news nothing has leaked thus far. Including, another train derailment in Gothenburg, Nebraska. In addition to the NY massive fire breaks out at a Brooklyn Lumber Storage Warehouse. In Los Angeles, California, a vehicle was struck by a train that left two dead and three injured as part of the 322 symbolism. Including in Cleveland, Ohio the Warren Coke Plant Boiler explosion, Apartment buildings explode and Cars melted from DEW’s. More train derailments in Ohio that causes power outages, look at the condition of the electrical poles! Followed by the Metal Factory explosion in Bedford, Ohio as this is not only a huge fire, but with injuries and casualties. The war rages on, call it black smoke history month if you will. Fabian Omar of the Organic Prepper isn’t wrong on being prepared to bug out.

These train derailments more than a dozen trains have derailed thus far this year are all by design that suits agenda purposes, but not enough to fix the infrastructure. The Class Action Lawsuit alleges that the “residents may be undergoing DNA mutations”. As WHO had an urgent meeting of the Marburg outbreak. No surprise of the numerous distractions for the actual cause of the DNA mutations as explained by Really Graceful, as Dioxin exposure does cause long-term DNA mutations and shorten life span. There was a plan to inject Houston, Texas with the 500,000 gallons of contaminated water used to extinguish the Norfolk train derailment. With a smaller shipment to dump the contaminated water and soil in Detroit, Michigan. As the EPA officials held off any more shipments gone from the “water is safe” to drink and the air is safe to breathe to it’s “not safe to transport” the hazardous waste from state to state. Even the fake Joe Biden speaking on black history month says: “I might be a white boy, but I ain’t stupid” as he couldn’t remember if he spoke with the Mayor of East Palestine, and believes that Ohio has two Governors, when in reality it’s the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor.

Would not be surprised this Ohio Chernobyl incident and other incidents were all by design to push people and animals out due to the mass poisoning and death that leads to the agenda 2030 stack and pack cities. Also, I’ve been hearing from where the train derailments and plant explosions are, so are the DUMBS underneath. If that were the case, why haven’t there been more reports of earthquakes in the USA then? What can be proven are the fact the agendas continue to benefit the few at the expense of many. Towns such as East Palestine were Nuked to suit greed and keep the railroads open, no surprise as to whom benefits? Why target East Palestine? Because BlackRock and Vanguard desire to own and control the resources such as cobalt, lithium, etc. through the destruction of life and property values, and mine the area for their control that suits agendas and for the love of $$ is the root of all evil. How does one expect so and so to stand up when we are too sick to fight back as a result of being exposed from hazardous toxins thereof?

Norfolk Southern CEO calls his environmental disaster a success. The $1000 settlement payments means the people are giving up their right to sue for the civil damages done to themselves and their community. Reminds me of the Erin Brockovich story when they offered $250,000 to settle. Recently, Norfolk Southern offered a buy-out to a resident with the toxic home. While sick residents were turned away by Norfolk Southern for not bringing Social Security cards.

They did as much damage as the jabs did. As there are plenty of residents and the animals who are dying slowly. As a food insider warns of contaminated crops as a result of the East Palestine disaster, how tens of thousands of animals and wildlife are dead such s 43,000 aquatic animals, and/or are dying, and how there were three separate fires at three different oil refineries that are all owned by Pemex on the same day.

We can do so much to make this world a better place because everyone has something to give call it pay it forward. God Bless those such as Benny Johnson who gave $20,000 cash to the Ohio victims of the toxic explosion. We have to save ourselves, can’t rely on the Government and/or some false savior to save you more need up and help one another, what happened to love thy neighbor as yourself? Besides, it’s long overdue to water those trees of Liberty and neutralize the evil doers and their minions permanently. These testimonies brought by the channel Status Coup News and others are showing and telling that these East Palestine residents and other communities don’t have the time to wait as a result of this and that lawsuit. They know they are being poisoned and are dying slowly as a result of the Dioxins, Vinyl Chloride, and the other poisons thereof, as they need the help Now to heal their lands, air, water, and the health of the animals and themselves. How do you expect them to plant any crops this year and the years to come because of the mass poisoning, can’t use the water, breathe the air, and there is no value in their properties? Because the longer this drags on, there will be many more too sick and/or dead to fight back. Hello, real good guy groups are you listening and do you really care about preserving life or what? What are you doing to really help these people?

HAARP EARTHQUAKE IN TURKEY & SYRIA CLAIMED THE LIVES OF TENS OF THOUSANDSGEOENGINEERING & NORDSTREAM PIPELINE: While Mexico was the first nation to admit the Geoengineering harms, claims to halt future experiments. Seymour Hersh published “How America took out the Nordstream Pipeline” should comes to no surprise that fuels the war machine and the censorship operations thereof. After the twenty minute mark, MonkeyWerx US discusses Hersch’s piece and feels strongly a black hat was feeding him information saying that Norway was involved, when that wasn’t the case, including C4 and P8. Now, with the 7.8 magnitude HAARPquake with multiple aftershocks in Turkey and Syria that claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people. Notice how the numerous earthquakes are at 10km? Whether or not the DUMBS are being destroyed in the area, along with the HAARP earthquake weapon used by the cabal to create more chaos and destruction. For many months Turkey were friendly with both Ukraine and Russia and wanted them to discuss peace terms. Is this why the Earthquake weapons were turned on because Turkey went against NATO in this instance and joining BRICS? Don’t forget Turkey didn’t want Sweden to join NATO as well. Yes, there is plenty of evidence of Directed Energy Weapons and Scalar EM weapons used to benefit the few at the expense of many. Please listen to what this Romanian Senator Diana Sosoaca as she calls out the psychopaths for inducing the Earthquake in Turkey as the Earthquakes were produced on command. Now, that the US issues temporary waiver sanctions in order to allow aid for Syria. Now, with the latest 6.4 Earthquake on the Turkey/Syria border that killed at least three and more than two hundred injured. Wouldn’t be surprised there are strings attached for the mass murder the US and Western Government did in order to comply with the depopulation agenda and the war machine?

EGGS SHORTAGE AND INSANITY: There was a fire at New Zealand’s largest egg farm that killed 75,000 hens amid the national egg shortage. While the third largest egg farm in the US mysteriously catches fire and killed 100,000 chickens. No doubts these attacks and other food processing plants were all by design not only to create the food shortage. Turns out that eggs are not good for protein, but block the spike proteins from the Covid jabs. No different how the people woke up to the chicken feed that are poisoning chickens that made them unable to produce eggs. Don’t forget the protocol of using the faulty PCR tests to cull the birds to generate massive food shortages. Now, these same agencies are pushing for flu vaccines under the guise of protecting the birds from bird flu. Or is the poisoning continuing that causes sterilization in humans as well as animals?

PLANNED FOOD SHORTAGES & WHERE IS THE FOOD TO FEED THOSE HUNGRY?Speaking of which, Riverside Homestead Life Videos have revealed about the truth of where the evil doers are hiding the food and the planned food shortages. We are seeing signs that the food shortages are for real and are getting worse, and it’s easy for those to say grow your own food and so forth as there will be those who will turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. While they are rationing produce in the U.K. to severe famine and starvation in various places, what is really being done to help these people and the children? How come there are over three miles of food stored in the Ozarks with plans to expand further? Supposedly the white hats took care of most of the DUMBS and cleaned them out, while supposedly recovered one hundred years of food from the other DUMBS to be distributed to the people. What happened to the supposed one hundred years of survival food found in the DUMBS are there are plenty dying of starvation that could really benefit as of yesterday? What is being done to regenerate the soil such as regenerative agriculture and regenerative farming? What is true or false here, care to explain?


PROJECT VERITAS BOARD MEMBERS INFILTRATED BY PHARMA AND POLITICAL INTERESTS THREATEN TO OUST O’KEEFE: For those who may have stated that the patriots will turn against each other. In case one hasn’t noticed people have turned against each other since the beginning of time, call it the Jezebel spirit and other evil forces creating the divide and conquer, with promises of fame and fortune, power, ego, narcissism, and reputation. This is no different than Conservative Inc, that I’ve brought up before as they are corporate sponsored, who mix truth with lies, fall into the false left/right paradigm lie, and won’t go against industrial complexes such as big pharma and Israel. I heard that James O’Keefe of Project Veritas was put on paid leave and amid rumors that he would be removed as certain individuals within his organization want him out because of their own financial interests tied with corporate, political (DeSantis), and big pharma (Pfizer). Don’t you think there are issues internally within each organization? But the good news is the big donors of Project Veritas are calling for cease and desist of the board as they recognized the boards action to remove O’Keefe and are standing with O’Keefe. As for February 20thJames O’Keefe is out as CEO of Project Veritas due to conflict of vision between himself and the board. And why Project Veritas twitter page lost over 100,000 subscribers in one day and may lose over a million subscribers in the next few weeks. PV board members not only gone woke, but sold out to the globalists and big pharma. $$ talks big. James O’Keefe will be starting anew again, as there is plenty of loyalty of insiders within Project Veritas despite the falling out with the board members. Perhaps a secret investigation as to why this happened? How is one supposed to stand against evil when your own house, business, and/or organization isn’t spiritually, mentally, psychologically, and/or physically in order. Power corrupts absolutely not only by greed, but psychological operations for control.

ARE THE EVIL KM BEING TAKEN DOWN, THE MOPPING THE REST CONTINUES, NBC REPORTER TOLD THE TRUTH FOR ONCE ABOUT THE PLOT TO TAKE CRIMEA WON’T HAPPEN, AND SWITZERLAND BEGINS CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS OF THE PRESIDENT AND ANYONE ELSE?: Supposedly, the KM stronghold of Stu-Crane has fallen, Israel and Switzerland are next. “The desperation of the KM is also coming from the fact the world has rejected their plan to stay in control of the financial system with the introduction of their mark of the beast central back digital currency.”

Hopefully, the KM has been defeated as the mopping the rest of these evil doers continues. “The KM is desperately trying to blow up the whole planet (using agents in both Iran and Israel) because the KM-controlled Vatican and their US Corporate Subsidiary lost control of the financial system on January 31st. That is why the entire Italian internet shut down on February 1st, MI6 sources say. The Vatican Bank, which was used to bribe most so-called world leaders, has been cut off. Now the KM have until February 13 before their US Corporation is completely cut off. MI6 sources say the quantum financial system took over the KM’s SWIFT interbank settlement system on February 1st.”

Apparently, the KM pulled the fake alien invasion card. The bankrupt federal US Corporation missed a January 31st payment deadline and are given a week to come up with the funds or be cut off. Followed by the black swan event, chapter 11 bankruptcy that leads to change in management, reorganization of the US merged with Canada and Latin America, and some big event to happen on the Ides of March. Interesting how Ashley Biden, Joe Biden’s granddaughter admitted that the real Joe has been dead since 2019 and replaced by his twin brother Bo. Didn’t know that Joe had an identical twin and/or for the real reasons the various doubles and clones are used. “If you are religiously inclined, it seems the KM in Brazil has provoked divine intervention because the statue of Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro was struck by lightning multiple times, after Lula’s vaccine announcement.”

China is calling for the end of WWIII after the massive DEW attack in Napier, New Zealand because the bankrupt federal corporation USA threatened China with a DEW attack, while China is connected to the DEW attack in Napier. This Western white hat operation was against a KM base in New Zealand and not a Chinese operation. Followed by the removal of fake Biden and Zelensky, among other events that come to light as sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Am surprised this NBC correspondent told the truth for once that most of Crimea are pro-Russia. Zelensky goal of retaking Crimea is not only dangerous, but very unrealistic. While Stu-crane put him on a hit list website for reporting this fact. Makes you wonder what the U.S. Government thinks of Stu-crane of adding a NBC reporter to their own hit lists?

Switzerland has begun the criminal prosecutions for the Swizz President and anyone else they can catch and are brought back to Switzerland. Including the Twitter Executives are pounded by Congress over their censorship of free speech of medical doctors who told the truth about Covid-19. There are over fourteen million murdered by the Covid jabs around the world. Including those indicted such as Fauci and Trudeau. Around the seven minute mark of the same clip with Ann Vandersteel and Pascal Najadi, the WHO charter has been disqualified for quite sometime. Good, let’s hope this is all true and these evil doers days are numbered because God wins. Some more good news no matter what the fear propaganda are promoted, not everyone is buying into this and that as the narratives keep changing. More recognize the patterns and can discern what is or isn’t true. Since not everyone bought into the UFO Chinese spy balloons fear were reduced to $12 hobbyists, so that narrative is done, then is back to WWIII narrative again along with the latest fear propaganda Covid narrative, Ukraine war, toxic wars, and the WHO treaty. Am not surprised that certain individuals are allowing people to be sacrificed as part of the “initiation ceremony” of the one world government BS that these evil doers plan to enact. They know their time is short as they won’t admit that they lost due to ego and narcissism. The more who truly stand for truth and against evil in this world are doing more good and raising the morale inspiring others to stand and take serious action of physically removing these evil doers from positions of power and neutralizing the order followers who do the evil doers bidding as well. Beware of whom you trust as there are plenty who are influenced by evil, tyranny, deceived by the very elect, and you can’t reason with them whatsoever because they are in the debased mind. Beware of their fruits, this spiritual battle of good vs evil, moralists vs conformists, wise vs fools will continue no matter what.

GOOD NEWS FOR ONCE IN CERTAIN STATES NEED MORE FREE MARKET AND QUALITY ECONOMY: Some good news that Wyoming have expanded food freedom to undermine the federal regulatory scheme. By opening the free market to quality producers and sellers with thus lowering the prices at the state level that is great start. While some state governments are passing laws to prevent forced microchip implants. As Elon Musk, the Devil’s Champion Technocrat Neuralink has harmed and killed many animals during testing as this is made for humans. Despite the laws, it’s all about control and consent of the governed.

Montana passed SB458 which bans Transgenders entirely from law, which means no birth certificates, drivers licenses changes, death certificates, everything!

Nebraska, Indiana, New Mexico, and Wisconsin have all delayed the planned closing of coal plantsthe latest sign the green energy transition ambitions aren’t quite ready for prime time. One Wisconsin Public Service Commissioner, Ellen Nowak, is calling for a pause and a reassessment of the national strategy as, she says, more people are starting to awaken to reality.”


MATERIALISTIC DIALECTICIf I were you please watch this study by theBigSib regarding “Materialistic Dialectic” as this is on Odysee as well. To see the screenshots of this excellent study, check out the comment section. Reality is there no true utopia not without there being good and evil in this world. There have always been “wake up the masses” as part of the psychological operations to distraction, divert, and to deceive. This whole “everyone has to stand up” and continue to move the goal post of mass awakening level in order to enact the false utopia have been going on for years. Again, those such as theBigSib understand how the psychological operations work, along with standing on principle and truly applying it to your lives.

NOT EVERYONE WILL STAND UP NOR BE AWAKE, MORE QUESTIONS THAN ANSWERS: Reality check, not everyone will stand up against the evil doers are they are conditioned under the conformist mindset and under willful ignorance, ideological subversion, and mass psychosis, and so forth. Not everyone has the financial means nor the connections to do everything. You need to accept that everyone is wired differently. Not everyone will seek the truth on Bitchute, Telegram, Odyssey, Rumble, etc. Just so you know every single platform censors if you speak against the industrial complexes to the synagogue of Satan. As there are plenty of those struggling to survive because they are dealing with their own mental, psychological, and other physical issues. How do you expect them to wake up when they need real relief and real healing, hello? In case you haven’t noticed for many decades our world is collapsing culturally, economically, and socially under the technological age collapse? It’s no good measure to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

No matter the mass number of Scotland Women are standing and speaking up, where are the Men? There is an increase of Antiwar protests across Europe, because the people know of the battle vs Russia won’t end well. Still the culture and society needs to change by stop obeying tyrannical doctrines. More importantly to repent and follow God instead of the Devil. Unfortunately, the followers won’t change as they seek someone to rob and rule them better. Yes, it’s good to see people stand against the immorality and the harm it causes children. It’s a question of whether or not they would take their children out of these prison indoctrination centers, raise children to follow God and rebuke the evil in our society. And to stand for liberties and not obey tyranny. This Pfreedom safe and effective commercial should be available to everyone. Love the warnings and disclaimers, as this may inspire you to stand up for freedom! As the Great Reset has been attempted before with the Great Leap Forward was started by Mao Zedong from 1958-1962. As this was an attempt to go full on communism as their totalitarian polices led to the great famine that claimed the lives of millions of people. History rhymes and Philosophies never change. As there will always be followers, team members, and leaders. No different from the moralists vs the conformists, wise vs fools, and good vs evil.

If you truly wanted people to wake up, you would’ve posted on all platforms including the radio, newspapers, and the TV. What is this blame people for not being awake enough at your dimensional level and/or discernment? Only blame others who truly knew better and continue to go along with the deception and lies due to following orders, aren’t reasonable, and have shown no repentance. There are those who won’t believe it even if it affects them directly. Stanley Milligram’s experiment proved in the 1960s, that upwards of 80% of people will blindly comply with orders put forth by an authority figure. We are being corralled for slaughter and the lemmings don’t see it. People are not only cruel to each other, but to the animals and our environment as well.

Which is why they won’t believe unless it’s on the TV, Radio, the Paper, and other streaming and online platforms, and/or orders to stand down. Not everyone will seek the truth, because they don’t want to and/or are dealing with their own issues, and/or are struggling to survive, and/or are comfortable with living in the lies. There will always be something else going on, including the animals, the environment, and humanity to help. There will never be the right time for anything.

But continuing these psychological operations is not okay, it’s evil. For those who claim this is a movie, when it’s a horribly bad movie that continues to claim the lives of men, women, and children, the animals, the plants, the trees, and the bees, and so forth. The lesser of two evils are still fueling evil. As the more the lies build, they destroy. There’s no sugar coating the truth. Would you care to explain what constitutes the 80% awakening level or is this keep moving the goal post until the world is completely terraformed and destroyed by the evil doers with nothing left to rebuild? Look at the places destroyed by earthquakes, floods, fires, even nuked with bioweapons. How do you expect we the people to defeat the evil doers if we aren’t given the tools to do so and/or are too sick to fight back due to the frequencies and poisoning of our environments, that includes protection from bio warfare?

Where is the empathy, as certain individuals within the truth community prove they could care less about anyone but themselves? Then, you have those going over the same talking points, admitting millions more will die, if God decides it’s your time to go home in the afterlife then let it be so, followed by reincarnation talk of you only have one more chance to redeem yourself in the next life as we are in the end times and with the beginning of birth pains. Reality is not everyone will take the time to connect to God from within, nor seeks Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, not everyone will operate the same as you do. As there are plenty of those who can’t help themselves, are on drugs, suicidal, dropping dead from starvation, are doing what they can in their own time, and so forth. Hello? If you have the means, ability, and resources to save lives while preserving their dignity and quality of life, instead of quantity. Including the lives of the animals and men, women, and the children doesn’t one believe lives should be valued and be taken seriously. Not playing these psychological operations mind tricks believing if you move the awakening goal post long enough, people will believe it and stand up and be easy targets by the Governments. It’s not okay to drag this out to the point where many more will die all because so and so made a decision under the guise of exposures, while there were better ways to handle without this costing the lives of both the animals, the environment, and mankind.

You may want to watch the first few minutes of this video of Chas Carter with Charlie Ward. This is regarding the RV/QFS and other things, as Charlie went ahead and said the banking and housing financial collapse in the US would happen in July/August of 2023. The banks had an extension to be Basil IV compliant by January 1st, 2025 and everything with the RV/QFS has to be done by 2026-2027. How in order for the Nesara/Gesara to really happen that the greater majority must stand up and reject the fifteen minute cities. In other words, it’s more moving the goal post, there’s more work that has to be done piece by piece. Really? There are a greater majority of those standing up and rejecting the fifteen minute cities whether they are in person and/or are online. Problems are the people who are easy targets by the Government and increase in power of the police state who would obey orders no matter how evil they are. If you truly wanted Nesara/Gesara to really come into play you supposedly good guy groups would’ve done so. No more moving the goalpost 80% awakening level on the false promises of this utopia. So easy for those who have the means and ability to travel around the world to meet with the top so and so and living with comfort in your lives with no worries over your finances. When you are living through this Hellhole, seeing everything you’ve worked for goes up in smoke, unable to afford to pay for bills, put food on the table, keep a roof over your head, heating, cooling, water, under much pressure to keep your sanity and your kids sanity together, and seeing loved ones dying from various means. Forget the goalpost nonsense as that energy is a waste of time, when that could really be used to improve life, not suit agendas that fuel control, depopulation, and separation from God. Fueling the lesser of two evils is still fueling evil. Playing God and giving consent and power to the AntiChrist system always ends badly. Doesn’t anyone see the psychological operations and the materialistic dialectic in play once again?

If it is true that you real good guy groups (who truly serve God, not themselves) need to recruit more to help take down the evil doers. I’ve offered to help, but never received a response, so what’s up with that? Where’s the recruitment from real good guy groups who are loyal to God only to take down the evil doers? If you are for real, what do you really need help with, please give it to me straight? Am well aware there is a vetting process, questions of trust and loyalty involved, it’s very hard to know whom one can rely on nowadays as philosophies never change. The same applies with recruitment for technicians of the Medbeds, don’t those courses take up to two years certification to fully understand what you are doing and what field you may go into under the MedBed program? Not everyone will understand the 5th Dimension aspect to supposedly use the MedBeds and so forth. Even when there is an emergency and you are unconscious, you would rely on the technicians of the trauma unit to treat you properly. What happened with common sense, discernment, morals, and principle?

Understand it’s not about the finished product, it’s the acquisition of the product that matters. Yes, I can understand making sure the job is done right in the acquisition thereof. Along with working with those who are loyal and trustworthy. With that being said you are supposed good guy groups are hiring or what, the more the merrier perhaps?


Am not the only one who is sick and tired of the BS. Sick and tired of seeing people suffering, especially loved ones and you don’t know how nor what to do to help them? Doesn’t one believe that real healing, hope, information, and relief should be freely given and freely received?

Speaking of which I commented in the live stream of a supposed secret space program channel called “galaxy unity project” about the psychological operations used by the supposed good guy groups, the moving goal post to supposedly enact Nesara/Gesara. The response by one of them as the elderly guy got up and walked away. While the others read what I said and were speechless and didn’t say anything. What does that tell you? What this tells me no one knows what to say, but is a question of actions, dignity, morals, principle, and truth? The only one to place faith and trust in is God and in Jesus Christ. Am trying to figure out what is really going on and am tired of living in this matrix prison system. I can only do so much, but am only human.

2 Thessalonians 2:3 KJV “Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”

1 John 4:1-6 KJV “1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world. 4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. 5 They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them. 6 We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.”

Just so you know no matter how much or how little one prepares only lasts temporary. Can’t trust the voting process because if our votes really made a difference, the controllers wouldn’t allow us to do it. No different how one can’t debate the opposing side and/or are in the middle? After-all, free speech is only applied to certain groups via rules for thee but not for thee as part of the psychological operations. What happened to freely given, freely received and respect for the golden rule?I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to get a hold of someone of the supposed good guy groups that apparently don’t care what others and I have to say. Speaking of which I don’t have the means nor the resources to do everything, with the higher cost of living will make things very difficult to live on. Don’t you think there should be greater strength in numbers by hiring more into the real good guy groups to neutralize and defeat the evil doers and their minions once and for all? I’ve offered many times to join the real good guy groups if they are legit and prove they are trustworthy and are loyal to God only. So far I haven’t heard a peep as usual. One thing is for sure, protests create easy targets by the state. Again, the conformists won’t change and won’t listen unless so and so comply with orders no matter how tyrannical they are, orders to stand down, and/or be taken down. Where do you stand because honestly we don’t have the time to drag this out, while so and so keeps moving the goalpost and our world is terraformed and destroyed by the evil doers all because so and so are seeking some 80% awakening level goal that has never been determined what that is? I’m tired of talking to steel walls here. What do you say?


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