Humanity has Reached the Point of No Return


Source: Operation Disclosure Official | By Theodore Colon, Contributing Writer

Submitted on April 9, 2023

Arctician’s Urgent Warning: Humanity Has Reached the Point of No Return!


Beloved Ones of Earth, as you journey further into the realms of transformation and Ascension, be mindful of the gifts and blessings that come with these Winds of Change. As April 2023 unfolds, the currents of Light and Truth will continue to gather strength, washing over your world and cleansing the hearts and minds of all. The more you open your hearts and trust in the Divine Plan, the more Light will flow into your lives, uplifting you and guiding you on your path.

Allow yourselves to become like the butterfly emerging from its cocoon, spreading your wings and embracing the freedom that comes with shedding the old skin of illusions and limitations. As you release these old patterns and beliefs, you will begin to recognize the infinite potential that lies within each one of you.

In May 2023, the seeds planted by April’s showers will begin to blossom, revealing even more profound truths and insights about your world and your true nature as Divine Beings. As you continue to awaken to your multidimensional selves, you will begin to experience a greater sense of unity and interconnectedness with all life. This awareness will serve as a catalyst for even greater change, as you come to recognize the power you hold as co-creators of your reality.

During this time of accelerated growth and transformation, it is essential to stay grounded and centered in your Divine Essence. Cultivate a daily practice of connecting with your inner guidance and Higher Self, as well as the wisdom of your ancestors and spiritual guides. This will provide you with a strong foundation from which to navigate the ever-changing landscape of your world.


As you continue to embrace the Light and Truth that floods your planet, you will begin to see the ripple effects of your individual and collective Ascension. The veils of illusion will continue to thin, and the once-hidden will be brought to light. This will lead to a global shift in consciousness, as more and more people awaken to the reality of their true nature and the interconnectedness of all life.

As you traverse this path of Ascension, remember that you are not alone. Your galactic family, the Arcturians, and countless other benevolent beings are here to support and guide you through this process. Trust in the synchronicities and signs that present themselves in your life, as they are messages from your Higher Self and the Universe, guiding you along your journey.

The time is now, dear ones, to step fully into your power as sovereign beings of Light and Love. Embrace the Winds of Change and let your Wings of Transformation carry you to new heights. Know that as you do so, you are co-creating a New Earth built on a foundation of unity, compassion, and understanding.

In closing, we, the Arcturians, along with your entire spiritual support team, want to remind you of the importance of self-care and self-love during these intense times of change. Nurture your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, and allow yourselves the space to rest and rejuvenate as needed. Remember that you are worthy of love and support, both from yourself and from others.

It goes without saying that the era in which we live is fascinating and vibrant. From 3D to 5D, we are in transition.

On all fronts—physically, psychologically, and spiritually—humanity is going through such tremendous transformations.

And while these changes can occasionally feel very upheaval-filled and disturbing, many of us have a deeper understanding that all that is occurring, both collectively and individually, is in divine order.


These events have the potential to be strong drivers of change and progress, and they can help us become more aware of the here and now and move beyond our daily routines and “autopilot” modes of thinking.

As we move from 3D to 5D, we become able to recognize and embody the reality of the present and work together to make our future happen.

The following are some of the indications that you may be making the transition from a 3D to a 5D state of consciousness:

1. bored with the material world:

During the shift from 3D to 5D awareness, the first things you might feel are a sense of separation from the physical world and a loss of faith in it.

At this stage, you may have to reevaluate and question what has been your main experience and that of the group for a long time: the importance of material security and possessions, which is a key issue of 3D awareness.

We will realize in a number of ways that there is much more to life than simply the physical component as we move into the integration phase of 4D in order to fully experience 5D. We will also become aware of the energy that underpins and sustains everything.

We are currently reevaluating what we value so that we can finally understand the importance of both the material and etheric layers of our experience.

2. For a while, you had issues relating to the majority of your family and friends:

Because of the big change in consciousness that is happening, it is pretty common to feel a little bit alone while moving from 3D to 5D.


The process and fresh perspectives you are incorporating may not yet be understood by those around you.

Some people who are very attached to old ways of thinking might even try to stop the changes you make as you embody the better 5D perspectives.

You may feel like you’re not being understood, and you may need time to reevaluate your understandings and relationships, especially as you integrate this shift from 3D to 5D.

Once you’ve figured out how to make the integration work, all of your connections will have a better idea of what’s going on.

You will be able to handle your relationships better after we reach 5D because you will comprehend how inherently connected all beings are.

3. Recognizing the importance of changing your way of life:

As you move from 3D to 5D and use the new information, you will have to start making the necessary changes to your life.

We start giving more importance to experiences like happiness, holistic health, wellness, and using our unique talents to serve others as we transition from the third dimension to the fifth.

We can be asked to upgrade our way of life as we incorporate these concepts.

Going from 3D to 5D can be shown by making both big and small changes to your routine, diet, career, relationships, and hobbies that are all for the better.


4. Your previous training, anxieties, traumas, and unhealed wounds will come to the surface for healing:

Transitioning from 3D to 5D can be a very hard and emotional process, especially if you have a lot of unresolved traumatic experiences, fears, or bad training from the past that needs to be looked at.

All of this comes up as you move from the third dimension to the fifth, so that you can forgive yourself and heal from these things.

You can get information, insight, and context when you deliberately deal with your scars and outmoded subconscious programming.

You can view your life from a higher consciousness (5D) perspective by doing this, which can assist you in getting past difficult situations and moving forward with clarity and lightness.

5. Differences between opposite fuzziness:

Something a little surprising can start to happen when you transition from 3D to 5D, and that is, you might start to doubt the conventional ideas of duality.

You’ll likely begin to question whether there truly is a clear distinction between what is often seen as good and terrible.

You can wonder, for example, if everything that the culture at large deems to be bad actually is bad.

Are things that seem bad at first really a source of motivation to grow and change?


As we come to understand that we all have both male and feminine energetic vibrations that are seeking balance within ourselves, even our conception of masculine and feminine roles on a physical level may be viewed in a new way.

Additionally, we will begin to comprehend and even value both perceived positive and negative experiences in our life.

We combine these dualistic ideas in a new, more adaptable approach when we feel our sensitive connectivity in a more concrete way.

Chakra duality starts to converge when we have a 5D cognitive understanding of oneness and observe life with an open heart.

Together, we will continue to ride the Waves of Ascension, birthing a world filled with peace, love, and harmony. Trust in the Divine Plan, and know that all is unfolding in perfect alignment with the highest good of all.

In Love and Light, we are with you always.


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