(Reader: Rambo) Open Letter to the White Hats Regarding Chemtrails


Reader Post | By Rambo

I’ve got to make this as quick as possible since I still have a post to write with close to three digits that I’m still trying, after 6 years, to convince that the “Military is in full control”. It’s no wonder that they just cannot come to grips with that as they always ask, “If that is the case, why in GOD’S green earth do we still see the relentless Chemtrails being sprayed?”.  Hey guys, how do you expect us to convince/awaken people when the same entity that is supposedly “saving” us is playing GOD with the weather?  You guys aren’t making this very easy on us, you do understand that, right?

Another question that I have is after reading Derek Johnson’s amazing “Continuity of Government” articles and documents, I looked to see if there was anything remotely posed in those works that “Geo-Engineering”/Weather Modification Programs are part of that?  I didn’t see any, so just wondering WHY then is it happening almost daily?  “By the Book”?  Hmmm, not sure what “Book” you’re all reading.  As a matter of fact there are numerous laws that restrict this type of thing.  I don’t have time to go dig them up, but I’ve read them, and it’s ILLEGAL to “…without the people’s consent…” to modify the air we breathe.

Now, I know for a STONE COLD FACT that’s it’s the Military that is conducting these exercises, seeing as I spoke firsthand with a lady who was an “Environmental Impact Sergeant” for a specific base, which I’ll not mention here, and when she uncovered the truth about what was going on, the Base Commander threatened her, literally telling her that, “It would be a shame if your baby daughter grew up without her Mother”.  So to any of you who think it’s NOT the Military, then you’re living in a dream world.  There is no way in hell that the pervasiveness of the aerosol spraying from the massive tanks in those fuselages is NOT Military.  So don’t even go there.

Years ago, back when SerialBrain2 was posting, he said that Trump had told us, though indirectly, but through the comms that they “…where good Chemtrails now…”.  I would think that those reading this would vastly be of the belief that ANY SPRAYING, good or bad, NEEDS TO CEASE IMMEDIATELY!! The audaciousness of ANYONE spraying heavy metal toxins like Aluminum, Barium and Strontium, deserves not only to be arrested, but also tried for “Crimes Against Humanity”, including, but not limited to, the Generals all the way down to the pilots themselves, aka “Tanker Terminators”.  What human being of any character gets in a plane full of tanks with poison and unleashes them upon the unsuspecting citizens below?  Where does ones’ lack of consciousness have to be to do something like that?  I’ll tell you what, if I ever meet one of these people, they’d better have a REAL GOOD excuse or I’ll unleash 25 plus years of angst on them the likes they would NEVER recover.  

“WE THE PEOPLE” demand that this stops and stops IMMEDIATELY!!!  NO MORE LAB RATS, like the vaccines, will we accept, GOOD OR BAD!!!

I swear to the Almighty God above, that there is no mountain I will not climb or ocean I won’t cross to get justice for the anxiety that these have caused me all these damn years!!!  Now stop with the BULLSHIT, because we’re all so sick and tired of all the talk as we’re barely able to remain calm as we watch all this continue!!!  And I’m NOT just talking about the Chemtrails.



PS –  This letter could literally be 25 pages long, but I’ve addressed the NUMBER 1 issue that directly affects us.  NOW DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, even if you have to shoot those planes out of the sky. We’re DONE.


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